Intimate Eating

In particular, how can food be used—not to tell us what people eat per se, but to illuminate how radical publics and ... With an intellectual debt to Michael Warner's work on publics and counterpublics, Intimate Eating argues that it is ...

Author: Anita Mannur

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 1478022442

Category: Cooking

Page: 192

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In Intimate Eating Anita Mannur examines how notions of the culinary can create new forms of kinship, intimacy, and social and political belonging. Drawing on critical ethnic studies and queer studies, Mannur traces the ways in which people of color, queer people, and other marginalized subjects create and sustain this belonging through the formation of “intimate eating publics.” These spaces—whether established in online communities or through eating along in a restaurant—blur the line between public and private. In analyses of Julie Powell’s Julie and Julia, Nani Power’s Ginger and Ganesh, Ritesh Batra’s film The Lunchbox, Michael Rakowitz’s performance art installation Enemy Kitchen, and The Great British Bake Off, Mannur focuses on how racialized South Asian and Arab brown bodies become visible in various intimate eating publics. In this way, the culinary becomes central to discourses of race and other social categories of difference. By illuminating how cooking, eating, and distributing food shapes and sustains social worlds, Mannur reconfigures how we think about networks of intimacy beyond the family, heteronormativity, and nation.

Eating Asian America

Bính can imagine his inclusion into this intimate circle as family member and not servant, an opportunity represented by ... an alternative formation of queer Vietnamese community over a meal laced with the flavors of diasporic longing.

Author: Martin F. Manalansan

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 1479869252

Category: Cooking

Page: 444

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Chop suey. Sushi. Curry. Adobo. Kimchi. The deep associations Asians in the United States have with food have become ingrained in the American popular imagination. So much so that contentious notions of ethnic authenticity and authority are marked by and argued around images and ideas of food. Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader collects burgeoning new scholarship in Asian American Studies that centers the study of foodways and culinary practices in our understanding of the racialized underpinnings of Asian Americanness. It does so by bringing together twenty scholars from across the disciplinary spectrum to inaugurate a new turn in food studies: the refusal to yield to a superficial multiculturalism that naively celebrates difference and reconciliation through the pleasures of food and eating. By focusing on multi-sited struggles across various spaces and times, the contributors to this anthology bring into focus the potent forces of class, racial, ethnic, sexual and gender inequalities that pervade and persist in the production of Asian American culinary and alimentary practices, ideas, and images. This is the first collection to consider the fraught itineraries of Asian American immigrant histories and how they are inscribed in the production and dissemination of ideas about Asian American foodways.

Men Writing Eating Disorders

typically orders him to eat less, exercise more and ignore the concerns of others, thus alienating him from friends ... 286–287) The complex connection between eating disorder and intimate relationship is, however, not only portrayed in ...

Author: Heike Bartel

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1839099224

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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Eating disorders do not only affect women and girls; men and boys get them too but remain mostly invisible. This book gives insight into this neglected problem through a comparative and transnational analysis of autobiographical accounts written by men with experience of living with eating disorders.

Food Sex and Strangers

INTIMATE. EATING. Sweet potatoes are not indigenous to Aotearoa but migrated there in the same ocean-crossing fleets that brought Maori to ... For any gardener there could be an intimacy with the plants they nurture towards fruition.

Author: Graham Harvey

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317546326

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Religion is more than a matter of worshipping a deity or spirit. For many people, religion pervades every part of their lives and is not separated off into some purely private and personal realm. Religion is integral to many people's relationship with the wider world, an aspect of their dwelling among other beings - both human and other-than-human - and something manifested in the everyday world of eating food, having sex and fearing strangers. "Food, Sex and Strangers" offers alternative ways of thinking about what religion involves and how we might better understand it. Drawing on studies of contemporary religions, especially among indigenous peoples, the book argues that religion serves to maintain and enhance human relationships in and with the larger-than-human world. Fundamentally, religion can be better understood through the ways we negotiate our lives than in affirmations of belief - and it is best seen when people engage in intimate acts with themselves and others.

Food and Faith

A Theology of Eating Norman Wirzba ... What we eat and how we eat it reflect whether or not we think we need to abide with others at all. ... Eating, like sexual life, is among the most intimate ways we know for relating to others.

Author: Norman Wirzba

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316998266

Category: Religion


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This book provides a comprehensive theological framework for assessing the significance of eating. Drawing on diverse theological, philosophical, and anthropological insights, it offers fresh ways to evaluate food production and consumption practices as they are being worked out in today's industrial food economy. Unlike books that focus primarily on vegetarianism and hunger-related concerns, this book broadens the scope of consideration to include the sacramental character of eating, the deep significance of hospitality, the meaning of death and sacrifice, the Eucharist as the place of inspiration and orientation, the importance of saying grace, and the possibility of eating in heaven. Throughout, eating is presented as a way of enacting fidelity between persons, between people and fellow creatures, and between people and Earth. Food and Faith demonstrates that eating is of profound economic, moral, and spiritual significance. Revised throughout, this edition includes a new introduction and two chapters, as well as updated bibliography. The additions add significantly to the core idea of creaturely membership and hospitality through discussion of the microbiome revolution in science, and the daunting challenge of the Anthropocene.

Mindful Eating For Dummies

Your eyes play a very intimate role in your eating behavior. I'm sure that you're familiar with sayings like, 'Your eyes are bigger than your stomach' when you allow your eyes to dictate how much you should eat without consulting the ...

Author: Laura Dawn

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118877705

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 288

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Ditch the fad diets and discover how to eat mindfully Packed with tips to help you make lasting dietary changes, Mindful Eating For Dummies paves the way for redefining your relationship with food, challenging your attitude about eating and making attainable changes to integrate mindful eating into everyday life. This no-nonsense, friendly guide offers essential guidance to get healthy, lose weight and avoid negative thought patterns associated with food—the mindful way. Mindfulness allows you to pay attention to what is going on in your surroundings in order to keep yourself alert and able to react effectively in the present. When applied to eating habits, the practice of mindfulness helps you to pay close attention to the sensation and purpose of each mouthful of food to avoid overeating and fully discover the joys of your meals. Learn how to reduce overeating and change your approach to food forever Begin to choose healthy foods mindfully Find advice on eating mindfully when you're dining out Discover how mindful eating can combat emotional hunger Whether you want to develop a healthier relationship with food to lose weight, manage a diet- or lifestyle-related illness or simply experience a better awareness and connection at mealtime, Mindful Eating For Dummies is your go-to guide for getting it done.

Occupational Therapy for People with Eating Dysfunctions

Eating , the intimate activity of daily living , carries with it many emotional , social and physical implications . Medical treatment of patients with cancers of the head and neck is frequently radical and almost certainly impacts on ...

Author: Florence S. Cromwell

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780866565882

Category: Medical

Page: 161

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This practical volume provides a wealth of both basic and new knowledge about eating activities and deficits. Occupational therapy professionals offer interventions that meet the needs of patients with eating problems. A rich resource for clinician and student alike, this vital book examines in a clear and engaging style such topics as eating problems among neonates, patients with dramatic structural changes in their eating “apparatus” as a result of surgery, and the growing need among the rising population of elderly whose competencies in daily life are threatened or impaired.

Christian Ethics

The intimacy of a meal explains why we prefer it to take place with people whom we know well—and why, when we eat with ... We learn things about others while eating with them; we also realize that they will learn something about us.

Author: Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics David S Cunningham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134185057

Category: Religion

Page: 416

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Christian Ethics provides a biblical, historical, philosophical and theological guide to the field of Christian ethics. Prominent theologian David S. Cunningham explores the tradition of ‘virtue ethics’ in this creative and lively text, which includes literary and musical references as well as key contemporary theological texts and figures. Three parts examine: the nature of human action and the people of God as the ‘interpretative community’ within which ethical discourse arises the development of a ‘virtue ethics’ approach, and places this in its Christian context significant issues in contemporary Christian ethics, including the ethics of business and economics, politics, the environment, medicine and sex. This is the essential text for students of all ethics courses in theology, religious studies and philosophy.

The Pfizer Journal

“ Clinicians should explore a patient's comfort or fear of intimate relationships when an eating disorder is detected . ” -Dr Wohlhuter of marital intimacy . Lack of intimacy does not necessarily directly cause the eating disorder ...






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The Good Pub Guide 2020

Moody Cow (01989) 780470 B4221 E of Ross-on-Wye; HR9 7TTPopular tucked-away dining pub with modern rustic décor; sandstone walls, slate floor and woodburner in L-shaped bar, biggish raftered restaurant and second more intimate eating ...

Author: Fiona Stapley

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473566134

Category: Reference

Page: 1088

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Britain's bestselling travel guide for over 35 years and the only truly independent pub guide of its kind. ***Featured in the Guardian, the Times and Mail Online and on BBC Radio 4*** The 38th edition of this much-loved book is as irreplaceable as ever. Organised county by county, its yearly updates and reader recommendations ensure that only the best pubs make the grade. Here you will not only find a fantastic range of countryside havens, bustling inns and riverside retreats, but also pubs known for their excellent food, some specialising in malt whiskey and craft beers. Discover the top pubs in each county for beer, food and accommodation, and find out the winners of the coveted titles of Pub of the Year and landlord of the Year. Packed with hidden gems, The Good Pub Guide continues to provide a wealth of honest, entertaining and up-to-date information on the countries drinking establishments.