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Author: Alex Morgan

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 1534428062

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 112

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From FIFA World Cup Champion, Olympic gold medalist, and bestselling author Alex Morgan comes the eleventh book in an empowering and fun-filled middle grade series that inspired the streaming original series, The Kicks! Devin is finally on her way to Connecticut to visit her best friend, Kara, and she couldn’t be more excited! Not only that, but the Kicks have just made it into the playoffs! Except Devin’s good fortune seems to have run out. First, the airport sends her luggage to Albuquerque. Then, when she finally gets to hang out with Kara, all they do is fight. And what’s worse, Devin thinks her parents are planning to move them back to Connecticut! Devin’s not sure what to make of her unfortunate homecoming. Are she and Kara even friends anymore? Is Devin ready to leave all her friends behind again to move back to Connecticut? And can she get her head back in the game in time to win the Kicks’s first playoff match?


... imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division 1230 Avenue of the
Americas, New York, New York 10020 This Simon Spotlight edition October 2019
How to Train Your Dragon Homecoming © 2019 DreamWorks Animation LLC.


Publisher: Simon Spotlight

ISBN: 1534452354

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

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Celebrate the season with your favorite dragons and Vikings from the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy with this storybook inspired by the all-new special coming to your screen this holiday! Snoggletog is the best time of the year! It’s been ten years since the dragons moved to the Hidden World, and even though Toothless doesn’t live in New Berk anymore, Hiccup continues the holiday traditions he once shared with his best friend. But the Vikings of New Berk were beginning to forget about their friendship with dragons. Hiccup, Astrid, and Gobber know just what to do to keep the dragons in the villagers’ hearts. And across the sea, the dragons have a plan of their own… How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World © 2019 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Christmas Homecoming

"Molly has returned to Serenity for Homecoming ... but will she stay forever?


Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 0373364539

Category: Divorced people

Page: 366

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"Molly has returned to Serenity for Homecoming ... but will she stay forever? Beau Julander, a single father of two, is having trouble juggling the responsibilities of career, home and family. And his work for the Homecoming Week Committee makes this time of year really busy--but not too busy to get reacquainted with Molly Shepherd, a girl he barely knew in high school. His attraction to Molly and her obvious interest in him soothe the damage done to his ego when his ex-wife walked out on him, but he's keenly aware of how his kids have been hurt by the divorce, and he doesn't want to make things worse for them by becoming involved in a relationship that's only temporary. But Beau and his kids soon find out that Molly is not a temporary kind of woman--she's in for the long run"--Publisher.

Rural Roots 3

This is a collection of stories about growing up in rural Kipling, Northern Ontario, Canada in the 50s and 60s. Some of them are true, some have a hint of truth, and some are products of the author's vivid imagination...

Author: Gloria Hansen

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781986010283


Page: 78

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This is a collection of stories about growing up in rural Kipling, Northern Ontario, Canada in the 50s and 60s. Some of them are true, some have a hint of truth, and some are products of the author's vivid imagination...


Author: Anindita Basu Sempere




Page: 72

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The Homecoming

Harold Pinter. HAROLD PINTER The Homecoming Contents Title Page
Characters First Presentation Setting Act One Act.

Author: Harold Pinter

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571300804

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 160

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'An exultant night - a man in total command of his talent.' Observer 'The most intense expression of compressed violence to be found anywhere in Pinter's plays.' The Times When Teddy, a professor in an American university, brings his wife Ruth to visit his old home in London, he finds his family still living in the house. In the conflict that follows, it is Ruth who becomes the focus of the family's struggle for supremacy.


Alone. Add the following to your general introduction. Pause 20 seconds at every
interval. Are you frequently in conflict with authority figures (bosses, police,.

Author: John Bradshaw

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0804150389

Category: Psychology

Page: 304

View: 436

Are you outwardly successful but inwardly do you feel like a big kid? Do you aspire to be a loving parent but all too often “lose it” in hurtful ways? Do you crave intimacy but sometimes wonder if it’s worth the struggle? Or are you plagued by constant vague feelings of anxiety or depression? If any of this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing the hidden but damaging effects of a painful childhood—carrying within you a “wounded inner child” that is crying out for attention and healing. In this powerful book, John Bradshaw shows how we can learn to nurture that inner child, in essence offering ourselves the good parenting we needed and longed for. Through a step-by-step process of exploring the unfinished business of each developmental stage, we can break away from destructive family rules and roles and free ourselves to live responsibly in the present. Then, says Bradshaw, the healed inner child becomes a source of vitality, enabling us to find new joy and energy in living. Homecoming includes a wealth of unique case histories and interactive techniques, including questionnaires, letter-writing to the inner child, guided meditations, and affirmations. Pioneering when introduced, these classic therapies are now being validated by new discoveries in attachment research and neuroscience. No one has ever brought them to a popular audience more effectively and inspiringly than John Bradshaw.

A Western Christmas Homecoming

Then, Welles is Snowbound in Big Springs in this novella by Lauri Robinson, where he must confront Sophie and their undeclared feelings… Finally, rugged outlaw Russ rescues Abigail from spending the festive season alone in Christmas with ...

Author: Lynna Banning

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488086966

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 849

Three festive romances: Christmas in the Wild West! In Christmas Day Wedding Bells by Lynna Banning, buttoned-up librarian Alice is swept away by US marshal Rand Logan on a new adventure. Then, Welles is Snowbound in Big Springs in this novella by Lauri Robinson, where he must confront Sophie and their undeclared feelings… Finally, rugged outlaw Russ rescues Abigail from spending the festive season alone in Christmas with the Outlaw by Kathryn Albright! “I read this thrilling story in one sitting. I laughed aloud and I cried and I was overjoyed at the ending” — Goodreads on Miss Murray on the Cattle Trail by Lynna Banning “Lauri Robinson is still number one in my book … I definitely recommend this novel” — Long and Short Reviews on In the Sheriff’s Protection by Lauri Robinson “A delightful sweet read that really pulls the reader in … A great plot that moves fast with some excitement, thrills and a few chilling times” — Goodreads on The Prairie Doctor’s Bride by Kathryn Albright

Green Arrow Vol 7 Homecoming

THE EXCITING FOLLOW-UP TO THE INNOVATIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL GREEN ARROW: LAST ACTION HERO After a year of wandering the earth, Oliver Queen has returned to Seattle, and to the arms of his pretty bird.

Author: Mike Grell

Publisher: DC Comics

ISBN: 1401275893

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 320

View: 717

THE EXCITING FOLLOW-UP TO THE INNOVATIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL GREEN ARROW: LAST ACTION HERO After a year of wandering the earth, Oliver Queen has returned to Seattle, and to the arms of his pretty bird. Dinah Lance is thrilled heÕs back, but when he left he didnÕt tell her if heÕd ever return, and now thereÕs another man in the picture. Officer Kozynski had just convinced Dinah to go out to dinner with him when Green Arrow made his dramatic return. ÒKozÓ is willing to bow out gracefullyÉbut it turns out that he has more in common with Green Arrow than anyone knows. Now the local police chief thinks Oliver might be responsible for a vigilante killing, and Green Arrow is back to being a suspect-the very reason he left town in the first placeÉ Mike GrellÕs defining run on the Emerald Archer continues here in GREEN ARROW VOL. 7: HOMECOMING. Collects issues #51-62.


Author: Cynthia Voigt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439132070

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 400

View: 325

The iconic start to the timeless, Newbery-winning series from Cynthia Voigt. “It’s still true.” That’s the first thing James Tillerman says to his older sister, Dicey, every morning. It’s still true that their mother has abandoned the four Tillermans in a mall parking lot somewhere in the middle of Connecticut. It’s still true that they have to find their own way to Great-aunt Cilla’s house in Bridgeport. It’s still true that they need to spend as little as possible on food and seek shelter anywhere that is out of view of the authorities. It’s still true that the only way they can hope to all stay together is to just keep moving forward. Deep down, Dicey hopes they can find someone to trust, someone who will take them in and love them. But she’s afraid it’s just too much to hope for....


The homecoming game at Pine Creek High School is Friday night, followed by the homecoming dance on Saturday, so Claudia, Monica, and all their friends are nervous and on edge--will some disaster strike?

Author: Diana G. Gallagher

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 1434248879

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

View: 903

It's homecoming at Pine Creek High School, but everything is going wrong.


When Fiona’s dad is released from prison for a crime he says he did not commit, Fiona struggles with whom to believe and how to move forward.

Author: Diane Dakers

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

ISBN: 1459808053

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 120

View: 545

When Fiona’s dad is released from prison for a crime he says he did not commit, Fiona struggles with whom to believe and how to move forward.


I soon forgot the adventures but not his homecoming. He makes it all the way to
Germany, finds the city his wife is living in, finds the house, finds the flat. He rings
the doorbell; the door opens. There stands his wife as beautiful and young as he

Author: Bernhard Schlink

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1780221479

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 878

From the author of The Reader, a mesmerising tale of discovery, identity and forgiveness When thirteen-year-old Peter discovers an old manuscript in his family home it instantly captivates him. The manuscript tells the compelling story of a German soldier's homecoming after escaping from a POW camp, but the document is incomplete. Years later, the adult Peter rediscovers the text and goes in search of the missing pages - but far from unearthing an ending, he finds himself at the beginning of a quest that leads him across Europe to New York City, to the mystery of his father's disappearance, a love story, and the question of his own identity... 'A fine novel' Guardian 'A brave attempt at confronting Germany's stained past and uncertain identity' Daily Telegraph 'An accomplished and intelligent writer' Evening Standard 'A novel of great density and power' Literary Review 'An invigorating read' Metro A novel beloved by thousands of readers 'Too good to finish' ***** 'Highly recommended' ***** 'A must read' ***** 'Brilliant' ***** 'Complex and profound' *****


We have discovered that homecoming carries us toward the future and not the
past . Our beginning is always in the middle of experience . There is an historical
particularity to every story . We are collectors of an actuality that is our inheritance

Author: Charles E. Winquist



Category: Philosophy

Page: 121

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PREFACE : : Of Land and Love I began Homecoming , a personal documentary
film on African - American farmers in the southern United States , the day I
discovered that my uncle Leroy James Sr . was about to lose his life ' s work and
land .

Author: Charlene Gilbert

Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 193

View: 600

A history of African American farmers from the Reconstruction era to the present documents their struggle to own land, and discusses the Supreme Court decision to compensate them for historically unfair banking practices.


Author: Christie Golden

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743475631

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 916

After seven long years in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the Starship Voyager™ now confront the strangest world of all: home. For Admiral Kathryn Janeway and her stalwart officers, Voyager's miraculous return brings new honors and responsibilities, reunions with long-lost loved ones, and for some, such as the Doctor and Seven of Nine, the challenge of forging new lives in a Federation that seems to hold little place for them. But even as Janeway and the others go their separate ways, pursuing new adventures and opportunities, a mysterious cybernetic plague strikes Earth, transforming innocent men, women, and children into an entirely new generation of Borg. Now the entire planet faces assimilation, and Voyager may be to blame!

A Rather Remarkable Homecoming

Q.In this fourth novel of your “Rather”series,A Rather Remarkable Homecoming,
Penny and Jeremy's new adventure takes place at her grandmother's house by
the sea in Cornwall, England. What made you choose this setting? A. Actually,
the ...

Author: C.A. Belmond

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110154404X

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 277

Join the fun and frolic with American heiress Penny Nichols and her English hero Jeremy Laidley, as the adventurous couple sets off for more elegant travel and delightful sleuthing together! Penny and Jeremy are just returning from their honeymoon, only to be greeted by eccentric friends of Prince Charles bearing a rather royal request: to rescue a historical village on the coast of Cornwall, England. A property developer is bulldozing his way across the countryside to build a monstrous new development, and he's heading straight for Grandmother Beryl's old homestead where the newlyweds first met long ago as kids. Can Penny and Jeremy solve an ancient puzzle in time to save Grandma's house-and the entire village-from total destruction? On the romantic rocky cliffs of Cornwall, amid Celtic lore and tales of Shakespeare, smugglers, and shipwrecks, Penny and Jeremy must contend with a rakish cast of local characters: a bird-watching earl, a famous TV chef, a vain actor, a New Age farmer, a pair of thuggish real-estate tycoons, a rebel rock-and-roller, and a band of determined "eco-warriors." Following a trail of cryptic clues, Penny and Jeremy's new caper takes them to the lush island of Madeira and the legendary castle of Tintagel, in a race against time to find the astonishing truth... before the wrecking ball strikes. With her trademark wit, wisdom, and verve, C.A. Belmond's newest novel in her beloved "Rather" series provides a perfect armchair voyage of Europe's glamorous locales, with plenty of mystery, history, food, wine, love, and life's little pleasures.


In writing Homecoming , I can see now how fiercely I was claiming my woman ' s
voice . As I followed my mother cleaning house , washing and ironing clothes ,
rolling dough , I was using the material of my housebound girl life to claim my ...

Author: Julia Alvarez

Publisher: Plume Books


Category: Poetry

Page: 120

View: 648

Gathers the poems included in the author's first book, which focused on her bilingual and bicultural heritage, thirteen new poems, and the author's reflections on her first book


PRAISE FOR HOMECOMING “ Gripping . . . It keeps the reader in a thoroughly
satisfying state of anxiety . " - Dean Koontz , bestselling author of Hideaway “ This
is Matt Costello ' s strongest book yet — a gasp - aminute thriller that is also a ...

Author: Matthew J. Costello

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780425135037

Category: Hostages

Page: 298

View: 499

Returned to the home he thought he would never see again, American hostage Simon Farrell finds his homecoming bliss shattered by a sadistic ex-con. Original.

Lonestar Homecoming

Colleen Coble All rights reserved. No portion.

Author: Colleen Coble

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418551961

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 433

For most, it's the safest place on earth. For Gracie, it's the last place she wants to be...and the one place she must return. With nothing but five dollars and the wedding dress she's wearing, Gracie Lister flees with her daughter by train to West Texas, to the town she ran away from so long ago. There they find refuge in the home of Michael Wayne--devoted single father, seasoned soldier--who gives Gracie a job caring for his two children and the hiding place she needs from her former fiancé. Michael and Gracie aren't looking for love, but it finds them right away. And then trouble comes to call in the form of Gracie's ex-fiancé who is now on the FBI's most-wanted list. Together, Michael and Gracie must find the strength they need to protect their newly forged family. "Colleen weaves intrigue and God's love into a story full of carefully crafted characters. If you're looking for an awesome writer, I highly recommend her!" --Tracie Peterson, best-selling author of Dawn's Prelude, Song of Alaska Series "Colleen is a master storyteller." --Karen Kingsbury, best-selling author of Shades of Blue