Near and Distant Horizons

Is there a wellspring of knowledge that can neutralize the duality of the world by offering a unified vision of the Whole? This work reflects upon the significance of three principal sources of knowledge in the Islamic Traditions.

Author: John Herlihy

Publisher: Sophia Perennis

ISBN: 9781597310086

Category: Philosophy

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Near and Distant Horizons: In Search of the Primary Sources of Knowledge With originality and insight, the author makes a compelling case for the need to identify the sources of a traditional knowledge that still has the power to enrich people's lives in today's materialistic and anti-spiritual world. What are the true sources of knowledge? Are there headwaters for the universal laws of nature? Is there a source so transcendent that it can resolve the perennial mystery concerning the origin of life and the creation of man? Is there a wellspring of knowledge that can neutralize the duality of the world by offering a unified vision of the Whole? This work reflects upon the significance of three principal sources of knowledge in the Islamic Traditions. They are Revelation as the expression of the supreme mind of God, Nature as the universal body of God, and Man as the human image of God. The book's absorbing inquiry and reflective style throw light on the dark mysteries that still confront people today, and will appeal to readers interested in an alternative to the theories of modern science, taking them on an inward journey whose destination lies far beyond the horizon of our time. John Herlihy, an American Muslim, was educated at Boston University and Columbia University in New York City. He has written a number of books on traditional themes, including Modern Man at the Crossroads and Borderlands of the Spirit. He is the Director of an educational program at the Petroleum Institute, a new engineering university in the United Arab Emirates.

Distant Horizons

This is the guiding premise behind Distant Horizons, which uses the scope of data newly available to us through digital libraries to tackle previously elusive questions about literature.

Author: Ted Underwood

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022661297X

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Just as a traveler crossing a continent won’t sense the curvature of the earth, one lifetime of reading can’t grasp the largest patterns organizing literary history. This is the guiding premise behind Distant Horizons, which uses the scope of data newly available to us through digital libraries to tackle previously elusive questions about literature. Ted Underwood shows how digital archives and statistical tools, rather than reducing words to numbers (as is often feared), can deepen our understanding of issues that have always been central to humanistic inquiry. Without denying the usefulness of time-honored approaches like close reading, narratology, or genre studies, Underwood argues that we also need to read the larger arcs of literary change that have remained hidden from us by their sheer scale. Using both close and distant reading to trace the differentiation of genres, transformation of gender roles, and surprising persistence of aesthetic judgment, Underwood shows how digital methods can bring into focus the larger landscape of literary history and add to the beauty and complexity we value in literature.

Distant Horizons

Author: Humphrey Thompson



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The Near and the Heavenly Horizons

The thought of you , passionately cherished at first , would recede towards the
distant horizon , would remain suspended there , and only rare intervals and
hours of sadness would lead them back to you . No one is indispensable to any
other ...

Author: Valérie Boissier de Gasparin



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The idea that the ship was near the Florida Keys stems purely from a very
inaccurate Coast Guard assessment that was continuously recycled by the news.
There is no possible way that the MSQ could have been near entering the Florida

Author: Gian Quasar


ISBN: 1105192520

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Truth is stranger than fiction, it is said. If so then Distant Horizons presents some of the strangest sea mysteries of all time. For it is not the product of uncritically passing along tales of the sea. It is the result of decades of research. The stories in this compendium are true, often presented with meticulous detail. Sometimes this explodes myth. Sometimes the facts reveal myth to be anemic by comparison. Famous ghost ships like the Mary Celeste and the Carroll A. Deering have become literary formula and economic rehash. But what are the actual facts? Thousands of derelicts once peppered the North Atlantic, but these two mystery ships have stood the test of time. What is really so unique about them? The Bermuda Triangle has earned its infamous reputation, but is it really to blame for some of its most famous victims? Did the Marine Sulphur Queen truly even vanish in the Triangle? What about the USS Cyclops? Could it truly be the American version of the HMS Bounty?

Distant Horizons

A September moon was flooding the valley with soft light—the surface of the
water like a sheet of silver— as Olga and I took a last walk along the banks of the
lovely Tola River. From the eddies came the splash and gurgle of water. All
around ...

Author: Carl Shreve



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Whaia Nga Pae O Te Maramatanga Te Pae Tata Te Pae Tawhiti Kia Puta Ki Te Whaiao Ki Te Ao Marama

Author: Martin Langdon


ISBN: 9780473238810

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The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies

The cairn group near Carmel , south - east Dyfed ( contours in metres ) .
RESULTS OF THE SURVEY The distant horizon measurements of the cairns
included in the survey are variously expressed diagrammatically in Figures 5 , 6
and 7.

Author: University of Wales. Board of Celtic Studies



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Includes glosses of the Welsh language, bardic vocabulary, etc.


An impressive result is the clear and sharp increase in the proportion of distant
horizons at relative azimuths close to zero — i . e ... In the preferred direction the
proportions of category D and A ( furthest and nearest ) horizons are 66 % and 17




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Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics

The near and distant horizons were states . ? defined , respectively , as those
contracts expirActual breeding and market inventories are ing 2 to 3 months and
7 to 8 months after the taken from the USDA Hogs and Pigs Final day of the
report ...




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Ad Astra Per Aspera Et Per Ludum

These profiles indicate the horizon distances of each site . Areas found in the
North on the 2 - D profiles tended to have close horizons whilst those in the South
were the more distant . Now , as these sites are located on islands , the sites
could ...

Author: European Association of Archaeologists. Meeting

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited


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The study of astronomy in ancient societies is becoming ever more popular among archaeologists as is reflected in this collection of twelve papers been taken from a session held at the European Association of Archaeologists Eighth Annual Meeting held in Thessaloniki in 2002. It becomes clear that astronomy is considered as an important motivation for the construction of many monuments across the ancient world. Divided into three sections, the contributions discuss archaeological, and astronomical, evidence from ancient Egypt, prehistoric and Hellenic Europe and, in one paper only, Mesoamerica. In addition to examining specific monuments, sites and buildings, the papers discuss what these reveal about the cosmology and technical ability of a range of cultures. Supported throughout by astronomical diagrams.

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

In TABLE III the ratios of the the visible , i . e . , topographic horizon as well arent
distance of the zenith to that of as the ... toRELATION BETWEEN THE DISTANCE
OF THE ward nearby obstructions ( distance 400 SIBLE HORIZON AND THE ...

Author: American Meteorological Society



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List of members in v. 1, 8.

The Friendship Book 2005

ROCKS OF AGES — Bempton Cliffs from Thornwick Bay near Flamborough.
Niarbyl, Isle of Man. BEST FOOT FORWARD — River Wharfe, Yorkshire. STILL
MILL ...

Author: Francis Gay

Publisher: Dc Thomson & Company Limited

ISBN: 9780851168562

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A wonderful annual read that provides day after day heartfelt, warming, uplifting thoughts for the reader. Full of memorable quotes and color photoghraphs that remind the reader of the charm and beauty of nature that surrounds us.

Grace and Glory

... men are accustomed to see only near objects in the city , — their range of
vision being contracted within close limits by the narrow streets and the adjacent
houses , with little opportunity of far - reaching views of blue hills and distant
horizons ...

Author: Adoniram Judson Gordon



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Distant Horizons

Author: James Alix Michel


ISBN: 9781899839100

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American Economist

... the de . fense of American interests is no longer necessary ? Are there not still
near as well as " distant horizons ? " And beneath which horizons are these
markets " waiting , " holding out their hands , as it were , in a spirit of eager
receptivity ...




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IAWM Journal

For some reason , I associate all of these sounds with the bluish distant horizons
broken by jagged , barren mountains ... of homesteading cotton farmers ,
Osborne was born in Deming , New Mexico , a small town near the Mexican
border .

Author: International Alliance for Women in Music



Category: Women composers


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Near East North Africa Report

You have recovered as a party devoid of illusions , seeing a distant horizon for
Palestine , a complete , free democratic secular Palestine , seeing a nearby
horizon for Palestine embracing the Palestinian people ' s right to determine their




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th fac ca ex ре WE foPu ! tod my sm int my sou clir of a suppose I was leading a
simple life , but at the same time I felt greatly enlarged and once distant horizons
now seemed close and familiar ; a new perception of space gained strength in
my ...

Author: Charles Brasch



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The First Stonehenge

Knowing the difficulty with which the actual distant horizon could be distinguished
, he chose intervening marker promontories to help him remember the exact point
on the horizon beyond . These were usually the nearest available and the ...

Author: Gaynor Francis

Publisher: Sterling/Main Street


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