Investigating Media Discourse

The main theoretical framework used in this work is influenced by Goffman, where each media encounter is viewed as a three-way participation framework involving the broadcaster, interviewee and audience, all of whom shape the interaction.


Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134219067

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Investigating Media Discourse explores spoken interactions in the media, drawing on contemporary sources from the English speaking world including chat shows, radio phone-ins and political interviews with leaders such as Tony Blair and George W.Bush. The main theoretical framework used in this work is influenced by Goffman, where each media encounter is viewed as a three-way participation framework involving the broadcaster, interviewee and audience, all of whom shape the interaction. The spoken media interactions are analysed from this viewpoint to illustrate how they are managed, how pseudo-relationships are established and maintained and how ‘others’ are created. O’Keefe brings together methodologies of discourse analysis, conversation analysis and corpus linguistics allowing the media extracts to be explored from different perspectives whilst providing multiple insights. Investigating Media Discourse will appeal to students and researchers of applied linguistics, english language and media. Anne O’Keeffe is Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the Department of English Language and Literature, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland.

Investigating Intimate Discourse

Kind of and sort of as pragmatic discourse markers: Epistemic and facenegotiating functions. Paper presented at the 7th Biennial Inter ... Techniques of Description: Spoken and written discourse. ... Investigating Media Discourse.

Author: Brian Clancy

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Intimate discourse – that between couples, family and close friends in private, non-professional settings – lies at the heart of our everyday linguistic experience. It creates and sustains our closest relationships. Using an innovative blend of the community of practice model with a corpus linguistic methodology, Brian Clancy expertly reveals the patterns that characterise the shared linguistic repertoire of intimates. Corpus methods such as frequency and concordance are thoroughly introduced, exemplified and systematically employed in order to operationalise the concept of the community of practice in relation to intimate discourse. A half-million-word corpus of intimate data collected in various settings throughout Ireland provides the data for insights into patterns such as intimates’ use of pronouns, vocatives, taboo language and pragmatic markers. The intimate linguistic repertoire that emerges is shown to facilitate the delicate balance between our instinctive desire to be involved in the lives of those closest to us while at the same time recognising their need for privacy and non-imposition. Investigating Intimate Discourse will primarily be of interest to postgraduate students and researchers working in the area, and to those working in related areas such as discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics and pragmatics. Advanced undergraduates taking modules in those subjects will also find the book useful.

Meaning in the Media

An approach influenced by discourse analysis appears especially well suited to interpretive conflict over whether ... in analysing media discourse can be found in Anne O'Keeffe, Investigating Media Discourse (London: Routledge, 2006).

Author: Alan Durant

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Addresses the issue of what we should make of competing claims about meaning when debated in highly charged circumstances.

The Handbook of Discourse Analysis

Investigating Media Discourse. London and New York: Routledge. Okamoto, Dina G. and Lynn Smith-Lovin. 2001. Changing the subject: gender, status, and the dynamics of topic change. American Sociological Review, 66(6), 852–73.

Author: Deborah Tannen

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The second edition of the highly successful Handbook of Discourse Analysis has been expanded and thoroughly updated to reflect the very latest research to have developed since the original publication, including new theoretical paradigms and discourse-analytic models, in an authoritative two-volume set. Twenty new chapters highlight emerging trends and the latest areas of research Contributions reflect the range, depth, and richness of current research in the field Chapters are written by internationally-recognized leaders in their respective fields, constituting a Who’s Who of Discourse Analysis A vital resource for scholars and students in discourse studies as well as for researchers in related fields who seek authoritative overviews of discourse analytic issues, theories, and methods

The Handbook of Discourse Analysis

This chapter has outlined a range of work that considers media discourse from several vantage points, examining many aspects of discourse structure, representation, and involvement with audience and society. What has been emphasized has ...

Author: Deborah Schiffrin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470751983

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The Handbook of Discourse Analysis makes significant contributions to current research and serves as a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the central issues in contemporary discourse analysis. Features comprehensive coverage of contemporary discourse analysis. Offers an overview of how different disciplines approach the analysis of discourse. Provides analysis of a wide range of data, including political speeches, everyday conversation, and literary texts. Includes a varied range of theoretical models, such as relevance theory and systemic-functional linguistics; and methodology, including interpretive, statistical, and formal methodsFeatures comprehensive coverage of contemporary discourse analysis.

Linguistic Anthropology

Contributions in book form to the study of media discourse tend to come from outside of anthropology, from such fields as ... A. O'Keefe (2006), Investigating Media Discourse, London: Routledge; S. Johnson and A. Ensslin (eds.) ...

Author: Alessandro Duranti

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405126337

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Linguistic Anthropology: A Reader is a comprehensive collection of the best work that has been published in this exciting and growing area of anthropology, and is organized to provide a guide to key issues in the study of language as a cultural resource and speaking as a cultural practice. Revised and updated, this second edition contains eight new articles on key subjects, including speech communities, the power and performance of language, and narratives Selections are both historically oriented and thematically coherent, and are accessibly grouped according to four major themes: speech community and communicative competence; the performance of language; language socialization and literacy practices; and the power of language An extensive introduction provides an original perspective on the development of the field and highlights its most compelling issues Each section includes a brief introductory statement, sets of guiding questions, and list of recommended readings on the main topics

The Routledge Handbook of Discourse Analysis

O'Keeffe, A. (2006) Investigating Media Discourse. London: Routledge. This volume provides an exploration of spoken media discourse using a combination of approaches including conversation analysis, discourse analysis and pragmatics in ...

Author: James Paul Gee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136672923

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 720

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The Routledge Handbook of Discourse Analysis covers the major approaches to discourse analysis from Critical Discourse Analysis to Multimodal Discourse Analysis and their applications in key educational and institutional settings. Divided into six sections: Approaches to DA, Approaches to Spoken Discourse, Genres and Practices, Educational Applications, Institutional Applications, and Identity, Culture and Discourse

Understanding the Media

O'Keefe, A. (2006) Investigating Media Discourse. London: Routledge. O'Keefe's book is focused on how we analyse the spoken word in a mass media setting. Her text includes analysis of interviews with George Bush and Tony Blair.

Author: Eoin Devereux

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412929911

Category: Social Science

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Understanding the Media introduces key theoretical issues in media analysis and encourages students to use case studies to examine their own personal media use and exposure. Author Eoin Devereux applies a model of media analysis that gives equal weight to the production, content, and reception of media texts. A particular emphasis is placed on understanding the mass media in a social context, and readers are invited to engage with a variety of questions about the increasingly complex mediascape in which we live our everyday lives.

Critical Discourse Analysis

In Chapter 14 Christine Anthonissen investigates the role of censorship in South African print media before the transition to democracy. In investigating media, she applies multiple approaches: discourse analysis, the multimodal ...

Author: G. Weiss

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230514561

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Can discourse analysis techniques adequately deal with complex social phenomena? What does 'interdisciplinarity' mean for theory building and the practise of empirical research? This volume provides an innovative and original debate on critical theory and discourse analysis, focussing on the extent to which CDA can and should draw on the theory and methodology of a range of disciplines within the social sciences.

Teaching and Researching Writing

O'Keeffe, A. (2006). Investigating media discourse. London: Routledge. Ratia, M., Palander-Collin, M. & Taavitsainen, I. (eds) (2017). Diachronic developments in English news discourse. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Reah, D. (2002).

Author: Ken Hyland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000426637

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The new edition of Ken Hyland’s text provides an authoritative guide to writing theory, research, and teaching. Emphasising the dynamic relationship between scholarship and pedagogy, it shows how research feeds into teaching practice. Teaching and Researching Writing introduces readers to key conceptual issues in the field today and reinforces their understanding with detailed cases, then offers tools for further investigating areas of interest. This is the essential resource for students of applied linguistics and language education to acquire and operationalise writing research theories, methods, findings, and practices––as well as for scholars and practitioners looking to learn more about writing and literacy. New to the fourth edition: Added or expanded coverage of important topics such as translingualism, digital literacies and technologies, multimodal and social media writing, action research, teacher reflection, curriculum design, teaching young learners, and discipline-specific and profession-specific writing. Updated throughout––including revision to case studies and classroom practices––and discussion of Rhetorical Genre Studies, intercultural rhetoric, and expertise. Reorganised References and Resources section for ease of use for students, researchers, and teachers.