Mu awiya Ibn Abi Sufyan

In this accessible study, Stephen Humphreys introduces the most elusive of the early caliphs, Mu'awiya ibn abi Sufyan (602-680).

Author: Stephen Humphreys

Publisher: Oneworld Academic


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In this accessible study, Stephen Humphreys introduces the most elusive of the early caliphs, Mu'awiya ibn abi Sufyan (602-680). Notoriously guarded about his thoughts, motives and emotions, Mu’awiya was universally known as a figure of immense political acumen. Beyond this, opinions are deeply divided. Throughout history, some have accused him of being the first caliph to diverge from Muhammed’s model of ideal Muslim leadership whilst others credit him with uniting an empire in disarray and transforming the Caliphate into a practicable form of government. In light of this, Humphreys critically analyses his sources, and seeks to get as close as possible to a historical account of the great man.

The Orthodox Church in the Arab World 700 1700

ʿAbdallah ibn al-ʿAbbas (d. ca. 687–90) is regarded as the father of Qurʾanic
exegesis and was one of the ancestors of the ʿAbbasids, thus also of the emir
ʿAbd al-Rahman. Muʿawiya ibn Abi Sufyan (r. 661–80) was the founder of the ...

Author: Samuel Noble

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Arabic was among the first languages in which the Gospel was preached. The Book of Acts mentions Arabs as being present at the first Pentecost in Jerusalem, where they heard the Christian message in their native tongue. Christian literature in Arabic is at least 1,300 years old, the oldest surviving texts dating from the 8th century. Pre-modern Arab Christian literature embraces such diverse genres as Arabic translations of the Bible and the Church Fathers, biblical commentaries, lives of the saints, theological and polemical treatises, devotional poetry, philosophy, medicine, and history. Yet in the Western historiography of Christianity, the Arab Christian Middle East is treated only peripherally, if at all. The first of its kind, this anthology makes accessible in English representative selections from major Arab Christian works written between the 8th and 18th centuries. The translations are idiomatic while preserving the character of the original. The popular assumption is that in the wake of the Islamic conquests, Christianity abandoned the Middle East to flourish elsewhere, leaving its original heartland devoid of an indigenous Christian presence. Until now, several of these important texts have remained unpublished or unavailable in English. Translated by leading scholars, these texts represent the major genres of Orthodox literature in Arabic. Noble and Treiger provide an introduction that helps form a comprehensive history of Christians within the Muslim world. The collection marks an important contribution to the history of medieval Christianity and the history of the medieval Near East.

A Prophet Has Appeared

Muʿawiya Ibn Abi Sufyan: From Arabia to Empire. Oxford: Oneworld, 2006. Ibn
Hishām, ʿAbd al- Malik. Kitāb sīrat Rasūl Allāh [Das leben Muhammed's nach
Muhammed ibn Ishâk bearbeitet von Abd el- Malik ibn Hischâm]. Edited by ...

Author: Stephen J. Shoemaker


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"The first anthology to compile the most significant non-Islamic sources for understanding the rise of Islam. Early Islam has emerged as a lively site of historical investigation, and scholars have challenged the traditions of both Islam and its academic study by drawing attention to the wealth of non-Islamic sources that describe its rise. A Prophet Has Appeared brings this approach to the classroom. The collection provides students with carefully selected, introduced, and annotated materials from non-Islamic records dating to the early years of Islam, which students and scholars can read alongside the Qur'an and later Islamic materials. Applying historical-critical analysis, the volume aims to place these invaluable sources on more equal footing with the much later Islamic narratives about Muhammad and the formation of his new religious movement. The sourcebook includes new English translations of twenty different authors or sources. Initially written in many languages-not just Greek and Latin, but Syriac, Georgian, Armenian, Hebrew, and Arabic-these texts span a broad geographic expanse from England to Egypt and Iran. Ideal for the classroom and personal library, readers will gain the tools to meaningfully approach a new, burgeoning area of Islamic studies"--

The Men of Madina

Ziyad ibn Abi Sufyan ibn Harb His mother was Sumayya , the slavegirl of al -
Harith ibn Kalada ath - Thaqafi . Some call him “ Ziyad ibn Abihi ( son of his father
) ” and some say “ Ziyad the amir . ” He was governor of Basra for Mu ' awiya after

Author: Muḥammad Ibn Saʻd


ISBN: 9781897940686

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A Chronology of Islamic History 570 1000 CE

fanatics that they decided to rid Islam of Ali , Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan and Amr ibn
al - As by assasinating all three of them on the same day at public prayer . Their
plot , however , did not work out as planned . Amr was unhurt in Fustat because ...

Author: Habib Ur Rahman

Publisher: G K Hall


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The March from Medina

Success in both areas was due primarily to the efforts of Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan
. Muawiya held the governorate of Syria ( including Palestine ) during the later
years of Umar's caliphate . His appointment was renewed when Uthman ibn
Affan ...

Author: John Walter Jandora



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A Restatement of the History of Islam Muslims C e 570 to 661

... bin Aas and Muawiya bin Abu Sufyan the two masters of plot , of intrigue , of
ambiguity and paradox , of deceit and deception , of double - talk and single -
purpose - forged an alliance , to prop and to buttress each other against Ali ibn
Abi ...

Author: A. A. Razwy



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Bogen dækker peioden fra Muhammads fødsel i år 570 til år 661 hvor hans efterfølger, Ali ibn Abi Talib, blev myrdet i Kufa

The Unique Necklace

Ibn Salm when he learned of the caliph ' s anger with Rajā Ibrāhīm ibn al - Sindi
said , “ I was walking with Sad ibn Salm when someone told him that the
Commander of the ... Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyān ordered that Rawḥ ibn Zinbā be
punished ...

Author: Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad Ibn ʻAbd Rabbih

Publisher: Garnet Pub Limited


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"Al-Iqd al-Farid" ("The Unique Necklace"), translated into English, is one of the classics of Arabic literature. It is compiled in several volumes by an Andalusian scholar and poet named Ibn 'Abd Rabbih (246-328 H/860-940 CE). This title is suitable for those interested in classical Arabic literature.

History of Egypt 1382 1469 A D

... í Mióza ibn Hijâr ibn Wubair ibn Nakhbâr : 19 : 148 ; 22 : 121 * Moghuls : 14:56
Mohammedan Turcomans : 18:37 Mohammedans ( in Abyssinia ) : 17:67 ; 18:14
Mongols : 16 : 7 Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan : 18:38 Mu'ayyad Shaikh : See Shaikh ...

Author: Abū al-Maḥāsin Yūsuf Ibn Taghrībirdī



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Under the Black Flag

During the short tenure of Muhammad's son-in-law, Ali ibn Abi Talib, the fourth
caliph, the Muslim capital was moved to al-Kufa in present-day Iraq, 170 km
south of Baghdad. Then Ali ibn Abi Talib's successor, Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan, ...

Author: Sami Moubayed

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The Islamic State movement (ISIS/ISIL/IS) burst onto the world stage in 2014. From its heartland in Syria, where it arose from the chaos of the Syrian Revolt, the organisation has expanded in ideology and membership and now poses a significant threat to the region, if not to the wider world. Moubayed, a Beirut-based journalist who has been analysing Syria and the region for 20 years, has unrivalled access to the movement and its participants. His book is the first inside account of an organisation which has dominated the headlines with a dangerous mix of barbarity and military prowess. In looking at the historical background of ISIS: where it came from, how it evolved, where it stands today and what its aims are for the future to reveal, it will provide, for the first time, a fully-fledged picture of what lies at the heart of the Islamic State.

Entrepreneurship and Management in an Islamic Context

Accompanying Umar in Jerusalem, as one of his generals, was Muawiya ibn Abu
Sufyan. Muawiya I, the founder of the Umayyad dynasty, was born into a clan that
fiercely resisted the Prophet Muhammed (Muawiya's mother actually ate the ...

Author: Veland Ramadani

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ISBN: 331939679X

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The aim of this volume is to explore entrepreneurship and business from the perspective of Islamic principles, which are usually based on collaboration, teamwork, generosity and altruism. The contributions deal with the confluence of Islamic Principles with entrepreneurial and business ownership characteristics; resource use by entrepreneurs; means of entrepreneurial success, and ethics and social responsibility.

Acta Orientalia

Ibn Hajar ' s Tahdhib al - tahdhib is not the only Hilfsmittel when one has to
identify traditionists . ... 31 ) died , according to Ibn Sa ' d , Kitāb al - țabaqāt , in
Medina during the Caliphate of Muāwiya ibn Abi Sufyān ; - Khālid ibn Najīḥ ( p .




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Nothing illustrates the strength of religious feeling in Qatar more than its
transformation into a refuge and base for the Khawrij after the conflict which
arose between Ali , the fourth Caliph , and Muawiya Ibn Abi Sufyan , who
usurped authority ...

Author: Ibrāhīm Abū Nāb



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Egyptian Tales and Short Stories of the 1970s and 1980s

Last night I dreamt I met Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan . I was mediating a truce with
him on behalf of our Lord al - Husayn . Muawiya got angry and said , ' Put him in
prison with Taha Husayn . ' ' But I was able to get away . I caught a taxi and found

Author: William M. Hutchins

Publisher: Amer Univ in Cairo Press


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Stories set in Egypt depict courtship, marriage, parenthood, daily life, work, and death

Dictionary of the Middle Ages

Author: Joseph Reese Strayer


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Arranged alphabetically, this volume contains articles on various aspects of life in the Middle Ages, from A.D. 500 to 1500 and covering a geographic area including the Latin West, the Slavic world, Asia Minor, the lands of the caliphate in the East, and the Muslim-Christian areas of North Africa.

A Chronology of Islamic History

Muawiya , for his part , publicly acknowledged Ziyad as his half - brother through
the extra - marital relations of his own father , Abu Sufyan , declaring him to be
Ziyad ibn Abi Sufyan * . This was an extremely shrewd move on the part of ...

Author: H. U. Rahman



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Lebanon History of a People

The caliph Umar entrusted the governorship of Syria to Muawiya ibn - Abi -
Sufyan , brother of Yazid . The new ruler installed himself at Damascus . Assured
of the support of his relative , the third caliph Uthman ( 24 - 35 / 644 - 656 ) ,
Muawiya ...

Author: ʻĀdil Ismāʻīl



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The Sword of Allah

Khalid Bin Al-Waleed, His Life and Campaigns A. I. Akram. Khalid bin Saeed :
145 , 310 , 311 , 315 . Khaula bint Al Azwar : 360 , 361 , 427 , 437 ... Muawiya bin
Abi Sufyan : 172 , 186 , 211 , 392 , 457 , 474 . Muaz bin Jabal : 334 , 336 , 401 .

Author: A. I. Akram




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History of Islamic Caliphate

In this conquest Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed and Hazrat Yazeed bin Abi Sufyan
showed unparalleled deeds of valour ... But the conquest of Syria was completed
with the conquest of Caesarea at the hands of Hazrat Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan in
A ...

Author: ʻAbdulquddūs Hāshmī Nadvī



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The Yemen

Maabar , 19 Napoleon , 49 , 93 , 144 McLean , Lt . - Col . , M . P . , in Yemen ,
Naqil Yesleh , 19 134 - 5 , 141 Nasir bin ... 93 - 4 ; French , 93 Ibrahim Pasha
takes , 52 Neutralism , 121 Muawiya ibn abi Sufyan , Caliph Nicholson , Reynold
A .

Author: William Harold Ingrams



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