Military Geographies

Military. Geography. This book, then, is about the geographies of militarism and
military activities – their impacts on space, place, environment and landscape.
The ideas driving the analysis are straightforward. In the beginning, there is ...

Author: Rachel Woodward

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 144439987X

Category: Social Science

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Military Geographies is about how local space, place, environment and landscape are shaped by military presence, and about how wider geographies are touched by militarism. A book about how local space, place, environment and landscape are shaped by military presence, and about how wider geographies are touched by militarism. Sets a new agenda for the study of military geography with its critical analysis of the ways in which military control over space is legitimized. Explores the ways in which militarism and military activities control development, the use of space and our understanding of place. Focuses on military lands, establishments and personnel in contemporary peacetime settings. Uses examples from Europe, North America and Australasia. Draws on original research into the mechanisms by which the British government manages the defence estate. Illustrated with maps, plans and other figures.

A Research Agenda for Military Geographies

Gregory, Herbert E. (ed.) and National Research Council (US) (1918), Military
Geology and Topography: A Presentation of Certain Phases of Geology,
Geography and Topography for Military Purposes, New Haven, CT: Yale
University Press.

Author: Rachel Woodward

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1786438879


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A Research Agenda for Military Geographies explores how military activities and phenomena are shaped by geography, and how geographies are in turn shaped by military practices. A variety of future research agendas are mapped out, examining the questions faced by geographers when studying the military and its effects.

Modern Military Geography

Before 1998, the last published volume on military geography wasMilitary
Geography by Louis C. Peltier and G. E. Pearcy. Since 1998, seven legitimate
Military Geography books have beenpublished. Clearly, 1998 was a watershed
year,and ...

Author: Francis Galgano

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136919805

Category: Social Science

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This book of contributed chapters by subject matter expertly provides an overview and analysis of salient contemporary and historical military subjects from the military geographer’s perspective. Factors of geography have had a compelling influence on battles and campaigns throughout history; however, geography and military affairs have gained heightened attention during the past two decades, and military geography is the discipline best situated to explain them. Hence, the premise of this book and its contents are founded on the principle that geographical knowledge of space, place, people, and scale provide essential insights into contemporary security issues and promotes the idea that such insight is critical to understanding and managing significant military problems at local, regional, and global scales.

Australian Contributions to Strategic and Military Geography

as much as we want military geography to be an objective physical reality, it can
never be that. War is a social activity that adapts to geography, transforming its
social meaning into military and political outcomes. It is axiomatic therefore that
the ...

Author: Stuart Pearson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319734083

Category: Science

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Drawing from military geography’s spatial roots, its embrace of dynamic systems, and integration of human and biophysical environments, this book helps in understanding the value of analyzing patterns, processes and systems, and cross-scale and multi-disciplinary ways of acting in a complex world, while making the case for a resurgence of strategic and military geography in Australia. Here, leading experts demonstrate that geography retains its relevance in clarifying the scale and dynamics of defense activities in assessments of the international, regional, national, and site impacts of changes in physical, cyber and human geographies. The cases presented show Australia contributing to a growing strategic and military geography.

Geographies of Peace and Armed Conflict

The total armed forces of the world number over 70 million, of whom at least 18
million are in active duty,1 supported by annual military budgets that total
something between two and three trillion dollars. Many countries have military
budgets ...

Author: Audrey Kobayashi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135756473

Category: Science

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This collection addresses the impact of armed conflict and explores pathways to peace across the world. Topics range from geopolitics to the effects of armed conflict on the environment, resources, health, children, and transnational migration. Others explore the social processes involved in post-conflict situations, and others still the lessons for achieving effective peace. The geographical concepts addressed include the notion of "conflict space," landscapes of terror, the relationship between violence and justice, the conditions for peace, and the dynamics of post-conflict. Methods include landscape analysis, interviews with a range of citizens, mapping and geographic information science, and policy analysis. Several papers address the situation of children in conflict zones, the impact of conflict on patterns of migration, the role of gender in achieving peace, the concept of territory as a basis for conflict and for negotiation of peace, as well as the economic impact of conflict. The studies cover several world regions, including Africa, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, and eastern Europe. This book was originally published as a special issue of Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

The Eclaireur a Military Journal

H . Wheaton Elements of International Law , principles of Military geography . al
or unconditional . The form is generally that Philadelphia , 1836 . ( 3 . ) Science of
measurements , geometrical , of a written proposal from the party wishing to A ...




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Imperial Military Geography

of geography . It is only recently that our Universities have given any serious
attention to this important subject . ... Well , we must all acknowledge that this is a
very cheap and pleasant way of studying military geography ; and highly practical

Author: J. Fitzgerald Lee



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Military Geography

The basic assumption of this book is that , by the application of geographic
sciences , military science may gain in precision and predictability . Organization
. Organization of the succeeding chapters presents military geography as
consisting ...

Author: Louis C. Peltier



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6 tematiske kort; 1 krigskort.

LSC CPSX U S MILITARY ACADEMY CPSR Military Geography From Peace to War

In Military Geography for Professionals and the Public , Collins ( 1998 ) ,
considers a wide range of environmental conditions , employs historical vignettes
, and addresses warfare at the tactical , operational and strategic levels . In
Battling the ...

Author: Eugene Palka

Publisher: Learning Solutions


Category: History

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The conduct of any military enterprise is conditioned by the character of the area of operations - the military operating environment. The book focuses on the synergy between georgraphy and military operations wherever they occur.

Catalogue of the Library U S Military Academy West Point N Y 1873

... Military Geography ; its Nature , Object , and Importance . 18mo . London ,
1850 . 6888 Jamieson ( Alexander ) . A Treatise on the Construction of Maps ; in
which the principles of the projections of the sphere are demonstrated , and their

Author: United States Military Academy. Library



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Geography and Memory

... Ohio, 204–7 Middleton, J., 168 Military Geographies (Woodward), 179 military
geography, 78,169 mimetic theory, 187 mind, 237–8,246 see alsobrain mind–
bodysplit, 235 mindmapping,239, 243 mind sports,235 Mind Sports Olympiad Ltd
, ...

Author: Owain Jones

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137284072

Category: Science

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This collection shifts the focus from collective memory to individual memory, by incorporating new performative approaches to identity, place and becoming. Drawing upon cultural geography, the book provides an accessible framework to approach key aspects of memory, remembering, archives, commemoration and forgetting in modern societies.

Reconstructing Conflict

Integrating War and Post-War Geographies Dr Colin Flint, Dr Scott Kirsch.
Chapter 7 Militarising Spaces: A Geographical Exploration of Cyprus Paul Higate
and Marsha Henry Introduction: Developing a Critical Military Geography Our ...

Author: Dr Colin Flint

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409490114

Category: Political Science

Page: 344

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Reconstruction - the rebuilding of state, economy, culture and society in the wake of war - is a powerful idea, and a profoundly transformative one. From the refashioning of new landscapes in bombed-out cities and towns to the reframing of national identities to accommodate changed historical narratives, the term has become synonymous with notions of "post-conflict" society; it draws much of its rhetorical power from the neat demarcation, both spatially and temporally, between war and peace. The reality is far more complex. In this volume, reconstruction is identified as a process of conflict and of militarized power, not something that clearly demarcates a post-war period of peace. Kirsch and Flint bring together an internationally diverse range of studies by leading scholars to examine how periods of war and other forms of political violence have been justified as processes of necessary and valid reconstruction as well as the role of war in catalyzing the construction of new political institutions and destroying old regimes. Challenging the false dichotomy between war and peace, this book explores instead the ways that war and peace are mutually constituted in the creation of historically specific geographies and geographical knowledges.

War Citizenship Territory

The Oxford companion to military history. oxford: oxford University Press.
Johnson, C. 2004. ... From military geography to militarism's geographies:
Disciplinary engagements with the geographies of militarism and military
activities. Progress in ...

Author: Deborah Cowen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113591723X

Category: History

Page: 418

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For all too obvious reasons, war, empire, and military conflict have become extremely hot topics in the academy. Given the changing nature of war, one of the more promising areas of scholarly investigation has been the development of new theories of war and war’s impact on society. War, Citizenship, Territory features 19 chapters that look at the impact of war and militarism on citizenship, whether traditional territorially-bound national citizenship or "transnational" citizenship. Cowen and Gilbert argue that while there has been an explosion of work on citizenship and territory, Western academia’s avoidance of the immediate effects of war (among other things) has led them to ignore war, which they contend is both pervasive and well nigh permanent. This volume sets forth a new, geopolitically based theory of war’s transformative role on contemporary forms of citizenship and territoriality, and includes empirical chapters that offer global coverage.

21st Century Geography

... at the U.S. Military Academy, where he was an academy professor and director
of the Geography Program. Dr. Galgano is a physical geographer with expertise
in coastal geomorphology, military geography, and environmental geography.

Author: Joseph P. Stoltman

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 141297464X

Category: Science

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This is a theoretical and practical guide on how to undertake and navigate advanced research in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Aerial Life

My contention is that the aerial lives I want to understand map a diverse yet
coherent spatiality — an aerial geography — reminiscent of geographer Rachel
Woodward's exposition of the multiple sites and spacings of 'military geographies'

Author: Peter Adey

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444391343

Category: Science

Page: 296

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NOMINATED AND SHORT LISTED FOR THE SURVEILLANCE STUDIES BOOK PRIZE 2011! This theoretically informed research explores what the development and transformation of air travel has meant for societies and individuals. Brings together a number of interdisciplinary approaches towards the aeroplane and its relation to society Presents an original theory that our societies are aerial societies, or 'aerealities', and shows how we are both enabled and threatened by aerial mobility Features a series of detailed international case studies which map the history of aviation over the past century - from the promises of early flight, to World War II bombing campaigns, and to the rise of international terrorism today Demonstrates the transformational capacity of air transport to shape societies, bodies and individual identities Offers startling historical evidence and bold new ideas about how the social and material spaces of the aeroplane are considered in the modern era

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Cultural Geography

Whatmore, S. (2002) Hybrid Geographies. London: Sage. Williams, R. (1985)
The Country and the City. London: Hogarth Press. Winter, M. (1996) Rural
Politics. London: Routledge. Woodward, R. (2004) Military Geographies. Oxford:

Author: Nuala C. Johnson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118384431

Category: Social Science

Page: 568

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**Named a 2014 Choice Outstanding Academic Title** Combining coverage of key themes and debates from a variety of historical and theoretical perspectives, this authoritative reference volume offers the most up-to-date and substantive analysis of cultural geography currently available. A significantly revised new edition covering a number of new topics such as biotechnology, rural, food, media and tech, borders and tourism, whilst also reflecting developments in established subjects including animal geographies Edited and written by the leading authorities in this fast-developing discipline, and features a host of new contributors to the second edition Traces the historical evolution of cultural geography through to the very latest research Provides an international perspective, reflecting the advancing academic traditions of non-Western institutions, especially in Asia Features a thematic structure, with sections exploring topics such as identities, nature and culture, and flows and mobility

Cities Under Siege

chapter three e New Military Urbanism Above all, [the United States' new low-
intensity war culture] is self-perpetuating and ... 2 Rachel Woodward, 'From
Military Geography to Militarism's Geographies: Disciplinary Engagements with
the ...

Author: Stephen Graham

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 1844677621

Category: Architecture

Page: 402

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A powerful exposé of how political violence operates through the spaces of urban life. Cities are the new battleground of our increasingly urban world. From the slums of the global South to the wealthy financial centers of the West, Cities Under Siege traces the spread of political violence through the sites, spaces, infrastructure and symbols of the world’s rapidly expanding metropolitan areas. Drawing on a wealth of original research, Stephen Graham shows how Western militaries and security forces now perceive all urban terrain as a conflict zone inhabited by lurking shadow enemies. Urban inhabitants have become targets that need to be continually tracked, scanned and controlled. Graham examines the transformation of Western armies into high-tech urban counter-insurgency forces. He looks at the militarization and surveillance of international borders, the use of ‘security’ concerns to suppress democratic dissent, and the enacting of legislation to suspend civilian law. In doing so, he reveals how the New Military Urbanism permeates the entire fabric of urban life, from subway and transport networks hardwired with high-tech ‘command and control’ systems to the insidious militarization of a popular culture corrupted by the all-pervasive discourse of ‘terrorism.’

The Hoover Library Collection on Germany

Standard German publications , such as Knaurs Welt - Atlas ( 1932 ) and Stieler '
s Atlas of Modern Geography ( 1934 ) , can be consulted . There are also more
specialized works on geopolitics ; economic , historical , and military geographies

Author: Hildegard R. Boeninger

Publisher: Stanford University Press


Category: Germany

Page: 56

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Resistance Space and Political Identities

Forthcoming Aerial Geographies: Mobilities, Subjects, Spaces Peter Adey
Politicizing Consumption: Making the Global ... and Diaspora Alison Blunt
Geographies and Moralities Edited by Roger Lee and David M. Smith Military
Geographies ...

Author: David Featherstone

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 144439939X

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Utilizing research on networked struggles in both the 18th-century Atlantic world and our modern day, Resistance, Space and Political Identities: The Making of Counter-Global Networks challenges existing understandings of the relations between space, politics, and resistance to develop an innovative account of networked forms of resistance and political activity. Explores counter-global struggles in both the past and present—including both the 18th-century Atlantic world and contemporary forms of resistance Examines the productive geographies of contestation Foregrounds the solidarities and geographies of connection between different place-based struggles and argues that such solidarities are essential to produce more plural forms of globalization

Arsenic Pollution

... Workfare in Place Peter Sunley, Ron Martin and Corinne Nativel Domicile and
Diaspora Alison Blunt Geographies and Moralities Edited by Roger Lee and
David M. Smith Military Geographies Rachel Woodward A New Deal for

Author: Peter Ravenscroft

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444355465

Category: Medical

Page: 616

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Arsenic Pollution summarizes the most current research on the distribution and causes of arsenic pollution, its impact on health and agriculture, and solutions by way of water supply, treatment, and water resource management. Provides the first global and interdisciplinary account of arsenic pollution occurrences Integrates geochemistry, hydrology, agriculture, and water supply and treatment for the first time Options are highlighted for developing alternative water sources and methods for arsenic testing and removal Appeals to specialists in one discipline seeking an overview of the work being done in other disciplines