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The Shift

Now 54, she's written a book called Me and My Menopausal Vagina to share her
own experience of extreme vaginal atrophy and her quest, if not to resolve it, then
at least to make it possible to live with. It's not exactly public-transport reading ...

Author: Sam Baker

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1529329795

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'I NEED this book. We ALL need this book! If menopause happened to men, there would be CELEBRATIONS and parties every time one of them completed their change.' MARIAN KEYES 'This gem is a guide to navigating your 40s and 50s and just generally being yourself. ... joyful, positive, and goes to ALL the places. Highly recommended.' JOJO MOYES 'I loved it.. All of it, the whole thing, it's blazingly hopeful and beautifully written. This book is meant to be mainlined.' LISA TADDEO 'I am so glad The Shift exists. Sam's writing is a wonderful generous mixture of no-bullsh*t and a comforting hug. I'll be passing this book on to many women I know and love.' EMMA GANNON 'brilliant - powerful, brimming with integrity, inspiring, the politics of anger and what it means when we refuse to be invisible. Every woman (whatever her age) should buy, borrow, lend a copy' KATE MOSSE 'This is such a painfully beautiful look at the menopause in all its complexity. As honest as it is insightful, this is the first book I've read about later womanhood that exchanges shame and fear for truth and celebration... does for 40-something women what the honest parenting movement did for mothers.' ANNA WHITEHOUSE, founder, Mother Pukka 'great pace and feisty content. It will be a great help to women to see their lives mirrored and not feel like they are going mad... bold and funny.' CARYN FRANKLIN The essential manifesto for any woman staring the second half of their lives in the face and wondering, WTF is going on? * Invisible to society now you're past child-bearing age? * Tired of being disregarded, overlooked and underestimated? * Wondering what the hell is happening to your body, mind and internal thermostat? Women over forty are the most ignored demographic in society. And yet this is the time when you are likely to have the most freedom, power, confidence and self knowledge than ever before. Some serious life has been lived: there have been great loves, heartbreaks, births, marriages, careers, betrayals, bereavements and survival. So what now? What happens when the narrative given to you by society - husband, babies, house - runs out and you become storyless? Including chapters on menopause, sex, culture, work, rage and freedom, writer and journalist Sam Baker shares her experiences of life post 40 and shows how women to create their own story. This needn't herald the era of loose clothing and hair dye; or hot flashes and bad sleep (though there is that too). It's time women north of 40 took a leaf out of the millennial handbook and reinvented things our way. Harness your energy, opinions and power and create a liberating new narrative for the second half of life.

Your Second Phase

Reclaiming Work and Relationships During and After Menopause Kate Usher ...
The following is a non-exhaustive list of books you may find interesting and
helpful. MENOPAUSE ... Me & My Menopausal Vagina: Living with vaginal

Author: Kate Usher

Publisher: SAGE Publishing India

ISBN: 9353887321

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TAKING THE PAUSE OUT OF MENOPAUSE Menopause is a fact of every woman’s life. For 75% of women, the symptoms they experience will have a detrimental effect on their ability to work, interact with colleagues and maintain relationships with those they love. It can have a corrosive effect on women’s confidence, social ability and even their sense of self. Moving forward, it is important to create a conversation around menopause and how organizations and individuals can be more empathetic to women at this stage of life. In this book, Kate explores the best ways to cope with these changes, how to manage new and existing relationships and how to manage your future—all in an accessible and entertaining way.

The Woman s Herbal Apothecary

LIBIDO Throughout my years studying menopause, one subject has continually
fascinated me: the better orgasm. ... Although sexual interest might take some
more inspiration, the menopausal vagina is primed and poised for great things.

Author: JJ Pursell

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

ISBN: 1631594656

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The Woman’s Herbal Apothecary is every woman’s lifelong guide to herbal remedies for common health concerns. Novice herbalists and advanced practitioner’s alike will learn how to naturally treat the complete spectrum of women’s concerns, including preventative self-care, life transitions, and common feminine ailments. Learn how to prevent, soothe, and heal without resorting to medical remedies, which are often harsh, costly, and include unpleasant side effects. The Woman’s Herbal Apothecary contains 200 natural remedies, covering the topics of menses, pregnancy, menopause, aging, fibroids, bladder infections, and low libido, among others. The book is conveniently divided into the major cycles of a woman’s life: pre-childbirth, reproductive years, menopause, and beyond. Each section discusses specific physical complaints and how to treat them. You will learn which herbs are the most helpful for each phase of life and which are contraindicated or to be avoided. Master herbalist and naturopathic doctor JJ Pursell provides her own herbal solutions and DIY herbal remedies. The concluding section is divided by specific common health issues in women, such as cardiac disease, thyroid disease, and adrenal dysfunction. With The Woman’s Herbal Apothecary in hand, you are on your way to healing, hormone balance, beauty, longevity, and calm—the natural way.

The Menopause Makeover

... weight gain that made it impossible to preorder the wedding dress of my choice
and a vagina that was in no mood for a honeymoon. I was desperate to find
solutions to my miserable menopause symptoms so I could feel like myself again,

Author: Staness Jonekos

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1426847831

Category: Health & Fitness

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Hot flashes and sleepless nights? Feeling anxious and irritable? Feel like you're losing your mind? Frustrated with weight gain? It's time for a makeover—a menopause makeover! Staness Jonekos knows all too well how you feel. Leading up to her wedding day at the age of forty-seven, she was sporting a not-so-sexy belly bulge, suffering from hot flashes and feeling in no mood for a honeymoon. Jonekos took drastic action and created the first-ever menopause makeover to get back into that little white dress and feel sexy again in just twelve weeks. Now she joins forces with leading menopause expert Dr. Wendy Klein to give you the relief you need, fast! Based on the latest scientific research, and designed for both pre- and post-menopausal women, The Menopause Makeover is a proven, eight-step program to help you reclaim your health—and your life. • Evaluate if hormone therapy is right for you • Beat belly bulge with The Menopause Makeover food pyramid and recipes • Tone up and trim down with The Menopause Makeover fitness formula • Boost your libido and learn to love intimacy again • Regain your vibrant, youthful glow with essential beauty tips • Manage stress and get off the mood-swing roller coaster • Stay motivated with self-assessments and tools to track your progress

Current Management of the Menopause

told her of circulatory complaints, dry eyes, dry vagina, hot flushes, sleepless
nights and existential fears. My friend was ... She explained to me what the loss of
bone mass and the risk of bone fractures caused by estrogen deficiency meant.

Author: Christian Lauritzen

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0203486129

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In the next few decades, an estimated one billion women will reach menopause. They will depend on the preventative measures, management, and advice provided to them by their gynecologist or general practitioner. At a time when doubts and criticisms have been raised concerning the real benefit and the justification of peri- to postmenopausal estroge

The Cross of Menopause

Thenonhalting unfolding ofmy sufferance andthe overruling of manytreatable
health threatsterrified me. ... amonster of a cancer and assessing the evolutionof
my menopause, Idragged my body against its shacklesfor a vaginal ultrasound
then ...

Author: Maria Jasmine Freeman

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

ISBN: 1482829835

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Menopause has traditionally been defined as the timing of the cessation of menses. But it’s far more complex than a series of episodes of hot flashes. Menopause isn’t an illness. In as much as the onset of menses, at puberty, is not a disease, neither is menopause. It’s a crucial end of a natural epoch of a normal woman’s life. Every woman, almost half the world, will inevitably be thrown into this challenging phase. In The Cross of Menopause, author Jasmine shares her complex and severe odyssey of menopause and how those thirteen years turned an exuberant pediatrician into a crippled freak of pain. From the onset of her menopause while on a trip to China in September of 2011, Jasmine narrates her real-life experiences that turned into a long and symptom-filled journey. From dizziness and incapacitation to extreme hot flashes of vertigo, stupor, vomiting, chest tightness, gasps and seizures, and more, she tells her story so other women may understand that menopause is not simply menopause. Yet she would allay their fears, as their menopause would turn a nuisance, in comparison!

A Menopausal Memoir

whether I wanted to introduce the penile projection into my vagina myself or
whether she should do it. I had trouble figuring out the right answer Since she
wasn't allowed to interpret any of the results for me, the last thing she did was
wish me ...

Author: Ellen Cole

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131771234X

Category: Social Science

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The only extended, first-person narrative about menopause, A Menopausal Memoir: Letters from Another Climate explores the connection between menopause, mourning, and memory through nine fictional letters written to different addressees. The letters explain the author’s own experience of having a hysterectomy (without her permission) during surgery for endometriosis and being thrown into instant menopause. Herrmann expresses her experiences differently in each letter based on the recipient’s gender, sexual identity, and age, revealing the complexities of accepting menopause. Psychotherapists, psychologists, physicians, medical students, academics, and those interested in women’s health and women’s studies will receive insight into one woman’s experience and will learn how our bodies mold our sexual identity and shape many aspects of our lives. Writing these letters from the point of view of a scholar engaged in personal narrative but not in the familiar narrative of a woman married with children, Herrmann examines her journey of loss, recovery, and healing through feminist theory. The letters in A Menopausal Memoir reveal many other issues, including: the relationship between the female body and the meanings attached to it the different ways women tell their stories about difficult experiences negotiating the relationship between growing older and sexual identity the body’s response(s) to the loss of organs that form/inform its history the connection between body, identity, and disease A highly personal, yet theoretical, approach to the experience of menopause, A Menopausal Memoir explores how changes in the body affect your sexual identity, your relationships, and your feelings as a woman.

Menopause and the Years Ahead

My doctor has recommended I have a hysterectomy . He said my uterus could be
removed abdominally or through the vagina and has given me my choice in the
matter . I was surprised he didn't simply tell me it should be removed one way or ...

Author: Mary K. Beard

Publisher: Da Capo Press, Incorporated

ISBN: 9781555610432

Category: Medical

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How to look younger, feel younger, and live longer. Easy-to-read question and answer format discusses hormones, estrogen-replacement therapy, sex, aging, and more. Tells how to relieve hot flashes, insomnia and other discomforts. And, more importantly, how to reduce the crippling and life-threatening risks of osteoporosis, cancer, and heart attacks. Chapters include discussion on weight control, sports and fitness, fertility, sex, cosmetic, and non-cosmetic surgery. (Fisher Books)

My Three Mothers and Other Passions

I then realized that my part-time teaching had given me great satisfaction and that
teaching was my most natural ... They had also lied about penis envy, the vaginal
orgasm, female narcissism, menopause, motherhood, and about how to rear ...

Author: Sophie Freud

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814728936

Category: Psychology

Page: 372

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Sophie Freud— author, teacher, social worker, mother, daughter, and grand-daughter of Sigmund Freud—here offers, for the first time, a candid portrait of her struggles in her own life. Blessed and cursed with the legacy of a famous family, Dr. Freud has negotiated her way from a blissful childhood in Vienna, to Paris, to Radcliff College, to her present-day life as on one of the most respected teachers in her field. My Three Mothers and Other Passions is a remarkable story about a remarkable woman, and Dr. Freud explores with us openly and engagingly the many experiences of her life.

The Sex Profession

Sex therapy can help you develop greater awareness of the feelings and
sensations your body experiences during sex play . ... You explained to me that
after menopause it will take a little longer for my vagina to lubricate , as it will take
a little ...

Author: Patricia Schiller



Category: Sex therapists

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But then along could come some experience that Head me to believe that some
other system was the one and only true way . With your ... Dry , Menopausal
Vagina I'm 47 md my husband is 49 ; we've been married for 20 years . We've
had ...




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The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

Under such cirmany years before the menopause , for I have seen too
cumstances abdominal hysterectomy seems ... It seems to me the operation of
vaginal bysterectomy One disadvantage in vaginal hysterectomy is the could be
done in such ...




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The New England Journal of Medicine

The theories that they are we have to act so often with few assistants , or with
surely going away at the menopause are fallacious ... and I have no reathe
vagina , getting the patient into position where the son to think that my statistics
are better than others . torn parts ... As far as morthing practical and the easiest ,
quickest , best way to tality goes , my friends tell me that their results are so get a
good result .




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Get Off the Menopause Roller Coaster

If we are like most Western women , we may be looking toward menopause with
dread . ... that Asian women do not experience those symptoms we commonly
associate with menopause — hot flashes , vaginal dryness , and so on . My
associations with these women , my study of the scientific research , and my
clinical experience as a practicing nutritionist have convinced me that
menopause is simply a ...

Author: Shari Lieberman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781583330005

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Drawing on the latest medical and scientific research, the coauthor of The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book presents an all-natural approach to coping with the symptoms of menopause, explaining how to use herbs, vitamins, natural hormones, and other supplements to alleviate menopausal symptoms, enhance energy, and promote increased vitality and health. Original.

Barnes Noble Health Basics Menopause

Vaginal estrogen creams are applied topically to help relieve dryness in the
vagina. ... FIRST PERSON INSIGHTS How menopause got me in shape When
she turned 48, my older sister had one hot flash and that was it, just like our
mother did ...

Author: Barbara Loos

Publisher: Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 9780760739846

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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Menopause is a life passage that is different for every woman. Learn what are the physical symptoms of menopause, from hot flashes to insomnia. Recognize the emotional symptoms, be they the jitters of anxiety or the lows of depression. In 'Barnes & Noble Health Basics - Menopause' includes all the latest treatments (traditional, alternative, nutritional) as well as cutting edge therapies, including information on hormone replacement therapy, as well as how to avoid osteoporosis and heart disease. Surf the Internet for useful research information. Talk to friends and family about what it’s like to go through menopause.

Outliving Your Ovaries An Endocrinologist Weighs the Risks and Rewards of Treating Menopause with Hormone Replacement Therapy

IN. HERE? The symptoms of menopause are reactions of the body to deficiency
of estrogen, progesterone and/or testosterone. ... effects: loss of bone (
osteoporosis), brain cells (Alzheimer's), heart disease, dryness of skin, eyes and
vagina, as well as many other effects discussed in later chapters. ... She had
been a confident businesswoman and she told me, “My life is falling apart and I
feel like a cripple!

Author: Marina Johnson

Publisher: Eyesong Publishing

ISBN: 0983021511

Category: Health & Fitness


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"Outliving Your Ovaries: An Endocrinologist Weighs The Risks And Rewards Of Treating Menopause With Hormone Replacement Therapy" provides break-through, new menopause research explaining why pharmaceutical topical bioidentical hormones are safer than the most commonly used hormones. Dr. Johnson gives poignant, clinical stories from her 28 years of clinical experience during which she has managed over 100,000 female patient visits. These stories depict the tragic consequences of estrogen deficiency and the joy of transformation that occurs when a woman is made whole again. This eBook will give a woman a guidebook that helps her evaluate the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in clear, easy-to-understand terms so she can better work with her own physician to determine what's right for her.Posted on Dr. Marina Johnson's Facebook site, patients and celebrity fans of Dr. Johnson have come out in support of the release of the new eBook. "Finally-a clear concise prescription for women as they navigate the challenges of menopause. Debunking misconceptions, Dr. Johnson provides a roadmap for health and vitality in what can be truly golden years," says Catherine Crier, journalist, former judge, and best-selling author. "There are perhaps only 1% in any given field that are truly the best at what they do and Dr. Johnson is part of this elite group," say Bill and Susan Casner, owners of Winstar Farms and this year's top winners of the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. "A must read for all women!" says Joni Lamb, host & co-founder of Daystar Television Network.

The Menopause Handbook

Author: Susan Flamholtz Trien

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780345373892

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 115

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Discusses the physical and emotional changes caused by menopause and offers helpful suggestions on coping with the symptoms and crises of menopause--including nutritional and exercise therapy, health tips, and psychological strategies

Natural Menopause Remedies

her patients in perimenopause (the period beginning four to ten years before the
final menstrual period). ... ME.... I started experimenting with hormones at the
tender age of 19, taking birth control pills off and on for about the next ten ... It
also keeps your skin smooth, your breasts from sagging, your vagina moist, and
so forth.

Author: Nadine Taylor

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101151862

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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Learn the most effective ways to ward off specific menopausal symptoms--without the use of synthetic hormones. We learned the bad news: Women on Hormone Replacement Therapy have a higher risk of heart disease, blood clots, stroke, and breast cancer than those who are not. Some six million women were taking synthetic hormones (HRT) when the news broke. And the Women's Health Initiative, a prestigious, long-term study of 16,000 women, had to stop three years earlier than planned, leaving millions of women unsure what to do next. But there is good news. Women can use all-natural remedies for their hot flashes, insomnia, heart disease, osteoporosis, low libido, and vaginal dryness--without risking serious side effects. Natural Menopause Remedies uncovers the truths and myths about nature's remedies, including foods, herbs, supplements, lifestyle changes, and alternative techniques. Based on clinically proven evidence drawn from thorough research, this book reveals which natural remedies work, how they work, and how to use them. With the information in this book, women can implement a personalized plan for their specific symptoms.

Spare Rib

A locum GP told me I could expect to get emotional , and it was probably a '
migraine phase . I queried this ... Since then I've experienced some flushing and
a dry vagina . But the ... But I wasn't sure whether it was the menopause or the
fact that my close friend , whom I mentioned earlier , had died suddenly in
Canada .




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