Mystic s Musings eBook

An intriguing look into the truth that lies at the core of existence, this book provokes readers to delve into spaces that are not for the faint-hearted, yet deftly guides us with answers about reality that transcend our fears, angers, ...

Author: Sadhguru

Publisher: Isha Foundation


Category: Religion

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Mystic’s Musings is a compilation of extracts from Sadhguru’s discourses and talks. An intriguing look into the truth that lies at the core of existence, this book provokes readers to delve into spaces that are not for the faint-hearted, yet deftly guides us with answers about reality that transcend our fears, angers, hopes, and struggles. Sadhguru keeps us teetering on the edge of logic and captivates us with his answers to questions relating to life, death, rebirth, suffering, karma, and the journey of the Self.


9: Mystic and philosophical she is a great philosopher and this is truly evident in
her books –'Songs of life' written in expressive prose narrative influenced by
Blake and Romantic poets. This book – 'Musings of A Mystic' is another book
which ...


Publisher: Clever Fox Publishing

ISBN: 8194681804

Category: Poetry

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Prose poetry is poetry written in prose form instead of verse form, while preserving poetic qualities such as heightened imagery, parataxis and emotional effects. The present book “Musings of a Mystic” by Jyotirmaya Thakur is a fine example of this dictionary definition. Her present collection of poetic nuggets is drawn from the nature which has become a part and parcel of her temperament. It appears that she has captured the many moods of nature by sitting on the easy chair adjacent to a window of her favourite room. Here it is pertinent to note that the language of the prose poems is flowery but full of messages. Her style of describing even petty and not-so-important things is amazing. For example, in her prose poem A Gentle Leaf, she aptly says that “This discoloured leaf intricate by design is mine. It naturally drives aging by divine grace. Swirling away from its branch by the breeze currents like rolling waves.” Beautiful imagery has added lusture to the poem.

Musings of a Chinese Mystic

Lionel Giles. Musings of a Chinese Mystic Lionel Giles "l1 Musings of a Chinese
Mystic Lionel Giles NOTE THE extracts. Front Cover.

Author: Lionel Giles

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465536000

Category: Mysticism

Page: 112

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Memories and Musings of a Post Postmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman

Jeffrey Charles Archer. Memories and Musings of a PostPostmodern Nomadic
Mystic Madman Jeffrey Charles Archer Memories and Musings of a
PostPostmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman All.

Author: Jeffrey Charles Archer

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468954903

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 1

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Disillusioned with the official religion and institution, artifice and constructs offered as "reality," author Jeffrey Charles Archer hit the road and discovered things are indeed not what they say. Shapeshifters, skinwalkers, sasquatch, fairies and other fantastic creatures and extraordinary experiences make up the true tellings of Memories and Musings of a Post-Postmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman.

Gurus of Modern Yoga

See Swami Nisarga's introduction to Mystic's Musings (Vasudev, 2003: iii). 7. The
Art of Living Website mentions that at age seventeen Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
completed his “traditional studies in Vedic literature and a degree in modern
science” ...

Author: Mark Singleton

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199374953

Category: Religion

Page: 416

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Within most pre-modern, Indian traditions of yoga, the role of the guru is absolutely central. Indeed, it was often understood that yoga would simply not work without the grace of the guru. The modern period saw the dawn of new, democratic, scientific modes of yoga practice and teaching. While teachings and gurus have always adapted to the times and circumstances, the sheer pace of cultural change ushered in by modernity has led to some unprecedented innovations in the way gurus present themselves and their teachings, and the way they are received by their students. Gurus of Modern Yoga explores the contributions of individual gurus to the formation of the practices and discourses of yoga today. The focus is not limited to India, but also extends to the teachings of yoga gurus in the modern, transnational world, and within the Hindu diaspora. Each section deals with a different aspect of the guru within modern yoga. Included are extensive considerations of the transnational tantric guru; the teachings of modern yoga's best-known guru, T. Krishnamacharya, and those of his principal disciples; the place of technology, business and politics in the work of global yoga gurus; and the role of science and medicine. As a whole, the book represents an extensive and diverse picture of the place of the guru, both past and present, in contemporary yoga practice.

Astrology Tarot Spirit

These volumes are an edited and expanded compilation derived from Pluto's Cave's highly acclaimed newsletters.

Author: Noel Eastwood

Publisher: Noel Eastwood

ISBN: 0648364836

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 150

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These volumes are an edited and expanded compilation derived from Pluto's Cave's highly acclaimed newsletters. They incorporate the great passions of the author's life: astrology, tarot, taoist meditation, personal growth and Jungian archetypal psychotherapy. Now retired Noel shares his experience and understanding through his writing and in mentoring students and professionals on the path of the mystic. This is also available in paperback and audiobook.

Mystic Twine

Musings of Mind and Spirit J. Michaels. Mystic Twine Musings of Mind and Spirit J
. MICHAELS MYSTIC TWINE Musings of Mind and Spirit Copyright © 2010J.

Author: J. Michaels

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621897141

Category: Social Science

Page: 132

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Mystic Twine is a voyage into the numinous realm of the mind and spirit, told in the ancient style of the storyteller. Contained within are weird and wonderful tales, mind and spiritual explorations, prayers and callings, and occasionally a glimpse into the author's view of the absurdities of life in the material world. These are very personal poems, told in quiet confidence to those who keep their ear to the spiritual sound and their eyes on the divine landscape. They reflect a journey that we will all take at some point in our lives. Their source is un-nameable, but they come clothed in a confidence born of the certainty of truth; the kind of truth known upon impact, the kind of truth that requires no validation other than the knowing that fills our mind and soul when we encounter it. I invite you to accompany me on this journey, a voyage that refreshes us all simultaneously. The nature of these ageless odes, in large part, remains a mystery even to me, and I welcome the occasion to explore them with you, my brothers and sisters. I do not write them to sell nor to glorify myself, but rather I pass them on as a sort of divine pact that I have made with their Source. I ask simply that you turn the page and see if they call out to you.

Musings and Memories

A Mystic Tie . 70 E met as strangers upon life ' s highway But sympathy was
written on thy face ; And I was sick with sorrow on that day , And felt the rareness
of thy tender grace . It sooth ' d me with a loving gentleness , And I scarce
realized we ...

Author: Emmeline Blanche Wells



Category: Mormons

Page: 304

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Musings of a Chinese Mystic

Author: Zhuangzi



Category: Philosophy, Chinese

Page: 112

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Mystic Musings in Religions

Mysticism is the pursuit of communion with, identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God, through direct experience, intuition or insight.

Author: Kurian Kachappilly


ISBN: 9788192512181

Category: Mysticism

Page: 235

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Rambles and Musings

While o ' er the paths of worlds we gazed , Athwart the darkness went a lightA
meteor for a moment blazed , Then dropped away to mystic night . QUEEN
HARVEST . It came to while a pensive hour , That rosy dream of vanished years ,
And ...

Author: John Rowell Waller




Page: 136

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Rampling sketches in the Far north and Orcadian musings

The mystic Druid would then , perhaps , cut his mistletoe from the boughs of
some stalwart oak , and perform his religious rites within the moon - shaped circle
of Stennéss , or upon the rockbound coast of some favourite isle , where “
Screams ...

Author: Robert Menzies Fergusson



Category: Orkney (Scotland)

Page: 177

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Cues from All Quarters Or The Literary Musings of a Clerical Recluse

Life , says a modern Essayist - not so great an Essayist by a good deal as
Montaigne , but more than Montaigne a sceptic , and much more than Montaigne
a mystic - Life itself , they tell us , “ is a bubble and a scepticism , and a sleep
within a ...

Author: Francis Jacox




Page: 340

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Garden of Secrets

This book will reveal the true meaning of Jihad, as the doctrine of Sufism accentuated on inner Jihad, which means the closing of one's heart to the inner enemies of retaliation, envy and infidelity.

Author: MINHAS

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 120

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There lies an astounding spiritual depth in the teachings of the Sufi Mystics. The Sufi Mysticism consists in endeavoring to reconcile the doctrines of all religions of the world through the philosophy of love. This piece of art is founded upon the teachings of the Sufi Mystics. The current problem of terrorism, in the name of Jihad, has blighted the lives of many people. This book will reveal the true meaning of Jihad, as the doctrine of Sufism accentuated on inner Jihad, which means the closing of one's heart to the inner enemies of retaliation, envy and infidelity. This book also covers the foremost topics like the mystery of love, the status of women in Sufism, science of transformation, management lessons in Sufism, relevance of the Spiritual Master, controlling the Nafs and, most significantly, the Fifteen Fundamentals of life. The book covers the teachings of Persian Mystic "Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi" (in the world of Sufis, Rumi is the Emperor) and many other Sufi Mystics from the past. This book is a gift, an experience of the divine and therefore; it is recommended to be read periodically to reinforce the key messages of the Sufi Mystics in one's life. Remember, the path of spirituality is not easy for those who seek temporary happiness. It is a journey of hardship, and one must keep an enormous amount of patience and blind faith in the master's teachings to pursue permanent peace and happiness. Note: The author makes no claim to being either an Islamic Scholar or a Spiritual Master. The author is merely a seeker of love through the teachings of the Sufi Mystics.

Country musings or Poems secular and sacred

... the bright , the dark endure , With unperturbed mind . Weaken temptation ' s
mystic spell ; Be thou my COUNTRY MUSINGS . 105.

Author: W. B. Graham




Page: 120

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Twilight Musings

... To change the water into rosy red , To multiply the scattered loaves of bread ,
Till hungry thousands , by his power are fed :Through the few mystic words , by
Jesus said . These walls will perish — these material stones Will crumble into
dust ...

Author: Harriet Burn McKeever



Category: American poetry

Page: 263

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Metrical Musings

The tomb of every warm belief , They strike upon the heart ' s deep chords , Like
the faint warning of a dreamThe shadows from some mystic shore , Where jewels
flash - where roses gleamWe hear the wailing tones — “ No more ! " “ No more !

Author: Maria Morris



Category: American poetry

Page: 188

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Abstract Musings

Endless glimmers reach beyond altostratus clouds, though undiscovered;
Obscured cottony canopies mask, hazing where mystic crafts hovered. Ashen
darkness trespasses, vanquishing ribbons veiling Earth's domain; There in
evaporation's ...

Author: Judith LaHaie

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1456717103

Category: Poetry

Page: 456

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Abstract Musings is a collection of poetical verse where honest feelings are unveiled as disclosed from the imagination of the author. Inspiring works are, offered, inviting open-mindedness as repetitive messages, flow, exposing truth of life where not all is pure and wonderful. Very often rhythmic words combine to form haunting images, revealing belief that everything is mystically possible, yet, sometimes horribly insufferable. Much of this poetry reflects ideals inciting fate as reality on a journey through designated vistas. Many show that, moments of fear obliterate hope, telling we must offer heart-felt prayers to GOD asking to, be shown a new path to our destined eternity. Throughout this book faith is, revealed as uppermost always, testifying to our Creator's power over HIS scientific domain. Existence and illusion intertwined invariably by love or loss are recurring themes explored intuitively in, these writings. Two of Judith's newest poems, "Castles of Sand" and "Crystal Beaches", are examples of the author's passionate cries voicing inequality for mankind, with greed totally violating harmonious guardianship of our Earth. They were, penned mid 2010 after the devastation caused to the world by corrupt governments, big banks, and big corporations (particularly BP) was, realized. Abstract Musings correlates social and moral conscience, deigned through thought and vision by a questing soul, displayed lyrically within the pages of this volume.

Occasional Musings

Sweet mystic harp , the charm of Æolus ! Not all repulse can song repel ; It must
exist , whate'er men tell us ,The love of song's the poet's spell . Nor less , sweet
harp , than once a boyThe time I sang my baby layThe man hath found in thee a ...

Author: Thomas Pentecost




Page: 16

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Leisure Musings

... Such times of progress scarce were seen , Before this grand project began . No
poet has sung kind Billy ' s praise , His worth ne ' er tun ' d the mystic lyre ; But he
deserves my feeble l ' ays , His noble looks my verse inspire . I ' ve watch ' d ...

Author: Silas Cryer




Page: 72

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