Imperialism in the Ancient World

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This volume contains articles from the Cambridge University Research Seminar in Ancient History, examining the important aspects of imperialism in the Ancient world.

War and Imperialism in Republican Rome 327 70 B C

Between 327 and 70 B.C. the Romans expanded their empire throughout the Mediterranean world.

Author: William Vernon Harris

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198148661

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Between 327 and 70 B.C. the Romans expanded their empire throughout the Mediterranean world. This highly original study looks at Roman attitudes and behavior that lay behind their quest for power. How did Romans respond to warfare, year after year? How important were the material gains of military success--land, slaves, and other riches--commonly supposed to have been merely an incidental result? What value is there in the claim of the contemporary historian Polybius that the Romans were driven by a greater and greater ambition to expand their empire? The author answers these questions within an analytic framework, and comes to an interpretation of Roman imperialism that differs sharply from the conventional ones.

Ancient Egyptian Imperialism

Offers a broad and unique look at Ancient Egypt during its long age of imperialism Written for enthusiasts and scholars of pharaonic Egypt, as well as for those interested in comparative imperialism, this book provides a look at some of the ...

Author: Ellen Morris

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405136774

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Offers a broad and unique look at Ancient Egypt during its long age of imperialism Written for enthusiasts and scholars of pharaonic Egypt, as well as for those interested in comparative imperialism, this book provides a look at some of the most intriguing evidence for grand strategy, low-level insurgencies, back-room deals, and complex colonial dynamics that exists for the Bronze Age world. It explores the actions of a variety of Egypt’s imperial governments from the dawn of the state until 1069 BCE as they endeavored to control fiercely independent mountain dwellers in Lebanon, urban populations in Canaan and Nubia, highly mobile Nilotic pastoralists, and predatory desert raiders. The book is especially valuable as it foregrounds the reactions of local populations and their active roles in shaping the trajectory of empire. With its emphasis on the experimental nature of imperialism and its attention to cross-cultural comparison and social history, this book offers a fresh perspective on a fascinating subject. Organized around central imperial themes—which are explored in depth at particular places and times in Egypt’s history—Ancient Egyptian Imperialism covers: Trade Before Empire—Empire Before the State (c. 3500-2686); Settler Colonialism (c. 2400-2160); Military Occupation (c. 2055-1775); Creolization, Collaboration, Colonization (c. 1775-1295); Motivation, Intimidation, Enticement (c. 1550-1295); Organization and Infrastructure (c. 1458-1295); Outwitting the State (c. 1362-1332); Conversions and Contractions in Egypt’s Northern Empire (c. 1295-1136); and Conversions and Contractions in Egypt’s Southern Empire (c. 1550-1069). Offers a wider focus of Egypt’s experimentation with empire than is covered by general Egyptologists Draws analogies to tactics employed by imperial governments and by dominated peoples in a variety of historically documented empires, both old world and new Answers questions such as “how often and to what degree did imperial blueprints undergo revisions?” Ancient Egyptian Imperialism is an excellent text for students and scholars of history, comparative history, and ancient history, as well for those interested in political science, anthropology, and the Biblical World.

The Ancient World

40 G . Cawkwell , Philip of Macedon ( London and Boston , 1978 ) 107 - 8 ; J . R .
Ellis , Philip II and Macedonian Imperialism ( London , 1976 ) 122 - 4 , 132 - 3 . 47
The royal house of the Molossians frequently consulted Dodona ( Parke , The ...




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Roman Imperialism

To correspond with the new view of life , bad arisen new forms , which resembled
those ancient classical world . A grave senate took the place of a magnificent
Court , classic notions of liberty came instead of mediæval notions of loyalty , and

Author: Sir John Robert Seeley



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The Ancient World

Imperialism in the Ancient World . Cambridge , England : Cambridge University
Press , 1978 . GOLDEN , Mark . Children and Childhood in Classical Athens .
Baltimore , MD : Johns Hopkins University Press , 1990 . GREEN , PETER .

Author: D. Brendan Nagle

Publisher: Pearson College Division


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For courses in Ancient History (Ancient Near East - Egypt/Mesopotamia), Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome. The Ancient World is a comprehensive, multi-perspective, and integrated chronicle of the history of the ancient world, from Sumer to the fall of Rome, that explores the distinctive forms society took--particularly the unusual (by the standards of college students today) relationships between society and the state that characterized the social order of antiquity. By closely integrating social and cultural histories with the political, institutional, and military climates in which they unfolded, this text provides fascinating insights into family, gender relations, class structures, public vs. private realms, slavery, popular culture, religion, art, architecture, leisure styles, philosophy, science, and education, and explores their complex relationships to ideology and political events.

The Oxford Handbook of Egyptology

Imperialism and Empire in New Kingdom Egypt . In P. Garnsey and C. Whittaker (
eds ) , Imperialism in the Ancient World . Cambridge : Cambridge University
Press , 7-57 . Kemp , B. 2000. The Colossi from the Early Shrine at Coptos in
Egypt ...

Author: Ian Shaw

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199271879

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The Oxford Handbook of Egyptology offers a comprehensive survey of the entire study of ancient Egypt, from prehistory through to the end of the Roman period. Authoritative yet accessible, and covering a wide range of topics, it is an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and general readers alike.

Modernism after Postcolonialism

... in the final pages of the Discourse on Colonialism, briskly qualifies his idea that
“colonial enterprise is to the modern world what Roman imperialism was to the
ancient world” in its short-sighted assaults on cultures whose flourishing could ...

Author: Mara de Gennaro

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

ISBN: 1421439468

Category: Literary Criticism

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Drawing on interdisciplinary postcolonial efforts, especially in the social sciences, to deterritorialize categories of identity, culture, and community, Modernism after Postcolonialism dispenses with outdated modernist and postcolonial paradigms to reveal how the anxious, inconclusive comparisons of transnational modernist poetics can call us to imagine new solidarities across bounded territories.

Comparative Studies in the Archaeology of Colonialism

Crawford , M . H . , 1978 , " Greek Intellectuals and the Roman Aristocracy in the
First Century B . C . " in Imperialism in the Ancient World , P . D . A . Garnsey and
C . R . Whittaker , eds . , pp . 193 - 208 , University Press , Cambridge . Crissman

Author: Stephen L. Dyson



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London : Thames and Class ideology and ancient political Hudson 1979 . 240 S .
51 Abb . 12 £ . theory . Socrates , Plato , and Aristotle in social context . Oxford :
Blackwell 1978 . Imperialism in the ancient world . The X , 275 S . 10 , 50 £ .

Author: Ludwig Curtius



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The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt

The authors argue for religious ideology as the prime mover for Aztec and Inca
expansionist imperialism. Curtin, Philip D. Cross-culiural Trade in World History.
Cambridge, 1984. Discusses the phenomena of trade and trading colonies, ...

Author: Donald B. Redford



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PEČÍRKA PRAHA Discussions of ... offprints of his articles The Fifth - Century
Athenian Empire : A Balance Sheet ( from : Imperialism in the Ancient World , ed .




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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt G O

Author: Donald B. Redford


ISBN: 9780195138221

Category: Egypt

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Featuring 600 original articles written by leading experts, it goes far beyond the findings of archaeology to include social, political, religious, cultural and artistic information on the Nile Delta civilization.

Ancient Empires

The book emphasizes the central, if problematic, connection between political and ideological power in both empire-formation and resistance.

Author: Eric H. Cline

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521889111

Category: History

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"Ancient Empires is a relatively brief yet comprehensive and even-handed overview of the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean, and Europe, including the Greco-Roman world, Late Antiquity, and the early Muslin period. The book emphasizes the central, if problematic, connection between political and ideological power in both empire-formation and resistance. By defining the ancient world as a period strectching from the Bronze Age into the early Muslim world, it is broader in scope than competing books; yet at the same time its tight thematic concentration keeps the narrative engagingly focused"--

The History of Ancient Palestine from the Palaeolithic Period to Alexander s Conquest

1575 – 1087 BCE ) ' , Imperialism in the Ancient World ( ed . P . D . A . Garnsey
and C . R . Whittaker ) , p . 12 . 6 . There were ' certain Egyptian design elements '
, but the temple had a ' locally inspired layout ' ( B . J . Kemp in Imperialism in the

Author: Gösta Werner Ahlström

Publisher: Burns & Oates


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Empire Without End

This is as true of the ancient world as of any historical period. Classical material has been appropriated for many different ends; and as Phiroze Vasunia shows, in this major new work, classics needs to grapple with its controversial past.

Author: Phiroze Vasunia


ISBN: 9781848850385


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Imperialism Power and Identity

CHAPTer THree Regime Change, Resistance, and Reconstruction
IMPERIALISM ANCIENT AND MODERN The Nature of ... Recent world events
remind us of the potential messiness of imperial adventures designed to bring
about regime ...

Author: David J. Mattingly

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691160171

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Despite what history has taught us about imperialism's destructive effects on colonial societies, many classicists continue to emphasize disproportionately the civilizing and assimilative nature of the Roman Empire and to hold a generally favorable view of Rome's impact on its subject peoples. Imperialism, Power, and Identity boldly challenges this view using insights from postcolonial studies of modern empires to offer a more nuanced understanding of Roman imperialism. Rejecting outdated notions about Romanization, David Mattingly focuses instead on the concept of identity to reveal a Roman society made up of far-flung populations whose experience of empire varied enormously. He examines the nature of power in Rome and the means by which the Roman state exploited the natural, mercantile, and human resources within its frontiers. Mattingly draws on his own archaeological work in Britain, Jordan, and North Africa and covers a broad range of topics, including sexual relations and violence; census-taking and taxation; mining and pollution; land and labor; and art and iconography. He shows how the lives of those under Rome's dominion were challenged, enhanced, or destroyed by the empire's power, and in doing so he redefines the meaning and significance of Rome in today's debates about globalization, power, and empire. Imperialism, Power, and Identity advances a new agenda for classical studies, one that views Roman rule from the perspective of the ruled and not just the rulers. In a new preface, Mattingly reflects on some of the reactions prompted by the initial publication of the book.

Ancient History

Cf . B . L . Twyman , “ The Influence of the Northern Italian Frontier on Roman
Imperialism , ” The Ancient World 23 ( 1992 ) , 91 - 106 . 58 V . M . Warrior , The
Initiation of the Second Macedonian War , An Explication of Livy , Book 31 (
Stuttgart ...

Author: Stanley Mayer Burstein



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Ancient History

Author: Sarah B. Pomeroy

Publisher: Markus Wiener Pub


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Anti imperialism Annihilation of Castes

Imperialism sans empire is not a postcolonial phenomenon ; it has existed much
before it . Perhaps the most thorough and lasting imperialism of the ancient world
was achieved by the Roman Republic . Even when Rome had emperors , there ...

Author: Anand Teltumbde



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