Memoirs of a Jamaican Media Man

Memoirs of a Jamaican Media-Man takes us on an epic journey through the life of Carey Robinson, one of Jamaica's most accomplished media personalities.

Author: Carey Robinson

Publisher: LMH Publishers

ISBN: 9789768202888

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Memoirs of a Jamaican Media-Man takes us on an epic journey through the life of Carey Robinson, one of Jamaica's most accomplished media personalities. Robinson's career in journalism started at the old Gleaner office on Harbour Street, where he was employed as a reporter and sub-editor. JBC TV was introduced to Jamaica in 1963 and Robinson set up the JIS-TV section. During his tenure as head of JIS, he wrote and produced 'Time of Fury', the first film that was made in Jamaica by Jamaicans.

Memoir of an Independent Woman

At breakfast the next morning she told me she had a great time and was glad she
had stayed in Jamaica, and also mentioned ... it much thought—which is why the
fax I received from the PR man four days after she was supposed to have left
Jamaica came as ... I was interrogated repeatedly by the Jamaican police, the FBI
, the American Embassy people, the management at Sandals, and Jamaican

Author: Tania Grossinger

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN: 1628738065

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When you reach the age where there is more to look back at than forward to, what do you regret, if anything? One woman’s brave memoir about a life well lived. It takes a certain kind of woman to have the courage t

Phonographic Memories

Popular Music and the Contemporary Caribbean Novel Njelle W. Hamilton. ——
—. ... Thoughts without Cigarettes: A Memoir. Gotham, 2011. ... Man Vibes:
Masculinities in the Jamaican Dancehall. Ian Randle ... .jm/media/constit.pdf.
Infante ...

Author: Njelle W. Hamilton

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813596610

Category: Literary Criticism

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Phonographic Memories is the first book to perform a sustained analysis of the narrative and thematic influence of Caribbean popular music on the Caribbean novel. Tracing a region-wide attention to the deep connections between music and memory in the work of Lawrence Scott, Oscar Hijuelos, Colin Channer, Daniel Maximin, and Ramabai Espinet, Njelle Hamilton tunes in to each novel’s soundtrack while considering the broader listening cultures that sustain collective memory and situate Caribbean subjects in specific localities. These “musical fictions” depict Caribbean people turning to calypso, bolero, reggae, gwoka, and dub to record, retrieve, and replay personal and cultural memories. Offering a fresh perspective on musical nationalism and nostalgic memory in the era of globalization, Phonographic Memories affirms the continued importance of Caribbean music in providing contemporary novelists ethical narrative models for sounding marginalized memories and voices. Njelle W. Hamilton's Spotify playlist to accompany Phonographic Memories:

Racial and Ethnic Identities in the Media

reggae singers Buju Banton and Yami Bolo, sit around a fire and reflect upon the
issues raised by the film, specifically Jamaica's poverty and the politics of the IMF.
... Both the documentary and the memoir open with the tourists landing on the
island, as the narrator remarks how ... 5–6) jokes about the recklessness of the
driver who “is a dangerous man who drives in the middle of the road when he
thinks ...

Author: Eleftheria Arapoglou

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137568348

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This volume examines the role and representation of ‘race’ and ethnicity in the media with particular emphasis on the United States. It highlights contemporary work that focuses on changing meanings of racial and ethnic identity as they are represented in the media; television and film, digital and print media are under examination. Through fourteen innovative and interdisciplinary case studies written by a team of internationally based contributors, the volume identifies ways in which ethnic, racial, and national identities have been produced, reproduced, stereotyped, and contested. It showcases new emerging theoretical approaches in the field, and pays particular attention to the role of race, ethnicity, and national identity, along with communal and transnational allegiances, in the making of identities in the media. The topics of the chapters range from immigrant newspapers and gangster cinema to ethnic stand-up comedy and the use of ‘race’ in advertising.

Shared Waters

[fiction] Evanson, Tanya. Throwing Skin: South American Poems, 1997–1998 (
Vancouver, British Columbia: Mother Tongue Media, 1999). ... Island Wings: A
Memoir (Toronto: HarperCollins, 1998). [memoir] ——. No Man in the House (
Toronto: Random House, 1991). [fiction] Harris ... [as Rachel Manley] Drum- blair:
Memories of a Jamaican Childhood (Toronto: Alfred A. Knopf Canada, 1996). [
memoir] ...

Author: Stella Borg Barthet

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042027665

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The present volume contains general essays on: unequal African/Western academic exchange; the state and structure of postcolonial studies; representing male violence in Zimbabwe¿s wars; parihaka in the poetic imagination of Aotearoa New Zealand; Middle Eastern, Nigerian, Moroccan, and diasporic Indian women¿s writing; community in post-Independence Maltese poetry in English; key novels of the Portuguese colonies; the TV series The Kumars at No. 42; fictional representations of India; the North in western Canadian writing; and a pedagogy of African-Canadian literature. As well as these, there is a selection of poems from Malta by Daniel Massa, Adrian Grima, Norbert Bugeja, Immanuel Mifsud, and Maria Grech Ganado, and essays providing close readings of works by the following authors and filmmakers: Thea Astley, George Elliott Clarke, Alan Duff, Francis Ebejer, Lorena Gale, Romesh Gunesekera, Sahar Khalīfah, Anthony Minghella, Michael Ondaatje, Caryl Phillips, Edgar Allan Poe, Salman Rushdie, Ghādah al-Sammān, Meera Syal, Lee Tamahori. Contributors: Leila Abouzeid, Hoda Barakat, Amrit Biswas, Thomas Bonnici, Stella Borg Barthet, Ivan Callus, Devon Campbell¿Hall, Saviour Catania, George Elliott Clarke, Brian Crow, Pilar Cuder¿Domínguez, Bärbel Czennia, Hilary P. Dannenberg, Pauline Dodgson¿Katiyo, Bernadette Falzon, Daphne Grace, Adrian Grima, Kifah Hanna, Janne Korkka, T. Vijay Kumar, Chantal Kwast¿Greff, Maureen Lynch Pèrcopo, Kevin Stephen Magri, Isabel Moutinho, Melanie A. Murray, Taiwo Oloruntoba¿Oju, Gerhard Stilz, Jesús Varela Zapata, Christine Vogt¿William. Stella Borg Barthet is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Malta. She is the author of papers and book chapters, mostly on Maltese, Australian, and African fiction. Her current research interests include North African and African-American writing.

Bonds of Empire

The Jamaican People 1880–1902: Race Class and Social Control. London: ...
The White Minority in the Caribbean. Kingston ... 'A Man for All Cultures: The
Careers of Learie Constantine'. ... The Story of the Gleaner: Memoirs and
Reminiscences. ... Impacts and Influences: Essays on Media Power in the
Twentieth Century.

Author: Anne Spry Rush

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199588554

Category: History

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An examination of how, from 1900 through the 1960s, West Indians employed their British identity both to establish a place for themselves in the British imperial world, and to negotiate the cultural challenges of decolonization as Caribbean peoples.

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America Jamaican Americans Vietnamese Americans

I have finished my memoirs ; I neither have the capacity nor the desire to adorn
my acts with literary phrases . I have attempted a ... Woodbridge , CT : Primary
Source Media , 1997 . ne I he Supreme Court case , Hernandez v . Texas ( 1954 )

Author: Jeffrey Lehman

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: 9780787639921

Category: Cultural pluralism

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Primary documents, including letters, articles, cartoons, photos, and songs, illuminate the experience of culture groups in the U.S. from colonial times to the present.

Library Journal

Bar In his fine introduction to this memoir , been a Jamaican phenomenon from
its inbara Hoffert , “ Library Journal ” Rabbi Naor ... but the resistance and liberhe
pretentiously applies generations of young man's religious quest and the multi
ation psychology , along ... New York ) has enlightened and challenged Every
day the news media present to us imFor all its references to Scripture and its
scholars .




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Media Review Digest

Author: C. Edward Wall



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The Media and Religion in American History

... purpose was to " carry to him [ every man ] lessons of instruction on religion
and morals , lessons on industry and economy — until our entire people are ... 4
Russwurm , a half - black Jamaican , was a graduate of Bowdoin College , one of
the first blacks to graduate from any college in the United States . ... Two articles
were indicative of the intent of the publication — one depicted the “ Memoirs of
Capt .

Author: William David Sloan

Publisher: Vision Press (NM)


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One of the most common misconceptions about the history of mass communication is that the media and religion have always been natural enemies. Contrary to that popular notion, religion has played a prominent role throughout the history of America's mass media. It was integral to the founding and development of the media during the formative stages, and much of the essential character of the media has religious underpinnings.

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Quill Quire

TAL , May THE MAN WHO SAVED VANCOUVER : Major James Skitt Matthews ,
Daphne Sleigh ; $ 19 . ... A MEMOIR OF FRIENDSHIP : The Letters Between
Carol Shields and Blanche Howard , Blanche & Allison Howard , eds . ; $ 19 ...
Life story of the legendary Canadian media figure . ... WNBD , May A STRUGGLE
TO WALK WITH DIGNITY : The True Story of a Jamaican - Born Canadian ,
Gerald A ...




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Kliatt Young Adult Paperback Book Guide

Day ' s search for the meaning of life and memoir of his tenure at the network . ...
Powell was the cal series that details “ the achievements was also the man who
was initially disapson of a Jamaican ... David Adams did the cover art . clearly a
man who likes TV and watches McKee , Libn Media Dir . , Streetsboro H . S .




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The Writers Directory

GENRES : Animals / Pets , Local history / Rural topics , Medicine / Health ,
Autobiography / Memoirs , Novellas / Short stories . ... PUBLICATIONS : The Bad
Man of the West , 1941 , 4th ed . ... Secretary , Toddington Poetry Society Clerk ,
Arthur Hendriks Furniture Co. , Jamaica , 1940-50 ; Sales Manager , Radio
Jamaica Ltd. ... Great Trumpets , Small Voices : The Media and Minorities , 1980 ;
( contrib . ) ...



ISBN: 9781558623286

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Black Heart Man

The first issue contained an episode of Paul Cuffee ' s Memoirs , and it was the
debate about ' Back to Africa ' which led to a major ... It is perhaps only since the
1960s that there has been widespread public understanding of the importance of
the media : the significance of a ... The basis of slavery , as we noted earlier , was
the triangular trade which linked Africa and the Caribbean to a dominant Europe .

Author: Derek Bishton

Publisher: Random House (UK)


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The Story of The Gleaner

Memoirs and Reminiscences Linda D. Cameron ... He was chairman of the
Jamaica Independence Celebrations and guided the bipartisan consultations
that decided ... Staff at the Gleaner remembered him as " a genius at
management ” , “ a man of his word ” , a tough negotiator but ... at one time
chairman of the Advertising Media Association and member of the International
Advertising Association .

Author: Linda D. Cameron



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A Naturalist s Sojourn in Jamaica

Author: Philip Henry Gosse



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Migration and Fiction

But a di bwoy own fault yah - mah , For im go out a im way Fi gwan fahs wid
police - man , At leas ' a soh dem sey . As with many of best ... The poem thus
encodes a deep distrust of both the police and the media reporting on police
action . ... The biographical memoir , In My Father ' s Shade , documents the
author ' s life in one of the Caribbean ' s great political families , the Manleys of
Jamaica . Manley ...

Author: Maria Löschnigg



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Creature Features

Pitt first plays a young man who meets Hopkins's daughter (Claire Forlani) in a
coffee shop; there is almost instant love between them. ... married to Hopkins's
second daughter; Marcia Gay Harden as that unhappy, neurotic daughter; and
Lois Kelly-Miller as a dying Jamaican woman. ... (Video/Laser: Media) MEET THE
adaptation of H. F. Saint's novel about an average working man rendered
invisible ...

Author: John Stanley

Publisher: Berkley


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Thoroughly updated to incorporate the latest releases, this offbeat movie guide presents critical and humorous reviews of science fiction, fantasy, and horror films from every medium, offering thousands of capsulized reviews, a five-star rating system, video and laserdisc distribution information, and more. Original.