Violent Manhood

These observations demonstrate two important things about the relationship
between manhood and violence in contemporary U.S. society. First, even men
capable of theoretically reaching the hegemonic ideal of manhood will feel the
need to ...

Author: J. E. Sumerau

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1538136503

Category: Social Science

Page: 134

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This book will touch on all of the hot topic issues of masculinity and violence, including gun violence, sexual assault and the #MeToo movement, violence against women, LGBT people, and people of color. Its unique approach will add to many conversations that should, as Sumerau explains, be focused on masculinity, and are far too often focused on something else. Taking the approach of talking with young college men who are privileged provides a unique look at how manhood and masculinity may not be progressing like many people hope and provides insights from all angles to critically examine the ways men construct and explain relationships between violence, manhood, and inequality in society.

Manhood and the American Renaissance

manhood , in whatever time or culture , harbors fears of being humiliated , usually
by other men . The sources of humiliation may be diverse , in parents or the loss
of class position , in marketplace competition or other fears of being dominated .

Author: David Leverenz

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 1501744143

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 384

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In the view of David Leverenz, such nineteenth-century American male writers as Emerson, Hawthorne, Melville, Thoreau, and Whitman were influenced more profoundly by the popular model of the entrepreneurial "man of force" than they were by their literary precursors and contemporaries. Drawing on the insights of feminist theory, gender studies, psychoanalytical criticism, and social history, Manhood and the American Renaissance demonstrates that gender pressures and class conflicts played as critical a role in literary creation for the male writers of nineteenth-century America as they did for the women writers. Leverenz interprets male American authors in terms of three major ideologies of manhood linked to the social classes in the Northeast-patrician, artisan, and entrepreneurial. He asserts that the older ideologies of patrician gentility and of artisan independence were being challenged from 1820 to 1860 by the new middle-class ideology of competitive individualism. The male writers of the American Renaissance, patrician almost without exception in their backgrounds and self-expectations, were fascinated yet horrified by the aggressive materialism and the rivalry for dominance they witnessed in the undeferential "new men." In close readings of the works both of well-known male literary figures and of then popular authors such as Richard Henry Dana, Jr., and Francis Parkman, Leverenz discovers a repressed center of manhood beset by fears of humiliation and masochistic fantasies. He discerns different patterns in the works of Whitman, with his artisan's background, and Frederick Douglass, who rose from artisan freedom to entrepreneurial power. Emphasizing the interplay of class and gender, Leverenz also considers how women viewed manhood. He concludes that male writers portrayed manhood as a rivalry for dominance, but contemporary female writers saw it as patriarchy. Two chapters contrast the work of the genteel writers Sarah Hale and Caroline Kirkland with the evangelical works of Susan Warner and Harriet Beecher Stowe. A bold and imaginative work, Manhood and the American Renaissance will enlighten and inspire controversy among all students of American literature, nineteenth-century American history, and the relation of gender and literature.

True Manhood a lecture

TRUE MANHOOD . SYLLABUS . Importance of the subject - Savage ideas of
Manhood -The Manhood of Chivalry — The Manhood of Romance -
Conventional Manhood -- True Manhood - Its constituent elements -
Developement Destiny .

Author: William Leask



Category: Young men

Page: 160

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True Manhood

So shall your manhood be cut out of one solid chrysolite , and the bright beams of
God ' s Spirit be able to strike through and through you . So shall you win a
perfect love from the woman you will care for in your after life , as one who has
kept ...

Author: E. R. Shepherd



Category: Physiology

Page: 330

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Modern Manhood

Things got really deep for Jim really quickly, right there in his kitchen on his sister
-in-law's fortieth birthday. Before he knew it, he was thinking about what
manhood is, what it looks like, and how it's created, which then made him think of
his son.

Author: Cleo Stiller

Publisher: Tiller Press

ISBN: 1982132019

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

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Emmy and Peabody Award–nominated health reporter Cleo Stiller’s fun(ny) and informative collection of advice and perspectives about what it means to be a good guy in the era of #MeToo. Here are a few self-evident truths: Predatory men need to go, sexual assault is wrong, and women and men should be equal. If you’re a man and disagree with any of the aforementioned, then this book isn’t for you. But if you agree, you’re probably one of the “good guys.” That said, you might also be feeling frustrated, exasperated, and perhaps even skeptical about the current national conversation surrounding #MeToo (among many other things). You’ve likely found yourself in countless experiences or conversations lately where the situation feels gray, at best. You have a lot to say, but you’re afraid to say it and worried that one wrong move will land you in the hot seat. From money and sex to dating and work and everything in between—it can all be so confusing! And when do we start talking about solutions instead of putting each other down? In Modern Manhood, reporter Cleo Stiller sheds light on all the gray areas out there, using conversations that real men and women are having with their friends, their dates, their family, and themselves. Free of judgment, preaching, and sugarcoating, Modern Manhood is engaging, provocative, and, ultimately, a great resource for gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to genuinely be a good man today.

Man s Manhood A Lecture

When that Manhood is attained . I think we are now in a fair position for regarding
the next step in the analysis before you , namely , “ When that Manhood is
attained . ” Now I would enter upon this part of the subject by observing that every
fact ...

Author: George Morris (Minister of Watling Street Chapel, Canterbury.)





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The Lawyer s Duty to be Faithful to His Own Manhood

previous occasion similar to this when I was invited to address a few parting
words to a class of law students , I directed their attention specially to their duty to
observe ...

Author: Thomas McIntyre Cooley



Category: Lawyers

Page: 19

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Steps to Christian Manhood Or Daily Words for Our Boys

Rosalind Marryat. CHRISTIAN MANHOOD Steps to Christian Manhood ; OR ,

Author: Rosalind Marryat



Category: Christian life


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Made for Manhood

This book is a refreshing response to the cultural war for the hearts of our sons. Too many programs for youth today pander to political correctness and a let's-settle-for-mediocrity mentality.

Author: Kenneth Knott

Publisher: Winters Pub

ISBN: 9781883651343

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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Finally, a parent-led program with neither time constraints nor compromise! Men join with their sons for the purpose of mutual adventure and godly learning. Made for Manhood contains seventeen lessons which are presented in conjunction with adventurous activities. Pointed in its content, witty in its delivery, Made for Manhood is an appropriate tool for the development of any young man courageous enough to call himself a Christian. This book is a refreshing response to the cultural war for the hearts of our sons. Too many programs for youth today pander to political correctness and a let's-settle-for-mediocrity mentality. Made for Manhood it boldly pronounces truth in a delightfully engaging narrative. If you want your sons to experience challenging adventure with a clear, moral compass, this what you are looking for. Peruse through any of the lessons, and you will be quickly convinced that Made for Manhood is a terrific tool to prepare a young man for Christian maturity.

National Manhood

Preface This book describes the formulation and historicizes specific negotiations
of something I'm calling "national manhood," an ideology that has worked
powerfully since the Constitutional era to link a fraternal articulation of white
manhood ...

Author: Dana D. Nelson

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822382148

Category: Social Science

Page: 360

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National Manhood explores the relationship between gender, race, and nation by tracing developing ideals of citizenship in the United States from the Revolutionary War through the 1850s. Through an extensive reading of literary and historical documents, Dana D. Nelson analyzes the social and political articulation of a civic identity centered around the white male and points to a cultural moment in which the theoretical consolidation of white manhood worked to ground, and perhaps even found, the nation. Using political, scientific, medical, personal, and literary texts ranging from the Federalist papers to the ethnographic work associated with the Lewis and Clark expedition to the medical lectures of early gynecologists, Nelson explores the referential power of white manhood, how and under what conditions it came to stand for the nation, and how it came to be a fraternal articulation of a representative and civic identity in the United States. In examining early exemplary models of national manhood and by tracing its cultural generalization, National Manhood reveals not only how an impossible ideal has helped to form racist and sexist practices, but also how this ideal has simultaneously privileged and oppressed white men, who, in measuring themselves against it, are able to disavow their part in those oppressions. Historically broad and theoretically informed, National Manhood reaches across disciplines to engage those studying early national culture, race and gender issues, and American history, literature, and culture.





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Stepping Into Manhood

This book is dedicated to restoring a godly sense of manhood so that men can be empowered to lead and impact their homes, jobs, churches and communities.

Author: Brad Sullivan

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438926642

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Miracle on the Atlantic Coast is different from many books before it that usually recite the causes and effects of perpetual poverty in Liberia and other developing countries. This book, however, offers a new Vision of Unity, Peace, Equality, Fairness, Justice, Hope, Opportunity and Prosperity for all Liberians. As Liberia reaches 185 years since its founding and 160 years of Independence, the time is now for each and every Liberian to fill our hearts and minds with Positive Patriotism anchored by Love for God, Love for Ourselves as Liberians, Love for Liberia and Love for each and every fellow Liberian. This vision is a Vision of Positive Patriotism. With a new Vision, the book implores Liberians to embark on building a New Foundation for our beloved Republic since the foundation that was built in 1822 has been destroyed and/or is obsolete. The land, Liberia, is blessed with abundant natural resources such as gold, diamonds, iron ore, rubber, timber and the necessary manpower. This book lays out strategies on how Liberians can protect, unify and professionally manage our country; marshal and develop Liberia's human and financial capital, natural resources; build new inclusive permanent functional institutions, eliminate corruption, create jobs for the 85% of Liberians that are unemployed today and bring about the rapid economic and social development of Liberia. Equally important, the pages of this book offer practical strategies and step-by-step implementation guides that will make the new Vision a reality and lift Liberia out of the deep valley of poverty to the great heights of prosperity! With God's help and Liberian's hard work, we can turn Liberia into a Miracle on the Atlantic Coast in less than twenty years. Finally, the strategies in this book when applied carefully can lift any developing country from extreme poverty to unprecedented prosperity.

Notes to Our Sons for the Journey from Childhood to Manhood

I would love to put as many boys and young men in a room day by day with Granvel Johnson. This volume is the next best thing.

Author: Granvel D. Johnson

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1609573978

Category: Religion

Page: 174

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I would love to put as many boys and young men in a room day by day with Granvel Johnson. This volume is the next best thing. His program is down to earth, practical, powerful, and ripples with possibility and hope.Dr. James Howell, Myers Park United Methodist ChurchAdjunct Professor of Preaching, Duke Divinity School__________________________________________________________________________________[This] manual delineates real-life mentoring guidelines based on Biblical truths. These truths empower young men with spiritual fortitude as they journey [through life]. Further, the manual challenges and encourages young men to build Godly character, conduct and accountability. The success of our young men depends on these...Dr. Donald L. WatsonAssociate Professor of EducationSt. Augustine College__________________________________________________________________________________While there have been many valiant attempts to tackle this issue from social, economic, and behavioral perspectives, Granvel D. Johnson aptly recognizes that the quest for manhood is fundamentally spiritual. I highly recommend this resource to ministers, mentors, parents, and community leaders everywhere who understand that transformation must be physical, social, cultural, emotional, educational, and SPIRITUAL!Rev. Ernest A. Brooks IIIMt. Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church__________________________________________________________________________________This book not only serves as a tool for self-reflection, guidance and instruction, it also helps young black men see the value their presence brings to the larger world community. A must-read for everyone concerned with the plight of urban youth.Minister Raymond Cox, Jr.Church Administrator and advisor to mentoring programAbundant Life Christian Center Church of God in Christ__________________________________________________________________________________Granvel Johnson received a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership from Vanguard University. He is currently pursuing a master's degree at Duke Divinity. He is the author of Think on These Things: Meditations for Spiritual Living, as well as numerous articles that have appeared in a variety of Christian periodicals. Granvel's primary focus is youth mentoring.

Manhood Communism and Americanism

Author: Steve Rosswurm




Page: 102

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Rural Manhood

RURAL MANHOOD DECEMBER , 1920 Devoted to County Work of Young Men '
s Christian Associations in Town and Country Henry Israel , Editor Published
monthly , except July and August , by the International Committee of Young Men '
s ...






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Rural Manhood

A Resume of Rural Manhood Affairs ROGRESS in RURAL MANHOOD ' S ters in
the small towns are receiving it P peculiar task during the past year is and have
spoken to me about the great due to co - operation . Readers , pub - help it is ...

Author: Henry Israel



Category: Country life


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Uneasy Manhood

This bind is even greater and makes our manhood next to impossible . What Is
Manhood ? So what is this thing called manhood ? At this point , I want to discuss
how I visualize the masculine experience and how we can become more ...

Author: Robert Hicks

Publisher: Nashville : Oliver-Nelson Books

ISBN: 9780840791252

Category: Psychology

Page: 251

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Uneasy Manhood sheds sharp, piercing light on what every man secretly knows but won't admit. Manhood is tough. And men often feel uneasy. Uneasy as friends. Uneasy as husbands. Uneasy as fathers. Uneasy as sons. Uneasy as breadwinners. Now there's a solution. Read this book and take the first step toward a stronger, more balanced, more comfortable manhood.

From Youth Into Manhood

So we may say that in the average boy , development into manhood begins at
about the fifteenth year . Every boy should know by what stages he develops from
youth into manhood ; that is , he should be acquainted with the steps of his ...

Author: Winfield Scott Hall



Category: Sex instruction

Page: 106

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The Brother Code

Primarily, this book offers colleges and universities a penetrative gaze into a complex web of identities-the manhood of African American males in college.

Author: T. Elon Dancy

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1617357618

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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What is the role of manhood and masculinity in the lives of African American males in college? How do manhood norms influence decisions within and beyond college? How might mothers and fathers differentially affect manhood and masculinity in their sons? What are African American's men unique ways of knowing themselves and their surroundings? The Brother Code: Manhood and Masculinity among African American Men in College situates itself at the intersection of higher education and cultural studies to address these questions and more. Primarily, this book offers colleges and universities a penetrative gaze into a complex web of identities-the manhood of African American males in college. Yet the book also seizes a rare opportunity in higher education research to review six historical eras of African American manhood as well as the troublesome relationship between African American males and education in general. This knowledge is important for understanding all aspects of African American male participation in college, including enrollment, retention, curricular, and co-curricular involvement. Based on an empirical study, the data in this book emerged from one-on-one interviews in which 24 African American males enrolled in 12 colleges discussed how manhood matters in their social and college lives. The aim is to help unearth the marginalized topics of manhood, gender, and masculinity in males generally but more specifically among African American males, a marginalized student group in education. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the book draws upon literature in history, African American studies, gender studies, sociology, cultural studies, psychology, and anthropology.

Reaching Up for Manhood

The final thing we were taught en route to manhood was to create an emotional
distance between yourself and the rest of the world . We were taught that life
contained a series of surprises , all of them nasty , all of them with the express ...

Author: Geoffrey Canada

Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)


Category: Psychology

Page: 160

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Looks at the issues affecting inner-city boys, including drugs, early age sex, and the cultural influences that shape their lives