Living the Stories We Create

This work explores the potential of digital media to rectify the disparity between formal learning contexts and contemporary perceptions and expectations of narrative.

Author: Ellen McCabe

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319957988

Category: Education

Page: 130

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This work explores the potential of digital media to rectify the disparity between formal learning contexts and contemporary perceptions and expectations of narrative. How can education systems respond to the changing technological landscape, thus preparing students to become active participants in society as well as to realise the extent of their own potential? This book explores such concepts in the classroom environment through direct engagement with students and teachers with the case of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Written in approximately 1606, Macbeth has its roots in a culture of orality and yet has sustained through centuries of print dominance. Indeed, as both text and performance the work itself embodies both the literary and the oral. Yet as a staple of many second level curricula increasingly Macbeth is perceived as an educational text. Macbeth reflects its cultural moment, an age of ambiguity where much like today notions of selfhood, privacy, societal structures, media and economy were being called into question. Thus Macbeth can be understood as a microcosm of the challenges existing in contemporary education in both content and form. This book examines Macbeth as a case-study in seeking to explore the implications of digital media for learning, as well as its possible potential to constructively facilitate in realigning formal learning contexts to contemporary experiences of narrative.

Stories we live and grow by

I think of Ayesha's wish to include details of stories that Zahra was uncomfortable
with sharing in our narrative account: ... and living stories of relational resistance
to “good” (Muslim) girl and mother single stories in ways that created spaces for ...

Author: Muna Saleh

Publisher: Demeter Press

ISBN: 1772582247

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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Interweaving my experiences as a Canadian Muslim woman, mother, (grand)daughter, educator, and scholar throughout this work, I write about living and narratively inquiring (Clandinin and Connelly, Narrative Inquiry; Clandinin) alongside three Muslim mothers and daughters during our daughters’ transition into adolescence. I was interested in mother-and-daughter experiences during this time of life transition because my eldest daughter, Malak, was in the midst of transitioning into adolescence as I embarked upon my doctoral research. I had many wonders about Malak’s experiences, my experiences as a mother, and the experiences of other Muslim daughters and mothers in the midst of similar life transitions. I wondered about how dominant narratives from within and across Muslim and other communities in Canada shape our lives and experiences. For, while we are often storied as victims of various oppressions in media, literature, and elsewhere, little is known about our diverse experiences—par-ticularly the experiences of Muslim mothers and daughters composing our selves and lives alongside one another in familial places.

The Living Energy Universe

If Pythagoras and Aristotle and Newton and Darwin had been born in the year
2000, and they had the accumulated history of scientific knowledge available to
them as we do today, would they create the same science stories as they did in
their ...

Author: Gary E. Schwartz

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company Incorporated


Category: Science

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Presents the theory of universal living memory and living energy systems.

Crafting a Life in Essay Story Poem

Of course I did not escape my family — none of us does — but I still tell myself —
and now others — the stories I need to create and recreate , to celebrate and
understand the life I have lived . Catherine Drinker Bowen once wrote , “ Writing ,
I ...

Author: Donald Morison Murray

Publisher: Boynton/Cook


Category: Education

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Donald Murray demonstrates the craft that has been his discipline and joy for more than half a century.

Family Therapy

If we create distinctions in our story , we can lose the more encompassing system
that frames it , for example , predator ... second - order cybernetics is about
stories , stories we tell ourselves and that we perform in the theater of life , which

Author: Dorothy Stroh Becvar

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Family psychotherapy

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The systemic-cybernetic framework in Family Therapy provides a framework for understanding people and families in context. The text-divided into three sections including The Systemic Framework, The Practice of Family Therapy, and The Systemic Practitioner-includes historical information, current developments, and ongoing debates. Book jacket.

One Planet Communities

Chapter 10 One Planet Living - philosophy , story and set of principles To create
sustainable communities we need a paradigm shift . We need to change the DNA
of the design , development and long - term management of communities .

Author: Pooran Desai

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


Category: Architecture

Page: 216

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The approach which links the science of ecological footprinting to a simple framework of principles, and how the framework is being applied to create a coherent approach to projects in the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa, the Middle East, China and Australia, It also draws on other examples of best practice from around the world.

Exceptional Human Experience

Through narration , we make meaning out of experience and live within the
stories we create . In this layered account , I weave together my family story with a
writing - story about the narration of lived experience . My family story conveys an




Category: Parapsychology


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River of Life an Odyssey of Faith One Man s Reunion With God

Yet , as my story may illustrate for you , awakening to this truth was not only more
than a little difficult to accept ; it was ... of the journey to be reunited with God is
the one we make through our minds and the myriad of stories we have created ...

Author: David Sample


ISBN: 9780971272309

Category: Self-Help

Page: 160

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The Healing Power of Stories

Creating Yourself Through the Stories of Your Life Daniel Taylor. proof is the
quality of life lived . If I believe there is a plot to my life , and I act in accordance
with that belief , then in fact I can achieve a kind of order and significance
whether I ...

Author: Daniel Taylor

Publisher: Doubleday Books


Category: Psychology

Page: 182

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Stating that the key to psychological healing is in the telling of life stories, a guide to recovery blends the avant-garde therapy of narrative psychology with literature, religion, ethics, and philosophy, citing the lessons that can be learned in classical works.

History News

He reflections . cannot imagine living anywhere but here Our propensity for
words , language , because his stories are all ... We create ourcontinuity , sipated
community life , selves from stories that buttressed by the omiconjoin us to places




Category: United States


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The Leap

Are You Ready to Live a New Reality? ... We have drawn everything into our life ,
intending it as it is . ... Being Versus Drama W HEN WE DON'T KNOW WHO we
truly are , we make up stories about ourselves in the hope of finding ourselves .

Author: Constance Kellough

Publisher: Namaste Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781897238271

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 190

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The Leap is filled with hope for tomorrow. It shows us that we are far from alone ? that we are part of something so encompassing, we can never be alone. A global shift is occurring in which we are edging our way toward becoming one world. Now, we must link to a sense of inner connectedness that few experience yet on a daily basis, but tht is essential if we are to interact with each other peacefully. As we become conscious of our inner oneness, we begin living from a different mindset. We experience a deep stillnes. It provides the key to personal fulfillment ? and the hope of the world.

Inventing Reality

This book claims that you do. Humans are animals who create stories. We are unable to not story--we speak and think in stories called sentences. INVENTING REALITY explores the psychology of story making and confabulation.

Author: Jeffrey Schrank

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

ISBN: 1642379360

Category: Psychology

Page: 390

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You are a reality inventor. People simply don't give you enough credit; in fact, you don't appreciate your own creative ability. What does it mean to be a reality inventor? Isn't reality simply stuff that's out there? We see,hear, taste, feel, and smell it; but we certainly don't invent it. This book claims that you do. Humans are animals who create stories. We are unable to not story--we speak and think in stories called sentences. INVENTING REALITY explores the psychology of story making and confabulation. We confabulate when we create stories without an awareness of our authorship. These confabulations are not perceived as invented stories; instead they become our personal reality.

Friends and Enemies

We are busy creating stories and listening to stories all the time . We gossip , we
watch television , we daydream and tell ourselves stories . We love stories , but
the story which matters most to us is our own life story . Our meaning structure is
a ...

Author: Dorothy Rowe



Category: Friendship

Page: 551

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At the end of each of her books, Dorothy Rowe describes how happiness and satisfaction come not just from achievements, but from enjoying good relationships with other people. To date, however, she has not explored what constitutes a rewarding friendship, and in this book she sets out to do just that.

Christianity literature

Through the telling of stories we envision possibilities for action , and through the
comparisons we make among stories we ... Christians need to be open to all
stories because they are engaged in exploring the possibilities of living in history






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Outdoor Living Spaces

In each story , we walk you through the garden , discussing its layout ,
construction , and the experiences it makes possible . The detailed " before " and
" after " drawings , as well as the watercolors of the finished landscapes , will
make it easy ...

Author: Susan Rademacher Frey

Publisher: Rodale Books


Category: Gardening

Page: 342

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Provides step-by-step directions for creating garden landscapes, includes hints from landscape professionals on problem areas

Books Kids Will Sit Still for 3

We booktalk . We tell stories . We read stories . We sing stories . Sometimes we
even dress as book characters and impersonate them . We lead children in ... We
create art projects , put on puppet shows , run lap - sit programs for toddlers , and
tie read - alouds into science or social studies or math . We celebrate the fictional
life of a character and bask in talented writing and illustrating . We are true ...

Author: Judy Freeman

Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 915

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Keep children on the edge of their seats with this guide to captivating read-alouds for grades K through 6. Tips on presentation and references to related titles help you plan effective programs and instill a love of books and reading.

The Eagle s Call

My first year back was perhaps one of the most disorienting years of my life
because I had changed so much — and so had the Western world around me . ...
to love our differences and to respect the wide range of paths souls may choose
as they create their own life stories . ... Rather , we have an opportunity to serve
by allowing everyone the space to live and create according to the call of the
moment .

Author: Patrick Ryan

Publisher: Sage Coaching

ISBN: 9780973075403

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 242

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This is a sharing of a story, my story. Throughout all of history, the most ancient knowing has been carried forward through the telling of our stories. The fact that this is my story is of no particular importance, it just happens to be the story I know best. The writing itself became a journey. I traveled deep into a valley of fear and doubt, and then found my way out. On the way, I was reminded of my life purpose-to be a spirit whose light shines also on the path of others, poking them in the butt with a "Go for it! This life is yours here and NOW." However, my transformation is not a one-sided proposition. There are over six billion people living on this planet. Each of us is able to read the signs and find the courage to create an amazing life story if only we will. Together, we can discover the nature of this universe as it reveals itself to us and through us. When I was writing this book at my home in beautiful downtown Vancouver, an eagle often circled the building in which I lived, visiting many times. Then one day when I was at a low point and doubting my direction, a coyote also came to visit. Sitting on the grass across the street, it looked toward me as if encouraging me on. City workers came a few days later and placed a sign directly in front of that building-"Warning! Coyote has been spotted here." So, led by the spirit of coyote, eagle and the many other guides of the universe, I was able to complete this tale. Its primary message is about following the call of my body, mind and spirit. On my journey, I agreed to fully own my place in life wherever I happened to be. Although shadows sometimes hid the path, I rejoiced on my way to the sun and the bright peaks beyond. My wish is that you will be entertained, and perhaps even inspired, by my intentional walk. Even though the experiences I describe may be difficult for some to believe, others will know of what I write. Whether this story brings you comfort or not, my hope is that you will question your own experience to the same degree you may question mine. As a wise old monk once told me, "Just take from this what works for you and leave the rest with us." I invite you to do just that. Everything that I write is based on my actual experience but, in some cases, composite characters facilitate the telling and protect the identity of others. For example, my dear friends in Burma are ruled by a cruel military that would not hesitate to cause them harm. Their true identities must not be revealed. If any good comes of this situation, let it be increased public awareness of what is unacceptable and must come to an end. I pray every day that a resolution may take place without the loss of more lives. I have endeavored to recreate each scene in the book with as much accuracy as the veils of time and memory would permit. Although certain details may have been distorted, know that the main emphasis is still the overall message. In the end, this is all that matters.

Life Directions

Synchronistic events confront us with the fact that sometimes the stories we make
up about ourselves, the stories we would like to live, are not necessarily the
stories we are actually living or, to go a step further, are meant to live. Frequently

Author: Jane A. G. Kise

Publisher: Bethany House Pub

ISBN: 9781556612084

Category: Religion

Page: 239

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Explains four guidance systems used in a believer's life that work together to help us gain a better knowledge of God's will for us.

What is a Story

But in addition to this use of actforms from stories in the building of our own
personal life - stories , we also look to stories to please us , turn us on , create
wishes , arouse libido , increase our confidence , allay our anxieties and help us
to ...

Author: Don Cupitt

Publisher: Trinity PressIntl


Category: Religion

Page: 162

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Western thought began with an attack on religious myth by philosophers who held that the highest truth must be non-narrative and timeless. They left a paradox to haunt us: for on the one hand everyone knows that stories are important to us and our religion is full of them, while on the other hand stories continue to have a bad name as myths or fictions. It has been so difficult to say just how stories convey truth that until recently theologians were still trying to 'demythologize' religious belief. Now, however, philosophy has at last become more friendly to literature. There is talk of narrative theology and of rehabilitating story. Don Cupitt spells out the remarkable implications of the current return of philosophical and religious thought into time and narrative. He shows how stories produce reality, the self and time, how they awaken our desires and shape our lives, and how they express our paradoxical hopes of individual and corporate redemption.

A Life of Distinction

What It Takes to Live with Courage, Honesty, and Gratitude Lewis B. Smedes. But
in the crooked ways of the ... We create integrity as we own whatever story we are
called on to write by the living of our lives . If we begin by owning our own ...

Author: Lewis B. Smedes

Publisher: Shaw


Category: Religion

Page: 215

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Arguing that God calls ordinary people to become people of superior character--even in their humanity--a professor of theology and ethics shows readers how, with God's help, they can become the kind of person they have always longed to be. Original.