Nourishing Your Child for Health Happiness

Child Health Specialist, Nutritionist, Naturopath and Educator, Sally Gray ND, has released her new book outlining the blueprint for optimal health outcomes for children.

Author: Sally Marie Gray

Publisher: Real Healthy Kids - S Gray

ISBN: 0987238108



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Child Health Specialist, Nutritionist, Naturopath and Educator, Sally Gray ND, has released her new book outlining the blueprint for optimal health outcomes for children. This easy to follow book takes the reader through the key health and nutrition concepts that are crucial to achieve lasting health, happiness and well being for children now and into the future. A range of delicious family friendly recipes complement the cutting edge theory that are the culmination of over a decade's experience and research as a Naturopath who has specialised in child health and helped hundreds of families restore good health for their children.

How to Nourish Your Child Through an Eating Disorder

A Simple, Plate-by-Plate Approach to Rebuilding a Healthy Relationship with Food Casey Crosbie, Wendy Sterling ... And the pressure to succeed couldn't be higher; your child's life, health, and happiness depend on successful ...

Author: Casey Crosbie

Publisher: The Experiment

ISBN: 1615194509

Category: Psychology

Page: 324

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Help your child eat normally again Parents are the first to know when their child starts behaving differently. Has your son stopped eating his favorite food, or does he refuse to eat out with friends? Has your daughter drastically increased her exercise regimen, or become obsessed with health foods? These are among the telltale signs that your child, like millions of others, may have an eating disorder (ED). In this essential guide, registered dietitians Casey Crosbie and Wendy Sterling introduce an all-new strategy you can use to help your child at home. The Plate-by-Plate approach is rooted in family-based treatment (FBT)—the leading psychological therapy for EDs. Unlike complicated “exchange” systems, this is simple: Crosbie and Sterling coach you through every aspect of meeting your child’s nutritional needs, using just one tool—a ten-inch plate. Paired with therapy, this intuitive, visual method is the best way to support your child on the path to recovery. Plus, the authors cover how to talk about diet and weight, what to do while traveling, what to expect from your child’s doctor, and much more.

Healthy Food Healthy Gut Happy Child

The Real Dirt on Raising Healthy Kids in a Processed World Maya Shetreat-Klein. 1. Healthy, nourished cells flush most nasty exposures. This also depends partly on our individual genetics, or polymorphisms, as well as on previous ...

Author: Maya Shetreat-Klein

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1509816119

Category: Family & Relationships


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From allergies and ADHD to mental illnesses and obesity, new studies show the alarming rise of chronic diseases in children. A traditionally trained paediatric neurologist and a parent herself, Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein encountered the limits of conventional medicine when her son suffered a severe episode of asthma on his first birthday and began a backward slide in his development. Treatments failed to reverse his condition, so Dr Shetreat-Klein embarked on a scientific investigation, discovering that food was at the root of her son's illness, affecting his digestive system, immune system and brain. The solution was shockingly simple: heal the food, heal the gut, heal the brain . . . and heal the child. Dr Shetreat-Klein shifted the focus of her practice and has since successfully helped chronically ill patients from around the world. Revealing the profound connections between food, nature and children's health, the book explains how food is constantly changing kids' bodies, brains and even genes - for better or for worse. She also shares success stories from her practice and tips as a working mother of three on stocking healing foods (from veggies to chocolate!), reading labels and getting even picky eaters into the new menu.

Super Nutrition for Babies Revised Edition

The Best Way to Nourish Your Baby from Birth to 24 Months Katherine Erlich, Kelly Genzlinger. Between 18 and 24 months, your child might ... Providing adequate ingredients from nutritious foods is the recipe for a healthy, happy child!

Author: Katherine Erlich

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

ISBN: 1631595172

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

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Freshly revised and updated to include incredible full-color photography, Super Nutrition for Babies, Revised Edition, features new recipes and the latest nutritional recommendations. Nutrition and proper feeding are critical in a baby’s formative first months and years. However, many traditional feeding recommendations and convenience-focused baby foods are created based on convention, rather than fostering optimal health and nutrition for infants. Filled with sugar, preservatives, and chemically-refined ingredients, these conventional baby foods make children vulnerable to illnesses and developmental difficulties now—and later in life. The revised version of Super Nutrition for Babies gives parents the latest science-verified nutritional recommendations for feeding their child. Based on the recommendations of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston A. Price and traditional food principles, Super Nutrition for Babies, Revised Edition provides you with information on all aspects of nutrition and feeding, including when to introduce meat in a child’s diet, healthier alternatives to dairy and soy, and introducing solid foods. You'll also get a comprehensive tutorial on establishing a regular eating schedule, dealing with picky eating, and the best foods for every age and stage. Super Nutrition for Babies, Revised Edition is everything you need to give your baby the best nutrition to minimize illness, improve sleep, and optimize brain development.


As mentioned, your child will indeed suffer many normal and essential childhood illness; what I am speaking of here are the ... Fortunately she has never really suffered from colds or coughs, and is generally a healthy, happy child.

Author: Tamar N Henry

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 178803600X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 144

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In her own words, Tamar Henry tells the traumatic story of the health challenge that rocked her young son’s life. Through her son’s adversity, subsequent recovery and her studies to become the health professional she is today, this mother of three adopted a new focus on nutrition that lends itself to her family’s current lifestyle. Dedicated to all mothers, NOURISH gently guides the reader through the five focus points that Tamar believes and demonstrates are vital to the success of your child’s nutrition and overall health. At the forefront of holistic nutrition education, Tamar Henry works passionately to create change one life at a time. Whether its in the comfort of her own home, the houses of her clients, schools or the community at large, her very modern approach explains how nutrition is the key to wellbeing and how simple but effective changes can lead to better overall health and a happier family. As Tamar explains, ‘I write to my audience as one mother to another; and although I offer important advice throughout NOURISH I sincerely empathise with the difficulties of motherhood and how challenging implementing change can be. I tell many personal stories and offer comments from mothers from all around the World, offering support and inspiration to promote change where it’s needed.’

Heal Your Child from the Inside Out

The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids Robin Ray Green, LAC, MTCM. stimulate the acupressure points on children . The amount of pressure is not related to how effective the session will be ; while the pressure should be firm ...

Author: Robin Ray Green, LAC, MTCM

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1401948693

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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Drawing from the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Robin Ray Green, L.Ac., MTCM, offers simple solutions for creating a natural healing program that is as unique as your child. Questionnaires and quizzes help you gain an understanding of your child’s 5-Element type—whether it’s Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water—to allow you to diagnose imbalances within the body that create health issues. Once you’ve gained a solid understanding of the 5 Elements and how health conditions are affected by elemental imbalances, nutrition, and lifestyle, you’ll learn simple techniques—such as acupressure, massage, and meditation—that will help your child achieve vibrant health. Ultimately, empowered with this knowledge and a new, holistic perspective on health, you’ll be able to augment Western treatments with time-tested natural solutions to help your child, and your whole family, heal naturally.


A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night's Sleep Becky Johnson, Rachel Randolph ... And so we come to the end of the book, which Mom and I pray will jumpstart new adventures in nourishing yourself, your surroundings, ...

Author: Becky Johnson

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310331048

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Order-loving Rachel Randolph and her laid-back mother Becky Johnson might be opposites in some ways, but there’s one thing they both want to figure out: why is life so hectic and draining? Through interviews with friends and lots of research, they determine the most common stressors that mess with a woman’s mind. Together, they cook up a plan to live a less depleted and more nourished life. The wise and witty co-authors of the heartwarming We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook, Becky and Rachel share their successes and failures as they make peace with their imperfect bodies, create living spaces they love, get wiser in their relationships, tame jam-packed schedules, settle into God’s love, and more. In short, they stumble and journey together toward a life that better nourishes them—body, mind, soul, and spirit. With humor, honesty, and faith, this mother-daughter duo offers a breath of fresh air for readers of all generations and life-stages who find themselves drained, discontent, or discouraged—and know there has to be a healthier alternative.

Real Food Healthy Happy Children

Her clarity of thought and accuracy of knowledge is evident here, where she presents a practical approach to the science and art of dietetics in a simple-to-follow guide that gives parents the opportunity to nourish their children with ...

Author: Kath Megaw

Publisher: Quivertree Publications

ISBN: 1928209394

Category: Cooking

Page: 304

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In Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children, Kath Megaw offers a research grounded yet easy-to-grasp guide on what to feed children at the different stages of their development. A long-term advocate of low-carb eating, her mission is to convert parents and children away from the processed, nutrient-poor foods that surround them in everyday life and to win them over to 'real', natural food. Marrying practicality with warmth, science with common sense and the experience of a healthcare professional with the intuition of a mother, Kath's approach to how children should eat extends beyond the body-centred focus of nutrition.'When meals incorporate taste experiences, social interaction and emotional connections, along with high nutritional impact, the result is altogether healthier, happier, children.'

Raising Happy Healthy Children

again from two to four, and nourishing food is continually needed. Fussy eaters Many parents face the challenge of raising afussyeater, and there are several reasons why a child won't eat, but the good news is that there is something ...

Author: Sally-Ann Creed

Publisher: Struik Christian Media

ISBN: 1415310769

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 320

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Raising a child today can be a daunting task – the responsibility is enormous; the challenge is one few first-time mums are ready for; and knowing the right thing to do is often learned by trial and error rather than having someone take us through the steps to being a good parent. In Raising Happy, Healthy Children Sally-Ann Creed and Andalene Salvesen bring together two of the most important aspects of raising a healthy child – discipline and a healthy diet. By implementing suggestions which have been proven in practice for many years, you may find your task easier in a multitude of ways. This book is designed to be a quick-reference, practical guide for common discipline and diet dilemmas. It takes you through the stages from pregnancy to 6 years covering topics like: How to deal with tantrums effectively • How diet affects behaviour • Eating and sleeping problems Understanding different temperaments • Healthy lunch box ideas• Childhood is a time for being carefree, healthy and happy. Read Raising Happy, Healthy Children and learn how to raise children who are emotionally and physically healthy.

Conscious Parenting

Anchored by extensive research on the importance of diet and environment by the world's leading authority on spiritual nutrition, the book is packed with advice and information to help you • choose authentic, organic, vegan food for ...

Author: Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1583949976

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 600

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Conscious Parenting is a great resource for parents seeking advice on optimal vegan nutrition and the importance of unplugging and having quiet time in nature for today's children. Anchored by extensive research on the importance of diet and environment by the world's leading authority on spiritual nutrition, the book is packed with advice and information to help you • choose authentic, organic, vegan food for optimal health; • support your child's emotional, social, and mental development; • counter the effects of environmental toxins and harmful media; • and create a nurturing environment for your child's spiritual growth. Table of Contents (Preview) Chapter 1: The Role of the Alive Parent / The Role of the Alive Child Chapter 2: Creating an Alive Environment / Six Foundations for Spiritual Life / The Sevenfold Peace Chapter 3: Perspectives on Support for the Alive Child According to Stages of Development Chapter 4: Supporting the Child's Physical Development / Living Foods for the Living Body / The Vegan, Live-Food Solution is Safe / A New Look at Transitioning from Eating Flesh Food / Don't Eat the Fish / Don't Pig Out / Poultry Problems Chapter 5: Why Authentic, Vegan, Organic Food? / Organic Foods / Organic Veganic Farming / Pesticide Pestilence / Protect Yourself Against Food Chemicalization / Genetically Engineered Foods / Irradiated Foods: Another Biohazard / Go Organic / The Low-Sugar Piece to the Whole Food Puzzle / Natural Low Sugar and No Sugar Sweeteners / Minerals and Children: Precious Gems / Children Need Dietary Fats / Protein for Growing Bodies/ Is a Plant-Sourced Diet Safe for Children? / But Children Don't Like Healthy Food? Soy What? And Other Vegan Foods to Be Wary Of Chapter 6: Holistic Veganism Chapter 7: Supporting the Child's Emotional Development / Living Foods and Freeing Up Emotions / Listening to How the Child Feels about Eating Animals / Thoughts, Emotions, and the Preparation of Food / Self-Esteem Chapter 8: Supporting the Child's Social Development / Living Foods and the Child's Social Development / Positive Socialization within the Home / Peaceful Conflict Resolution / Other Opportunities for Positive Socialization / Have You Ever Heard of the Candy Fairy? Chapter 9: Supporting the Child's Mental Development / Movement and the Mind / Childhood Depression / Nature and Learning / Emotional Safety and Learning / Deficient Diet and Mental Degeneration / Living Nutrition for the Living Brain / "Vitamin-O" (Oxygen) / Water / Food for Thought /The Mythological Dangers of High Cholesterol and High Fat / Health Dangers of Low Cholesterol / The Importance of Omega-3s for Health / Media Affects on the Child's Mind / The Harmful Effects of Pornography Chapter 10: Synergistic Toxicity of Brain and Body / The Great Vaccine Question for Parents Who Value Alive and Conscious Children: What To Do? / Gluten / Marijuana: Toxicity to the Brain / Fluoride: Toxicity to the Brain and Body / EMFs and Our Children's Brains / Perspectives on Dairy Chapter 11: Supporting the Child's Spiritual Development / Spiritual Nutrition for Childhood / Supporting the Spirit of the Child with Silence / Imagination / Meaningful Work /Wisdom Teachings / Music/ Chapter 12: Recipes for Children / Resources for Holistic Parenting

The Holistic Rx for Kids

Super Nutrition for Babies: The Right Way to Feed Your Baby for Optimal Health by Kelly Genzlinger and Dr. ... by Dr. Natasha Campbell Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids by Robin Ray ...

Author: Madiha M. Saeed

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1538152169

Category: Child mental health

Page: 256

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As physical and mental health conditions and destructive behaviors skyrocket, Dr. Saeed uncovers how our children's brains, bodies, and behaviors are being hijacked and presents evidence-based actionable steps parents can take to help their children make better decisions, build resilience, and heal and prevent acute/chronic conditions at any age.

Juicing with the Omega Juicer Nourish and Detox Your Body for Vitality and Energy 4 In 1 Box Set

Smoothies are all about leading a healthy and happy lifestyle like our ancestors did, and even if you think you ... and it is even a great gift idea for a child who can already read because these funny rhyming verses of the Smoothie ...

Author: Juliana Baldec

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1633833194

Category: Cooking

Page: 204

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Red Hot New "Juicing with the Omega Juicer: Nourish and Detox Your Body for Vitality and Energy" Release! Spend a little time with this amazing compilation of 3 books that includes a collection of Juliana Baldec's healthy & scrumptious smoothies that you can add to your Diet Today for awesome pound dropping results! Inside you'll find: Book 1: Juicing To Lose Weight Book 2: 11 Healthy Smoothies Book 3: 21 Amazing Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes Book 4: Paleo Is Like You You will love discovering some new smoothie recipes that you might add to your Diet of Lifestyle. Consider these healthy & scrumptious smoothies to spice up any boring diet & finally get the results you want. If you love smoothies & blender drinks you will love this compilation to complete your smoothie recipe collection. Forget the old concept because there is no need to waist your time in the kitchen with old school recipes that take too long to make. There is every reason to make smoothies the new & 5 minute quick way so that you will gain more time out of your day & life! Learn the new way of adding smoothies to your Diet and/or lifestyle today if you want to achieve your dream weight. Empower yourself via healthy and pound dropping smoothies & live a healthier, leaner and cleaner lifestyle. This compilation will give you some amazing insights into the wonderful world of Smoothies, the healthy Smoothie lifestyle & how you can connect your diet goals with the Smoothie lifestyle in order to achieve your dream figure & a happier & healthier you without being hungry all the time. By applying the knowledge of the Smoothie lifestyle, you will become healthier, happier, leaner & cleaner. Double Your Life Today with these healthy and scrumptious smoothies that you can add to your Diet and/or Lifestyle to maximize your pound dropping results...

Healthy Family Happy Family

They help your child to be strong and healthy, and far less moody or hyperactive. So they're less likely to scream for chocolate or set fire to your garbage bins. Nourishing foods can also give your child energy to play and think ...

Author: Karen Fischer

Publisher: Exisle Publishing

ISBN: 1877568473

Category: Cooking

Page: 284

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HEALTHY FAMILY, HAPPY FAMILY shows you how to cook quick and delicious meals. You also prepare many of them in bulk so you don't have to cook every night. It also teaches you how to 'market' healthy food to fussy kids so that they choose vegies over KFC! The book includes over 100 recipes as well as weekly menus and detailed shopping lists. These are the keys to saving time and money. Specialised recipes cover lunchbox options, vegetarians and vegans, gluten-free, parties and picnics.

Hungry Healthy Happy

How to nourish your body without giving up the foods you love Dannii Martin ... VEGETARIAN • GLUTEN FREE Chocolate milk has been said to be a great post-workout drink and I agree. ... It will be a big hit with kids too.

Author: Dannii Martin

Publisher: Jacqui Small

ISBN: 1910254797

Category: Cooking

Page: 192

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Despite our best intentions, there are days when we all feel like abandoning the diet and succumbing to our cravings; but eating the food that you love does not have to mean eating unhealthily. In this book, author of the celebrated healthy eating blog Hungry Healthy Happy, Dannii Martin, shows us that, with a few small changes, we can still enjoy all of our favourite foods, whilst nourishing our bodies with a nutritionally balanced diet. Featuring over 100 recipes, from protein-packed breakfasts to hearty main courses and delicious desserts, there are dishes for every appetite and occasion; including everything from light, summery salads through to takeaway favourites such as burgers, kebabs and curries. The ethos of Dannii’s recipes allows us to rediscover our love for all of our favourite foods, reinvented as more nutritious and wholesome versions of themselves. Transform your relationship with food and eat the Hungry Healthy Happy way today.

For A Blissful Baby

ment in which the mother and baby can flourish in health and happiness. Showers such as these also point ... happy, uplifting influences. Reading uplifting stories can have a very soothing effect, and can also help nourish your child.

Author: Kumuda Reddy

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

ISBN: 8178221705

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 251

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The deepest desire of all parents is for their children to be happy.This book will help fulfill that desire.It is about creating a more blissful baby and child through the time-tested knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Medicine. This ancient tradition of health care teaches that child's physical, mental and emotional life begins to be structured from the moment of conception indeed from even before conception-as a direct result of the health and happiness of the parents.

You Are a Great and Powerful Wizard

support from other family and community, education styles, and how to maintain your personal mental health. ... Raising a Healthy Child Healthy and happy children come from parents who are supportive and caring.

Author: Sage Liskey

Publisher: Microcosm Publishing

ISBN: 1648410472

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

View: 918

Your words and actions have tremendous power. Learn how to harness that power to change your life and make the world a better place with this modern spell book—regardless of your religion or spiritual leanings. Contemporary life is confusing and it's easy to feel out of control. In this smart, secular witchcraft manual, Sage Liskey shows you how to get in touch with the mental, emotional, and physical aspects needed for spell casting. Chapters include guidance on finding your highest form, understanding your wizarding type, controlling your magic, overcoming roadblocks to your power such as depression and trauma, finding love or your ideal career, working with magical objects, facing a crisis, and community spell work. Once you've fully tapped into your magical powers, you can use them to effect positive change in yourself and those around you.

How Happy Is Your Home

50 Great Tips to Bring More Health, Wealth and Happiness Into Your Home Sophie Keller ... If you have children and your bed and bedroom nourish your energy, then as the caretaker, you can much more easily nourish your children's energy.

Author: Sophie Keller

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 0373892489

Category: House & Home

Page: 144

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Steeped in feng shui, this practical guide, featuring 50 actionable tips, presents simple ways to bring more health, wealth and happiness into the home.

Eat To Live Diet Nourish Detox Energize Alkalize Lose Pounds With Healthy Smoothies Recipes

You areyour own masterof creating yourown health and happiness! ... gift idea for love and is a child who can already read because these funny rhyming verses of the Paleo lifestyle are a great way to have fun and learn at the same time.

Author: Juliana Baldec

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1633832546

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 129

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Juliana will show you how she did not only lose 20 pounds in 60 days and beat her nasty Asthma problem at the same time, but she shows you how she was able to keep off her weight via the power of the smoothie lifestyle that is more an exciting way of life that everyone is able to follow (even if you only have 5 minutes and are very busy) than a boring and unrealistic diet that no one is able to maintain because most diets contain too many hurdles to jump through. The smoothie lifestyle provides you with lean and clean nutrition all the time and you never feel hungry, tired, frustrated, out of energy and vitality. The vitamin and mineral enriched smoothies keep your body nourished with all the vital elements that your body needs. The outcome: a happy, vitalized, healthy, lean & clean, healthy and balanced YOU. You'll soon notice your improved skin and your rejuvenated body and looks. These health elixirs are going to beautify and rejuvenate your whole system, body, brain and skin. All your body functions are working in a healthy and balanced manner. Most diets ask a lot of sacrifices from you, but once you master the Smoothie lifestyle you'll appreciate what it does for your waistline (very effective pound dropper), your beauty (very effective detox) and your health (very effective vitality and energy booster). Combining healthy smoothies and blender recipes with your Eat To Live Diet that you can make with your favorite high speed blender or hand held mixer like a Blender Bottle, Nutribullet, Ninja, Vitamix, or Omega blender is even more powerful because it is double effective. Using speedy methods like this is bringing your diet results to the next level of success in terms of productivity and time management. The power of combining your diet with smoothies will help you tap into new powers of dieting and to finally get results! By applying the knowledge of the Smoothie lifestyle, you will become healthier, happier, leaner and cleaner by default.


The Definitive Plant-Based Nutrition Guide for Families--With Tips & Recipes for Bringing Health, Joy, & Connection to Your Dinner ... and 1,100 mcg for adults nineteen years or more.59, 88 IRON Ben was a healthy, happy full-term baby.

Author: Reshma Shah

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0757323626

Category: Cooking

Page: 448

View: 250

An evidence-based, practical resource that explores the many benefits of a plant-based diet and provides parents with the tools they need to feed their families for health and with joy. While nearly all parents agree that a nutritious diet is important for children to thrive, most feel that their children are not eating a healthy diet. This is not surprising, given the demands of busy families and confusing, conflicting research about what diet is really best for health. Nourish offers the solution parents have been waiting for when it comes to deciding what and how to feed their families. Authors Reshma Shah, MD, a plant-based pediatrician and affiliate clinical instructor at Stanford University School of Medicine, and Brenda Davis, RD, a world-renowned expert and pioneer in plant-based nutrition, will empower parents to become the experts of nourishing their families. Parents will learn: How a diet centered around plants can optimize health, prevent chronic disease, care for our planet, and be an act of radical compassion. Nutrition specifics for all the stages of childhood—from pregnancy and breastfeeding all the way through adolescence. Tips, strategies, and mouthwatering recipes to bring all of this information to their dinner tables as they transition to plant-based eating.

The Happy Health Plan

Simple and tasty plant-based food to nourish your body inside and out David Flynn, Stephen Flynn. which has more calories? The raisins do: the grapes per ... I started my Happy Pear journey after having my second child. I had a rough ...

Author: David Flynn

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241471451

Category: Cooking

Page: 288

View: 253

From the Sunday Times bestselling authors, The Happy Pear 'My go-to for incredible vegan recipes' Joe Wicks 'Awesome plans that show how plant-based food can transform your health' BOSH! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Want to improve your health, lose weight or gain more energy? A plant-based diet might be the answer you're looking for. The Happy Health Plan brings you 90 brand new, mouth-watering recipes and four bespoke meals straight from the Happy Pear kitchen. The recipes have been specially designed with medical experts to look after your heart, give you glowing skin, calm your gut and help you lose weight, without counting a single calorie. Cooking with more plants means that every meal is full of fibre, high in vitamins and low in saturated fat, which means they boost your energy, reduce cholesterol and keep you fuller for longer. Including lots of classic dishes, from a creamy carbonara to a katsu curry, a fluffy pancake stack and even a berry crumble, this book will help you to look after your whole body health, inside and out, with tastier food than ever before.