Medieval Popular Religion 1000 1500

"This new edition is a marvelous teaching tool and true feast for the intellectually curious." - Daniel Bornstein, Texas A&M University

Author: John Shinners

Publisher: University of Toronto PressHigher education

ISBN: 9781442601062

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"This new edition is a marvelous teaching tool and true feast for the intellectually curious." - Daniel Bornstein, Texas A&M University

Tornado God

John Aberth, From the Brink of the Apocalypse: Confronting Famine, War, Plague
, and Death in the Later Middle Ages, 2nd ed. (New York: Routledge), 8–17. 61.
John Shinners, ed., Medieval Popular Religion, 10001500: A Reader, 2nd ed.

Author: Peter J. Thuesen

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0190680288

Category: Religion

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One of the earliest sources of humanity's religious impulse was severe weather, which ancient peoples attributed to the wrath of storm gods. Enlightenment thinkers derided such beliefs as superstition and predicted they would pass away as humans became more scientifically and theologically sophisticated. But in America, scientific and theological hubris came face-to-face with the tornado, nature's most violent windstorm. Striking the United States more than any other nation, tornadoes have consistently defied scientists' efforts to unlock their secrets. Meteorologists now acknowledge that even the most powerful computers will likely never be able to predict a tornado's precise path. Similarly, tornadoes have repeatedly brought Americans to the outer limits of theology, drawing them into the vortex of such mysteries as how to reconcile suffering with a loving God and whether there is underlying purpose or randomness in the universe. In this groundbreaking history, Peter Thuesen captures the harrowing drama of tornadoes, as clergy, theologians, meteorologists, and ordinary citizens struggle to make sense of these death-dealing tempests. He argues that, in the tornado, Americans experience something that is at once culturally peculiar (the indigenous storm of the national imagination) and religiously primal (the sense of awe before an unpredictable and mysterious power). He also shows that, in an era of climate change, the weather raises the issue of society's complicity in natural disasters. In the whirlwind, Americans confront the question of their own destiny-how much is self-determined and how much is beyond human understanding or control.

From England to France

Medieval Popular Religion, 10001500: A Reader. 2nd ed. Edited by John
Shinners. Toronto: Broadview Press, 2007. The Medieval Records of a London
City Church: St Mary at Hill, 1420–1559. Edited by Henry Littlehales. London: K.
Paul ...

Author: William Chester Jordan

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691176140

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At the height of the Middle Ages, a peculiar system of perpetual exile—or abjuration—flourished in western Europe. It was a judicial form of exile, not political or religious, and it was meted out to felons for crimes deserving of severe corporal punishment or death. From England to France explores the lives of these men and women who were condemned to abjure the English realm, and draws on their unique experiences to shed light on a medieval legal tradition until now very poorly understood. William Chester Jordan weaves a breathtaking historical tapestry, examining the judicial and administrative processes that led to the abjuration of more than seventy-five thousand English subjects, and recounting the astonishing journeys of the exiles themselves. Some were innocents caught up in tragic circumstances, but many were hardened criminals. Almost every English exile departed from the port of Dover, many bound for the same French village, a place called Wissant. Jordan vividly describes what happened when the felons got there, and tells the stories of the few who managed to return to England, either illegally or through pardons. From England to France provides new insights into a fundamental pillar of medieval English law and shows how it collapsed amid the bloodshed of the Hundred Years' War.

Witchcraft in Europe 400 1700

... which he probably acquired on his preaching journeys throughout northern
Italy, reflect public opinion in the cities of fifteenth-century Tuscany. source: John
Shinners, ed., Medieval Popular Religion, 10001500: A Reader (Peterborough,

Author: Alan Charles Kors

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812235851

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Selected by Choice magazine as an Outstanding Academic Book for 2001 The highly-acclaimed first edition of this book chronicled the rise and fall of witchcraft in Europe between the twelfth and the end of the seventeenth centuries. Now greatly expanded, the classic anthology of contemporary texts reexamines the phenomenon of witchcraft, taking into account the remarkable scholarship since the book's publication almost thirty years ago. Spanning the period from 400 to 1700, the second edition of Witchcraft in Europe assembles nearly twice as many primary documents as the first, many newly translated, along with new illustrations that trace the development of witch-beliefs from late Mediterranean antiquity through the Enlightenment. Trial records, inquisitors' reports, eyewitness statements, and witches' confessions, along with striking contemporary illustrations depicting the career of the Devil and his works, testify to the hundreds of years of terror that enslaved an entire continent. Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, Thomas Hobbes, and other thinkers are quoted at length in order to determine the intellectual, perceptual, and legal processes by which "folklore" was transformed into systematic demonology and persecution. Together with explanatory notes, introductory essays—which have been revised to reflect current research—and a new bibliography, the documents gathered in Witchcraft in Europe vividly illumine the dark side of the European mind.

Medieval Religion and its Anxieties

Shinners, ed., Medieval Popular Religion, 10001500, pp. 501–503. The words
of the song appear in Chap. 5 below. 8. See for example Sheila Bonde, Fortress-
Churches of Languedoc: Architecture, Religion and Conflict in the Middle Ages ...

Author: Thomas A. Fudgé

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137566108

Category: History

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This book examines the broad varieties of religious belief, religious practices, and the influence of religion within medieval society. Religion in the Middle Ages was not monolithic. Medieval religion and the Latin Church are not synonymous. While theology and liturgy are important, an examination of animal trials, gargoyles, last judgments, various aspects of the medieval underworld, and the quest for salvation illuminate lesser known dimensions of religion in the Middle Ages. Several themes run throughout the book including visual culture, heresy and heretics, law and legal procedure, along with sexuality and an awareness of mentalities and anxieties. Although an expanse of 800 years has passed, the remains of those other Middle Ages can be seen today, forcing us to reassess our evaluations of this alluring and often overlooked past.

Canadian Books in Print

$29.95 paper [0-88844-704-3) (Etienne Gilson Series ISSN 0708-319x, No. 4).
CIP Medieval popular religion, 1000-1500: a reader Shinners, John (ed.);
Broadview, 1997 $36,95 paper [1-55111-133-0) (Readings in Medieval
Civilisations and ...

Author: Marian Butler



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Medieval Vision

Quoted in John Shinners ( ed . ) , Medieval Popular Religion 1000-1500 : A
Reader ( Peterborough , Ont . , 1997 ) . p . 25. ' Though William Durandus (
C1230–96 ) wrote for an educated clerical audience , his thoughts on the
pedagogical ...

Author: Peter Lord



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Focusing on Welsh history between the collapse of Roman domination and the 16th-century Renaissance, this text explores how economic, political, and religious forces generated many surprising and original Christian images. This volume describes how the cycles of the lives of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the saints provided a framework for everyday life and art. More than 450 images and artifacts, located in churches throughout Wales, are reproduced in full color, revealing a startling richness of imagery surviving in Wales from the Middle Ages.

Europe and the Middle Ages

One popular form of devotion is considered in Miri Rubin , Corpus Christi (
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press , 1991 ) . For sources , there is the
excellent book by John Shinners , Medieval Popular Religion , 1000 - 1500 (
Peterborough ...

Author: Edward Peters

Publisher: Prentice Hall


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This comprehensive, well-balanced historical survey of medieval Europe—from Roman imperial provinces to the Renaissance—covers all aspects of the history (political, literary, religious, intellectual, etc.) with a focus on social and political themes. It presents a complete picture of the complex process by which an ecumenical civilization that once ringed the basin of the Mediterranean Sea, evolved into three other distinctive civilizations—Latin Europe, Greek Eastern Europe and Asia Minor, and Islam. A six-part organization outlines late Mediterranean antiquity and early northern Europe; two heirs of the ancient world; the early Middle Ages; Christendom: authority and enterprise, 950-1100; culture and society in the high Middle Ages, 1100-1325; and Christendom and Europe, 1325-1519. For anyone interested in the history of Europe and the Middle Ages.

Medieval Towns

CIVILIZATIONS AND CULTURES SERIES I . Carolingian Civilization : A Reader ,
2nd Edition . Ed . Paul Edward Dutton II . Medieval Popular Religion 1000 - 1500
: A ...

Author: Maryanne Kowaleski

Publisher: University of Toronto PressHigher education


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"Medieval Towns will become a standard sourcebook." - Martha Howell, Miriam Champion Professor of History, Columbia University

Christ Among Them

Author: Edoardo Mungiello

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub


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This essay newly interprets the rise of the individual within the Italian peninsula between 1180 and 1300. It follows the historical events and the cultural products that define the period keeping in mind that the creators were conscious of a tangible, real Christ in their midst. For it is the time when Jesus was known to be in the Eucharist as a carnal potentiality, as well as a time when Europeans on Crusade had reached his temporal abode. As Christ as neighbor became a consistent idea, the relationship towards that idea became one of accommodation, making subsequent worship a form of individualism. The later Renaissance was as much a specific reaction to a particular understanding of Christology within the cultural sphere as it was a reawakening of Classical ideals through a new paradigm of European selfhood outside of Christianity. Understood in this way, the Incarnation helped to produce an action based Christianity amenable to the needs of the Roman Church. The later insistence upon text and notions of personal conscience that identifies the Reformation, can now be seen as a true end to the Renaissance Christian praxis which began with the excitement over Christ among them.

The journal of medieval and early modern studies

Translated in John Shinners , ed . , Medieval Popular Religion , 1000 - 1500 : A
Reader ( Peterborough , Ontario : Broadview Press , 1997 ) , 382 – 83 ; cf . Huber
, Portiuncula Indulgence , 6 – 10 . Here , then , is ( depending on one ' s point of ...






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Webs of Reality

This well - known exchange appears in a number of places ; probably the most
familiar is the famous popular history of ... ed . , Medieval Popular Religion , 1000
1500 : A Reader ( Peterborough , Ontario : Broadview Press , 1997 ) , 286 . 2.

Author: William Austin Stahl



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Science and religion are often thought to be advancing irreconcilable goals and thus to be mutually antagonistic. Yet in the often acrimonious debates between the scientific and religions communities, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that both science and religion are systems of thought and knowledge that aim to understand the world and our place in it. Webs of Reality is a rare examination of the interrelationship between religion and science from a social science perspective, offering a broader view of the relationship, and posing practical questions regarding technology and ethics. Emphasizing how science and religion are practiced instead of highlighting the differences between them, the authors look for the subtle connections, tacit understandings, common history, symbols, and implicit myths that tie them together. How can the practice of science be understood from a religious point of view? What contributions can science make to religious understanding of the world? What contributions can the social sciences make to understanding both knowledge systems? Looking at religion and science as fields of inquiry and habits of mind, the authors discover not only similarities between them but also a wide number of ways in which they complement each other.

Studies and Texts

Ideas and Solidarities of the Medieval Laity : England and Western Europe .
Aldershot ... Rosenthal , Joel T. Telling Tales : Sources and Narration in Late
Medieval England . University ... Medieval Popular Religion , 1000-1500 : A
Reader .




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Bilingual journal of the cole fran aise d Extr me Orient

In the later Middle Ages in England , smaller groups maintained the church ' s
lighting and provided for its upkeep . ... has collected an excellent range of
sources illuminating medieval popular religion in his Popular Religion 1000 -
1500 ...




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Vom Nutzen des Edierens

In some cases, although the translators were good Latinists, their understanding
of Medieval Latin was inadequate to the task of providing fully ... Patrick J. Geary (
New York 1989); Medieval Popular Religion, 1000-1500: A Reader, ed. John R.

Author: Brigitte Merta


ISBN: 9783702904876

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The Western Experience Volume 1

Norman London, with an essay by Sir Frank Stenton and introduction by F.
Donald Logan. 1990. A description of London. The Life of Christina of Markyate.
C. H. Talbot (tr.). 1987. 'Shinners, John (ed.). Medieval Popular Religion, 1000-
1500, ...


Publisher: Ingram

ISBN: 9780073250861

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Profane Images in Marginal Arts of the Middle Ages

Medieval Popular Religion 1000 - 1500 : A Reader ( Peterborough , Ont . :
Broadview Press , 1997 ) , pp . 248 – 49 . A series of English woodcuts classed
as Images of Pity , and including the dice as Passion emblems , are described in

Author: Misericordia International (Organization). Colloque

Publisher: Brepols Pub


Category: Architecture

Page: 419

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IntroductionPrefaceMalcolm JonesEditorialElaine C. BlockTechnical Aspects of the MisericordHugh HarrisonProfane Imagery on Misericords and Lead Badges1 Misericords as an Interpretative Tool in the study of Choir StallsCharles Tracy2 Misericords and the World of BruegelElaine C. Block3 TutivillusChrista Grössinger4 Where the Abbot Carries Dice : Gaming-Board Misericords in Context M.A. Hall5 Flying Low Down Under: Representations of Winged MammalsFowl and Birds on English MisericordsS.J. F.S. Philips6 The Mermaid in the ChurchTerry Pearson7 Romance among the Choir Stalls: Middle English Romance Motifs on English MisericordsJennifer Fellows8 Misinterpretation in the MarginsPaul Hardwick9 Passionate Pilgrims: Secular Lead Badges as Precursors of Emblemata AmatoriaStefanie StockhorstProfane Images in other marginal media10 Obscenity as the Woodworker's Last LaughNaomi Reed Kline11 Looking for Fun in All the Wrong Places: Humour and Comedy in Moralizing PrintsDiane G. Scillia12 A Sacred Tekst Profaned : Seven Women Fight for the BreechesWalter S. Gibson13 Iconographie des charniers des ossuaires et des aîtres à Travers la France médievale Sylvie Bethmont-Gallerand14 An Iconography of Shame: German Defamatory Pictures of the Early Modern EraSilke Meyer15 The Lost Print Collection of Ferdinand Columbus (1488-1539)Mark P. Mc DonaldThe Marginal Arts in the Mainstream16 Screening the Middle Ages: Costumes and Objects as Medieval Signifiers in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)Brian J. Levy17 Diabolus in musica dans les stalles médiévales: significations du désordre musical Frédéric Billiet18 Review of Averting Demons by Ruth MellinkoffMalcolm Jones19 Resumes in French and EnglishSylvie Bethmond-GallerandElaine C. BlockAppendix/ List of photographs by siteThe Authors.

Practices for the Living and the Dead

Medieval and Post-reformation Burials in Scandinavia Kristina Jonsson. skapliga
... Death and Burial in Medieval Europe : Papers of the Medieval Europe Brugge
1997 Conference . Vol . ... Medieval Popular Religion , 1000-1500 : A Reader .

Author: Kristina Jonsson



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Loving God with His Own Love

Reynolds , Susan . Fiefs and Vassals : The Medieval Evidence Reinterpreted . ...
Oedipus and the Devil : Witchcraft , Sexuality , and Religion in Early Modern
Europe . London and New ... Medieval Popular Religion 1000-1500 .
Peterborough ...

Author: Christine Guidera




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Dictionary of the Middle Ages

Author: Joseph Reese Strayer



Category: Middle Ages

Page: 722

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Vol. 13 (index) prepared by Wm. J. Richardson Associates, Inc. Includes bibliographical references.