Unsolved Child Murders

“the last messages we got from the Zodiac indicated that he was going to
continue his killings but vary them. ... Since his arrest, and even long after his
death, Bundy has been suspected of a myriad of unsolved murders all throughout
the ...

Author: Emily G. Thompson

Publisher: Exposit Books

ISBN: 1476630569

Category: True Crime

Page: 242

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 An estimated 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States. Only one in 10,000 are found dead. Yet unsolved child murders are almost a daily occurrence—of nearly 52,000 juvenile homicides between 1980 and 2008, more than 20 percent remain open. Drawing on FBI reports, police and court records, and interviews with victims’ families, this book provides details and evidence for 18 unsolved cases from 1956 to 1998.

Unsolved Murders in and Around Derbyshire

In the year 2000 there were 681 murders in Britain, which was more than double
the number of recorded homicides a century earlier, 312. Even by 2000s
standards, that would have left twenty—five murders unsolved at the beginning of
the ...

Author: S. C. Lomax

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 1845631145

Category: Cold cases (Criminal investigation)

Page: 176

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There is no such thing as the perfect crime. Yet within these pages are 13 20th-century murders whose perpetrators have - so far - escaped justice. Some may still be alive, cold cases awaiting new forensic leads but others have taken their chilling secrets to the grave.

More Unsolved Murders

When police services are asked about the number of unsolved murders or cold
cases they have, some blatantly refusetogive any figuresand those that do
maynot give entirely reliableresponses. For instance,a lady was strangled in
1967 and a ...

Author: Jim Morris

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 144561135X

Category: True Crime

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Five more intriguing unsolved murders from the author of Unsolved Murders of the North.

Unsolved London Murders

Murders,. 1921. Let all spies and traitors beware. ost people are aware of the IRA
terrorist campaign in London in the 1970s and 1980s, which claimed the lives of
56 people and injured hundreds more. Yet there were Irish bombings in London

Author: Jonathan Oates

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 1845630750

Category: True Crime

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Unsolved crimes have a special fascination, none more so than unsolved murders. The shock of the crime itself and the mystery surrounding it, the fear generated by the awareness a killer on the loose, the insight the cases give into outdated police methods, and the chance to speculate about the identity of the killer after so many years have passed - all these aspects of unsolved murder cases make them compelling reading. In this companion volume to his best-selling Unsolved Murders of Victorian and Edwardian London, Jonathan Oates has selected over 20 haunting, sometimes shocking cases from the period between the two world wars. Included are the shooting of PC James Kelly in Gunnersbury, violent deaths associated with Fenian Conspiracies, the stabbing of the French acrobat Martial Lechevalier in Piccadilly, the strychnine poisoning of egg-seller Kusel Behr, the killing by arsenic of three members of a Croydon family, and, perhaps most gruesome of all, the case of the unidentified body parts found at Waterloo Station. Jonathan Oates describes each of these crimes in precise, forensic detail. His case studies shed light on the lives of the victims and summon up the ruthless, sometimes lethal character of London itself.

Unsolved Western American Murders and Extended Cold Case Resolutions

The Vanishing of a Young Poetic Soul The Forgotten Unsolved Killing of Louis
Bellessa Laura Law: The Bludgeoning A Child of an Ethnic Labor Movement The
Unsolved Kidnapping of Young Charles F. Mattson Nathan Trigger Gilstrap: The

Author: Marques Vickers

Publisher: Marquis Publishing


Category: True Crime

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This edition profiles 75 illustrated murder cases committed within California, Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho and Montana. Accompanying photography returns the reader to the scene of the crime with precise listed locations. The most daunting dilemma of a murder investigation is typically uncovering proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a perpetrator committed a killing. The evolution of forensic technology has enabled investigators to match DNA profiles from evidence obtained at a crime scene with specific individual samplings. This development has resulted in several high profile cases ultimately achieving resolution. Some of the accompanying profiles have developed promising suspects and probable perpetrators, but lacked the tangible evidence or persuasive courtroom presentation to convict. In a few instances, due to the notoriety of the trial, the court of popular opinion did convict the defendant, yet they remain free of incarceration. Other cases have simply lacked accompanying evidence from the outset and subsequent clues or confessions have never materialized. For a victim’s immediate circle of family, acquaintances and even society in general, a lack of closure becomes an accompanying torment. Stolen lives deserve accountability and one cannot fully understand the enormity of loss without concrete explanations of motive. Given time, some of these cases may one day find closure. Some murderers do have a conscience and scientific advancements may one day piece together the fractured incoherency of inconclusive evidence. CALIFORNIA Unsolved Murders: The Zodiac Serial Killer, Black Dahlia, Rapper Notorious B.I.G>, Gangster Bugsy Siegel, Bonnie Lee Bakley, Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Joseph The Animal Barboza, Kevin Collins, Actress Virginia Rapp, Gangster Fung Little Pete Jing Toy, Film Director William Desmond Taylor, Actor Ted Healy, Sleepy Lagoon Killing, Geneva Elroy, Vic Weiss, Crib Founder Raymond Washington, Wonderland Murders, Karen Mitchell Disappearance, Susan Berman, Kristin Smart, Eastside Salinas Gang Killings, Santa Rose Hitchhiker Murders, Bob Domingos and Linda Edwards, Kym Morgan and Ramona Irene Price. Extended Cold Cases Resolved: Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen, Mickey and Trudy Thompson and Golden State Serial Killer OREGON State Prison Director Michael Francke, Diane Hank, Roma Ollison, Anne Jeanne Tingry-Le-Coz, Old Town Pizza Phantom, Alice Wells, Frank Akin, 1946 Willamette River Murder, Larry Peyton and Beverly Allan and Kyron Horman Extended Cold Cases Resolved: Federal Public defender Nancy Bergeson WASHINGTON Ann Marie Burr, Edwin Pratt, Judge Tom Wales, Chalisa Lewis, Louis Bellessa, Labor activist Laura Law, Charles Mattson, Nathan Trigger Gilstrap, Marsha Weatter and Katherine Allen, Tacoma’s Puyallup Avenue Prostitutes, Oleg Babichenko, Roseanne Pleasant, Susette Werner, Timothy Alioth and Donna Plew, Tia Hicks, Fred Cohen and James Jimmy Smith Extended Cold Cases Resolved: Barbara Hickey, Brian Cole, Michella Welch, Jennifer Bastian and Serial Killer Donna Perry NORTHERN IDAHO Remains of Fatty Carroll’s Murder Victims MONTANA Union agitator Frank Little, John Bozeman, Marjorie and Nancy McQuiston, Julianne Stallman, Florence Beauty Salon Massacre, Paul Maclean, Sheila Fallang-Jordan, Bobby Kelly, Mrs. John Dougherty, Nyleen Kay Marshall, Dr. Henry Cayley and Eva Hart Extended Cold Cases Resolved: Verna Joy Kvale and Donna Meagher

Unfinished Symphony Unsolved Murders

... wrong place at the wrong time. The other three were all distinguished
musicologists, all Schubert scholars. The first death, Griffith's, was ruled a suicide,
the second, Wolfson's, and the third, Hoffman's, were apparently killed during

Author: Paul R. Robbins

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 145025425X

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Syndicated columnist, Harry Ellison, who lives with Sergeant Debbie Simmons of the Washington, D. C. Metropolitan Police Department, has a penchant for becoming involved in unusual murder mysteries. But, the case that began with a telephone call from his niece, Stephanie, a doctoral student in music, may be the most bizzare case of all. Recently returned from Vienna where she was doing research on her doctoral dissertation on Franz Schubert, Stephanie finds herself stalked by a person, unknown, while working in the Library of Congress. The person leaves her fragments of musical notation that appear to be the missing part of an unfinished Schubert composition. The music is unmistakably Schuberts in style, but is it authentic or the opening gambit in an elaborate scam? And, how do these musical fragments relate to the unexplained deaths of three renowned Schubert scholars? When Harry and Debbie begin their investigation, they encounter deception, danger, and ultimately must match wits with a diabolical killer.

The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh

Lucas denied the charges, blaming Toole for lying about their participation. The
paper quoted him: “It's just a conspiracy to get all the unsolved murders pinned
on me. They want to get another capital murder on me because they know this
one ...

Author: Arthur Jay Harris

Publisher: Arthur Jay Harris

ISBN: 1484167627

Category: True Crime

Page: 439

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THE UNSOLVED MURDER OF ADAM WALSH IS A TWO-BOOK SERIES ALSO READ BOOK ONE: FINDING THE KILLER Six-year-old Adam Walsh disappeared from the toy department of a Sears in Hollywood, Florida, in 1981. Two weeks later and 125 miles away, a child’s severed head was found and identified as Adam. His parents, Reve and John Walsh, deeply grieved and dedicated their lives going forward to helping find other parents’ children who had gone missing. In 2008, 27 years later, police announced at a live televised press conference that they’d finally solved the case, blaming the kidnapping and murder on a by-then dead man. Because of that there could never be a trial. All of that is true. But virtually everything else that you think you know about this famous case is wrong. In 1983, 25 years earlier, that suspect had volunteered a confession that he’d killed Adam Walsh. But the police then had deeply investigated his story and couldn’t verify anything he’d said, not even that he’d been within 400 miles of the area. In 2008, when a new Hollywood Police chief closed the case, he admitted they had no new evidence. What the new chief didn’t mention was that by then he had six separate police witnesses who’d been at the shopping mall on that day in 1981, and had since spoken up. Most had seen Adam; all had seen a much more likely suspect -- Jeffrey Dahmer. A microfilmed Miami police report the author found and had previously shown to the Walsh detectives proved that Dahmer was then living just a few miles from the Sears. Dahmer’s boss told the author that the prompt for the report was that Dahmer had told him he’d just found the body of a homeless man behind the store. Yes, bad luck, Jeffrey Dahmer found a dead body. 1981 was 10 years before Milwaukee police found severed heads in Dahmer’s refrigerator and arrested him as a serial killer. He said he’d killed his first victim in 1978. Even worse, it turned out that the identification of the child as Adam had been slapdash and suspect. The Walsh parents weren’t present for it; John Walsh wrote years later that he’d never viewed even photographs of the remains. A family friend had been present for the ID, and Walsh wrote that his first impression had been that it wasn’t Adam. Because the remains were only a severed head, there were no fingerprints, and forensic DNA was still years away. The pathologist making the identification did it strictly by teeth, but he admitted he wasn’t a dental expert. Dental X-rays, when available, are a standard for comparison, but he didn’t have them. He also had a forensic dentist available but never consulted him. A medical examiner in another regional office performed the autopsy, but he also never consulted a forensic dentist. Worse again, that medical examiner never wrote and submitted an autopsy report, as state laws and guidelines require. That perhaps never happens. Had police ever charged any live defendant with murder in this case, prosecutors in court would have been handcuffed to prove that the dead child was Adam. The case likely then would have ended. Why all the misdirection? Did Dahmer take Adam? Is Adam even dead, is that someone else’s child? Could Adam be… alive? Fifteen years of continuing research. Author’s story appeared in 2007 on ABC Primetime, and in 2010 on a Sunday front page of The Miami Herald. “I never, and to my knowledge no one in the office, prepared a report on the head of Adam Walsh.” -- 2010 email from Dr. Ronald K. Wright, in 1981 the Chief Broward County Medical Examiner, who performed the autopsy on the remains of the child previously identified as Adam Walsh, when asked if he had a personal copy of Adam Walsh’s autopsy report that neither the Medical Examiner’s Office nor the police had. “There’s no way in hell.” -- A Florida forensic dentist, viewing the teeth in both the last picture of Adam Walsh and the remains of the child identified as him, responding to the question of whether they could be the same child. Other forensic dentists shown the same material agreed.

Unsolved Serial Killings

considered the five murders to be the work of aserial killer,and that they believed
only twoofthe deaths were linked together. ... Columbus City Councilman Chuck
Weldon said people do not talkmuch these days about the unsolved killings, and

Author: RJ Parker



Category: True Crime

Page: 80

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Law enforcements, both local and federal, estimate that there are between 35 and 50 serial killers on the loose and active in the United States alone. Some even put the number closer in the hundreds. In any case, officials anticipate these numbers to continue rising. Knowing that there is someone stalking the streets that you live on, looking for victims, is very scary.

Unsolved Murders

Have you ever watched those unsolved murder shows on tv and wondered, what really happened? Who did it? Why would someone do that? Unsolved murders are one of the most intriguing things that stir our minds.

Author: Victoria Mason

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781534796928


Page: 36

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A Stunning Look At The Worlds Most Famous Unsolved Murder Cases, Unsolved Mysteries, Unsolved Crimes And What Really Happened? Have you ever watched those unsolved murder shows on tv and wondered, what really happened? Who did it? Why would someone do that? Unsolved murders are one of the most intriguing things that stir our minds. The habit of analyzing things and arriving at a conclusion was inculcated in us first when we were young through these shows and movies. Man is inquisitive by nature and this instinct has only grown stronger over the years by these external influences. In "Unsolved Murders" we cover 16 different unsolved murder cases in our history. Cases that have gone unsolved over time, cases that, at times have chilled the population to the bone. Famous cases and some cases that you probably would never have heard of. They are all scary, spine tingling and gruesome...

Report of the Commission of Enquiry Into Unsolved Murders

Commission of Enquiry into Unsolved Murders. BBS3UPO wversity of Texas at
1980 PRICE ...

Author: Barbados. Commission of Enquiry into Unsolved Murders



Category: Murder

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Almost Unsolved Murder

Suzann Dodd. Almost Unsolved Murder Suzann Dodd Almost Unsolved Murder
All Rights Reserved Cover photo by Vassil,

Author: Suzann Dodd

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468957481

Category: Fiction


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Sometimes, just one little error, can throw off an entire murder investigation. The wrong time, the wrong place, Omit that error, and look again, and the mystery can be solved.

An Unsolved Murder

His wife, his baby, might have been killed. Who knows what evil plan had been
hatched? It was too much to endure without taking action. That's it! He was
moving Clementine out of this place, first thing in the morning. While Clem slept
that ...

Author: Anna Bain-Marie

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462027202

Category: Fiction

Page: 136

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Sitting at the bar at the class reunion, two friends pored over their copies of the reunion booklet. One page listed all of the students who had passed away since graduation. Pointing to a name, one asked, "Isn't that the girl who was found murdered by the side of the road? They never found out who did it, but everyone thinks they know something...." Her friend leaned forward and whispered a name. "Why do you think so?" the woman asked, her eyes flashing. "Just a hunch...there's no evidence." was the reply. Her friend glared as someone joined them at the bar, and the conversation wandered into safer subjects. Sitting on her bed in the dark later that night, she began to remember...

Missing or Murdered in Missouri Unsolved and Solved Cases

Unsolved and Solved Cases Barbara Kemm-Highton. several news releases.
Rooted in another psychic tip, a machine known as a ground penetrating radar
device, also used at ground Zero after 9/11, was brought to a concrete garage at
the ...

Author: Barbara Kemm-Highton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465346230

Category: True Crime

Page: 216

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Like most other states, Missouri has a growing list of cold cases. Three women vanish from a home in Springfield in 1992 on high school graduation night. A young woman is abducted in Ava and murdered after mowing a church cemetery. A 9 year-old disappears and her body is found in 1975. A nurse and her children are killed in their home in a quiet new subdivision, and two mothers have vanished without a trace. An elderly woman who has been featured on the album cover of a popular band is murdered in her Aldrich home. Just as solved cold cases have become popularized in a variety of television documentaries, Missouri cases are also becoming closed. DNA has been the smoking gun in one 25 year-old homicide and has sent a prominent businessman to prison. People are talking and in the case of a 15 year-old murdered in 1982, there have been convictions. Surveillance tapes and cell phones have been added to the arsenal of evidence. Files are being revised and the media is featuring their stories again. These are some of the victims cases and their families who press on and the organizations, detectives, and experts who support them.

The Unsolved Murder of Jack Renter

That's strange. The electricity was still connected, and the company hadn't killed
the power yet. I went back around the house and in the door to recheck the
switches, but the lights where mysteriously on. I slowly walked through the living
room, ...

Author: Marshall Mitchell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1483644251

Category: Fiction

Page: 86

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This story is about Mitch Mitchell young man that was attending college as an investigative lawyer. He found a newspaper clipping one day that involved an older gentle man and his wife. While searching the paper he came across the death of his dear friend Mr. Renter, he use to work for. The young man Mitch Mitchell never found a cause of death. He graduated school, and decided that there was something wrong with the article stating fact in the cause of his friend's death, and had a need to investigate the mysterious cause of death, right after his graduation. When he went to the house where everything took place, but he notice a lot of strange thing go on.

The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes

Over 800 entries examine the facts, evidence, and leading theories of a variety of unsolved murders, robberies, kidnappings, serial killings, disappearances, and other crimes.

Author: Michael Newton

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438119143

Category: Crime

Page: 449

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Over 800 entries examine the facts, evidence, and leading theories of a variety of unsolved murders, robberies, kidnappings, serial killings, disappearances, and other crimes.

Missing and Unsolved Ireland s Disappeared

The Gardaí are satisfied that Antoinette Smith did not know the men who
murdered her. Detectives ... But Operation Trace did not turn up any concrete
evidence linking the three unsolved murders with any of the missing women. The
murder of ...

Author: Barry Cummins

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 0717151476

Category: True Crime

Page: 272

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They are some of Ireland’s most famous names, for all the wrong reasons. They are Ireland’s missing women, many of them murdered and their bodies hidden by evil killers who remain at large. They include Annie McCarrick, who was murdered in the Dublin-Wicklow mountains; Jo Jo Dullard, who was abducted and murdered while hitching a lift in Co. Kildare; and Fiona Pender, who was seven months pregnant when she was murdered and hidden at an unknown place in the midlands. And then there are Ireland’s missing children. What ever happened to little Mary Boyle, last seen walking near her grandparents’ home in Co. Donegal? And where is Philip Cairns, who was abducted from a Co. Dublin roadside while walking to school? Missing is a disturbing book, but it is also a tribute to the remarkable bravery of ordinary families who have lost a loved one in the most cruel and unexplained of circumstances.

Bloody Ivy

Inside you will find 13 chilling campus mysteries-unsolved murders that occurred at U.S. and Canadian colleges.

Author: Chris Bobonich

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481740199

Category: True Crime

Page: 458

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Inside you will find 13 chilling campus mysteries-unsolved murders that occurred at U.S. and Canadian colleges. You'll get the most recent details of: the stabbing of a young co-ed in the stacks of the Penn State library, the gruesome ritualistic murder of a student at midnight in Stanford's Memorial Church, the controversial death of Suzanne Jovin on a New Haven street which threw Yale into a turmoil, and the mysterious death of Mrs. Jane Stanford, the co-founder of Stanford University. Was she poisoned, and, if so, why was it covered up? There are nine other unsolved murders for you to try to help to solve. Maybe one of you out there holds the final piece of the puzzle.

Norfolk Mayhem Murder

Murder Executions & Hangings in Newcastle The A – Z of London Murders and
Morpeth Unsolved Murders in Victorian and Norwich Murders Edwardian London

Author: Maurice Morson

Publisher: Wharncliffe

ISBN: 1783408502

Category: True Crime

Page: 160

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Maurice Morson has reconstructed, in painstaking detail, several of the most shocking and intriguing episodes from Norfolk's criminal history for this gripping study. He recalls the extraordinary case of Richard Nockolds, the violent weaver who revelled in assault, arson and machine-wrecking; the two cut-throats who were hanged for killing Hannah Mansfield; Herbert Bennett, found guilty of strangling his wife with a bootlace; Rosa Kowen who may - or may not - have battered her husband to death; John Stratford who murdered the wrong man; Samuel Yarham, the prosecution witness and real murderer; William Jacobs and Thomas Allen, both convicted of killing policemen; and, perhaps the most infamous case of all, the Burnham Westgate multiple murders. To these cases Maurice Morson has applied his skill as a historical researcher and his forensic experience as a former detective. Each case is closely reviewed, and the evidence is questioned. He gives a vivid insight into the local background, the personalities of the individuals involved, their relationships, the means by which the crimes were committed, and the workings of the police force and the justice system which often seems, to our modern eyes, clumsy and mistaken. This engrossing new book confirms Maurice Morson's reputation as the leading chronicler of crime in the county.

101 Wisconsin Unsolved Mysteries

Marv Balousek. the murders of Vernell Jeter in February 1990 and Mary Harris in
September 1993 . 45 . Who killed Mark Justl ? Madison , 1972 hen Arthur Foeste
of Madison delivered a news paper to the Joyce Funeral Home on on Nov.

Author: Marv Balousek

Publisher: Badger Books Inc.

ISBN: 9781878569707

Category: True Crime

Page: 175

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Balousek presents a collection of some of the most baffling mysteries in Wisconsin history, including unsolved murders, haunted houses, UFO sightings, and strange environmental phenomena.


Catherine Edith Potter and Lee Rita Kirk (1971) ALL MURDERS ARE
MONSTROUS, yet it is especially disturbing when the lives of children are taken,
the reason — if there possibly can be one — for killing them is left unanswered.
Cold cases ...

Author: Robert J. Hoshowsky

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781770705340

Category: True Crime

Page: 224

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Despite advances in DNA testing, forensics, and the investigative skills used by police, hundreds of crimes remain unsolved across Canada. With every passing day trails grow colder and decades can pass before a new lead or witness comes forward if one comes forward. In Unsolved, Robert J. Hoshowsky examines twelve crimes that continue to haunt us. Some cases are well-known, while others have virtually disappeared from the public eye. All of the cases remain open, and many are being re-examined by police using the latest tools and technology. Hoshowsky takes the reader through all aspects of the crimes and how police are trying to solve them using three-dimensional facial reconstructions, DNA testing, age-enhanced drawings, original crime scene photos, and more. None of the individuals profiled in Unsolved deserved their fate, but their stories deserve to be told and their killers need to be brought to justice.