The Wit and Wisdom of Test Match Special

... W. H. Allen, 1984 —, Rain Stops Play, Unwin Paperbacks, 1985 Audio John
Arlott's Cricketing Wides, Byes and Slips!, BBC, 2009 Johnners' Cricketing Gaffes
, Giggles and Cakes, BBC Worldwide Ltd, 2008 'Voices of Summer', presented by

Author: Dan Waddell

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448142806

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

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‘He played that so late, it was almost posthumous.’ (John Arlott) For over fifty years, Test Match Special has provided the soundtrack to many cricket fans’ lives – now this book collects its greatest hits. Here are all the witty sayings, bons mots, doubles entendres, wise words and priceless moments from the whole TMS team past and present, and of course their many and varied celebrity guests. Whether it’s classic Test moments or hilarious asides from the boundary, you’ll find the perfect line for every occasion. Collecting over half a century of quips and quotes, and beautifully illustrated throughout, The Wit and Wisdom of Test Match Special is a cricket fan’s indispensable guide to bats, bowls, beards and bakes.

Taboo Comedy

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Author: Chiara Bucaria

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137593385

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 238

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The essays in this collection explore taboo and controversial humour in traditional scripted (sitcoms and other comedy series, animated series) and non-scripted forms (stand-up comedy, factual and reality shows, and advertising) both on cable and network television. Whilst the focus is predominantly on the US and UK, the contributors also address more general and global issues and different contexts of reception, in an attempt to look at this kind of comedy from different perspectives. Over the last few decades, taboo comedy has become a staple of television programming, thus raising issues concerning its functions and appropriateness, and making it an extremely relevant subject for those interested in how both humour and television work.

Cricket A Political History of the Global Game 1945 2017

'Johnners widened the audience for TMS dramatically with his jokes, terrible
puns and, of course, the chocolate cakes', wrote ex- Leicestershire and England
bowler Agnew ('Aggers'), who joined the team in 1991.72 The implied politics of ...

Author: Stephen Wagg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317557298

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 328

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Cricket is an enduring paradox. On the one hand, it symbolises much that is outmoded: imperialism; a leisured elite; a rural, aristocratic Englishness. On the other, it endures as a global game and does so by skilful adaptation, trading partly on its mythic past and partly on its capacity to repackage itself. This ambitious new history recounts the politics of cricket around the world since the Second World War, examining key cultural and political themes, including decolonisation, racism, gender, globalisation, corruption and commercialisation. Part One looks at the transformation of cricket cultures in the ten territories of the former British Empire in the years immediately after 1945, a time when decolonisation and the search for national identity touched every cricket playing region in the world. Part Two focuses on globalisation and the game’s evolution as an international sport, analysing: social change and the Ashes; the campaigns for new cricket formats; the development of the women’s game; the new breed of coach; the limits to the game’s global expansion; and the rise of India as the world’s leading cricket power. Cricket: A Political History of the Global Game, 1945-2017 is fascinating reading for anybody interested in the contemporary history of sport.

The Test Match Special Quiz Book

With over 3,000 mind-bending puzzles about every aspect of the sport and beyond, this is the ultimate test of any cricket fan's true average.

Author: Dan Waddell

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448142814

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 576

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For over 50 years, Test Match Special has provided listeners with every Test cricket ball, batting average, and plenty of views from the boundary, too. But how well do you know your cricket? Pit your wits against Aggers, Tuffers, Boycs and Johnners – and try not to get caught out! Can you identify the most famous players from history, name that ground or reel off well-known (and lesser-known) stats and facts. And of course, what Test Match Special would be complete without the gaffes, giggles, cakes and celebrity guests who make up a day at the cricket? With over 3,000 mind-bending puzzles about every aspect of the sport and beyond, this is the ultimate test of any cricket fan's true average.