My Dad s a Policeman

The second novel, and first quick read title, from Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Cathy Glass.

Author: Cathy Glass

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007374763

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

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The second novel, and first quick read title, from Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Cathy Glass. My Dad's a Policeman is a dramatic and engaging story of a young boy with an alcoholic mother. Lonely, bullied and desperate for a life of happiness and security he tells everyone he meets his dad's a policeman.

My Dad s a Policeman

On leaving school Robert has to cope with life in the army during National Service and then a brutal introduction to the world of work. He describes with great humour his confrontation with prejudice and suspicion.

Author: Robert Druce

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1788036034

Category: Family & Relationships

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A searingly honest and detailed account of growing up during the Second World War. Robert Druce’s account of his childhood and youth is a wonderfully written and evocative story. Intelligent and highly inquisitive, but with an over-bearing and ambitious father, Robert describes, in extraordinary detail, the hardships of life in the outskirts of London during the war. An insatiable thirst for knowledge brings him into conflict with the ordered life of a grammar school. Robert’s genius, expressed through his endless fascination for language, is recognised by one far-sighted teacher. This teacher becomes more than a mentor, inspiring Robert, nurturing his skill with words as well as helping him through some of the scrapes with others who were less able to cope with his rebelliousness. As Robert enters his turbulent teenage years, he describes his sexual awakening with uncompromising honesty. As he begins to discover the complexities of personal relationships, he struggles to square his urge for independence with the continuing demands of his parents. On leaving school Robert has to cope with life in the army during National Service and then a brutal introduction to the world of work. He describes with great humour his confrontation with prejudice and suspicion. Robert’s story continues with his studies at university in London, while experiencing the delights and anguish of his first love. After graduating, Robert decides on a career in teaching. Faced with more hostility from pupils and colleagues, he turns again to the brilliance of his own mentor to help him through his initiation into adulthood.

The Ultimate Sacrifice The Story of Maryland State Policeman Sgt Wallace J Mowbray

I almost had to fight my way to get into the house. As I ran inside, I saw Betty right
away. I could tell just by the expression on her face that the news about Dad was
not good. I ran to my mother, who sat blank-faced in Dad's old, green recliner.


Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434975800



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Herb Cooley The Law Enforcement Legacy of My Father

Chapter 1 A Quiet Night My Dad's history as a police officer is very deeply rooted.
In 1842, one hundred years before my Dad, Herb Cooley, was born, Benjamin
Cooley, his great-great-great grandfather, was appointed the first sheriff of Carroll

Author: Zach Cooley


ISBN: 1365522059



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I grew up with a father in the police . In addition , my two brothers are also
policemen . But don't get me wrong . I'm not here just because my dad's a
policeman . I joined because I thought it was a good career choice . " Charl's dad
works at ...




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Texas Cops Exposed

I also want the policeman hopeful to have the tools needed to change the system
and protect themselves. ... Victor borrowed my Dad's push lawn mower, which my
Dad was happy to loan; but my Dad told him to make sure to replace the used ...

Author: Jay Kidd

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465367327

Category: Fiction

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The author is a former police chief and three-time Texas whistle-blower, he now owns a private investigations company. Bret Adams tells a story that is inspired by true events. The story reveals everything you ever wanted to know about police corruption in Texas. Adams was the class president and valedictorian at the police academy, and served in all most every Texas Law Enforcement capacity. Adams has filed whistle-blower type lawsuits against state law-enforcement agency administrators, police chiefs, law-enforcement organization leaders, sheriffs, dozens of police officers, multimillion dollar companies, city councilmen, and mayors. Adams ended a corrupt sheriffs career and exposed a huge cover-up in a famous whistle-blower law suit. The story also includes a unique look into the murder of a deputy sheriff and explores the possibility that the deputy was murdered by fellow officers. Also read how Adams exposed one the most flagrant and outrageous speed traps in Texas history. It does not stop there; in fact, the story details how Chief Adamss police department was disbanded by the mayor to obstruct an investigation into the mayors company which allegedly employed hundreds of illegal immigrants. Read how the mayors fifty million dollar a year company was suspected of bribing sheriffs, district attorneys, and a former United States Congressman. The story provides valuable information for protecting you and your family from police corruption. This story is also an absolute must for the policeman hopeful, as it will give the new officer essential knowledge going into their career. From speeding ticket quotas and racial profiling to one of the most corrupt towns in Texas, all the way up to murder, this story will finally reveal the other side of the blue line and what goes on outside the public eye.

Cleveland Cops

As he's walking down the stairs, the guys are passing a gun back and forth and
one of them takes it and comes down to rob my father. Later my father told me, “I
wasn't sure which gun I was going to pull out." So he pulled out the gun in his left

Author: John H. Tidyman

Publisher: Gray & Company

ISBN: 1598510312

Category: History

Page: 251

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Hilarious and heartbreaking true stories told by 60 Cleveland police officers about life patrolling the streets. These are stories the rest of us rarely get to hear: Their biggest arrests, the dumbest criminals, the funniest practical jokes, the most frightening moments. It's an inside look at the toughest job in town.

Other People s Houses

( She kneels beside him ) And I beg you , Ralph , with all my heart , not to send
my dad — I beg you to put up with him . ... his hand on Dad's arm . POLICEMAN :
This old man live here ? INEZ : Dad ... POLICEMAN ( To Dad ) : For once you ...

Author: Tad Mosel



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“But he was st looking for a quick fling, and I realize now I is looking for another
Daddy.” Elaine, twenty-eight, has also spent much of her ult life trying to fill the
emotional void left by r father, a policeman who abandoned his wife d six children






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My Life in the New South Africa

In the early years my father would call the police . The policeman always took a
walk with my dad down the block , and when they came back things seemed OK
again . " Your OK ? " the policeman asked me . I always cried because I thought ...

Author: Ted Leggett

Publisher: Human Sciences Research


Category: Letter writing

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My Life in the New South Africa is written by the youth themselves, and gives a unique insight into the thoughts and concerns of South Africans under the age of 30. In 1996 the Quality of Life Monitoring Unit at the University of Natal held a letter-writing contest, and this book is a digest of the responses they received. Young people from across the nation wrote in-shack dwellers and suburban scholars, boarding school pupils and prison inmates. The diversity and distinctiveness of the rainbow nation's youth are represented here. This is their message to their fellow South Africans.

Get to the Heart

That meant Daddy was home safe from his shift . It also gave me an edge on my
playmates . If things were not going my way in a game or an argument , I would
say , “ If you don't do what I want , my daddy's a policeman and he'll put his ...

Author: Barbara Mandrell

Publisher: Bantam Books

ISBN: 9780553292435

Category: Music

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Musician, singer, dancer, and actress Barbara Mandrell writes about her music, her family, and her remarkable career

Subject Area Catalog of Educational Films Listing 16 Mm Films at Primary intermediate Level 1980

Author: University of Illinois Film Center



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Ian Paisley My Father

I looked at Dad and the armed policeman and said , ' Well , I wouldn't say she'd
been intimidated or anything ! When we arrived back home , Mum said in
amazement , ' That didn't take long - what happened ? ' He just reappeared , '
replied ...

Author: Rhonda Paisley



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She lifted her head slightly and sniffed the woodsmoke . ... The first thing his
father had told him : never point a gun at a person unless you're gonna use it . ...
She asked if you were a policeman , Daddy , she could imagine the boy saying .

Author: Robert R. McCammon

Publisher: Beyond Words/Atria Books

ISBN: 9780671664862

Category: Fiction

Page: 442

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Laura Clayborne faces a terrifying journey into a world of madness and obsession when her newborn son is taken from the hospital by Mary Terrell, a battered survivor of the radical Sixties who now lives in her own hallucinatory world of murderous rage

The New Yorker

He used to of his little girls was scolded , ” one teach- the name Sidney Franklin
to keep his sel da er has recalled . “ He acted rather like father from learning of
his activities . zalice a policeman . ” “ My father was a great , Sidney had been ...

Author: Harold Wallace Ross



Category: Literature


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Fathers Sons and Lovers

He told many interesting stories about growing up , emphasising his admiration
for his father . Dad was a great bloke . He was honest ... His father was a
policeman , and Chris looked up to him a great deal . He later followed his dad
into the ...

Author: Peter M. West



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Will the Real Me Please Stand Up

I also recall a time when a man confided to me that his son had been killed in a
highway accident. He told me that he ... When I was three and a half years old,
my father, a Chicago policeman, was shot and killed while on duty. My emotions
of ...

Author: John Powell

Publisher: Thomas More Association

ISBN: 9781559242837

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

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Wounds that Do Not Bind

Dad's dead . ” After first thinking that my brother had been killed , and then finding
out it was my dad , I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster . A long period ...
She thought that I might be able to learn more because I was a police officer .

Author: James R. Acker



Category: Political Science

Page: 453

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This volume presents perspectives of murder victims' family members, academics, and crime victims' advocates regarding an intensely debated issue about which surprisingly little information exists: the significance of capital punishment to murder victims¿ survivors. The book includes more than twenty chapters that examine a variety of issues concerning these survivors, or co-victims, and the death penalty. These chapters present the personal accounts of victims' family members' experiences with the criminal justice system and examine relevant legal and research issues, including the use of victim impact evidence in capital trials, how the capital punishment process affects co-victims, what is known about the immediate and long-term needs of murder victims' survivors, and how those needs can be addressed.

Session Cases

He said to the appellant , You better leave me alone , my dad's a policeman ' (
which was not the case ) . ( 18 ) The appellant then went to his van which was
parked nearby and drove off . ( 19 ) [ M.E.S. ) noted the number of the appellant's
van ...

Author: Scotland. Court of Session



Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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Vols. for 1847/48-1872/73 include cases decided in the Teind Court; 1847/48-1858/59 include cases decided in the Court of Exchequer; 1850/51- included cases decided in the House of Lords; 1873/74- include cases decided in the Court of Justiciary.

Purity Passion

I always saw my dad as a good man and pure in his ways. I did not really
understand all that my father had been through. My dad ... Bill's idols came from
Hollywood; his father's idols were the local policeman or the hometown baseball

Author: Rick Ghent

Publisher: Moody Pub

ISBN: 9780802471307

Category: Religion

Page: 188

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This new book in the Men of Integrity series speaks to the many Christian men who question what it means to be a genuinely sexual male. Drawing on the Bible--which says men can be passionate while remaining pure in their actions and motives--two professionals draw conclusions that will make readers search their souls and open their eyes. A 90's handbook for the Christian sexual male. . .