The Modeling Process in Geography

Bili r h [BOU 77] BOUILLE F., Un modèle universel de banque de données simultanément partageable et répartie, thesis (major: mathematics ... [GAB 01] GABAY J., MERISE et UML, pour la modélisation des systèmes d'information, Dunod, 2001.

Author: Yves Guermond

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111862257X

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This title focuses on the evolution of the modeling process and on new research perspectives in theoretical and applied geography, as well as spatial planning. In the last 50 years, the achievements of spatial analysis models opened the way to a new understanding of the relationship between society and geographical space. In this book, these models are confronted by the real conditions of territorial prospect, regional dynamism, cultural policy, HMO, and spatial segregation. This confrontation takes into account the instability of social behavior and the permanence of partial determinist trajectories.

Gestion 2000

GABAY , Joseph , 2001 , Merise et UML pour la modélisation des systèmes d'information , 4ème édition , Dunod . susceptibles d'intéresser , en premier lieu , les Responsables de. LOOS , Peter & ALLWEYER , Thomas , March 1998 , " Process ...




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French books in print anglais

Merise et UML pour la modélisation des systèmes ISBN 2-253-15219-6 Br . 7.30 € 15 cm . Bibliogr . Index . 182 p . ; 21 x 14 cm . : ( Présences ) . d'information : un guide complet avec études de cas / Merlin / Robert de Boron ...

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Intelligent Patient Management

In: 12th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing, pp. 647–652 (2006) Norre, S.: Heuristiques et Métaheuristiques pour la résolution de problèmes d'optimisation combinatoire dans les systèmes de production, ...

Author: Sally McClean

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3642001793

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Arguably medicine is either an arts-based science or a science-based art. In medieval times, clinical decisions were based on simple measures, such as the temperature of the body, the rhythm of the pulse, the consistency of the stool and the colour of the urine. Nowadays, thanks partly to modern technology, medical science has improved in many ways, as has healthcare. In particular, approaches which have their origins in Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research have a significant contribution to make in terms of improving not only diagnosis and treatment of patients, but also providing ways of managing patients in a more effective, more efficient, and more patient-friendly manner. This book focuses on the use of such Intelligent Patient Management to the benefit of clinicians, other healthcare and community practitioners and managers, patients and carers.