Forty short stories and essays have been selected as representative of the Argentine writer's metaphysical narratives Although his work has been restricted to the short story, the essay, and poetry, Jorge Luis Borges of Argentina is ...

Author: Jorge Luis Borges

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

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Forty short stories and essays have been selected as representative of the Argentine writer's metaphysical narratives

Inequality and the Labyrinths of Democracy

V. Out of the Labyrinth Democracy means rule of the people , not just some
particular political game . Rule of the people was what people dreamed of , and
fought for – people like the workers who produced the profits of capital , the ( ex- )

Author: Goran Therborn

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 1788738993

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A global panorama of the historical development and contemporary malaise of liberal democracy, from a renowned social theorist. Barely a century has passed since liberal democracy became established in the majority of advanced capitalist economies. Elsewhere, it is of even more recent vintage. Classical liberalism held universal suffrage a mortal threat to property. So why did it nevertheless come to pass, and how stable today is the marriage between representative government and the continued rule of capital? People on all continents consider inequality a "very big problem". The Davos Economic Forum and the OECD say they are worried. But capitalist democracies don't respond. How has democracy been transformed from a popular demand for social justice to a professional power game? These questions are raised, and answered, in Inequality and the Labyrinths of Democracy. Together with an essay on the current situation, it includes a compact global history of 'The Right to Vote and the Four World Routes to/through Modernity' and two landmark essays from New Left Review, 'The Rule of Capital and the Rise of Democracy' and 'The Travail of Latin American Democracy', collected here in book form for the first time.


told me that God or the Goddess had sent the labyrinth back into the world , some
said it was nature ' s way of speaking to the planet before it is too late . ' Others
said it was just ' an idea whose time has come again . ' The simplest answer was

Author: Virginia Westbury

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Labyrinths . xvi Labyrinths is thus a fable of man's perennial quest for fulfilment . (
The title may suggest Minos ' legendary palace at Cnossus , but the double
headed axe is as much a symbol of sovereignty in traditional Ibo society as in
Crete .

Author: Christopher Okigbo



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Lapps and Labyrinths

Professor Noel D. Broadbent is one of Sweden's foremost experts on north Swedish archaeology and literally wrote the book on the prehistory of the Skellefteå region on the North Bothnian coast.

Author: Noel D. Broadbent

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution

ISBN: 1935623362

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Professor Noel D. Broadbent is one of Sweden's foremost experts on north Swedish archaeology and literally wrote the book on the prehistory of the Skellefteå region on the North Bothnian coast. This knowledge is now brought to bear on the issue of Saami origins. The focus is on the successful adaptive strategies of Saami societies over thousands of years - a testimony to Saami resiliency, of relevance to the survival of indigenous societies worldwide today.

Mazes and Labyrinths A General Account of their History and Development

The story of fair Rosamond's Bower is one which will leap to the mind in this connection.

Author: William Henry Matthews

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465612211

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The hedge-maze, which is the only type with which most of us have a first-hand acquaintance, is generally felt to be a survival of a romantic age, even though we esteem its function as nothing higher than that of a playground for children. Many a tender intrigue has been woven around its dark yew alleys. Mr. Compton Mackenzie, for example, introduces it most effectively as a lovers' rendezvous in "The Passionate Elopement," and no doubt the readers of romantic literature will recall other instances of a like nature. The story of fair Rosamond's Bower is one which will leap to the mind in this connection. This type of maze alone is worth more than a passing thought, but it is far from being the only, or even the most interesting, development of the labyrinth idea. What is the difference, it may be asked, between a maze and a labyrinth? The answer is, little or none. Some writers seem to prefer to apply the word "maze" to hedge-mazes only, using the word "labyrinth" to denote the structures described by the writers of antiquity, or as a general term for any confusing arrangement of paths. Others, again, show a tendency to restrict the application of the term "maze" to cases in which the idea of a puzzle is involved. It would certainly seem somewhat inappropriate to talk of "the Cretan Maze" or "the Hampton Court Labyrinth," but, generally speaking, we may use the words interchangeably, regarding "maze" as merely the northern equivalent of the classic "labyrinth." Both words have come to signify a complex path of some kind, but when we press for a closer definition we encounter difficulties. We cannot, for instance, say that it is "a tortuous branched path designed to baffle or deceive those who attempt to find the goal to which it leads," for, though that description holds good in some cases, it ignores the many cases in which there is only one path, without branches, and therefore no intent to baffle or mislead, and others again in which there is no definite "goal." We cannot say that it is a winding path "bounded by walls or hedges," for in many instances there are neither walls nor hedges. One of the most famous labyrinths, for example, consisted chiefly of a vast and complicated series of rooms and columns. In fact, we shall find it convenient to leave the question of the definition of the words, and also that of their origin, until we have examined the various examples that exist or are known to have existed.

The Fictional Labyrinths of Thomas Pynchon

Author: David Seed

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349087475

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New Scientist

There is no difference in meaning between the two but as Borges points out,
labyrinth is more mysterious and perhaps ... The purpose of architectural
labyrinths is, for example, the portrayal of the imagined course of the Sun, or the
pleasure of ...





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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.


The Labyrinth as an Interactive Element : The rotational aspect of the Septentrion
will create an ever - changing environment for the Player . At one moment a
passageway may lead to or from the Chronus Realm Chamber . In another
moment ...

Author: Domenic Stansberry

Publisher: Course Technology Ptr


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This book shows students how to write and design effective, interactive multimedia for CDs and Web sites. It discusses scripting and conceptual development. Its writing and charting techniques make it a practical guide for students, professional writers, producers, and others looking to create meaningful content.

Labyrinths with Path of Thunder

Author: Christopher Okigbo

Publisher: Africana Pub.


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Author: Ivor Winton




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The Living Church

crane dance , ” every year to ensure The labyrinth movement in the their meaning
can they be construed the fertility of the ... one in which the sacred wine to the
Goddess . original purposes of the labyrinths in design of the labyrinth is seen as






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Labyrinths paracriticism

by men , a labyrinth destined to be deciphered by men . 2 The fundamental
separation of men into masters and slaves is the only crossed threshold , the
entry into ...




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Letters and Labyrinths

Thus , it is imperative that the labyrinth be mastered even if at times the crucial
aid is furnished by a woman : an Ariadne who offers Theseus the thread that
provides his bearing , affording him the spatial and temporal continuity that the ...

Author: Diane Cousineau



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Letters and labyrinths, towers, mirrors, and photographs - these objects surround us in our daily lives and speak to the creativity and innovative possibilities of human culture, the degree to which we invent, form, shape, and give meaning to our world and lives. However, one might also suggest that they are emblematic of a code that has already been put in place and that we are the mere perpetuators of a master plot. This book explores the way these objects, vacillating between concrete presences and metaphorical configurations, inform literary texts and provide a suggestive background on which to interrogate gender-related issues as well as questions of subjectivity.

Love s Labyrinths

... Lothrop File and a Collection of Short Stories Alexander F. Pathy. A866L6 982
Alexander F . Pathy AW Love ' s Labyrinth The Lothrop File and a Collection
Short Stories of . Love ' s Labyrinths The Lothrop File and a Collection. Front

Author: Alexander F. Pathy


ISBN: 9780881000061


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Paths and Labyrinths

... 20 and 21 October 1983 Franz Kafka Symposium Joseph Peter Stern, John J.
White. Publications of the Institute of Germanic Studies Volume 35 PATHS AND
LABYRINTHS AND LABYRINTHS Nine Papers read at the Franz Kafka

Author: Franz Kafka Symposium

Publisher: Humanities Press


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Multicursal Labyrinths in the Work of Brian Ferneyhough

An Overview Of The Labyrinth " The labyrinth pattern suggests play and terror ; it
expresses both our control over our environinent and our bewilderment within it ;
it represents orderly disorder , the systematic creation of a mystery more ...

Author: Ross Feller



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Mirrors and Holographic Labyrinths

The Process of a "new" Aesthetic Synthesis in the Novels of John Banville Laura
LABYRINTHS I have frequently dreamt , for example , that I am trapped in a room

Author: Laura Izarra (PhD.)



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Comprising a translation of Izarra's doctoral thesis, submitted at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1995, this volume examines Irish novelist John Banville's nine novels published through 1995. Using the metaphor of the hologram as the basis of Banville's writing and using the same metaphor as the basis of her own reading of his work, she defines the "new synthesis" proposed by Banville, who foresees the end of postmodernism and a movement towards a new synthesis in art. Discussed are postmodern, postcolonial, and contemporary post- Newtonian scientific theories, as well as analysis of theories of discourse, art, psychology, and history. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR

Labyrinths of Love

Legal changes and shifting notions about gender and sexual propriety created
complex cultural and legal systems — labyrinths of love — that most Cubans who
decided to join together in sexual and familial partnerships had to negotiate in ...

Author: Sarah R. Arvey





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Labyrinths of the Colonial Archive

The report moves swiftly through the labyrinths of the city and its environs , listing
a catalogue of dates , jurisdiction , places of worship and the racial configuration
of the populations . The last question in this category of politics is , interestingly ...

Author: Gita Rajan



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