My First Pregnancy

We bet you're bursting with questions! Written by a team of healthcare professionals, My First Pregnancy is here to guide you through all stages of your journey, from finding out the good news to preparing for labour and meeting your baby.

Author: Joanna Girling

Publisher: White Ladder

ISBN: 1910336572

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This comprehensive pregnancy guide offers support and reassuring advice for first-time mums-to-be. Written by a team of medical professionals, it includes important changes to official guidelines and up-to-date information so you can have a safe and enjoyable pregnancy.

The First Mom s Pregnancy Journal

Record your experiences, appointments, medical information, emergency contacts and the growth of your bump in this lovely book. Includes journal pages with prompts to aid in telling the story of you journey to motherhood.

Author: Ivy Publication


ISBN: 9781677075959


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Each Woman's pregnancy is as unique and wonderful as the baby growing inside her. Record your experiences, appointments, medical information, emergency contacts and the growth of your bump in this lovely book. Includes journal pages with prompts to aid in telling the story of you journey to motherhood. Buy yours today and start recording the memories.FEATURES: Due dateEmergency contactsPotential baby namesPages for sonogram and weekly bump photosBirthing planNursery preparationBaby growthPrenatal appointments and resultsBaby shower plansShopping listsWeekly thoughts, meal plan, prompted journaling and bump photoBaby's first phot

Theory and practice of obstetrics including diseases of pregnancy and parturition obstetrical operations etc

Two instances of this kind are related by M . N . Guillot . The first was that of a
lady wbo was surprised during her first pregnancy to find that the front of her neck
was gradually enlarging . When again pregnant , the swelling increased and ...

Author: Pierre Cazeaux




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An Exposition of the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

The Period of Human Gestation, and the Signs of Delivery William Fetherston
Haugh Montgomery. one of the never ... And another womnan , he says ,
menstruated for the first seven months of her first pregnancy , case 31 , div . 1 . I
have met ...

Author: William Fetherston Haugh Montgomery



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A Comparison of Prolactin Status During the First Half of Pregnancy in Strains of Mice Differing Prenatal Survival

TITLE A lamanan d Preachin Status Burning the first thif d Pregnancy Srains a
police willening i Alenabal Surinira Sandra " Sean Paune Master of Arts
Endocrindos CANDIDATE'S NAME CANDIDATE FOR Degree Field of Study The
University ...

Author: Sandra Jean Payne Soga




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Smoking and Hospital Costs During Pregnancy and the First Year of Life

A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment ... for the Degree of Doctor of Public
Health (Health Management and Policy) ... Charlotte Hebeler (J.) SMOKING AND

Author: Charlotte Hebeler (J.)



Category: Health maintenance organization patients

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Health Consequences of Hunger on U S Infants and Children

Did you have any counseling prior to your first pregnancy , and then your second
, and third pregnancy , about the problems you would face as a single parent ? In
other words , did you meet with a social worker ? Did they advise you about the ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Hunger



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Working Mother

DEPO-PROVERA also causes changes in the lining of your uterus that make it
less likely for pregnancy to occur. ... To make sure you are not pregnant when
you first get DEPO-PROVERA Contraceptive Injection, your first injection must be





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The magazine that helps career moms balance their personal and professional lives.

Motherhood How to Survive and Thrive After Your First Pregnancy

I thought briefly about how it would be hard to find any size of yoga pants that
didn't fit snug on my thickerthanever thighs at the moment. Skinny ... blood sugar,
steal her energy, prevent her body from healing postbirth, and on and on. I just sit

Author: Brit Tashjian

Publisher: Hyperink Inc

ISBN: 1614642672

Category: Health & Fitness

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The handmade booties from your great aunt, the trendy stuffed animals you picked out on a leisurely Saturday afternoon and the softer-than-anything-you’ve-ever-felt baby blanket you kept petting during your pregnancy to remind yourself this whole thing is real, are all great to have. But they’re about as useful as a hand towel in a tsunami when the first year with your first baby actually gets going. What you need is a personal strategy to batten down the hatches of your life and stock up on resources to turn that tsunami into a fun-filled day at the water park. What you need is the forecast. I’ve heard more than a few moms talk about what they wish they had known that first year. In the quest for your life to normalize, and even more than that, to reach a new level of satisfying energy and the larger-than-yourself joy that parenting promised, I suggest giving prioritized focus and gentle awareness to five key areas, enabling you to become the balanced and beautiful mother that you knew you could be as soon as you peed on that stick. I’m telling you what we all wish we could have told ourselves.

The First 12 Months of Motherhood

When the thought first crossed my consciousness , I felt a fleeting whisper of
elation . I had not really enjoyed pregnancy , and the first few months of
motherhood were not exactly fraught with merriment . Yet the sweetness of
holding my ...

Author: Susan Hassebrock

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Contemporary

ISBN: 9781565656338

Category: Medical

Page: 240

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In this important guide, Hassebrock explores in detail all of mom's "firsts" which occur in the first year of her baby's life. Featuring stories from other new mothers and opinions by expert doctors, "The First 12 Months of Motherhood" guides new mothers with helpful advice and self-evaluations.

The Birth of the First Grandchild

In fact , one grandmother shared this experience with her daughter . " I learned
about it when my daughter was late on her period and confided in me . We did
her pregnancy test together and it was exciting to be the first to know along with
her .

Author: Cathleen Erin McGreal



Category: Grandparent and child

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The American Lancet

The shape assumed is that of prompt and positive diagnosis of early pregnancy ,
as the a fan , balloon or jug . The change is most apparent in opprobrium
obstetrici . the median line . Compes makes the examination as In the first months
the ...

Author: Leartus Connor



Category: Medicine


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Pregnancy Stories

Nobody knows what caused the bleeding. My doctor suspected that I had a cyst
on my ovary that ruptured. After that unusual and highly emotional episode, the
rest of my first trimester went off without a hitch. The first trimester of my second ...

Author: Cecelia A. Cancellaro

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications Incorporated

ISBN: 9781572242364

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 260

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A collection of stories by and about pregnant women traces the various stages of pregnancy, covering sonograms, complications, exercise, weight gain, miscarriage, long pregnancies, and many other issues.

Stretching and pregnancy

Some personal reflections My pregnancies Both my pregnancies were healthy
and normal and I experienced no morning sickness — just a low level of
queasiness in the first trimester of each. I felt more tired the first time around, and
put this ...

Author: Kit Laughlin


ISBN: 9780731810956

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The Influence of Prenatal and Perinatal Factors on Development During the First Year of Life

investigation , 1957 – 61 , and being on the aver - that women who smoke give
birth to infants age 41 , lowest for those who regularly with a low birth weight .
Those women who attended pregnancy examinations , namely 30 . smoke 1 - 2 ...

Author: Bengt Zachau-Christiansen



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Pregnancy For Dummies

This UK edition includes information on: Getting the best care from the NHS for you and your baby Welfare benefits for mothers and mums to be.

Author: Sarah Jarvis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119997061

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 384

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In Pregnancy For DummiesDr Sarah Jarvis takes the reader through pregnancy,trimester bytrimester,following the baby’s growth and describing medical issues that might ensue. This UK edition includes information on: Getting the best care from the NHS for you and your baby Welfare benefits for mothers and mums to be. The newborn baby Taking care of yourself after delivery Choosing breast- or bottle-feeding Special considerations,such as age, multiple births, complications, illness New ultrasound techniques,such as 4D Working while pregnant and deciding when to return Considering “alternative birth”procedures Selecting and using an infant car seat Preparing home,family and siblings for new baby Caring for a premature child

The First Conference on the Clinical Delineation of Birth Defects Malformation syndromes

I would like briefly to mention a group of conditions , which , to my mind , hold out
even greater promise of providing clues ... of the mother and the fetus must play
some role in pathogenesis since the effects of the same viral insult in pregnancy

Author: Daniel Bergsma



Category: Abnormalities, Human


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Vegetarian Pregnancy

Nothing I tried , including saltines , special teas , acupressure bands on my wrists
, or eating many small meals , seemed to provide any relief . I was also , as had
been true with my first pregnancy , craving salt and eating odd junk food items ...

Author: Sharon Yntema


ISBN: 9780935526219

Category: Cooking

Page: 335

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Explains the specific advantages of vegetarianism to pregnant women, clears up common misconceptions, and discusses nutritional needs during pregnancy

The Children s Hospital of Philadelphia Book of Pregnancy and Child Care

With my second baby , I knew even before I missed a period . My breasts starting
aching and I couldn't tolerate coffee immediately - couldn't even stand the smell .
Some of these signs might have been there with my first pregnancy but I just ...

Author: Patrick S. Pasquariello

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 636

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Covers pregnancy, child birth, and child care, discussing such topics as growth and development, children with special needs, health-care options, safety, and nutrition

The First to Speak

Congratula– tions on your pregnancy!”—really translated into “So, you been
making whoopee, huh? A little turn in the hay? A little bun in the oven? Tiger in
the tank? Get it on, Fertile Myrtle!” Since I was one of the first pregnant women on
the ...

Author: Kristin Clark Taylor

Publisher: Doubleday Books

ISBN: 9780385425100

Category: History

Page: 303

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The former Director of Media Communications for the Bush administration describes her tenure as a member of the White House press office and the challenges she faced as an African-American woman. 20,000 first printing. $20,000 ad/promo. Tour.