Mother of Peace

Discover the untold story of Hak Ja Han Moon, the North Korean village girl who is now known to millions as the Mother of Peace.

Author: Hak Ja Han Moon


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Discover the untold story of Hak Ja Han Moon, the North Korean village girl who is now known to millions as the Mother of Peace. Her heart-wrenching story reveals details of a war-torn childhood and trials of faith as she and her late husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, built a vast and still-growing international movement capable of fulfilling God's will for peace in the 21st century.A major milestone of her life, described in never-told-before detail, was her marriage in 1960, at age 17, to the charismatic Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. For the next 52 years, she joined him in the daunting task of building a global interfaith movement to fulfill God's will for peace in the 21st century.Mother Moon's journey as a religious woman leader is breathtaking: Born in Japanese-occupied Korea in 1943, she spent her early life in nature so she could commune with God. War forced her to flee south with her mother and grandmother; they crossed the Han River Bridge minutes before it was blown up. Later, she walked and worked side-by-side with Father Moon, one of history's most energetic and visionary men. They visited every corner of the earth and, despite relentless persecution, met with world leaders, including Mikhail Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung, to bring God's message for them.During this time, she bore 14 children and buried four. She stood with Father Moon for hours as they officiated at Marriage Blessing Ceremonies for hundreds of thousands of couples. Together, they launched hundreds of organizations and businesses to serve youth, family and peacemaking.Since Father Moon's passing in 2012, Mother Moon has shouldered the leadership of their still-growing movement. She has led "Peace Starts With Me" rallies in six continents and plans to bring Blessing Ceremonies to all people.

Industry the Mother of Peace





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Mother of the Church

At the very centre of this prayer of ours for peace on earth we find again the
Mother . We find again Mary , who kept and pondered in her heart all these things
, connected with the earthly birth of God . The Mother - a watchful witness of the ...

Author: Pope John Paul II

Publisher: Gracewing Publishing

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Mother of Church Is a collection of writings and adsresses on Our Lady by Pope John Paul II. He has already given to the Church profound and inspiring doctrine on Our Lady. In his teaching he always sees Mary as inseparably linked to Christ and as intimately associated with the life and mission of Church. This has been clear from the very begining of his Pontificate when he placed his entire future ministry under Mary's maternal care. Pope John Paul's teaching on Mary is profoundly biblical in inspiration and we see in her real, living person, with human emotions and feelings. She lives by faith, proceeding step by step along her pilgrim way, at times in the midst of darkness. She also comes across to us as someone who fully shares day-to-day human concerns, while at the same time dedicating her whole being without reserve to God's transcendent purposes. She remains within reach. She is very near to each one of us, someone whose help we can rely on and whose virtues we can always look to as a model for our lives. -- BACK COVER.

Mother of Christ

The peace of Christ is Christ. There is no other. 'I have said this to you that in me
you may find peace. In the world you will only find tribulation, but take courage. I
have overcome the world'. How often in Christ we see peace and tribulation ...

Author: Caryll Houselander

Publisher: A&C Black

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It is the relationship of Christ with his mother that we can see God's design for the relationship of every mother and child.

The Mother of the Lord

The Lord will make a covenant, so that people and animals can live in peace: 'I
will break the bow, the sword and war from the land, and make you lie down in
safety ... And in that day, says the Lord, I will answer the heavens and they shall ...

Author: Margaret Barker

Publisher: A&C Black

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Margaret Barker traces the veneration of the Mother of the Lord back to the Old Testament and a female deity in the first Jewish temple.

Messages to the World from the Mother of God

Medjugorje, CMJ Marian Publishers. the world ( Matthew 10:11 ) so that all men
could become " sons of peace ” ( Luke 10 : 6 ) . That's why Our Lady as “ Queen
of Apostles ” in Medjugorje specifically refers to herself as " Queen of Peace .

Author: Medjugorje

Publisher: CMJ Publishers and Distrib.

ISBN: 9780964844872

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Mother of Peace

Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence.

Author: Peace Publishing




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Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. As humankind, we should be aware and care with our environment and keep making many good movements so we could have the better life and peace in the future. This Peace Notebook can be used as a journal, travel notebook, diary, business / office notebook, gift, school journal, daily planner or organizer, for peace lovers, students or teens, etc. * Perfectly sized at 6" x 9" * 120 pages * Softcover Bookbinding * Flexible Paperback

Treatise on the Offices of Justice of Peace Constable Commissioner of Supply and Commissioner Under Comprehending Acts in Scotland with Occasional Observations Upon Other Municipal Jurisdictions

to belong to the parish or place where the mother of such % 4. bastard child was
legally settled *. ri"hT — ILLEfil- Bt the act for the encouragement and relief os
friendly TXMATI* Societies, every child which shall be born a bastard in any
parish ...

Author: Gilbert Hutcheson



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Mother of God

... 'Holy Mother of God, be the cause of peace to Siena, and of life to Duccio,
because he has painted thee thus'.46 The Sienese Madonnas were a brilliant
blending of eastern and western tastes – golden solemnity combined with an
emotional ...

Author: Miri Rubin

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141912642

Category: Religion

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Mary, the mother of Jesus, is one of the most powerful, influential and complex of all religious figures. The focus for women, the inspiration of faith, the subject of innumerable paintings, sculptures, pieces of music and churches, Mary is so entangled in our world that it is impossible to conceive of the history of Western culture and religion without her. Miri Rubin's Mother of God is a major work of cultural imagination. Mary's role in the Gospels is a relatively minor one, and yet in the centuries during which Christianity established itself she emerged as a powerful, strange and ungovernable force, endlessly remade and reimagined by wave after wave of devotees, ultimately becoming 'a sort of God', in ways that have always made some Christians uneasy. Whether talking about the vast public festivals celebrating Mary that sweep up entire communities or the intense private agony of individual devotion, Rubin's book is a triumph of sympathy and intelligence. Throughout Christianity's journey from mysterious origins to global religion, the Mother of God has been a profound presence in countless lives - Mother of God is the story of that presence and a book that raises profound questions about the human experience.

Spirit Winds of Peace

The village lived relatively in Peace, making treaties with many nations in order to
maintain their desired Peaceful ways and ... That is because you, my Mother,
were the first to accept the Good News of Peace and Power so you shall be
called ...

Author: Marcine “Niyawehnsie” Quenzer

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452560277

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Let Marcine take you on a journey into the distant past through her paintings. An accomplished artist, she brings to life the ancient tales of the peoples who call themselves the Haudenosaunee, People of the Longhouse. We know them better as the Iroquois League of Nations. “Thank you for your efforts to honor and uplift the work of the Peacemaker to establish a Peace that will prevail on earth. It is time to raise that legacy to a higher standard of global public visibility. Your art is a majestic vehicle to bring this about.” —David Yarrow, Dancing Turtle, Defender of Mother Earth, Healer, Author, Dowser “Marcine Quenzer is one of the best storytellers I have ever heard. Her knowledge of the Iroquoian people inspires, educates and entertains. She is a Master of her Art.” —Curtis Harwell, CEO of Heaven on Earth Foundation “Marcine Quenzer has the gift of the true Sachem for tuning into ancient cultures and bringing forward the wisdom and lessons of their natural spirituality so needed in these days.” —Frank Jordan, Past President of National Dowsers Association, Healer, Author Marcine Quenzer has brought to her book, Spirit Winds of Peace: The Epoch of the Peacemakers, the same beauty, eloquence and truth that she brought to the Peacemakers’ journey through her inspirational artwork. Her book does much to reveal this journey - a revelation that is so needed at this time to remind us that love is indeed the answer. Thank you, Marcine, for this gift to all humanity. —Robert Roskind, author of “The Beauty Path: A Native American Journey into One Love” The Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma, through resolution of the Board of Directors, has named Marcine Quenzer as “Wyandotte Nation Associate Artist” of the Nation, for the longstanding work she has done in artistic portrayals of Wendot history, and stories, cultural presentations, and teaching of the youth of many First Nations. —Leaford Bearskin, Chief, and James Bland, second Chief... 2003

Building a Culture of Peace

... Baptist participation in putting on peace and justice festivals for children,
sponsored by Niños y Joveniles por la Paz de Puerto Rico (Children and
Teenagers of Puerto Rico for Peace). Courtney Walsh Marsh is currently the
mother of three.

Author: Paul R. Dekar

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630877077

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Around the world, thousands of grassroots movements are confronting issues like destruction of the environment, economic depression, human rights violations, religious fundamentalism, and war. This book tells the courageous story of one such group. Organizing in 1939, Northern Baptists formed the Baptist Pacifist Fellowship as part of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Southern Baptists formed a parallel body. Like today, it was a time when sources of hope seemed hard to find. Discerning a need to support and connect Baptist conscientious objectors in the United States, members faced hostility in congregations and the nation. For the duration of the Second World War, the Korean War, war in Vietnam and elsewhere, Baptists sustained a witness for peace and justice. By 1984, threat of nuclear weapons led to formation of a wider circle of resistance to the culture of war. Subsequently, the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America has brought together Baptist peacemakers from around North America and the world. However small in numbers or reviled, members have been building a culture of peace through an interracial and international community. This book is an invaluable resource for those seeking a new world of forgiveness, respect for human rights, nonviolence, and peace.

Religion and the Politics of Peace and Conflict

The group becomes the symbolic mother/womb whose security (through
torturous psychic processes) is threatened. All the painful dynamics that usually
characterize individuation and identity are played out, together with the potential
for ...

Author: Linda Hogan

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630878235

Category: Religion

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The connections between religion and violence are complex and multifaceted. From the conflicts in Middle East and the Balkans to those in Southeast Asia and beyond, religion frames and legitimates political violence. Moreover, in international relations since 9/11, religious language and metaphors have acquired a new significance. In this context the emerging consensus appears to be not only that violence is intrinsic to religion, but also that religions incite, legitimate, and intensify political violence. However, such an unambiguous indictment of religions is incomplete in that it fails both to appreciate significant counter examples and to recognize the diversity that exists within religions on the issue of violence, particularly the religious roots of pacifism and the ethics of non-violence. This collection explores aspects of this ambivalence between religion and violence. It focuses on traditions of legitimation and pacifism within the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and concludes with an examination of this ambivalence as it unfolds in each tradition's engagement with the politics of gender.

The Advent of Peace

But this does not quite do justice to any role Mary has in redemption specifically
as mother. In fact the bodily experience of Mary tends to be erased by an
exclusively symbolic function. I think it is with Mary, if we can disentangle all
unnecessary ...

Author: Mary Grey

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 0281065624

Category: Religion

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A major theme in the Gospels is 'peace'; indeed Jesus proclaimed: 'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you'. Yet when we look at the world, peace can seem an elusive dream. Mary Grey looks at how the Advent story encourages forgiveness and reconciliation, both essential for peace, and how the Gospels can be key tools to help Christians work towards peace. She ties the Advent story in with current situations in the UK and in the Middle East and the book has both a personal and a global outlook. The book will make ideal reading for Advent and Christmas, either on your own or in a group. It is sure to challenge you to ask 'how can I help to make peace a reality for all God's children?'

Advocate of Peace

Simply that both men were con the Indian Government , the decision to charge
the whole summate fools . cost of the Afridi campaign on the Indian Exchequer .
When the Mother of Parliaments ' has become so deThe list of peace societies ...




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The Way of Interior Peace

We wish only to remind souls in a few words how powerful is Mary ' s assistance
for the preservation of interior peace . Among the honorable titles conferred by
Holy Church on the Mother of the Redeemer , we find that of Queen of Peace ...

Author: Edouard de Lehen



Category: Spiritual life

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The Apostle of Peace

His wife , the mother of William Ladd , whose maiden name was Abigail Hill , was
a woman of superior mental and moral excellence . William , it is said , in his
countenance much resembled his mother . She became the second wife of the
Rev ...

Author: John Hemmenway



Category: Pacifists

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A life inspired Tales of Peace Corps Service

My mother would turn from her position in the passenger seat to say, "Settle down
, you guys. Let me tell you ... My mother, formerly Pamela Cohelan (Philippines
10), and my father, David Benson (India 5), were both Peace Corps Volunteers.


Publisher: Government Printing Office

ISBN: 9780160869181

Category: Volunteer workers in social service


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Contains a collection of autobiographical reminiscences written by about 28 former Peace Corps volumteers.

The Many Sides of Peace

The mother of two boys was killed instantly. The father, shot by our military and ...
can see in the boys' faces, the hurt and frustration in their eyes, the tragic effect of
being robbed of their mother's care. The “child abuse of war” continues to make ...

Author: Brayton Shanley

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621895750

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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The Many Sides of Peace comes out of thirty years of living in a Catholic lay community, attempting to understand and practice the compelling ideas of gospel-centered nonviolent love. The book attempts to speak to the signs of these times for those who seek peace and liberation from both war and the looming ecological Armageddon. It is a faith based on the revelation of Jesus and the conviction that a love that is nonviolent will save this environmentally threatened planet and its warlike people from an "at risk" status to a more peaceful and sustainable one. This is a message of hope, a "how to live" spiritual manual for human/earth survival that can help create a bold and beautiful world.

Child of War Woman of Peace

... no match for America at peace. So where did that leave me, Phung Thi Le Ly
Munro-Hayslip —whoever she was and whatever she was supposed to be?
When I arrived in Vietnam I had a strong sense that I needed to return to my “
mother of ...

Author: Le Ly Hayslip

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0307790576

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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The inspiring story of an immigrant's struggles to heal old wounds in the United States, this is the sequel to When Heaven and Earth Changed Places, Le Ly Hayslip's extraordinary, award-winning memoir of life in wartime Vietnam.

Chicken Soup for the Mother of Preschooler s Soul

I drifted to sleep with a sense of peace and determination. The next day, with
Mom's favorite Christmas CD filling the room, the ... the girls and I had crafted. A
legacy. Mothertodaughter. Tessa Floehr Weavings If you've ever had a mother,

Author: Jack Canfield

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1453275355

Category: Self-Help

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In this uplifting collection, you'll find true stories about the day-to-day minutiae and miracles of being the mom to a preschooler: from finding peace and purpose in what can seem (and look!) like chaos; from solving sibling rivalry to celebrating sibling revelry; from the sorrow of letting go to enjoying some personal independence as your "big kid" goes off to school.