Women in the Trees

A new edition of the groundbreaking anthology. 'Susan Koppelman brings together many of America's most serious writers to address one of America's most serious problems: domestic violence.

Author: Susan Koppelman

Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY

ISBN: 9781558614871

Category: Fiction

Page: 311

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A new edition of the groundbreaking anthology.

Mehr Frauen auf B umen

A follow-up to Raiss's first runaway hit Women in Trees, we are offered another journey into our own imaginations as we consider the circumstances surrounding the creation of these charming images."--Wrapper.

Author: Jochen Raiß

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag

ISBN: 9783775743150

Category: Black-and-white photography

Page: 112

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"More Women in Trees delves deeper into Jochen Raiss's collection of flea market photographs, portraying women posing in trees. A follow-up to Raiss's first runaway hit Women in Trees, we are offered another journey into our own imaginations as we consider the circumstances surrounding the creation of these charming images."--Wrapper.

Polar Bears

And why were Germans up to the mid-twentieth century in particular so crazy about polar bears? This funny little book collects the best pictures from Raiß's collection-and certainly leaves some questions unanswered.

Author: Jochen Raiss

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

ISBN: 9783775745994


Page: 112

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Figures in polar bear costumes on the beach, at pubs, and fairs, arm in arm with toddlers, men, women: What kind of strange pictures are these? The collector Jochen Raiß, whose flea market finds of women in trees have already stirred the enthusiasm of photography fans, again opens up his treasure trove for a new and mysterious series of people posing with polar bears. The shaggy white animal appears in the oddest places, serving both willingly and naturally as a photographic motif. Where did this evident trend originate, and why has the polar bear, of all creatures, become so popular? And why were Germans up to the mid-twentieth century in particular so crazy about polar bears? This funny little book collects the best pictures from Raiß's collection--and certainly leaves some questions unanswered.

Like a Tree

A Powerful and Poetic Call to Ecological & Feminist Activism This masterful work by internationally known author and speaker Jean Shinoda Bolen provides an insightful look into the fusion of ecological issues and global gender politics.

Author: Jean Shinoda Bolen

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 1609255119

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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A Powerful and Poetic Call to Ecological & Feminist Activism This masterful work by internationally known author and speaker Jean Shinoda Bolen provides an insightful look into the fusion of ecological issues and global gender politics. Of trees and women. This book on the importance of trees grew out of Bolen’s experience mourning the loss of a Monterey pine that was cut down in her neighborhood. That, combined with her practice of walking among tall trees, led to her deep connection with trees and an understanding of their many complexities. From their anatomy and physiology, to trees as archetypal and sacred symbols, Bolen expertly explores the dynamics of ecological activism spiritual activism and sacred feminism. And, she invites us to join the movement to save trees. Stories of those making a difference. While there is still much work to be done to address environmental problems, there are many stories of individuals and organizations rising up to make a change and help save our planet. The words and stories that Bolen weaves throughout this book are both inspirational and down-to-earth, calling us to realize what is happening to not only our trees, but our people. By writing about both the work of organizations like Greenpeace and the UN Commission on the Status of Women, Bolen highlights her passions and shares her unique vision for the world. In Like a Tree learn more about: The dynamic nature of trees — from their anatomy to their role as an archetypal symbol Pressing social issues such as deforestation, global warming, and overpopulation What it means to be a “tree person” If you enjoyed books like The Hidden Life of Trees, Wise Trees, Around the World in 80 Trees, or Braiding Sweetgrass, then you’ll love Like a Tree: How Trees, Women, and Tree People Can Save the Planet.

Land Trees and Women

In Chapter 4, we found that women are disadvantaged in the acquisition of
forestland in both Ghana and Sumatra. Since easily cultivable forestland has
disappeared, however, the more relevant issue for women is how
individualization of the ...

Author: Maria Agnes R. Quisumbing

Publisher: Intl Food Policy Res Inst

ISBN: 0896291227

Category: Political Science

Page: 90

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How do women's land rights change as customary tenure systems give way to individualized land tenure? While the individualization of land rights creates incentives for poor farmers in marginal areas to adopt agroforestry, not much is known about its impact on women's land rights. Land, Trees, and Women examines the evolution of customary land tenure institutions in areas of Western Ghana and Western Sumatra where traditional matrilineal inheritance systems have been changing. In these two areas, the authors find that individualization of land tenure has contributed to both increased gender equity and greater efficiency in agroforestry management. While property rights institutions are moving toward providing proper incentives for efficient natural resource management, the authors conclude that any program or legal framework that assigns rights to resources must be evaluated for barriers to women's participation.

Community Problem Solving for Sustainable Development

The most important advantage for the women is that less time and energy is
spent on fetching water . Government ... The effect on women is particularly
severe because women are more dependent than men on tree and forest
produce .

Author: Wahida Patwa Shah



Category: Community development

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Off forest Tree Resources of Africa

The man who is in most cases the head of the household decides how much land
is to be put under agricultural crops and forestry . He controls the type of tree
species to be planted and accessibility to trees on his land . For the women
headed ...

Author: A. B. Temu



Category: Agroforestry

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Tree Planters Notes

14 ) for a or Women Tree Planters On the West Fork RD , Bitterroot NF , they do a
good job , according to their boss , Forestry Technician Donald C. King . This
spring the women - most of them housewives from neighboring communities ...




Category: Tree planting


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Some no. include reports compiled from information furnished by State Foresters (and others).

Report on the Rapid Rural Appraisal for the Kibale Forest

In other cases , women were said to be able to plant trees . This was most often
the case where , following the closure of access to the forest reserve , the
fuelwood shortage intensified to the point where some families could only obtain

Author: Emmanuel G. Nabuguzi



Category: Conservation of natural resources

Page: 31

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Research on Farmers Objectives for Tree Breeding

Another interesting observation by Francisco is that , from her sample , men
appear to think more concretely about trees than women do . The men
interviewed by her had greater difficulty than the women in thinking of preferred
tree attributes ...

Author: J. B. Raintree



Category: Agroforestry

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New Scientist

3: Kenya's president causes panic among foresters National Council of Women
promotes nurseries and tree-planting all over the country to relieve the ... This
also means that it shares fields with other crops more readily than eucalyptus.





Page: 104

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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries

The male fruit , about the middle of June , contains a large number of small flies ,
and is thrown on the female trees . These flies then get distributed over the fruit
and convey the necessary amount of pollen . The system is as follows : When the

Author: United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce



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Labour Strategies Among Smallholders Producing Perennial Tree Crops in Ghana and Indonesia

The higher annual yields may be due to a greater use of hybrid trees from the
cocoa extension service centre nearby , but the data do not ... Women are also
much more likely to have food farms without perennial tree crop farms than men .

Author: M. Blowfield

Publisher: Practical Action Publishing


Category: Agricultural laborers

Page: 56

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Recent policy reforms and technological innovations in perennial tree crop production have implications for smallholder labour strategies, but changes in these strategies are little understood. Modification in labour decisionmaking among four smallholder communities in Indonesia and Ghana is examined, and the consequences for policy and technology development are explored. The study concludes that there is a need to reassess the way the family is looked at: evidence suggests that the labour strategies are often enacted over a wide geographical area, and form a theme that is hidden by current research techniques used to inform planners and field workers. This publication will be of interest to agencies and individuals concerned with development issues and policy implementation.

School of Forest Resources Biennial Report

More men rated tree planting as very important than women ; men were more
willing to plant trees , and anticipated greater satisfaction . Conversely , more
women than men saw education as very important , and thought it would be
personally ...

Author: Pennsylvania State University. School of Forest Resources



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The Christian Union

Men and women juniper - tree to have his labors assuaged and himself rested
who are mere gigglers , who go ... There I saw time in his life he and his disciples
get a little fishing the marketwomen and the marketmen - more women than boat

Author: Henry Ward Beecher



Category: Christianity


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Biennial of the General Federation of Women s Clubs

Official Proceedings. ... .no General Federation of Women's Clubs. tree is the
most useful plant that grows , as well as one of the most beautiful . No nation has
ever fallen for having too many trees . Trees provide shade , and shelter , fire and

Author: General Federation of Women's Clubs





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Women s Participation in Forestry Activities in Africa

Workshop participants endorsed the need for more women to be trained in
forestry , to work both as extension agents and in ... In some African societies
women historically have not planted trees , since trees could give them rights to
land .

Author: Paula Jean Williams



Category: Conservation of natural resources

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Women at Risk

That evening the women spent most of the night being chewed out by their
captain for being so foolish. ... some body parts in a hole in the ground, which
were probably put there by the hospital personnel and nothing more than lots of

Author: Noonie Fortin

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595214940

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 468

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Women At Risk: We Also Served is about women who served our country since before World War II to present day. All branches of the military are included, officers and enlisted personnel, as well as women who volunteered as civilians going to a war zone, those that stayed stateside, and other loved ones. Included are clerks, drivers, heavy equipment operators, nurses, USO and ARC volunteers, and more. These women explain some of the things they did or do in the military or as civilians. They tell us why they volunteered, how their lives were changed, and answer the question, “Would I do it again?” More than sixty women are profiled in this book. Their stories are finally being shared—many for the first time. This book is for readers of all ages including students. It will encourage patriotism as you read each chapter. They encourage both the reader and listener to talk more and ask questions about their own family military background. Noonie Fortin realized there was a need for this type of book each time she entered a bookstore and couldn’t find very many books about women who served their country.

Wood Energy News

Women should play a much greater role in both policy formulation and
programme management . “ The women are thus more concerned about the
growing and management of multipurpose trees to meet the domestic
requirements and also ...




Category: Biomass energy


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World Agroforestry Into the Future

Place (1994) suggests that agroforestry can even be instrumental in changing
social norms about women's tree planting, ... Types of trees that meet women's
needs and fit within their resource constraints are also more likely to be adopted.

Author: Dennis P. Garrity

Publisher: World Agroforestry Centre

ISBN: 9290591846

Category: Agroforestry

Page: 196

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