Naaman and the Servant Girl

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Jesus er Messias

The Children in the Bible series is a well-written and delightfully illustrated character building series for kids age 3 and up.


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The Children in the Bible series is a well-written and delightfully illustrated character building series for kids age 3 and up. The 10 books introduce the reader to the childhood of famous Bible-characters like Isaac and Jesus teaching children the values of determination, generosity, compassion and more.

Naaman and the Little Servant Girl


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Naaman and the Little Servant Girl

When the Syrian general Naaman develops a skin disease, his Jewish servant girl advises him to seek out the prophet Elisha.


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When the Syrian general Naaman develops a skin disease, his Jewish servant girl advises him to seek out the prophet Elisha.

The Famous Unknown Servant Girl

This is an intriguing, fictional account, one meant to stir the imagination of anybody, especially of an Old Testament reader.

Author: Brad Towle

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This is an intriguing, fictional account, one meant to stir the imagination of anybody, especially of an Old Testament reader. So many times we read a verse, and go right on to the next, and never meditate on what we have just read. Much of this story is fiction, imagined from meditating on two such verses. II Kings 5:2,3 mention a servant girl of Naaman's wife. Neither are ever named. However, the girl is brave enough to tell her mistress of a prophet in the country of Samaria, which is in the Kingdom of Israel, who is able to heal Naaman of his leprosy. Naaman was the captain of the Syrian Army around 850 B.C. In the account of the war between Syria and Israel, as recorded in I Kings 15, God gave Captain Naaman the victory over Israel. In II Kings 5, it is written that Naaman was a mighty man of valor, but was a leper. So who was this servant girl, and where did she come from? This is a story, and only a story. Let your imagination flow with the possibility of what might have been...

Big Puzzles for Little Hands

She lived in the house of a man named Naaman, a captain in the Syrian army.
One day Naaman became very sick. He had leprosy, which caused bad sores all
over his body. The servant girl felt sorry for her master, even though he had taken

Author: Carla Williams

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From mazes to color-by-number to seek and find, these puzzles will help even your smallest students learn from the examples of kids in the Bible. Over 80 lessons from the Old and New Testaments are included, with a memory verse, teaching tips and easy instructions provided for each lesson. 96 pages.

Destiny Arise

His servant reasoned with him, and finally Naaman dipped in the Jordan. After
seven dips, he came up clean. No more leprosy. Complete healing (2 Kings 5).
Naaman had a variety of help toward his destiny of healing. First, the servant girl

Author: Pamela D. White

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Who am I? What am I doing here? Where am I going? Everyone at some point in life asks these questions. You were wired to ask and engineered to pursue the answers. The road to discovering destiny is besieged by fiascoes, failures, and the agony of defeat. If your strength has been depleted and has caused you to give up, sit down, push pause, and snooze until another day, then this book is just for you! Amazing experiences are waiting for you. Get ready to be awakened from the posture of defeat, depression, and despair. Destiny Arise is an easy-to-read book, providing tools to aid in living an amazing life. This book is designed as a trip adviser for your expedition. It will teach you how to evict the spirit of mediocrity and use your past to propel you into your future. You will learn how to shake off the common, arising to be an uncommon force taking your rightful place in the earth. You can change the world. I pray this book will ignite a passionate fire to pursue your destiny unapologetically. Destiny, awake from your slumber and arise.

Outstanding Black Sermons

Apparently , there was something in this young girl that made Naaman's wife take
her advice and tell her husband . Naaman demonstrated the strength of his own
character in taking that servant girl's advice . Even though he was the boss ...

Author: James Alfred Smith

Publisher: Outstanding Black Sermons


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Showcasing the best preaching in today's black churches, these sermons demonstrate the social relevance of the gospel in the black experience.


So Naaman stalked away , raging mad . The servant girl really was courageous
to speak to him now . Naaman was so angry there was no telling what he might
do . But she bravely said , “ If the prophet had commanded you to do some great

Author: Jann Aldredge-Clanton


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Extreme Faith

I ' d be upset , but Naaman ' s servant girl seems to have adjusted quite well .
How do we know ? That ' ll take some explanation . Naaman was a very
important commander in the army of Syria . He was renowned for being in control
. He was a ...

Author: Tim Baker

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Traces the lives of twelve young people from the Bible, including Isaac, David, and Mary, and their extreme love for God.

Conversion in the Old Testament

2 Kings , and the servant girl ' s response to Naaman ' s pain sets a high standard
of loving even captors enough to explain God ' s power to them . Naaman , like
the widow of Zarephat before him ( cf . 1 Kgs . 17 : 7 - 24 ) , realizes that the God ...

Author: Billy Abner Mayaya



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Strong in Heart

Naaman ' s Servants 2 KINGS 5 : 1 - 14 IV aaman ' s servants knew he was ill . ...
When the Hebrew servant girl who attended Naaman ' s wife suggested that
Naaman go to see the prophet in Samaria who had the power to cure leprosy ...

Author: Marjorie L. Kimbrough

Publisher: Dimensions for Living

ISBN: 9780687006786

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In this companion volume to She Is Worthy: Encounters with Biblical Women, Marjorie Kimbrough examines men in the Bible who, in her view, demonstrate true strength of character through their acts of selfless compassion. In a world where power is typically defined by dominance and self-centeredness, these biblical men testify to a radically different kind of power and strength. In their ability to reach beyond themselves, to consider the needs of others, and to act on the behalf of others, these biblical men demonstrate that their true strength lies in their compassion. Suitable for individual reflection or group study, each reflection is composed of a brief introduction to the figure, key biblical references, and reflection questions. Each of these fifty character sketches not only introduces you to the lives of these biblical men, but also helps you imaginatively put yourself in the characters' situations and examine your own capacity for compassion. Book jacket.

The Children s Discovery Bible Devotions

Naaman Gets Help from a Servant Girl Bible story from II Kings 5 : 1-15 . Naaman
was the leader of a big army . But Naaman was sick with leprosy . No doctors
knew how to help him get well . A girl who worked as a servant in Naaman's
house ...

Author: Carla Williams

Publisher: Chariot Victor Pub

ISBN: 9780781400121

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A collection of forty interactive devotional readings based on stories from the Old and New Testaments.

Military Chaplains Review

Naaman had seen a lot of active duty and had been a successful leader , but the
story tells us he was a leper . There was an Israelite girl who had become a
servant of Naaman ' s wife . With deep faith the servant girl said that if only her
master ...






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Caring for Physical Needs

6 / Naaman , the Leper 2 Kings 5 : 1 - 15 knew Diana was growing when she was
able to say , “ I have come to realize that there are others all around me who are
... In that setting , a take - charge man learned about need — from a servant girl .

Author: Phyllis J. Le Peau

Publisher: Intervarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830811960

Category: Social Science

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Caring for Physical Needs is one title in the eight-title Caring People Bible Studies series, in which all aspects of caregiving are studied.

The Widow Traditions in Luke Acts

Author: Robert M. Price

Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature


Category: Religion

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The Juvenile instructor and companion

Did Naaman after this renounce idolatry , and resolve to be henceforth a
worshipper of the true God ? ... The wondrous cure of Naaman and his
conversion sprang from the meek and simple statement of a little servant girl ,
who was a stranger ...

Author: Young people





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Proclaiming Good News on Special Days

C . Problem We shouldn ' t be too surprised by Naaman ' s reaction when Elisha
did not come out and pray before him and wave his hand over the place ... First ,
we have already mentioned that He worked through that captive servant girl .



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Mom s Big Activity Book for Building Little Characters

A little servant girl lived in Naaman's house. She believed that God could heal
her dear master. One morning she told Naaman's wife about a man of God who
lived in Israel. With a glow in her eyes, she assured the important woman that
Elisha ...

Author: Rebecca Bertolini

Publisher: Victor Books

ISBN: 9780896939806

Category: Child development

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The Christian Girl s Guide to Your Mom

Most people would become angry, bitter and even vengeful toward their captors,
but this girl loved and honored God. So she tried to make the best of a bad
situation. The servant girl knew about Naaman's leprosy. She also knew of Elisha
, ...

Author: Marilyn Copley Hilton

Publisher: Legacy Press (CA)

ISBN: 9781584110453

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Mom. You love her, but sometimes you wonder what makes her tick. After all, you're growing up, but you still need her help along the way. Through reading, journaling, quizzes, crafts and devotions, The Christian Girl's Guide to Your Mom, will help you understand Mom better, and grow together with God's guidance.