Intimate Wisdom

" -Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch "If you are ready to discover how the time-honored love secrets of the East can create a profoundly positive effect on your love life, read this book.

Author: Karinna Kittles-Karsten


ISBN: 9780595419579

Category: Family & Relationships

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"Love is the most powerful emotion one can express. In Intimate Wisdom: The Sacred Art of Love, Karinna has provided the ultimate guide to reveal how to express and experience love at the deepest level." -Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch "If you are ready to discover how the time-honored love secrets of the East can create a profoundly positive effect on your love life, read this book. Intimate Wisdom is sure to add great health, pleasure, and meaning to your love life." -Mantak Chia, author of The Multi-Orgasmic Couple "Karinna Kittles-Karsten offers at once a system which unifies body and soul, mind and heart, lover and lover, achieving wholeness and oneness in the context of a sensual and impassioned spirituality from which we all can greatly benefit." -M. Daniel Nienaltow, MD, CM, Columbia University Whether you're seeking a soul mate or fulfillment in your current romantic relationship, Intimate Wisdom can help you find genuine emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual compatibility. Learn how to become a sacred lover-a lover who is confident, open-hearted, and skilled in the intimate arts-and build a relationship that nurtures wholeness, health, and ecstasy. From helping you claim the courage to love and boosting positive energy, to techniques that foster deeper intimacy and intensify physical pleasure, Intimate Wisdom will lead you toward a relationship overflowing with joy, respect, and passion.

Tao Art of Flow

This book, however, journeys beyond traditional writings by immersing you deep within your primordial awareness to reveal universal insights and inspiration for living in today's contemporary world.

Author: John A Salat


ISBN: 9781432745400


Page: 310

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Tao, Art of Flow; An Inspirational Journey through Intimate Wisdom Written and illustrated by John A. Salat Personal Growth - Zen Prose - Spiritual Psychology - Eastern Philosophy - Experience deeper dimensions of a powerful being. - Allow your spirit to Flow effortlessly and timelessly. - Pleasantly watch miracles pour daily through your life. Steer your life towards radical new levels using innovative tools. Receive rich insights that actively transform your health, your career, and your relationships. John Salat's personal experience freshly reveals this ancient knowledge to you with an intimate, artful Flow. His poetic, expressive, and meditative writing leads you through a warm spiritual journey of touching invisible, conscious streams. He explores Tao through an insightful personal story that unravels ancient secrets and leads you to explore a step by step series of guided contemplations in a fresh, new way. For thousands of years, the organic knowledge of Tao (meaning "path") has guided souls through an endless, serendipitous Flow. This living wisdom is energy that moves freely without our interference, because the world's natural course carries this intelligence fluently with life's balances of changing cycles. The mysterious philosophy of Tao is often sought from China's Lao-Tzu's writings of Tao Te Ching. This book, however, journeys beyond traditional writings by immersing you deep within your primordial awareness to reveal universal insights and inspiration for living in today's contemporary world. You will be touching everyday life situations responsibly through exploring a series of distinctions, open inquiries with warm reflective moments. This wisdom profoundly ignites while discovering your ways to hold this conscious path wide open. Through the natural course-ways, the soul begins powerfully to liberate and honor what it really needs. Accepting these magical synchronicities creates more than just meaningful coincidence; it taps intimately with having extraordinary experiences. When pioneering human consciousness, we form as social innovators, visionaries and spiritual evolutionist. Whether you're a coach, C.E.O, teacher or leader, this book profoundly opens fresh insights of laying these new foundations for your life. With this groundwork, the soul can expand having rich deep experiences, instead of letting these idle expressions rest quietly beneath our complex lives. Opportunities will further draw the soul inspirationally to touch life from a whole new world experience. John Salat is a certified transformational leader, Chi Master, licensed architect, and signed musician. His meditative mediums are featured in many publications and broadcasted on both radio and television. He teaches weekly classes on effective communication skills, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, healing and Reiki. His clients include well-known actors, producers, writers, politicians and health practitioners. John Salat has traveled extensively throughout China and lives with his family in Southern California.

Intimate Spirituality

It is difficult to know how or even whether that doctor knew the depth of wisdom in
his advice, but Nancy and I found it to be ... But along with soul flow and some
consistency in sexual engagement, romance needs an intimate party just as ...

Author: Gordon J. Hilsman

Publisher: Sheed & Ward

ISBN: 1461635535

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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In Intimate Spirituality: The Catholic Way of Love and Sex, Gordon J. Hilsman presents sexual loving as integral to rather than separate from most people’s spiritual lives. His coalescing of intimate love with traditional Catholic concepts—virtues, capital sins, fruits of the Spirit, sacraments—augments the pervasively moral view of sex with a spiritual perspective that highlights its beauty and power to shape the virtue of peoples lives. Seeing sexual attraction as built into humanity by the Creator to feed and challenge virtually all persons worldwide, he illustrates how intimate loving is actually a neglected aspect of Christian spirituality that has never been developed as fully as the individual and the communal. Hilsman calls upon theologians and spiritual leaders to further develop the understanding of intimate loving as a genuinely beautiful spiritual aspect of life. Many Christians (Catholics and Protestants alike) who take both their love lives and their Christian faith seriously, will find the positive, healthy view of sexuality presented in this book illuminating and helpful. So will those who counsel them.

Intimate Jesus

Like Proverbs, the Wisdom of Solomon pictures Wisdom present at creation (9.7),
ordering all created things (8.1) and sitting alongside the throne of God in heaven
(9.4, 10). Wisdom is a Spirit which enters human lives, makes them wise, and ...

Author: Andrew Angel

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 0281072418

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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This is the first book to open up for general readers key questions about Jesus’ experience of human sexuality and his attitude towards it in himself and others. It examines all the relevant sayings and actions of Jesus and others in the Gospels, and explores their first-century cultural context (Jewish, Greek and Roman) in order to better understand the historical Jesus as a fully rounded human being.

Sermons XXXIII XLV Letters of Laurence Sterne to his most intimate friends The fragment The histoy of a good warm watch coat Appendix unpublished letters

Could we but see the mysterious workings of Providence , and were we able to
comprehend the whole plan of his infinite wisdom and goodness , which possibly
may be the case in the final consummation of all things ; — those events , which ...

Author: Laurence Sterne





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Intimate Marriage Leader s Guide

Her name is Wisdom , and she calls out to people from her place on the highest
point of the city . Let ' s read ... A man and woman eating a meal together
suggests the development of a relationship on the most intimate terms . This fits
in with ...

Author: Dan B. Allender

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830821297

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 101

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This leader's guide by Dan B. Allender and Tremper Longman III will show you, step by step, how to put together the materials in the Intimate Marriage Series to create a powerful marriage emphasis experience for individual couples, groups of couples and your entire church, including singles.

Playful Wisdom

38. See, for instance, Linda Hutcheon, The Politics of Postmodernism (London:
Routledge, 1989). 39. Merton, The Intimate Merton, 202. 40. Stewart, Nonsense,
49. 41. J. Heath Atchley, “Sounding the Depth of the Secular: Tillich with Thoreau,
” ...

Author: Robert Leigh Davis


ISBN: 1793626294



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"This book examines play and religion in American literature, exploring a unique kind of modern piety that arises not based on fixed doctrines or ecclesiastical structures, but on a light-handed responsiveness of spirit that constantly adapts to new perspectives and revises fixed assumptions in the light of new experiences"--

Holy Feminine Wisdom

Author: Jenny Russell


ISBN: 9781940850764



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World of Wisdom

Since the more intimate connection of the Government with the currency , through
its own issues and the National banks , the Treasury Department has come to
hold an intimate relation to commerce , and its operations have at times done ...




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Goddess Wisdom Made Easy

Yoni steaming Dressed in a long shift and without undergarments , we take it in
turns to sit on a birthing stool and let the steam from a pot of boiling water infused
with herbs placed beneath us , tone , cleanse , and heal our intimate temple ...

Author: Tanishka

Publisher: Hay House UK Limited

ISBN: 1788172612

Category: Goddesses

Page: 256

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Ancient civilizations once worshipped female deities and women were the leaders, counsellors and healers of their communities. Through the ages, the wisdom of the Goddess was then forgotten, and people around the world lost their connection to ancient feminine wisdom.

Wit and Wisdom of the Rev Sydney Smith

He was the intimate friend of Horner , and an important member of the youthful
society from England which had then gathered in the Scottish metropolis . *
Dugald Stewart was at that time in the full enjoyment of his great reputation , at
once ...

Author: Sydney Smith




Page: 458

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The Hidden Wisdom of Christ and the Key of Knowledge

The Gospels prove that Peter and the two sons of Zebedee were His most
intimate associates ; and Clement of Alexandria has transmitted to us the tradition
that to these three disciples the Lord imparted the gift of knowledge , that “ these ...

Author: Ernst von Bunsen



Category: Bible


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The Wit and Wisdom of the Earl of Chesterfield Being Selections from His Miscellaneous Writings in Prose and Verse Edited with Notes by W E Browning Etc

I have been intimate cuong with several people , to tell them , that they had sail or
clone al very criminal thing ; but I vever was intimate enough with any man to tell
liim , very seriously , that he had said or done a very foolish olie . REWARD OF ...

Author: Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield





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The Martyr s Monument Being the Patriotism and Political Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln as Exhibited in His Speeches Messages Orders and Proclamations from 1860 Until His Assassination April 14 1865

... unlike the Albany meeting , you omit to state or intimate that , in your opinion ,
an army is a constitutional means of saving the Union against a rebellion , or
even to intimate that you are conscious of an existing rebellion being in progress
with ...

Author: Abraham Lincoln





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A Commentary on Ecclesiastes

All this and the like , as the writer means to intimate , wisdom would teach a
considerate man to avoid . Still farther to illustrate the principle in question , he
quotes the various apothegms above exhibited , in which it is shown that , even in
the ...

Author: Moses Stuart



Category: Bible

Page: 300

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Finding Time

Then once confession is made and forgiveness is received, seek God's intimate
wisdom as to how you should approach your friend with a proposal to restore the
relationship. (4) Wisdom. You'll need wisdom as to what you should or should ...

Author: Rick Yohn

Publisher: W Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780849930584

Category: Religion

Page: 255

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The Wisdom Of Forgiveness

Since that time, over thirty years ago, he has become a close friend of the Dalai Lama and here is able to give us the most personal and intimate portrait yet of this iconic figure.

Author: The Dalai Lama

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444717871

Category: Religion

Page: 300

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A huge international success, the Dalai Lama's books are bestsellers all over the world. Now, for the first time, we are able to discover the personal feelings and thoughts of this highly respected spiritual figure on subjects ranging from how the experience of profound spiritual insight actually feels, to how he has learned to love people who anyone else would consider an enemy, and under what circumstances he believes he would be capable of violence. Victor Chan came to meet the Dalai Lama through an extraordinary kidnapping experience. Since that time, over thirty years ago, he has become a close friend of the Dalai Lama and here is able to give us the most personal and intimate portrait yet of this iconic figure. In relaxed conversation, at his prayers and meals, meeting other world leaders - this up-close-and-personal account is filled with the Dalai Lama's customary insight, humour and compassion. Victor Chan's unique access to the life of this most inspiring of men gives us the closest look yet into the heart and mind of one of our greatest spiritual leaders.

The Flower Ornament Scripture

The lands which these enlightening beings came from were called : Intimate
Wisdom ; Symbolic Wisdom ; Jewel Wisdom ; Supreme Wisdom ; Lamp Wisdom ;
Adamantine Wisdom ; Peaceful Wisdom ; Sun Wisdom ; Clear Wisdom ; Pure ...




Category: Buddhism

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The Wisdom of Women Intimate stories of love loss and laughter

A celebration of the highs and lows of one woman's life through the experiences of many others.

Author: Candida Baker

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1741766680

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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A celebration of the highs and lows of one woman's life through the experiences of many others.

A User s Guide to Love

Author: Jo Elder


ISBN: 9780941361972

Category: Courtship

Page: 160

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