Inner and Outer Meanings of Hinduism

Good souls are absorbed into the Supreme Spirit. This book contains a solution for creating a Hindu and muslim unity .At red light we do not make use of free will and we copy the movements of other people. Brahman is a destroyer of maya.

Author: Singh M Parashar

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During earthquakes death and destruction takes place on a vast scale and no providential care is taken by Mechanical Nature.Matter is eternal and the mechanistic Nature is without consciousness and it was created by few laws of matter. A providential care is taken by Baby (childNature with consciousness) by helping all living beings in adjusting the conditions of the environment The Baby Nature came into existence a long time after the Big Bang.Brahman and Atman of a criminal can not identical. Due to the presence of evil Brahman and world are not identical.The character of a man is not created by 3 Gunas.The character of every man is created by the genes for truthfulness, genes for altruism, etc. Sattva Guna (superego), Rajas and Tamas Gunas (Id) did not exist before the evolution of man from apes.Sita toldthe demons that she was not knowing Hanuman.Sita had given to Hanuman her jewels and had received from Hanuman a finger ring of Rama. Sita uttered a lie. Hence, Sita was not divine. There is no need of vanaprastha and sanyasa ashrama. Upanishads say:” Thou art Brahman, Thou art that “. The can be interpreted as :” Thou art superego, thou art Id, thou art satan and thou art wolf”. Buddha’s doctrine of anatman is correct.The six systems of indian philosophy can be replaced by a simple system.Existence is prior to essence .A good soul is created by doing and thinking good. Good souls are absorbed into the Supreme Spirit. This book contains a solution for creating a Hindu and muslim unity .At red light we do not make use of free will and we copy the movements of other people. Brahman is a destroyer of maya. Karma is not a mechanical, invisible, unconscious, impersonal principle or moral force or power. The distinction between right and wrong can be created only by a conscious being.Nature is amoral , blind, evil and ruler of physical realm.Nature is not concerned withjustice and karma.Nature and Newton’s law of action and reaction are concerned with physical causes and physical effects. Birth, death,sex, caste, healthand other physical circumstances are not created by Karma.Man is the maker of his own fate. Godis fully concerned with justice and Karma.God’s Karmic causality is a moral or noumenal causality.The causality of Nature is a physical causality.God punishes sinners by creating pangs of conscience and by making use of the hands of believers. God has no control over Nature. God can not give punishments by sending earthquakes, malaria, poverty, death and other natural calamities. Cancer, rain and other physical things have no link withprayer, rituals etc. God is the ruler of the spiritual realm and Nature is the ruler of temporal realm.A belief in the previous life or rebirth is false. A good man is like a flower of rose and he dies forever and a pleasant aroma is left behind by him in air.Due to false belief in karma innocent people have to reap what is sown by the evil doers.Long live martyr Nathu Ram Godse.

Inner and Outer Meanings of Koran Quran

... moon, sun, atomic clocks etc. The time calculated from sun is more accurate
than the time calculated from the moon. In Islam time is calculated from the moon.
Hindus and muslims break their 199 Inner and Outer Meanings ofKoran (Quran)

Author: M.Singh Parashar

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In this translation of Koran all the verses have been rearranged subject wise . The Koran has been divided into two parts( a) The divine and infallible Koran (b) The human and fallible Koran (due to absence of the hidden meanings ). Suggestions :-Follow the following rule :- an eye for an eye, an eye for a nose, an eye for an ear , an eye for a teeth . Collect the eyes and give these to the eye bank . Do not cut of the hand of the thief . Take out an eye of the thief and give to the blind man . By this system an error of justice can be rectified by returning the eye back to the man who has been wrongly declared as a thief . Do not stone the adulterer to death . Take out an eye, kidney and other organs out of the body of the adulterer or rapist and collect the money by selling these organs and give this money to the victim of rape etc .A constructive punishment is better than a destructive punishment

Christians Meeting Hindus

On the other hand, dialogue with the tradition's theological / philosophical
interpretation may not need to go beyond an encounter in a thorough-going
discursive sense. Kitagawa distinguishes between the 'inner' and 'outer" meaning
of ...

Author: Bob Robinson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

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With rare exceptions, serious intentional, reflective and sustained interfaith encounter is a novel and recent enterprise. This book looks in detail at one such encounter--the intentional recent Hindu-Christian dialog in India--and asks why and how the practice of dialog came to replace previous attitudes of confrontation and monologue (especially on the part of Christians). Part I sets the encounter in its global context. Part II offers a comprehensive and critical analysis of the actual encounter. Part III draws on aspects of the Christian tradition as it critically examines the ways in which the dialog has been justified in Christological categories. A final chapter discusses the future of the encounter. Unlike many other works in the area of interfaith studies, this work combines both descriptive detail of the actual encounter and critical theological analysis of the strengths and weakness of the dialog model.

The Mystic Test Book of the Hindu Occult Chambers

Magic and Occultism of India Hindu and Egyptian Crystal Gazing, the Hindu
Magic Mirror L. W. De Laurence. they may not have so ... There is ever thus an
inner and outer meaning, the one for the ignorant and the other for those who

Author: L. W. De Laurence

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 9780787309886

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1909 the magic and occultism of India; Hindu and Egyptian crystal gazing; the Hindu magic mirror. Astral & spirit sight, interior focalization of the mind, state of introspection, interior concentration, astral auras, reading in the astral light, and.

Inner and Outer Meanings of Buddhism

Buddha's concept of no self is correct and superior to the old Hindu concept of a permanent, eternal, and unchanging self.

Author: Singh M. Parashar


ISBN: 9781524595401

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Buddha's concept of no self is correct and superior to the old Hindu concept of a permanent, eternal, and unchanging self. God, freedom of will, immortality, and the law of karma (moral retribution) are the things-in-themselves. These things-in-themselves belong to the transcendent realm of noumena. These things are not governed by the causal chain of the world of senses. The outer meanings of many concepts of Buddhism are different from their inner meanings. Mind is a physical thing like mercury, and human body is like a glass tube containing mercury. Mind is active as well as passive. Existence is prior to essence. There is no transcendent aesthetic. There is only a phenomenal aesthetic. The sense of space is created by the inverse square law. The light of the absolute goes on decreasing as we move from a mother to the family, from the family to the society, and from the society to the state. According to the inner meanings, the twelve links of the dependent origination are actually made of three separate and independent chains. Nirvana and many other concepts of Buddhism are unknowable and inconceivable. An attempt has been made to make the inconceivable concepts as conceivable.

Hindu Pilgrimage

Without any evidence he attributes to the Balinese all sorts of experiences,
meanings, intentions, motivations, ... taught me that a ceremony or a rite has
multiple meanings that can be defined as having both outer and inner layer

Author: Prabhavati C. Reddy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317806301

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In recent years, changes in religious studies in general and the study of Hinduism in particular have drawn more scholarly attention to other forms of the Hindu faith that are concretely embodied in temples, icons, artworks, rituals, and pilgrimage practices. This book analyses the phenomenon of pilgrimage as a religious practice and experience and examines Shrî Shailam, a renowned south Indian pilgrimage site of Shiva and Goddess Durga. In doing so, it investigates two dimensions: the worldview of a place that is of utmost sanctity for Hindu pilgrims and its historical evolution from medieval to modern times. Reddy blends religion, anthropology, art history and politics into one interdisciplinary exploration of how Shrî Shailam became the epicentre for Shaivism. Through this approach, the book examines Shrî Shailam’s influence on pan-Indian religious practices; the amalgamation of Brahmanical and regional traditions; and the intersection of the ideological and the civic worlds with respect to the management of pilgrimage centre in modern times. This book is the first thorough study of Shrî Shailam and brings together phenomenological and historical study to provide a comprehensive understanding of both the religious dimension and the historical development of the social organization of the pilgrimage place. As such, it will be of interest to students of Hinduism, Pilgrimage and South Asian Studies.


Its Meaning for the Liberation of the Spirit Swami Nikhilananda ... According to
Hindu psychologists , the inner and outer organs , as also phy : sical objects , are
not essentially different from one another , because they all consist of gross or ...

Author: Swami Nikhilananda



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Hind Philosophy

Memory is therefore a revived sensation ; it is assumed that this has been , by
some means , unconsciously retained . ... The soul has a distinct faculty , which
belongs to its own nature and is independent of the inner or outer organs . It sees

Author: Īśvarakr̥ṣṇa



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The Inner Art of Vegetarianism

Yoga scholar Georg Feuerstein explains both the meaning and the practice of
yoga: The word yoga stems from the Sanskrit language, in which the sacred
scriptures of Hinduism are composed It means "union" but also "discipline."
Combining these two connotations, we can define yoga as "unitive discipline" —
the discipline that leads to inner and outer union, harmony, and joy ... Yoga is first
and ...

Author: Carol J. Adams

Publisher: Lantern Books

ISBN: 9781930051133

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Carol Adams explores the inner life of spiritual growth with the outer life of practical compassion and examines the reasons why becoming a vegetarian is deeply wedded to spiritual practice. She shows how the practice of creating mindfulness and disciplining the mind meshes with becoming an activist for nonviolence, and reveals how in our busy and stressed-out world it is essential to sustain and replenish the soul through spiritual discipline. The Inner Art of Vegetarianism is an empowering book for all those who wish to have their soul nourished and follow the spiritual path of vegetarianism.

Hind philosophy The s nkhya k rik of I wara K ish a an exposition of the system of Kapila tr with an appendix on the Nyaya and Vai eshika systems by J Davies

Memory is therefore a revived sensation ; it is assumed that this has been , by
some means , unconsciously retained . ... The soul has a distinct faculty , which
belongs to its own nature and is independent of the inner or outer organs . It sees

Author: Īśvara Kṛṣṇa




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The Sterling Book of HINDUISM

The Four Yogas or Paths to the Divine The word yoga is derived from the root yuj,
meaning to join or yoke, and it involves ... methods of this union, and each
spiritual aspirant chooses the one that is best suited to his inner and outer

Author: Karan Singh

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

ISBN: 8120790634

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Hinduism is the oldest and most varied of all the great religions of the world. It has evolved out of the collective wisdom and inspiration of great seers and sages from the very dawn of India civilisation. This book traces the basic tenets of Hinduism in a nutshell. It also provides brief life-sketches of the eminent exponents of the religion and analyses the impact of the religion in the context of modern day living.

Hindu Concept of Social Justice

They had started innovating ways and means to extract maximum money in cash
or kind from traders and farmers alike , for ... Thus , it is very clear that these
brahmans had lost touch with the inner and outer meanings of vedic hymns and
were ...




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Principles of Composition in Hindu Sculpture

The reassessment of the basic symbolism and the rediscovery of the lost
meaning of many of these ancient images is an ... calling to mind the stations of a
processional path , and , as we proceed from the outer , well - lighted ones to the
inner ...

Author: Alice Boner

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 9788120807051

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Inner and Outer Meanings of Bible

This work has been dedicated to those Jews who were handed over to the Nazis.

Author: Singh M. Parashar

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1543488315

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This work has been dedicated to those Jews who were handed over to the Nazis. A bible is composed of good news and bad news. The divine Bible is infallible, and the human Bible is fallible (due to an absence of inner meanings). We should throw out all unscientific facts from the Bible. Torah is the journey from the temple to synagogue, from the priest to learned rabbis, and from revelations to reason. Judaism is a change from the path of devotion to the path of knowledge and good deeds. Judaism tells us that God has no rival and God is greater than nature. Nature is the rival of God. Judaism says that God is the author of good and evil. Good is from God, and evil is from nature. Marx wrongly believed in historical materialism. Historical events took place according to historical spiritualism. Geographical boundaries were changed again and again after the birth of a new religion or sect. The creator of a thing will always try to make use of the thing created by him. Infinite area of land on other planets is lying unused. Such a consideration causes us to say that the world is eternal. It is claimed that a woman with six or more breasts can descend on earth either by scientific means or by confining the circle of marriages within those families who give birth to two or more children at one time. God is concerned with the spirit, and God is not concerned with physical body. The physical body of every man is fully under the control of the causal laws of nature. God and nature are not identical.

Inner World Outer World

20 SOME QUESTIONS ANSWERED am born a Hindu and by creed I am a
humanist . ... got all the answers from the Gita and as I grew in age ,
understanding and knowledge , these answers also underwent change in
meaning and purport .

Author: T.N. Dhar

Publisher: Mittal Publications

ISBN: 9788183242479

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The Hindu Temple

An Introduction to Its Meaning and Forms George Michell. Hinduism remains a
vibrant cultural and religious force in India , the subHimalayan valleys , and Bali ,
where new temples continue ... masons and carvers to execute the images and
decorative motifs that once adorned the outer surfaces and interior halls of
temples .

Author: George Michell

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226532301

Category: Architecture

Page: 192

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A reprint with a new preface of the Harper edition (1977) of Michell's standard introduction. He explains the cultural, religious, and architectural significance of the temple, illustrating his points with many photographs, building plans, and drawings of architectural details. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Sivananda My Divine Father

... the outer meaning of the bare text , altogether forgetting that these texts have
dual meaning , inner and outer . The sacred scriptures of ancient Hindus cannot
be understood fully by those who have not learnt to dive deep into their own Self .

Author: Swami Sivananda



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India Through Hindu Categories

Layers are explicit in widespread Hindu theories of homology between the inner
and outer minds ( Raheja 1976 ) ; they are supported by yogic doctrine , which
posits five ... In astrological interpretation a different , possibly contrary ordering of

Author: McKim Marriott



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Hierarchy of Health

A Process of Inner Choices Outer Change Donna J. Kiesel ... Consider the
meaning, just like when we would ask the question, “Why do we like pictures?” or
when ... Yet Hinduism supports the Caste system, a rather cruel form of social

Author: Donna J. Kiesel

Publisher: Berkshire Homeopathy

ISBN: 1598003224

Category: Health & Fitness

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A new Definition of Health helps us determine the real natural Hierarchy of Health regardless of any conventional or alternative medical paradigm, religious covenant, or political science that currently employs the word health This important book captures the meaning of 'Natural Health' beyond limitations of many current trends, and is a must read for homeopaths, physicians, nurses, naturopaths, psychologists, sociologists, and health educators, intrigued by our present day quest to define the spiritual mind-body relationship in healing. Organized into six themes, this book re-constructs our definitions of disease as well as health. * Contrasts our ability to live in the 'now' in opposition to a habitual false interpretation of reality * Explores mental perception and physical skills required for our natural and social adaptation * Provides detailed study of virtues as natural human attributes * Clarifies the difference between emotions, ego mask, and delusional behavior * Gives new perspectives on human life in the universe * Re-defines Natural Health covering many aspects of soulful mind-body abilities

Studies in Hindu Political Thought and Its Metaphysical Foundations

8 - 9 has listed up the several implications and meanings of Dharma . ... in the
dawn of their great cultures saw life as a whole , saw the inner and outer world as
one , recognized not only , but realized the underlying law or principle ” . ( p .

Author: Vishwanath Prasad Varma



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