Love Worth Making

Gentle, compassionate, and filled with compelling stories from Dr. Stephen Snyder’s thirty years as a sex therapist working with over 1,500 individuals and couples, Love Worth Making is essential reading for anyone hoping to keep sexual ...

Author: Stephen Snyder, M.D.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250113121

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 304

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Can sex survive monogamy? Yes, once you understand how sexual emotions really work. This acclaimed, paradigm-shifting guide turns traditional sex therapy inside-out to reveal the hidden rules for great sex. Gentle, compassionate, and filled with compelling stories from Dr. Stephen Snyder’s thirty years as a sex therapist working with over 1,500 individuals and couples, Love Worth Making is essential reading for anyone hoping to keep sexual inspiration alive in a committed relationship.

A Love Worth Giving

Living in the Overflow of God's Love Max Lucado. There is a plague ofbiblical
proportions taking place in Africa right now, but we can beat this crisis if we each
do our part. Step ONE is signing the ONE petition, to join the ONE Campaign.

Author: Max Lucado

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0849921503

Category: Religion

Page: 214

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God loves each of us. Personally. Powerfully. Passionately. And it's a love worth giving. But before we can pass love on, we must receive it ourselves. Building on the principles found in 1 Corinthians 13, known as the love passage, best-selling author Max Lucado helps us dive into the depth and perfection of God's love, exploring the ways that it can be reflected in our daily lives through patience, kindness, forgiveness, and more. For those of us feeling low on these attributes, A Love Worth Giving opens the door to the transfusion we need in order to spread a love that really is worth giving.

Confident Love Worth the Wait

small. are all And imperfect they all people. have consequences—short-term We
all make mistakes. Some and big. long-term Some impacts. One of the biggest
mistakes anyone can make is not developing a relationship with God through His

Author: Janice George

Publisher: Redemption Press

ISBN: 1683140761

Category: Religion


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Frustrated in waiting for God to provide you with the man of your dreams? Confident Love provides encouragement for single women through biblical insight, practical application, and the author’s candid personal stories of her spiritual journey to a confident love worth the wait.

Love Worth Finding

He tapped her shoulder to make sure she heard him. “I love Belgian lace.” He
sighed. Once upon a time, he'd decided to give her time to whip up the wedding
of her dreams. Right about now, he'd gladly have her dad wheel her down the
aisle ...

Author: Cathy Marie Hake

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

ISBN: 162029883X

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

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As the successful owner of a bridal shop, Della Valentine has seen fairytales come true. When her own personal Tall, Dark, and Handsome strolls in, she can hardly believe her eyes. His gruff manliness is the polar opposite of her frills and pink lifestyle, yet they seem to belong together. Brandon Stevens is a former Navy SEAL. Rules and regulations are his life. But something unexpected wells up within him when he sees the dainty Della. He longs to protect and teach her - to have her by his side for all time. But when Brandon finds the Lord, he knows he cannot be unequally yoked to a non-believer. Thought it breaks his heart, he knows that unless Della finds true love - the love of her Savior - their life can never become one. Will Della discover what the Lord's love is worth?

A Love Worth Waiting For

He wanted nothing more than the absolute best for his grandmother, but with his
opinions of marriage...well, what if she were making a mistake? The possibility
that she might sell her land and that Harold Renton, no matter how kind he
looked, ...

Author: Jillian Hart

Publisher: Steeple Hill

ISBN: 9781426885679

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Jaded jet-setter Noah Ashton arrived in Montana with the sole purpose of making sure his beloved grandmother was not marrying a man out to steal her fortune. However, when he experienced a life-threatening crisis, the last person he expected to lean on was Julie Renton, the granddaughter of his grandmother's suitor. The small-town schoolteacher not only staunchly defended her grandfather's honor, but also opened this world-weary tycoon's eyes to the Lord's most precious blessings. A handsome and chivalrous Noah was everything Julie had ever dreamed of in a man. But even while she lavished him with sweet solace to see him through the hardships ahead, she sensed he had the power to shatter her fragile heart. It took a miracle from above to convince Julie she'd finally found a love worth fighting for.

Love Worth Finding

Adrian eventually agreed , thinking no major problem would be discovered and
he could make the trip anyway . But there was a major problem . The artery from
the previous heart attack was now ninety percent blocked . It is the artery that ...

Author: Joyce Rogers

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780805440751

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 213

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The late Adrian Rogers' wife reveals the heart of her husband's preaching philosophy, his love and passion, and why his life's call was the pulpit.

Love Worth Keeping

I did miss most of my kid's ball games , and I don't remember making one teacher
conference with her . The thing that seemed to aggravate her the most was when
I quit going to church with her . But my work was important . Why couldn't she ...

Author: Joyce Livingston

Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781593106102

Category: Fiction

Page: 170

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Tessa Garrett only wanted her husband Mike to put his family first. Yet night after night, Detective Garrett left to protect the people of San Diego. Now, after eight years of separation, their daughter's wedding has brought them back together. Mike can't understand Tessa's anger. Her many activities with their church and Katie's school make it abundantly clear she had no time for him. By accepting the promotion to detective, he thought he gave Tessa what she wanted... and it ended up costing him his marriage. Will the preparations for a Christmas Day wedding drive the wedge of unforgiveness deeper? Or will they surrender their pride and discover their love is worth keeping? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!


Even though relationships are messy, they are also what God uses to rescue us from ourselves," say Tim and Paul.

Author: Timothy S. Lane

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 193527399X

Category: Religion

Page: 178

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While skillfully identifying the deeper issues that keep relationships less than they are designed to be, Tim Lane and Paul Tripp show readers how to experience the other side of relationships as well. They convincingly testify of the power of God's presence to bring believers to the place where: Conflicts actually get resolved Tough conversations turn out positive Forgiveness is granted and real love is expressed and shared Casual relationships mature into deep friendships Weaknesses are overlooked and strengths are applauded People are honest without being mean A book about relationships, written within the context of their own friendship, Tim and Paul's new offering is straightforward about the relational disappointments that we all suffer. But they are also optimistic about the power of grace to redeem and restore our relationships. Rather than presenting new or sophisticated techniques to make relationships flourish, the authors instead focus on the basic character qualities that can only be formed in the heart by the gospel. "We are called to be people of great character so that when we do come in contact with the world our character shapes and influences those around us. Even though relationships are messy, they are also what God uses to rescue us from ourselves," say Tim and Paul.

The Living Age

... not worth making novels about ; ! or true Western idea of love . By making |
making certainly not worth making poems about . a moral unit of two beings , this
involves not r But it is sufficiently plain that the human only monogamy , but ( as
an ...






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Living By Faith Dwelling in Doubt

... for a response of love. In a way, it is we who have to make the Gospels
meaningful, because their meaning is not meant to be contained in the covers of
a book, however well read. ... Is it really worth loving, worth making yourself
vulnerable, ...

Author: Kyle R. Cupp

Publisher: Loyola Press

ISBN: 0829438955

Category: Religion

Page: 120

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It may seem as if the concept of faith has become a line in the sand: you either have it or you don’t; that you are either certain or you are lost. But as author Kyle Cupp has learned, we can have an uncertain faith while still being confident in and committed to our belief in God. He shares the pressing questions and winding path to understanding in Living by Faith, Dwelling in Doubt. Pushed off a spiritual precipice after the death of his daughter only a few shorts hours after her birth, Cupp shares his ongoing spiritual journey—from the certainty of truth during his college years, through the shaken faith that can come with lived experience, to the burgeoning confidence that it takes to live somewhere in between. Cupp reconciles his doubts about faith and religion and reaches a place where he is confident that faith and uncertainty can exist side by side. It is the belief in the mystery that is faith and the awesome power of boundless love that makes the winding path of faith passable.

Quarterly Essays

In those times and lands wherein love really seems to have been the mainspring
of existence , was that love worth the ... of my career I have had acquaintance
with men who have adopted the craft of love - making as their exclusive
profession ...

Author: Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton



Category: English essays

Page: 389

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In those times and lands wherein love really seems to have been the mainspring
of existence , was that love worth the ... of my career I have had acquaintance
with men who have adopted the craft of love - making as their exclusive
profession ...

Author: Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton





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The Peterson Magazine

I want to be your friend , and I don't picture she made in her white morning - dress
, want you to make love to me . ... and gold making her fair hand whiter by con“ I
am worthy of you ! ' True love ! ' Worth be trast . Her tones were silvery sweet ...






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A Family Secret

... did when — when I believed her love worth having ; and that is why I hate her
so. Make her my wife? If she were at my feet this minute, I'd " He did not finish the
sentence, but, setting his teeth firmly together, drove on for some time in silence.

Author: Elzey Hay




Page: 213

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The Sunday Magazine

... est service I did the wonderful thing that its worship is ministration ; the
commonest lay in my lap , seemed a - something in service is divine service .
itself so well worth doing , that it was I feared at first that the new strange love
worth living to ...






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Freedom Is

That's Love with a capital L — it is a love that never ends. It is a love so great that
it is here before you are born, remains throughout your life, and will still be here
long after the passing of your physical form. This is a Love worth making a ...

Author: Brandon Bays

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1577316002

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 221

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A gentle guide to fulfilling one's potential counsels readers on how to achieve wisdom and enlightenment by tapping inner resources, in an anecdotal reference that discusses such topics as the simple art of being, learning how to be in the moment, and guided meditation.

The Practical Works of Richard Baxter

desire , and endeavour by communicative teaching to Love hath wrought its
miracles in Christ to the make others wise : but proud , heretical persons , that
posing of the understandings of men and angels . overvalue their conceits , have
an ...

Author: Richard Baxter



Category: Dissenters, Religious


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King Arthur s Socks and Other Village Plays

Who should know about love , if not a man who has been loved by many women
and by great queens ? But you , what do you know ... It is the love of all who really
love , and it is the only love worth making a song about . THE QUEEN ( smiling ) ...

Author: Floyd Dell




Page: 238

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Essays on Modern Popular Literature

The only love worth naming , whether of wife or husband , parents or children ,
friends or neighbors , is the love of the heart ... with the grace of the sacrament , is
always practicable , and wherefore it is lawful to make the promises it exacts .

Author: Orestes Augustus Brownson



Category: Literature

Page: 605

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Love Worth Fighting For

"Now that you are in my room what do you want to do?

Author: Jenina Chevis




Page: 276

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"Now that you are in my room what do you want to do?" Why is she asking me? I know what I want to do but I don't want her to know that just yet. "Do you really think she doesn't know that you want to have sex with her? You can barely walk and hold a conversation right now because your hormones are raging so much. Please tell me you don't think that she doesn't know. Look at what the hell she has on! How much more obvious do you need her to be? Seriously, how can you think she doesn't know? Does she need to be naked on the bed for you to get it?" "I know what I would like to do but tell me what you're thinking." I absent-mindedly lick my lips as I wait for her answer. Why am I so nervous? "Baby you can't handle what I'm thinking, so I think we should go slow." That made me excited and mad. What the hell does she mean 'you can't handle what I'm thinking'? I am not some fragile little princess. I mean it isn't like I am a virgin. I have had sex before. "You have only had sex with men up to this point, not women. Sweetheart obviously she knows some things you do not if she is telling you that. Maybe you should heed the warning and just go slow like she tells you. She has been a lesbian longer than you or should I say she has embraced her true nature longer than you have, because you've been hiding this from yourself and others for a while darlin'." Great! Not only is my subconscious annoying but it wants to talk with a southern accent all of a sudden. I am really trying not to curse out my subconscious but it doesn't make much sense to do that since these thoughts are actually coming from deep within me. That would be crazy. "What do you have in mind for going slow since you claim I can't handle what you're thinking?" She leans over and whispers in my ear sending chills down my spine making me instantly ready for her. "Baby I plan on making love to you like you never been made love to before." My eyes close at the thought of what that could entail and all I want is for her lips to be on mine.