It Was a Beautiful Day and Other Personal Quiet Miracle Stories

“When I was in a coma, I had the strangest, most beautiful dream ever,” he said. “I was sitting by the bank of a calmly flowing river on a mild day. A dog was by my side, and both the dog and I were still and calm as we sat there, ...

Author: Raouf Mama

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1512762156

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It Was A Beautiful Day and Other Personal Quiet Miracle Stories is a collection of powerful, inspirational stories. It captures personal, life-changing moments of redemption from utter despair to radiant hope, of astonishing transmuting of sorrow into joy, agony into a song of thanksgiving. It is a celebration of our sense of the mysterious, which Einstein called the fundamental emotion of true art and true science. In an increasingly skeptical world, amid the rush and roar of technology, these stories echo John O Donahues call to all of us to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention. They are a joyous song in praise of the human capacity to marvel and to wonder.

It s a Beautiful Day

Lynn Lewis. It's a beautiful day today! It's a beautiful day! Hey! It's a beautiful day! Grandma's rocking and knitting her sweater knitting her sweater knitting.

Author: Lynn Lewis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1669827666

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Spanky the dog goes for a walk to enjoy a beautiful day. Children and animals are singing and and dancing and start to sing the song Ms. Lynn wrote which help kid's to read (It's a Beautiful Day song). While they are singing they encounter a mom and dad dancing, a cat chasing the mouse, grandma knitting and grandpa milking the cow. They also play the game Simon Says.

Children s Jukebox

Celebration " All Things Bright and Beautiful . " Moo , Anna , Anna Moo Crackers . " Amazing . " Palmer , Hap , Turn On the Music . " Beat of My Heart . " Grunsky , Jack , Jack in the Box 2 . " A Beautiful Day .

Author: Rob Reid

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838909409

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Lists over five hundred children's musical recordings, describing how each song can be applied to teaching and playing opportunities, and highlights songs with such particular learning themes as food, animals, sportsmanship, and emotions.


In March , he became so sick with an ear infection that the movie had to shut down for a few days . Wayne's costar , Lauren Bacall , claimed ... “ Every day you wake up is a beautiful day , ” Duke retorted . Ron Howard played Bacall's ...

Author: Ronald L. Davis

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806133294

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Traces the life story of the famous actor from his beginnings in Winterset, Iowa, to his death in 1979, becoming a legendary character in his own right

Lomax Freeman the Essence of a Man

He was prepared to put in another full day behind the wheel. He had to think about Harris, though, ... “Good morning.” It was already beginning to annoy him; to drive him nuts. “Have a beautiful day.” “A beautiful day.” “A beautiful day ...

Author: Denis Gray

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1669825469

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Lomax Freeman, a homeless man, lives in a box in Upper West Side of Manhattan. Steven Hart, who works for the New York Times, rents in the Kensington building. Lomax’s box sits outside that apartment. After living in that apartment for a short period, Steve experiences a black man who’s intelligent, sophisticated, kind, and gentle. He wonders how Lomax landed on the streets of New York homeless. He wishes to do a two-part series on Lomax. Once the paper green-lights the feature, Lomax agrees to do the article but with one condition: the tragedy that befell him is off-limits. Eventually, Steve violates the agreement when he, secretively, uncovers Lomax’s full name. Now, the question becomes, Should he include it in the article to expose Lomax’s privacy? Doesn’t he have family, someone from the past who’s in search of Lomax Emmanuel Freeman? Steve’s in a dilemma.

Love It Together

BEAUTIFUL DAY CHORUS: Hey, Hey, Hey It's a beautiful day Hey, Hey, Yeh It's a beautiful day No matter what you say It is a beautiful day Keep the sunshine shining through No matter where you are No matter near or further away I've come ...

Author: Carol-Ann Meltzer

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1982232404

Category: Poetry

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Love it Together is a celebration of selected lyrics and poetry inspiring transformation for self development and growth. Children of all ages enjoy the variety of uplifting themes. The collection presents sing a long, imagination and heart beautifully illustrated with art.

The Road to Optimism

He describes this beautiful day in terms of there NOT being a problem , NOT being too hard on your eyes , NOT being too hard on your breathing , NOT being too threatening in terms of your allergies . AND HOW IS THE WEATHER ?

Author: J. Mitchell Perry

Publisher: JM Perry Learning Technolog

ISBN: 9780922530021

Category: Psychology

Page: 208

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Offers techniques for using language to improve one's state of mind, explaining how an optimistic outlook enhances productivity, health, and longevity

A List of the Flowering Plants Ferns of Newfoundland with Meteorological Observations

51 0 56 A beautiful day , wind moderate ; mean temperature 18 7 a.m. fine , wind SW SW 58 6 p.m. SW 52 Wind boisterous all day ; mean temperature .. 12 raining , 29 19 7 a.m. fine , 12 29 .. " " در " " " " " " 6 p.m. " A good breeze all ...

Author: Henry Reeks



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More days from a hill diary 1951 80 Scotland Norway Newfoundland

again some days later and took photographs of the late stage of the demolition. 1975. 2 February. Lochnagar On a cloudless frosty sunny day I ... I went up to turning quarry – my left knee was weak- ish, a beautiful day and sunny.

Author: Adam Watson

Publisher: Paragon Publishing

ISBN: 1782221751

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 170

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Scotland, Norway, Newfoundland, 1951–80 In this book the author presents extracts from his hill diary in Scotland, Norway and Newfoundland, including hill-walking, rock and snow climbing, ski-mountaineering, and observing wildlife, from 1951 when he was 20. They continued through a personal exploration of hill country, often solo, until 1980. The book describes many ski-tours in Scotland, mostly alone, during 1951, the snowiest winter of the 1900s, and climbing with Tom Weir and Douglas Scott for weeks in north Norway during summer 1951, returning by trawler to Grimsby. In 1952 his enjoyment of lone ski-mountaineering and snow allowed him to study the winter ecology of ptarmigan in the Cairngorms, and in summer 1952 he led a three-man student expedition to north Norway. During April 1953 he spent a week alone on the Avalon Barrens of Newfoundland, studying willow grouse. Then he presents extracts from diary days in Scotland and Norway up to 1963, and in Scotland climbing and ski-mountaineering in 1963–80. Throughout, he writes of his joy at the beauty of nature.

Soldiers Stories

A beautiful day: I had left for Vietnam, leaving my wife, Barbara, with my new Corvette, “barefoot and pregnant”, as we would joke! I had been promoted to First Lieutenant, and my wife and I were expecting the delivery of our first ...

Author: David Stutzman


ISBN: 1312264284

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After the death of two dear military friends, I decided that their stories and mine needed to be told, as these stories disappear when we depart the earth. All these stories have one thing in common, the story tellers made it through their experiences and lived to tell their tales These stories are from members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force & Coast Guard and some foreign sources. Many are first hand accounts, some by family members and some from gatherings of veterans. These stories are told by veterans from the American Civil War to current conflicts. Some are lighthearted, some are told after many tears over many years and others are almost unbelievable. All stories are told to share real life experiences and to give the reader an up-close and personal view of how it really was.