Lightweight Bicycle Touring

The printed book includes over 130 black and white photos, and the electronic digital ebook contains over 130 full color photos. This book is written as an encouragement and help to anyone considering a long distance bike ride.

Author: Shawn Wakefield

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781518692895


Page: 242

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Thank you for your interest in Lightweight Bicycle Touring, a new guide book that is your source for information on how to plan and execute a cross country bike ride without carrying heavy gear. Have you ever considered riding several days across the country on a bicycle? Does the idea of touring on a bike under your own power appeal to you? It is possible to bicycle longer distances, and a long bicycling tour can be done by people at any age. I have successfully ridden across the United States, coast to coast, carrying only 12 pounds of gear on my bike. I was accompanied by a friend who was 68 years old. If we can ride this far, you can too! This guide book is a result of my coast to coast cross country bicycle ride, along with years of lightweight and ultralight backpacking experience. I will share with you how to lighten up and improve your chance of success and your enjoyment level for any bicycle tour. Topics include: Time of year to ride Training for a tour Starting a tour Detailed gear information Example gear weights Clothes washing Chain maintenance Directions and distances Route planning and changing Our journal through Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California The guide book contains over 240 pages of helpful tips, how-to advice, gear information, and our trip journal. The printed book includes over 130 black and white photos, and the electronic digital ebook contains over 130 full color photos. This book is written as an encouragement and help to anyone considering a long distance bike ride. I have encountered far too many riders carrying heavy loads; and these heavy loads can make a ride much more difficult and increase the chance of failure. It is entirely possible to leave those 50, 60, or 80 pound loads behind and have a more enjoyable bicycle tour by travelling light. This how-to book offers practical suggestions and advice for lightweight or ultralight bicycle touring. I can honestly say that it is possible to reduce your gear weight to around 12 pounds, because I have done that, and then ridden across the country successfully. Major sections of this book include my thoughts and experiences as a friend and I planned a coast to coast ride. The pre-trip thoughts will be helpful to others as they plan a cycling trip. Information compiled after our successful ride offers great details about our gear and all items selected and carried. Advice is also provided about practical aspects of the ride, and many of those topics were prompted by questions from others following our online journal. Finally, my trip journal, with daily entries, is included as the last portion of this book. Readers can see exactly what the daily experience of a long distance ride might entail. Whatever your dreams, I encourage you to start riding them. Whether it be 2600 miles on highways from coast to coast or 200 miles on a bike and pedestrian rails to trails project, bicycle touring can be enjoyed by nearly anyone. Happy trails... Shawn Wakefield

Ultralight Bike Touring and Bikepacking

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this is the most comprehensive book yet on traveling further and lighter.

Author: Justin Lichter

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493023985

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 176

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Written by experts Justin Lichter and Justin Kline, Ultralight Bike Touring and Bikepacking is a detailed guide to ultralight, self-contained cycling trips for pleasure and adventure. Bike tours can last a single day or take weeks, months, and years - this guide will explain the basics and intricacies no matter how far you go. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this is the most comprehensive book yet on traveling further and lighter.

Bike Touring

If you participate in other self-propelled outdoor activities, you probably already
have a sleeping bag, and you can just use that one on bicycle tours, at least for a
while. The optimum bag for bike touring, however, emphasizes light weight and ...

Author: Raymond Bridge

Publisher: Catapult

ISBN: 1578051851

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 448

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First published in 1979, Bike Touring introduced tens of thousands of riders to the joys of bicycle travel, and quickly became the go–to reference for an entire generation of bike–touring enthusiasts. But much has changed in the last three decades—and this fully revamped edition provides authoritative information on both the latest equipment and the ever–expanding universe of touring options for a whole new generation of riders. Readers learn how to train, equip, plan, and pack for tours of any length and difficulty, from overnight trips near home to multiweek journeys abroad. Author Raymond Bridge surveys the wide range of touring options, which now include extensive commercial offerings and roof–to–roof (or "credit card") tours, as well as independent, self–contained travel. Chapters covering bike styles—road, mountain, and world–touring models—along with bike frames and fit, drive trains, wheels, brakes, saddles and handlebars, and accessories, offer up–to–date guidance on the myriad equipment choices from the booming bike industry. And chapters on camping, transporting bikes, and roadside repairs are full of expert advice to help both novice and experienced bike travelers get maximum pleasure from any journey while saving money and staying safe.

The Bicycle Touring Book

If you decide that the generator light best suits your needs , we recommend the
Soubitez and Union models at $ 10- $ 15 . Find a bike shop that stocks the rubber
cap that fits over the generMost touring bicyclists prefer and ator wheel ; it helps ...

Author: Tim Wilhelm

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 9780878573073

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 303

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The Wilhelms draw on their extensive cycling experience to offer tips on choosing and riding a bicycle and guidance in planning, undertaking, and enjoying touring, from the short trip around town to the exotic excursion

Bicycle Touring

Peter B. Mohn. BICYCLE TOURING GEMINI 10 Either the 10 - speed lightweight
bike or.

Author: Peter B. Mohn


ISBN: 9780913940280

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Text and photographs introduce cycling including getting in shape, planning a trip, and a bicycle maintenance check list.

Bicycle Touring

These advantages are standard on good touring bikes . A touring bike ' s frame is
strong , durable , relatively light , and designed for riding comfort . For lightweight
strength and durability , the frame tubing is brazed , not welded , at the joints ...

Author: Steve Butterman



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Bicycle Touring International

On a taxing bicycle tour be good to yourself: eat foods that help keep your bowels
in good shape — fruit, fibrous vegetables, ... Sunburn can be a real problem,
especially for the light- skinned, but it is relatively easy to prevent by wearing light

Author: Kameel B. Nasr

Publisher: Motorbooks

ISBN: 9780933201538

Category: Travel

Page: 287

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Recommends touring equipment, offers advice on health considerations, food and water, money, accommodations, maps, safe riding, and bicycle maintenance, and describes travel in each region of the world.

The Basic Essentials of Bicycle Touring

Familiarize yourself with touring hardware such as racks , paniers , mud flaps and
even computers . Discover equipment for life on the road and the advantages to
lightweight bicycle clothing , shelters and cooking gear . Implement a pre - trip ...

Author: Mike Nicoson

Publisher: Ics Books

ISBN: 9780934802734

Category: Travel

Page: 68

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Travel to the world's most exotic destinations on your own power. Choose a bicycle designed for your size, capabilities and riding style. Understand the components of your road bicycle and how they are installed. Familiarize yourself with touring hardware such as racks, panniers, mud flaps and even computers. Discover equipment for life on the road and the advantages of lightweight bicycle clothing, shelters and cooking gear. Implement a pre-trip conditioning routine to prevent injuries. Develop proper safety techniques using hand signals and correct spacing between riders. Improve your riding skills on a loaded bike by altering your cadence or by implementing better pedaling techniques.

Northeast Bicycle Tours 13 Tours in New York and New England

Incidental Tips For some reason , maybe the 70 - pounds of pressure they're
under , inflating your tires with helium just doesn't make your bike any lighter . We
tried it . Glacier Cream is the best sunburn and windburn prevention we've found .






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Bicycle Tours in and Around New York

Their one advantage - the fact that you don't have to unpack your bike every time
you lock up and leave -is matched by quickly removable lightweight bags that
attach to front or rear . Camping out , of course , requires all sorts of extra ...

Author: Dan Carlinsky


ISBN: 9780910684019

Category: Bicycle touring

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Bicycling Magazine s Bicycle Touring in the 90s

It isn ' t necessary to ride every day , but try to cycle at least four times a week .
Assuming you ' re ... Use the bike you ' ll be riding on tour , equipped with loaded
packs . This way ... Leave your lightweight rims , tires and tubes at home . This is
a ...

Author: Bicycling

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 9780875961545

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 120

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Changing Times

rough reference . publishes Touring and Vacation Guide expensive touring bikes
in the back of For touring with light loads in ( available for $ 2 . 50 at the above
address , a station wagon . gently rolling terrain , a low gear of 32 at bike shops ...




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Bicycle USA

... if you are on warning of your arrival and a chance for Where did you stay on
your last tour ? that really lightweight tour . ... Hospitality Homes booklet along
with your miles of mountain bike trails he has conExploring new territory and
viewing ...




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The Shingle

They didn ' t need to disassemble the 10 - speed touring bikes nor even box them
for air transportation . " It ' s a good ... Touring by bike requires three intimately
related essentials : stamina , quality equipment and light luggage . The lighter the




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Cycling Touring Guide Central England

The revised edition of the classic cycling guide by Harold Briercliffe of 1949.

Author: Harold Briercliffe

Publisher: Batsford

ISBN: 1849940649

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 300

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The revised edition of the classic cycling guide by Harold Briercliffe of 1949. Used as the inspiration for the Britain by Bike television series and a vital part of the award-winning Britain by Bike book by Jane Eastoe, the original book is reproduced along with suggested cycling routes in the Central England region for today's cyclists. Harold Briercliffe was the Alfred Wainwright of cycling and his books provide great insight into cycling in various parts of the UK in the 1940s. Harold's fascinating description of the towns, villages and roads of Britain at the time is a joy for all those who love these isles and especially for cyclists looking for inspiration. Many roads have changed over the decades and are now too busy for enjoyable cycling, so Mark Jarman, along with Sustrans, have made suggestions for alternative routes in the region for today's cyclists. The book includes the original photographs taken by Harold Briercliffe and the original illustrations. The Cycling Touring Guide: Central England covers cycle routes in the Peak District, Cheshire and north Shropshire, East of the Pennines, the Midlands, the Malverns, the Wye Valley, the Forest of Dean and various routes north of London. The cycle routes vary in length from half day and day-long trips to weekend and week-long tours.

Birnbaum s France 1986

Author: Stephen Birnbaum


ISBN: 9780395394021

Category: France

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Richards Ultimate Bicycle Book

The TOURING BIKE Touring by bike is a real joy . to the bed linen ; or they can
demand self - reliance , It offers variety and ... alerts you to fresh smells , to the
sound of A bicycle tour can start from a birdsong , or to the changing light of
evening ...

Author: Richard Ballantine

Publisher: Dk Pub


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 192

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Offers detailed specifications on various types of bicycles on the road, as well as information on bicycle maintenance, cycling accessories, training, sport cycling, and other matters

The Conservationist




Category: Conservation of natural resources


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Ultimate Bicycle Book

The TOURING BIKE SUS cannondale Touring by bike is a real joy . to the bed
linen ; or they can demand self - reliance ... to the sound of A bicycle tour can start
from Fannier birdsong , or to the changing light of evening , to wherever you want

Author: Richard Ballantine

Publisher: Willowdale, Ont. : Firefly Books

ISBN: 9781552092651

Category: Bicycles

Page: 192

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The definitive visual reference guide for all cycling enthusiasts, The Ultimate Bicycle Book combines fascinating photographs of the most popular bicycles of today -- and tomorrow -- with invaluable step-by-step information on bicycle maintenance. Essential handbook Written by the world's best selling bicycle authors Richard Ballantine and Richard Grant, the Ultimate Bicycle Book shows you how to get the best from your bike and your body. They give tips on training for competition, advise you on what to wear, whether you're riding on or off the road, and guide you through the vast range of accessories available. Practical Maintenance The Ultimate Bicycle Book is packed with professional tips on repairing, cleaning, and fine-tuning your bicycle. Annotated photographs and detailed text explain the function of every moving part, from the headset-bearing arrangements common to all bicycles to hydraulic brakes.

American Modeler

For touring Claude Butler Super Ace tandem with sidecor , two Raleigh short
bicycle tour that you would never it may have flat or raised handlebars standard
Sport bikes , o Vindec ladies ' bicycle , a prewar Schwinn Superior ( lightweight )




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