My Favorite Fights

Boxing historian Jerry Fitch tells of his encounters with some of the biggest names in the sport.

Author: Jerry Fitch


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Boxing historian Jerry Fitch tells of his encounters with some of the biggest names in the sport.

Leading the Fight

Last but not least , Casey Gwinn has been the attorney general of the City of San
Diego — my favorite city outside of Delawaresince December of 1996 . It is my
favorite . New Orleans is the only city in America out of America that I like that well

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The Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party

In researching and writing a history of Madison, Wisconsin's Capital Times
newspaper (with my colleague Dave Zweifel), I came ... Wallace is best
understood as a pamphleteer, in the tradition of Tom Paine and the other
founders he revered.

Author: John Nichols

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Fighting fascism at home and abroad begins with the consolidation of a progressive politics Seventy-five years ago, Henry Wallace, then the sitting Vice President of the United States, mounted a campaign to warn about the persisting "Danger of American Fascism." As fighting in the European and Japanese theaters drew to a close, Wallace warned that the country may win the war and lose the piece; that the fascist threat that the U.S. was battling abroad had a terrifying domestic variant, growing rapidly in power: wealthy corporatists and their allies in the media. Wallace warned that if the New Deal project was not renewed and expanded in the post-war era, American fascists would use fear mongering, xenophonbia, and racism to regain the economic and political power that they lost. He championed an alternative, progressive vision of a post-war world-an alternative to triumphalist "American Century" vision then rising--in which the United States rejected colonialism and imperialism. Wallace's political vision - as well as his standing in the Democratic Party - were quickly sidelined. In the decades to come, other progressive forces would mount similar campaigns: George McGovern and Jesse Jackson more prominently. As John Nichols chronicles in this book, they ultimately failed - a warning to would-be reformers today - but their successive efforts provide us with insights into the nature of the Democratic Party, and a strategic script for the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Enhancing the Global Fight to End Human Trafficking

And so your work with children - I just might quickly ask you , you have been
working both with slave trafficking and \ abor slavery . And I wonder what ... And I
wouldn't say this one is my favorite because it is really not about that . It is about ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on International Relations



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Ringside Reflections

But as a fight fan, sometimes your heart sways your opinion, and that was the
case for me as this decade comes to a close. The four aforementioned battles
were, for the most part, better overall fights than my favorite, but the 2005 first
meeting ...

Author: Matthew Hurley

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The inevitability of what was to come hung in the air but the crowd at the outdoor arena at Caesars Palace seemed as dazed as to what was happening as Duran. Hearns, now oozing confidence, approached center ring and again touched gloves with Duran. It would be the last civil thing he did. Gliding around the ring and looking like a demented, black vampire with his goatee and Jeri curls, the "Hit Man", he had reassumed the moniker for the fight, went in for the kill. Pushing Duran backwards he leapt in and clobbered the cowering fighter with a vicious right hand that staggered Duran back into the ropes again. Hearns bounced backwards and then jumped in again with another vicious right hand and began pummeling his prey with a series of punches that kept Duran standing straight up. Roberto tried to move off the ropes, so Hearns lured him out and then pushed him back with two probing left jabs to the chest before dropping the coup de grace. The final right hand that crashed over Duran's guard was so brutal, the impact twisted his head to the side and sucked all the air out of the arena. A collective gasp went up as Roberto Duran fell face forward to the canvas. There would be no count. Duran's corner men jumped into the ring as Hearns leapt onto the shoulders of his handlers. It was the most dramatic knockout of Thomas Hearns' career and upped the ante for his potential challenge of Marvelous Marvin Hagler for the middleweight championship. Hearns would fight one more bout before that showdown, a three round blast out of contender Fred Hutchings, but he would never again be so brilliantly devastating.

My Last Fight

As her brothers tell me, my wife is the best shot in her family. When I look at this
picture I can hear her saying her favorite quote: “You can think it's a game if you
want to.” Sheryl and me. This is one of my favorite pictures—I'm. The past rears its

Author: Darren McCarty with Kevin Allen

Publisher: Triumph Books

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Looking back on a memorable career, Darren McCarty recounts his time as one of the most visible and beloved members of the Detroit Red Wings as well as his personal struggles with addiction, finances, and women and his daily battles to overcome them. As a member of four Red Wings' Stanley Cup-winning teams, McCarty played the role of enforcer from 1993 to 2004 and returning again in 2008 and 2009. His "Grind Line" with teammates Kris Draper and Kirk Maltby physically overmatched some of the best offensive lines in the NHL, but he was more than just a brawler: his 127 career goals included several of the highlight variety, including an inside-out move against Philadelphia in the clinching game of the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals. As colorful a character as any NHL player, he has arms adorned with tattoos, and he was the lead singer in the hard rock band Grinder during the offseason. Yet this autobiography details what may have endeared him most to his fans: the honest, open way he has dealt with his struggles in life off the ice. Whether dealing with substance abuse, bankruptcy, divorce, or the death of his father, Darren McCarty has always seemed to persevere.

My Favorite Bible Stories

The Giant The enemies of God ' s people came out to fight . They sent their best
fighter out first . His name was Goliath . He was over nine feet tall . He called to
the army of Saul , “ Choose a man to come and fight me . If he wins , we will be ...

Author: Karyn Henley

Publisher: Random House Incorporated

ISBN: 9780679876380

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A collection of forty-eight Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments.

My Favorite Story

Why, mamma, we ought to be crying for happiness. As Leon says, surely the
Kantor family, who fled out of Russia to escape massacre, should know how
terrible slavery can be. That's why we must help our boys, mamma, in their fight to
make ...

Author: Fannie Hurst



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My Favorite Story

Why , mamma , we ought to be crying for happiness . As Leon says , surely the
Kantor family , who fled out of Russia to escape massacre , should know how
terrible slavery can be . That's why we must help our boys , mamma , in their fight
to ...

Author: Ray Long




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Pencil Fight Number 3 When Plants Attack

I wouldn ' t want it to interfere with my other work . If I ever get some time , I ' d like
to try it . Microman was sold in America as Micronauts until I became an adult . Of
the Micronauts , my favorite is the alien Antron which was not released in ...






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Fish Fights

My favorite description is that the bonefish is the “ gray ghost of the flats . ” I have
had my best luck sight fishing for bones when tide activity is the greatest , rising
or falling . The fish seem to venture out of the safety of deeper water onto the ...

Author: Bob Rich

Publisher: Lyons Press

ISBN: 9781585742325

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Here is one man's quest to catch ten record big-game fish and become the first angler inducted into the 50-year-old South Florida Metropolitan Tournament Hall of Fame. Photos.

My Favorite War

They didn't want to fight us . I didn't want to fight them . Only people that wanted to
fight was George and Saddam . They shoulda just climbed into a ring and fought
it out their own damn selves . And they coulda broadcast the shit on HBO .

Author: Christopher John Farley



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When Thurgood Brinkman, a young journalist, joins Sojourner Truth Zapader, a columnist for the Washington Post, in covering the story of the Gulf War, his outlook on America is changed

My Favorite Book of Witches Wizards

And now both my horse and I are worn out and neither of us can go a step further
, even though I know that just beyond those ... I told them my tale , and they swore
that they would fight to free my lady for as long as they lived ” “ And then what ...

Author: Gillian Osband


ISBN: 9780434980253

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Take twelve exciting stories about witches and wizards, culled from traditional folk tales around the world. Add a few verses and songs about sorcerers and the like. Sprinkle on some magic words and spells, and blend in details of real-life magicians and witchcraft through the ages. Then decorate with lots of weird and wonderful illustrations, full of things that go bump in the night. Mix well- and you have the magical brew of fact and fiction.

Fight Night Round 3

If you wanna be the best you have to fight the best . If you want to know what it
takes to rule ... Matt Lemieux : My name is Matt “ BurnKing " Lemieux and I ' m the
Fight Night champ for Rounds 2 and 3 . I ' m 23 and live in a small town outside of

Author: Fernando Bueno


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•Bad Blood: Details on Every Rivalry in ESPN Classic Mode •The Real Deal: Real boxer biographies •Boxing Camp: Tried and true boxing techniques •Being in the Ring: Every venue detailed •Be a Contender: Strategies for every mode, including the PLAYSTATION®3-exclusive Get in the Ring mode

This Perpetual Fight

I would like to have one of my students do original literary research on the
writings of Virginia Woolf . She is my favorite modern English author . But my
students are Germans ; their English is not good enough . I don ' t know when I
shall have ...

Author: Sarah Funke

Publisher: Grolier, Incorporated


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This book was created to accompany the Grolier Club exhibition held from September 16 to November 22, 2008. The books, images, letters, and manuscript material in this exhibition narrate the life and work of Virginia Woolf. They showcase the relationships with her parents, siblings, suitors, friends, lovers, and her husband Leonard Woolf. As many of these individuals significantly affected her life, their relationships were often reflected in her publications. Many of the individuals who played a role in Woolf's life include Clive Bell, John Maynard Keynes, Saxon Sydney-Turner, Duncan Grant, Roger Fry, T.S. Eliot, Dora Carrington, and Leslie and Julia Stephen. Among this group of individuals, hundreds of books, works, and paintings were produced. This catalogue examines materials produced by Virginia Woolf that reveal the mutual enrichment of the group, especially in her most famous works including Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, Orlando, and A Room of One's Own. This Perpetual Fight includes 32 color and 16 black and white illustrations, and contains contributions from Deirdre Bair, Rachel Cohen, Ruth Gruber, Mark Hussey, Peter Stansky, Andrew Solomon, and Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop.

American Couples

Their favorite fights are about money . ... They fight about George not spending
enough time on Sundays with the children . They fight about how to raise them —
but they both consider them a strong support of their marriage . MARGO : Sure ...

Author: Philip Blumstein

Publisher: William Morrow & Company


Category: Social Science

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An authoritative study of contemporary American couples--married, living together, and homosexual--addresses diverse issues involved in their work, money, and sexual and emotional relationships.

The Good Fight

Warm dyes pushing through my veins , lighting up every part of my body . A
biopsy of “ the mass ... In fact our friend Jon Frankel was flying in from New York
and we had planned a dinner at my favorite oceanfront restaurant , First Street
Grille .

Author: Donna Hicken

Publisher: Closet Publishing

ISBN: 9781891232183

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Teens Fight Adult Corruption

All I wanted to do was to keep my job and be the gladiator who conquered Mr.
Rumley and his police - state tactics . But God had a higher purpose , and He
answered our prayers in a bigger and better way . God's favorite thing is to bring
good ...

Author: Buddy Scott

Publisher: Allon Publishing

ISBN: 9780963764522

Category: Family & Relationships

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This is My Best

Acclaimed QPB Authors Share Their Favorite Work Retha Powers, Kathy Kiernan
... he hopped in his jet , soared over the California hills across the Nevada flats ,
then over miles and miles of desert to The Sands and the Clay - Patterson fight .

Author: Retha Powers


ISBN: 9781582881577

Category: American literature

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We all have our favorite pieces by our beloved writers. But what do they think is their own best work? Inspired by an acclaimed collection published in 1942, the editors at the Quality Paperback Book Club invited fiction writers, essayists, poets, playwrights, and cartoonists to choose and comment on their best work. The result is a veritable who's who of contemporary literature and popular culture, including selections by Anne Tyler, Arthur Miller, Gary Trudeau, David Sedaris, Rita Dove, Tom Robbins, Ruth Reichl, T.C. Boyle, Mary Karr, John Updike, and dozens more. Each selection is rewarding in itself; more still for the introductions in which the author explains his or her choice, shedding light on both the work and creative process. Appealing to readers of the annual best short story collections, writers, and fans of the stellar list of contributors, This Is My Best is a landmark literary anthology.

Finland Fights

My favorite colors are blue and yellow , and in the Orkney skies I saw them in
their manifestations , and ever changing , too . It was time for the blackout on the
place beneath , but you could not hurry up a northern sunset . It occupied the
space ...

Author: Herbert Berridge Elliston

Publisher: Boston : Little, Brown


Category: Russo-Finnish War, 1939-1940

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Proof sheets of his book, "Finland Fights," Boston, 1940, sent to Agnes Rothery Pratt for review.