Riders to the Midnight Sun

The personal account of an adventurous bicycle trip from Sevastapol to Murmansk.

Author: Marc Llewellyn

Publisher: New Holland Pub


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 235

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The personal account of an adventurous bicycle trip from Sevastapol to Murmansk.

The Midnight Sun

But the most decisive factor in the orthodox interpretation of the Osiris myth has
been the absolute and unshakeable belief that Egyptian religion was a sun cult.
To the Egyptologist, the supreme god must be solar, and all non-solar gods must

Author: Alan F. Alford

Publisher: Alan F. Alford

ISBN: 9780952799436

Category: Creation

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Midnight Sun

Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Publisher: WaterBrook

ISBN: 0307553426

Category: Fiction

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KAATJE JANSSEN--Desperate to know if her missing husband still lives, Kaatje hires the rugged, yet tenderhearted James Walker to guide her through the perils of the Alaskan wilderness. What she finally discovers, however, is far from what she expected--and could well place her in the greatest danger of her life. ELSA RAMSTAD--As captain of the Majestic and mother of Kristian and Eve, Elsa has sought to ease the ache of her lonely heart. Forever changed by loss, she accepts her fate of solitude. But when an old friend rekindles the spark of romance within her, will she allow the flames of love to burn again? TORA ANDERS--Her foolish youth behind her, Tora looks forward to her wedding and a fresh start in life as the wife of her beloved, Trent Storm. But first she must confront, face-to-face, the terrible demons of her past--and her struggle to forgive the man who radically altered her future. KARL MARTENSEN--Though he is widely admired, Captain Karl Martensen feels no depth of emotion for any of the women with whom his life becomes uncomfortably entangled. He has only tender memories of the love he once lost--a love that, by the grace of God, he just may find again. From the fierce Alaskan wilderness to the gaiety of San Francisco society; the familiar peaks of Bergen, Norway, to the dark, churning waters of Cape Horn; witness the glorious conclusion of the Northern Lights family saga as four long-time friends journey out of the shadow of their darkest days into the bright future awaiting them in the land of the Midnight Sun.

Children of the Midnight Sun

If the adults wish for the young to listen to what we have to say about our lessons
in life, we must show the way by the manner in which we listen and show respect
for all others, including the Children of the Midnight Sun. This book gives ...

Author: Tricia Brown

Publisher: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co.

ISBN: 0882406175

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 47

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Children of the Midnight Sun was chosen as one of Parenting Magazine's 1998 Books of the Year and School Library Journal's Best Books of 1998. For Native children, growing up in Alaska today means dwelling in a place where traditional practices sometimes mix oddly with modern conveniences. Children of the Midnight Sun explores the lives of eight Alaskan Native children, each representing a unique and ancient culture. This extraordinary book also looks at the critical role elders play in teaching the young Native traditions. Photographs and text present the experiences and way of life of Tlingit, Athabascan, Yup'ik, and other Native American children in the villages, cities, and Bush areas of Alaska.

Land of the Midnight Sun

... regional transportation depot to assist in. Buildings used by the whalers at
Herschel Island, seen at the end of the whaling era, c. 1910 (RCMP photo)
Robert Service, bank clerk, poet, and "bard of the Klondike,". 1 40 Land of the
Midnight Sun.

Author: Kenneth Coates

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773527577

Category: History

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While the Klondike Gold Rush is one of the most widely known events in Canadian history, particularly outside Canada, the rest of the Yukon's long and diverse history attracts little attention. Important developments such as Herschel Island whaling, pre-1900 fur trading, the post-World War II resource boom, a lengthy struggle for responsible government, and the emergence of Aboriginal political protest remain poorly understood. Placing well-known historical episodes within the broader sweep of the past, Land of the Midnight Sun gives particular emphasis to the role of First Nations people and the lengthy struggle of Yukoners to find their place within Confederation. This broader story incorporates the introduction of mammoth dredges that scoured the Klondike creeks, the impressive Elsa-Keno Hill silver mines, the impact of residential schools on Aboriginal children, the devastation caused by the sinking of the Princess Sophia, the Yukon's remarkable contributions to the national World War I effort, and the sweeping transformations associated with the American occupation during World War II. Completely revised with a new epilogue, the bestselling Land of the Midnight Sun was first published in 1988 and became the standard source for understanding the history of the Yukon. Ken Coates and William Morrison have published ten books together, including Strange Things Done: A History of Murder in the Yukon and the forthcoming Trailmarkers: A History of Landmark Aboriginal Rights Cases in Canada. Land of the Midnight Sun was their first collaboration.

The Spell of the Midnight Sun

Maurice R. Cloughley. THE SPELL OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN Maurice R .
Cloughley Horsdal & Schubart This one KAAD - NLA - QFTU Copyright © 1995
by Maurice Cloughley No part of this.

Author: Maurice R. Cloughley

Publisher: TouchWood Editions

ISBN: 9780920663417

Category: Indians of North America

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In all their postings, Maurice and Katie enthusiastically explored their surroundings, on foot, by canoe or by dog team, camping in tents or igloos, and relishing the spectacular landscapes."

The Land of the Midnight Sun

Not a ripple disturbed the sea ; the sun , gorgeously red , was sinking slowly
below the horizon . How calm was that summer evening on the ... Farewell ,
Scandinavia — Land of the Midnight Sun ! I have wandered over thy country from
north to ...

Author: Paul Belloni Du Chaillu



Category: Scandinavia


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Midnight Sun

When a mysterious experiment conducted by an eccentric genius goes wrong, his home is destroyed.

Author: Peter Wilks

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1906221847

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

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When a mysterious experiment conducted by an eccentric genius goes wrong, his home is destroyed. The unstable energies created by the explosion create a portal that drags a passing bus, and its passengers, inside into a harsh and forbidding parallel world. Their presence awakens a terror the shadows that had lay dormant for centuries.

Midnight Sun

But then I catch the sun coming up over the cliffs and the air's so fresh it seems
almost alive and I don't ever think I can leave here. Before Nunn found me I'd
managed to mess up my life pretty good. I was good with the bad stuff, but normal
, ...

Author: Elwood Reid

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0307426890

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Jack, the gritty narrator of this dark, gripping novel by Elwood Reid, is a journeyman carpenter in his late twenties whose travels have led him to Alaska. When his pink slip arrives at the end of summer, he allows himself to be talked into an unusual job. Along with his best friend, Burke, Jack accepts ten thousand dollars from a dying Fairbanks man to travel into the northern wilderness and rescue his daughter from a cult. It doesn’t take long before their trip begins to go awry, and things only get worse once they reach the cult’s camp, where they are received with a hostility that quickly turns violent. Jack soon realizes that Burke knows more than he lets on about their mission and he finds himself on his own, desperately seeking a way out of the camp. Taut, riveting, and complex, Midnight Sun is an arctic Deliverance, a literary thriller set deep in beautiful but dark and indifferent Alaskan woods. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Midnight Sun

... aids proved dangerous to the | 28 Midnight Sun.

Author: Mickee Madden

Publisher: PageFree Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781930252370

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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After two years of running from a murderous ex-lover, Danelle Lansing finds refuge in a cottage on the Washington coast. Within two weeks of her arrival, five extraordinary strangers lure her into a web of deception, abduction, and murder.

Midnight Sun

Author: Kat Martin

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 142012823X

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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One of a kind. Kat Martin's heroes are as rugged and tough as they come, but honor rules no matter how hot the temptation. . . Call Hawkins just wants to be left alone and leave the past where it belongs. The bleak beauty of Dead Horse Creek is a perfect place to get away from the world. . .a place where nothing exists to remind him of everything he's lost. His isolation is complete--until Charity Sinclair arrives fresh from New York City. Stunningly beautiful and stubbornly independent, she's also shamefully ignorant of the untamed wilderness. . .and the very real dangers she'll face if Call doesn't teach her a thing or two. But even with Call's grudging help, Charity's dream of life in the Yukon may have led her into something much more savage than the forest: A menace as endless as the long days that run together without darkness--and a killer who won't let anything come between him and perfect, deadly vengeance. . . "Terrific, adventurous fun." –RT Book Reviews

Midnight s Sun

Author: Garry Kilworth

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575114312

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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'The wolf Meshiska gave birth to five cubs on the night before full moon. Outside the den a storm was lashing the spruce trees. The sky and the land had become part of each other: a scatterwind night swirling with fragments of black and white. Snow became darkness and darkness snow, and any creature lost between the two found a rock or a tree and lay down beside it, to wait until the world had formed again.' Into this bleak landscape, Athaba is born, a young wolf destined for great adventure. Exiled from his pack for breaking its rigid codes of behaviour and showing too much imagination, Athaba becomes a 'raven wolf', a lonely scavenger living on scraps and his wits. Survival in the icy wastes is hard and dangerous without the comfort and protection of the pack. Injured, and stranded far from home, Athaba is forced to strike up an uneasy alliance with his natural enemy: a man. Together, but ever wary of each other, the wolf and the solitary hunter start their long walk home across the wilderness. It soon becomes clear that the man must learn to be a wolf if he is to survive in the wolf's world. And Athaba has to use all his imagination to learn new skills and strategies to fend for himself and his new pack member: for he discovers that men are frail, and often very ignorant!

Midnight Sun s Magic

ONE THE DIN ON the ward was unbelievable, rising.

Author: Betty Neels

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459205185

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Finding romance didn't seem likely in a place like Spitsbergen, so close to the North Pole. Yet when Annis went there for a short time to work, she found herself falling in love with a handsome Norwegian. But the romance was brief and disappointing, so when Dutchman Jake van Germent asked her to marry him, Annis was more than pleased to accept. He wasn't handsome, but he was everything else she could possibly want! Jake knew about her recent affair, though, and Annis found she couldn't make Jake believe that she had married him for love....

Under the Midnight Sun

All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either
products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. under the midnight
sun. Copyright © 1999 by Keigo Higashino. Translation copyright © 2016 by ...

Author: Keigo Higashino

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1250105803

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

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From the acclaimed international bestseller Keigo Higashino (The Devotion of Suspect X) comes a sweeping novel in the tradition of Les Miserables and Crime and Punishment. This is the compelling story of a brutal crime and the two teenagers—Ryo, the son of the murdered man, and Yukiho, the daughter of the main suspect—whose lives remain inextricably linked over the twenty-year search for the truth behind the crime. In Osaka in 1973, the body of a murdered man is found in an abandoned building. Investigating the crime, Detective SasagakI is unable to find the killer. Over the next twenty years, through the lens of a succession of characters, Higashino tells the story of two teens, Ryo and Yukiho, whose lives are most affected by the crime, and the obsessed detective, Sasagaki, who continues to investigate the murder, looking for the elusive truth. Under the Midnight Sun is a complex, psychological novel about crime and its after-effects by one the most read and most accomplished contemporary mystery author. A twisting, compelling work that will astonish and delight Higashino’s old fans and new readers alike.

Land of the Radioactive Midnight Sun

It's not the eighty-four days of continuous sun that the residents of the farthest
northern reaches of Alaska get, but it is still cause for a major celebration, the
Midnight Sun Festival. Stores and restaurants stay open late, and dozens of
booths ...

Author: Sean Michael Flynn

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429973977

Category: Travel

Page: 288

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"In New York City, a Cheechako (chee CHA-ko) would be the kid who just fell off the turnip truck. No street smarts. A pink windbreaker. A subway map sticking from his back pocket...In Alaska, a Cheechako is even easier to spot. He's the guy with his tongue stuck to a metal pole. A tenderfoot. A greenhorn." Land of the Radioactive Midnight Sun is the story of Lt. Sean Michael Flynn as he tries to survive his first year in Alaska. With romantic notions of Jack London and Bush piloting, Lt. Flynn requests a transfer to Eielson Air Force Base outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. He is a bit unnerved at how easy the transfer goes through. From a rugby game on a frozen river to living across from Santa's Village to random moose attacks to soaring over the Bush in an F-16, Land of the Radioactive Midnight Sun is a hilarious trial-by-many-errors account of what it takes to become a true Alaskan.

The Alaskan Midnight Sun

... yet the time has come and is gone for now. Aloha a hui' hou = "Until we meet
again! Follow Your Dreams...,." "— Always Follow Your Dream — " "I Love You" "
Nathan" Chapter 1 MIDNIGHT SUN "Alaskan Born" Dedications First, to the xvii.

Author: Nathan Leviticus Neal

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1452043507

Category: Poetry

Page: 132

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This book is a combination of romantic short stories, poems, facts and memoirs. These experiences link passed down wisdom, unique imaginative storytelling with positive suggestive lifestyles. Look up, Get up and Never give up Is one of Nathan’s mottos along with using your imagination as a way of life, and remembering to “become the miracle”? Enjoy the Midnight Sun’s stories that will stir your feelings with the sounds of Nathan Leviticus Neal’s words. Learn of the Walrus, Polar Bear, Eagles, Raven, Fox and undocumented facts about Alaska. Born in the “Northwest Territory” known as the “Last Frontier” in a then small town called Anchorage, Alaska this writer has taken the adventures of boyhood, "North Slope" experiences and places traveled within Alaska to share. Most of the writings were inspired by time spent 650 miles north of Anchorage and about 250 miles north of the town considered the most climatic change of temperature in the world; Fairbanks, Alaska where temperatures range from 60 below zero to 95 above in the summer months. From 1977 to 1987 this writer spent a week on and week off schedule with a major oil company traveling to and from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska . The silent bond in friendship and experiences reflect the beauty of this unique place with unique writer content. Well traveled now and living in the Aloha State of Hawaii, Nathan felt it was time to go back in time and glance through a time capsule and give illustrations of Alaska’s beauty that have motivated him to share places that will give you a “northern exposure”. Pour a glass of wine or milk and enjoy stories of old from the land of the Midnight Sun, Aurora Borealis, Polar Bear and a few wise-tale Alaskan stories created for your entertainment.

Under the Midnight Sun

Author: Marilyn Cunningham

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 145926181X

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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IN FROM THE COLD… Loner Brian Kennedy relished living in the unconquered Alaskan wilderness. Yet discovering a body on the tundra was not an adventure he'd wished for. The authorities assured him his role in the investigation was over—until beautiful Malinche Adams came to his doorstep, asking his help in finding her brother's killer. Malinche managed to burrow into his solitary life with annoying ease—and into his bed with passionate fervor. With danger dogging their every step, they fled into the rugged Alaskan landscape to find the truth. But the truth, Brian realized, was much closer to home—without realizing it, he'd held Malinche's life in the palm of his hand….

Secrets Under the Midnight Sun

She turned to me. “All the kids get to sleep in the barn loft. When your little dog's
done eating, you may join them if you'd like. They all seem to be having fun
together.” I felt like I did when we moved and I 33 Secrets Under the Midnight Sun

Author: Elisa Maria Crites

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449706010

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 108

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Twelve-year-old Fredricka O’Reilly has a dark secret. It’s 1967 in the last frontier—Alaska, and the truth keeps the normal happy life she longs for just beyond her reach. Her brother’s four-year stint in the Air Force ends, and Fredricka believes his return will change her life for the better, until he reveals a secret of his own. As her life crumbles around her, the only one left to turn to is her mother. Can Fredricka risk telling her secret even if it could tear her family apart? “Heartwarming and heartbreaking, Secrets Under the Midnight Sun is a whimsical and haunting story about secrets: the causes, the effects, and the fears that give them strength. Freddie’s charm, joy, and courage make her a memorable and fun character. I hated to see the book end, wondering what would happen to Freddie next.” —Jill Williamson, Christy Award-winning author of By Darkness Hid

Trolls of the Midnight Sun

Author: Mary Beth Harris

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452088063


Page: 16

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Join the Trolls of the Midnight Sun on their mischievous, nighttime adventures. Glance through the pages and see how the trolls prepare for the spirits of the Aurora Borealis. This fun, rhyming Scandinavian tale, with its unique, colorful illustrations is a true message about spreading goodwill and kindness to others.

Man of the Midnight Sun

Author: Jean Barrett

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459275837

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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MAIL-ORDER MATES But neither is who they claim to be! Cathryn McLean—With nowhere else to turn, she accepted the handsome stranger's startling marriage proposal. But once in the isolated Alaska cabin with him, she realized her mistake: her "husband" was too smart to fall for her deception…and too sexy to keep away! Ben Adams—Long, cold Arctic nights roused a man's lust—and Cathryn matched his every desire. With his devastating charm, he'd get his wife to divulge her deepest secrets. She'd already slipped right into the ready-made role he had planned for her. And right into the trap he'd set for her….