King of the Queen City

The last remnants of King left the Brewster Avenue plant—the old icehouse— in
1970. For most of the years since, the building was leased by United Dairy
Farmers, a chain of convenience stores that used the building as a warehouse. A
giant ...

Author: Jon Hartley Fox

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252091272

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King of the Queen City is the first comprehensive history of King Records, one of the most influential independent record companies in the history of American music. Founded by businessman Sydney Nathan in the mid-1940s, this small outsider record company in Cincinnati, Ohio, attracted a diverse roster of artists, including James Brown, the Stanley Brothers, Grandpa Jones, Redd Foxx, Earl Bostic, Bill Doggett, Ike Turner, Roy Brown, Freddie King, Eddie Vinson, and Johnny "Guitar" Watson. While other record companies concentrated on one style of music, King was active in virtually all genres of vernacular American music, from blues and R & B to rockabilly, bluegrass, western swing, and country. A progressive company in a reactionary time, King was led by an interracial creative and executive staff that redefined the face and voice of American music as well as the way it was recorded and sold. Drawing on personal interviews, research in newspapers and periodicals, and deep access to the King archives, Jon Hartley Fox weaves together the elements of King's success, focusing on the dynamic personalities of the artists, producers, and key executives such as Syd Nathan, Henry Glover, and Ralph Bass. The book also includes a foreword by legendary guitarist, singer, and songwriter Dave Alvin.

Queen City and Other Dimensions

The guard began to escort Sir Geoffrey to the dungeon when the King demanded
, “What's that square thing covering your ass, Geoffrey? Guard, bring it to me.”
The guard removed The Book with the new color, dashed to the King, handed it
to ...

Author: E. C. Wells

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1480980625

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Queen City and Other Dimensions By: E. C. Wells Queen City and Other Dimensions is a humorous satire of manners, mythologies, and social conventions. Satirized are a small circle of friends, Supreme Court Judges in the guise of Roman Catholic Cardinals, more than a few politicians, some evil benefactors, religion, and science. There is an infamous book from a distant planet pursued by many, including the Vatican. As the book goes through a succession of hands, each reader is changed by its magic. Victoria Aires and her friends, members of the Friends of Erotic Artifacts, take a wild field trip to the caverns of sensuous delights on the far side of the Cheyenne Mountain Strategic Air Command, where they discover a government secret plot to spy on the citizens of Queen City with tiny bots; a test in preparation for spying on all world leaders. Chaos ensues when Queen City becomes the victim of a fracking disaster, the brain child of the Koch brothers who have set up shop by Lake Titicaca near a psychic retreat called Puerto Nostradamus. Queen City and Other Dimensions explores time travel, astro projection, folding of space, and so much more.

Death in the Queen City

She had spent the evening at the Grand Opera with her children and after the
performance had taken the King Street streetcar home. She noticed a man in a
light overcoat get off at Jameson but lost him in the crowd. As she walked towards
the ...

Author: Patrick Brode

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1554881420

Category: True Crime

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A single gunshot on Saturday night, October 6, 1894, shattered Toronto’s prevailing sense of peace and security. That gunshot took the life of Frank Westwood, a respectable young man from one of the city’s most prominent families. This unprecedented attack produced a feeling of hysteria throughout Toronto and baffled the municipal police forces. The mystery was even referred to Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes. However, even the Great Detective could not solve the Westwood murder. Finally, a chance rumour led to the most unlikely of suspects – a young Black woman named Clara Ford. She was a most unusual character, a tough, revolver-toting lady who often wore men’s clothing and defied the norms of late Victorian Toronto. While the police increasingly focused their investigation on her, the motives for the killing remained a puzzle. Was Clara seeking revenge for a previous assault, or was she the frustrated lover of a young white man? The trial of Clara Ford captured Toronto’s attention like no other case before it. The evidence revealed a bizarre story of romance and racism. In addition to the wildly unconventional Clara, the cast of characters featured dogged detectives, and wily lawyers who at times seemed to make this cause célèbre more of a theatrical than a judicial display.

Queen City Heritage

Porter wrote : Winold Reiss appeared one morning in Mexico City , quite out of
nowhere , and invited me to walk to the ... One of his portraits was of King Amoah
III think it was also because of my mother ' s possessiveness , of the Gold Coast .




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Court and Private Life in the Time of Queen Charlotte

c . on chargers , presented the keys of the city to the King , which the form directs
his Majesty to take , and then immediately to return to the Lord Mayor . In the first
carriage , with glass panels , were seated the King and Queen , and two ladies .

Author: Charlotte Louise Henrietta Papendiek



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Being British

Pearly Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses Location Name Title Acton Pat
Hannan (deceased) Queen Bank Side and ... Town June Cartwright (deceased)
Queen Chelsea Bill West (deceased) King Chingford Sheila Arrowsmith Queen
City ...

Author: Kieran Hughes

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1526704137

Category: History

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Proud to be British is the perfect book for everyone who lives in our wonderful country. Here the British will discover what they already suspected, and that is that many of the GREAT historical figures of all time were British, many of the GREATEST inventions were British, as well as many other patriotic facts. They will also be reminded of all great and unique customs and traditions inherent in our beautiful land, and probably learn of some they never knew existed too, as well as laughing at the things that only The British could do! Proud to be British is also an excellent companion for all tourists and new inhabitants who are struggling to come to terms with and understand the way in which we British live and conduct ourselves and our lives.


167 . by way of excellency , to the wife of the king 12 E. Lat . 22. 15 S. only ;
whence she was anciently called the QUEEN CHARLOTTE's Island , an island
king's queen ; the West Saxons having no in the S. Pacific Ocean , six miles long
and ...

Author: John Mason Good



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Italian Folktales

"I am familiar with cases of blindness like yours, King Maximilian. The cure is
nowhere to be found but in the Sleeping Queen's city: it is the water in her well."
People's amazement at those words had not yet died down before the wizard ...

Author: Italo Calvino

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0544283228

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One of the New York Times’s Ten Best Books of the Year: These traditional stories of Italy, retold by a literary master, are “a treasure” (Los Angeles Times). Filled with kings and peasants, saints and ogres—as well as some quite extraordinary plants and animals—these two hundred tales bring to life Italy’s folklore, sometimes with earthy humor, sometimes with noble mystery, and sometimes with the playfulness of sheer nonsense. Selected and retold by one of the country’s greatest literary icons, “this collection stands with the finest folktale collections anywhere” (The New York Times Book Review). “For readers of any age . . . A masterwork.” —The Wall Street Journal “A magic book, and a classic to boot.” —Time

Pantologia A new cabinet cyclop dia by J M Good O Gregory and N Bosworth assisted by other gentlemen of eminence

32 S . The word queen is derived from the Saxon Queen CHARLOTTE ' s
FORELAND , a cape ( Ben , wrot , the wife of any one , but applied , of the island
of New Caledonia . Lon . 167 . by way of excellency , to the wife of the king 12 E .
Lat .

Author: John Mason Good





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Country Soul

King of the Queen City: The Story of King Records. Music in American Life.
Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2009. Frederickson, Kari. The Dixiecrat
Revolt and the End of the Solid South, 1932–1968. Chapel Hill: University of
North Carolina ...

Author: Charles L. Hughes

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469622440

Category: Music

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In the sound of the 1960s and 1970s, nothing symbolized the rift between black and white America better than the seemingly divided genres of country and soul. Yet the music emerged from the same songwriters, musicians, and producers in the recording studios of Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, and Muscle Shoals, Alabama--what Charles L. Hughes calls the "country-soul triangle." In legendary studios like Stax and FAME, integrated groups of musicians like Booker T. and the MGs and the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section produced music that both challenged and reconfirmed racial divisions in the United States. Working with artists from Aretha Franklin to Willie Nelson, these musicians became crucial contributors to the era's popular music and internationally recognized symbols of American racial politics in the turbulent years of civil rights protests, Black Power, and white backlash. Hughes offers a provocative reinterpretation of this key moment in American popular music and challenges the conventional wisdom about the racial politics of southern studios and the music that emerged from them. Drawing on interviews and rarely used archives, Hughes brings to life the daily world of session musicians, producers, and songwriters at the heart of the country and soul scenes. In doing so, he shows how the country-soul triangle gave birth to new ways of thinking about music, race, labor, and the South in this pivotal period.

Some Account of the Worshipful Company of Grocers of the City of London

At the marriage of the late King George III. and Queen Charlotte on the 8th
September 1761, His Royal Highness walked on the Queen's left hand to and
from the Chapel ; and, having no right at that time, he not being a Peer, to form a
part of ...

Author: John Benjamin Heath




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The Modern Part of an Universal History

... his whole city of journey , the magistrates in every city through which he Paris ,
to passed , presented him the keys , knelt and killed his hand reduce the as if he
had been their sovereign . The king and queen , city of Ghent . though the former




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A Catalogue of the Books Relating to British Topography and Saxon and Northern Literature

The Form of the Proceeding to the Coronation of their Most Excellent Majesties
King George III. and Queen Charlotte. folio. London. 1761. Three Poems of St.
Paul's Cathedral, viz. The Ruins. The Rebuilding. The Choire. folio. London.

Author: Bodleian Library

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108057314

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 468

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Published in 1814, this catalogue lists the books and artefacts that eighteenth-century antiquary Richard Gough bequeathed to Oxford's Bodleian Library.

Rancid Aphrodisiac

Cooper, B. L., “King of the Queen City: the story of King Records,” Popular Music
and Society 34(4) (2011): 514–16. Corbett, J., “Free, single, and disengaged:
listening pleasure and the popular music object,” October 54 (Fall, 1990): 79–101

Author: Mickey Vallee

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1623560144

Category: Music

Page: 160

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It has been sixty years since Rock 'n' Roll exploded into the mainstream, yet we remain limited in our understanding of how its bawdy excesses absorbed into the annals of mass popularity in such a short amount of time. Mickey Vallee asks: what if the Rock 'n' Roll eruption was nothing less than postwar consumer capitalism at its very best, precisely because it was taken as its very worst? Vallee explores the emergence of Rock 'n' Roll's from an entirely new theoretical disposition in order to answer this question, drawing mainly from Lacanian cultural psychoanalysis to reveal that Rock 'n' Roll was far more conformist than we are generally led to believe; namely, that it was conformist with emerging liberal principles of freedom from the tyranny of the state. Vallee supports this proposition with detailed analyses of familiar (and not-so-familiar) characters and texts in Rock 'n' Roll to suggest that the disruption of our symbolic economy was symptomatic of a new cultural logic of economic freedom. While not denying Rock 'n' Roll's role in the pre-civil rights movement, Vallee refuses the possibility to deny that Rock 'n' Roll's symbolic efficacy ultimately coordinated a neoliberal foundation to the ideology of individualism in its rhythm, instrumentation, lyrics, and vocals, where its power was at its most effective and affective.

King of the Bootleggers

Also Remus had expanded his logistics and warehouse operations with the
purchase of about 50 acres of secluded land from George Dater, a farmer who
owned more than ¡00 acres of land on the west side of Cincinnati between
Queen City ...

Author: William A. Cook

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786436522

Category: History

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"As a pharmacist turned lawyer turned master prohibition era bootlegger, George Remus is now remembered as one of the most notorious figures of the American prohibition. This biography tells the complete story of Remus's private life and public persona, focusing especially on the turbulent rise and fall of his bootlegging kingdom"--Provided by publisher.

An Universal History from the Earliest Account of Time

befimoften ahily took mucught to be ark , where to all very m Provinces , ter , who
, after the death of her mother , was created a queen , Cities . was near the king '
s , and appeared very magnificent . Both w looked into great gardens , well ...




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A Description of England and Wales

At the east end are the pictures at full length of king William and queen Mary ,
King George the First , king George the Second , and queen Caroline , and their
present majesties king George the Third , and queen Charlotte . At a small
distance ...






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Liberty s Exiles

Some caught sight of Queen Charlotte at the theater, with her “lustures of
Diamonds" glittering by candlelight. Others spotted King George III riding through
the streets in a state coach, pulled by eight white horses bedecked in royal blue ...

Author: Maya Jasanoff

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307595300

Category: History

Page: 480

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On November 25, 1783, the last British troops pulled out of New York City, bringing the American Revolution to an end. Patriots celebrated their departure and the confirmation of U.S. independence. But for tens of thousands of American loyalists, the British evacuation spelled worry, not jubilation. What would happen to them in the new United States? Would they and their families be safe? Facing grave doubts about their futures, some sixty thousand loyalists—one in forty members of the American population—decided to leave their homes and become refugees elsewhere in the British Empire. They sailed for Britain, for Canada, for Jamaica, and for the Bahamas; some ventured as far as Sierra Leone and India. Wherever they went, the voyage out of America was a fresh beginning, and it carried them into a dynamic if uncertain new world. A groundbreaking history of the revolutionary era, Liberty’s Exiles tells the story of this remarkable global diaspora. Through painstaking archival research and vivid storytelling, award-winning historian Maya Jasanoff re-creates the journeys of ordinary individuals whose lives were overturned by extraordinary events. She tells of refugees like Elizabeth Johnston, a young mother from Georgia, who spent nearly thirty years as a migrant, searching for a home in Britain, Jamaica, and Canada. And of David George, a black preacher born into slavery, who found freedom and faith in the British Empire, and eventually led his followers to seek a new Jerusalem in Sierra Leone. Mohawk leader Joseph Brant resettled his people under British protection in Ontario, while the adventurer William Augustus Bowles tried to shape a loyalist Creek state in Florida. For all these people and more, it was the British Empire—not the United States—that held the promise of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Yet as they dispersed across the empire, the loyalists also carried things from their former homes, revealing an enduring American influence on the wider British world. Ambitious, original, and personality-filled, Liberty’s Exiles is at once an intimate narrative history and a provocative new analysis—a book that explores an unknown dimension of America’s founding to illuminate the meanings of liberty itself.

The Cradle of the Queen City

A History of Buffalo to the Incorporation of the City Robert Warwick Bingham ...
who is the Great Chief of all the King your Father's people in British America , and
I repeat to you what His Lordship said to the Deputies of your nations a very few ...

Author: Robert Warwick Bingham



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American Berkshire Record

Dam , Black Duchess IV . 29,871 . Ered and owned by June K. King , Marshall ,
Mo. 41,972 - QUEEN MARY . Sow , farrowed , Feb. 10 , 1896 . Sire , Prince Rush
34,502 . Dam , Clio 34,497 . Bred by W. R. Salmon , Queen City , Tex . Trans .

Author: American Berkshire Association



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