On the Trail of Terror Finance

It is an axiom within the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence communities that "following the money" is the key to disrupting and dismantling criminal organizations.

Author: John Cassara

Publisher: Red Cell Ig

ISBN: 9780984174737

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It is an axiom within the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence communities that "following the money" is the key to disrupting and dismantling criminal organizations. The same is true when it comes to terrorist networks. Officials in the United States and abroad now realize that fighting terrorism financing (and its corollary, money laundering) is one of the best ways to prevent future catastrophic attacks. As a new generation of public servants learns the ropes and begins to contribute to the war on terror, the proven tactic of following money trails will become more central than ever. At the same time, this task is becoming increasingly complex due to our adversaries' skill in avoiding traditional financial countermeasures. Law enforcement and intelligence officials must learn to understand the sometimes obscure methodologies that terrorist organizations use to raise, move, and store money-whether these activities stem from the Usama bin Ladens of the world, rogue regimes like Iran and North Korea, or members of Hizbollah, Hamas, or a host of other like-minded organizations.

Demons of Gadara

His only clue is to follow an underground “value trail.” The first novel to focus on terrorist finance, Demons of Gadara is written with passion and authenticity.

Author: John A. Cassara

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781483960098

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Demons of Gadara is a haunting and realistic suspense thriller. Set against a backdrop of the next intertwined Middle East crisis, a U.S. Special Agent assigned overseas happens upon a terrorist plot. Two terrorists are sent to Europe with plans to detonate a “dirty bomb” at an international economic summit that will also be attended by the President of the United States. The Agent simultaneously battles the bureaucracy while racing to intercept the attack. His only clue is to follow an underground “value trail.” The first novel to focus on terrorist finance, Demons of Gadara is written with passion and authenticity. By telling a compelling story, important issues are surfaced that must be confronted in our on-going War on Terror.

Terrorist Attacks and Nuclear Proliferation Strategies for Overlapping Dangers

To be effective , the international effort to combat terrorist financing requires well -
functioning , transparent , and noncorrupt ... They must also have the capacity to
act quickly to disrupt and interdict funds and track the money trail to terrorists .

Author: Demetrios Caraley

Publisher: Academy of Political Science


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National Security and the Legal Process

Besides institutional differences , an additional distinguishing factor from a legal
standpoint in regulatory activity as between terror finance and money -
laundering is that the former is committed to preventing crime ; whereas in the
latter , a trail ...

Author: Philip D. O'Neill (Jr.)

Publisher: Oceana Publications


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"Explores the impact of terror and WMD proliferation on national and international law as it pertains to areas ranging from sovereignty vs. intervention under international law to 21st century topics including terror finance, electronic intelligence gathering and detention practices. Volume 2 serves as a documentary research tool providing original text of the various documents discussed in Volume 1"--Provided by publisher.

Counter Terrorist Financing Law and Policy

Following the Money Trail: Terrorist Financing and Government Responses in
Southeast Asia. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 30(2), 131–156. Cronin, A. K. (
2009). How Terrorism Ends: Understanding the Decline and Demise of Terrorist ...

Author: Burke Uğur Başaranel

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429953380

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Since the 9/11 attacks the world has witnessed the creation of both domestic and international legal instruments designed to disrupt and interdict the financial activities of terrorists. This book analyses the counter-terrorist financing law (CTF), policy and practice at the national level, focusing on Turkey. The work examines the limits and capabilities of CTF efforts on terrorism threats and determines the effectiveness of CTF efforts in Turkey, a country which has a pivotal role in terms of countering terrorism regionally and internationally. The Turkish case-study is supported by an empirical study involving 37 semi-structured interviews with CTF practitioners and law enforcement experts with different affiliations and backgrounds. The findings illustrate that Turkey’s CTF system has not obtained an adequate level of effectiveness as a result of lack of proper implementation of its policy in the bureaucratic, legal and operational spheres. It is evident that the administrative and legal systems in Turkey are established according to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ international CTF standards and thus are compliant with the international CTF benchmarks, yet the interviews reveal significant challenges at the implementation level including lack of training and financial security, heavy handed bureaucracy, inadequate coordination and communication between international and national levels. The book will be an invaluable resource for academics, students and policy-makers working in the areas of financial crime and terrorism.

Terrorist Financing in Southern Africa

Thus it would be unusual , transaction in in terrorist financing or money for
example , if a civil servant laundering cases is ... a financial institution requesting
parties . needs to be able to help authorities establish an audit trail going as far
back ...

Author: Annette Hübschle



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The Money Trail electronic Resource

"While mounting an individual terrorist attack costs relatively little, money remains of critical importance for terrorist organizations.

Author: Matthew Levitt



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"While mounting an individual terrorist attack costs relatively little, money remains of critical importance for terrorist organizations. Without it, terrorist groups would be incapable of maintaining the broad infrastructure necessary to run an effective organization. As such, finding means to quickly and securely raise, launder, transfer, store, and gain access to funds remains a top priority for all terrorist groups, from al-Qaeda and its various globally oriented affiliates to regionally focused groups like Hamas and Hizballah. Terrorist finance is also an area of rapid change, as terrorist organizations seek actively to evade governmental scrutiny and take advantage of emerging technologies. The shift in the nature of the global terrorist threat -- from a centralized al-Qaeda to a franchise model -- has had an impact on terrorist financing as well. Until the September 11 attacks, combating terrorist financing was not a strategic priority for the U.S. government. But in the wake of the attacks, the United States dramatically heightened its focus on combating terrorist financing, employing an aggressive, multifaceted response in which it designated and froze the assets of numerous terrorist financiers and support networks, prosecuted individuals and entities for providing material support, and increased its focus on "following the money" as a means of collecting financial intelligence. The U.S. government also made a variety of structural and organizational changes to better address this key concern. The United States was hardly alone in its new focus on terrorist financing: many other countries followed suit. The European Union established terrorist blacklists, among other actions, and a number of the Persian Gulf countries put regulatory regimes in place to govern this arena. The private sector's role -- and its importance -- in the global efforts to combat terrorist financing also increased. While the United States led the international charge on these issues, two international organizations, the United Nations and the Financial Action Task Force, also deserve credit for the scale of the global response since September 11. Despite this progress, a number of obstacles remain, handicapping international efforts to combat terrorist financing."--Introd.

Indirect Responsibility for Terrorist Acts

or known to be used, in full or in part, for the commission of terrorist acts.86 The
inclusion of all the ancillary provisions ... 90 Aurel Croissant and Daniel Barlow, '
Following the Money Trail: Terrorist Financing and Government Responses in ...

Author: Marja Letho

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9047444973

Category: Political Science

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The book offers several perspectives to the analysis of the expansion and diversification of international legal responses to terrorism. It focuses, in particular, on the move during the past decade towards more indirect forms of responsibility.

Terrorism Inc The Financing of Terrorism Insurgency and Irregular Warfare

“Financing the Taliban: Tracking the Dollars behind the Insurgencies in
Afghanistan and Pakistan,” New America Foundation ... “Following the Money
Trail: Terrorist Financing and Government Responses in Southeast Asia,” Studies
in Conflict ...

Author: Colin P. Clarke Ph.D.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440831041

Category: Political Science

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This in-depth, historical analysis of terrorism investigates the major funding streams of terrorists, insurgents, guerrillas, warlords, militias, and criminal organizations throughout the world as well as the efforts of the international community to thwart their efforts. • Examines the financing of major terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and other significant groups • Features maps of key regions and graphs comparing funding streams of various groups • Includes information derived from interviews with expert threat finance practitioners, academics, scholars, and policy professionals • Provides a chronology of critical events

Countering Terrorist Finance

A Training Handbook for Financial Services Tim Parkman, Gill Peeling. •
requirement to attach originator information to wire transfers and to maintain a
detailed audit trail of the transfer from origination to destination; • requirement to
review ...

Author: Tim Parkman

Publisher: Gower Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0566087251

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

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Tim Parkman and Gill Peeling's Countering Terrorist Finance - A Training Handbook for Financial Services is a practical, specialist guide to the processes and skills needed to counter money laundering specifically related to terrorist financing. The book includes a CD of training materials to support each section and help compliance officers develop awareness and relevant behaviour amongst employees tasked with spotting and preventing terrorist financing activities.

Disrupting Threat Finances

Focuses on the ways the U.S. gov¿t. can effectively fight terrorist org. beyond simply trying to deny terrorist access to financing.

Author: Wesley J. L. Anderson

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437918271


Page: 160

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Focuses on the ways the U.S. gov¿t. can effectively fight terrorist org. beyond simply trying to deny terrorist access to financing. The U.S. gov¿t. can use financial info. as the ¿string¿ that leads to all aspects of terrorist oper. By disrupting access to financial resources and, more importantly, following its trail, the U.S. gov¿t. through coordinated intelligence, investigations, prosecutions, sanctions, and diplomacy within the Interagency, private sector, allies, and partner nations, can enhance U.S. security, disrupt terrorist operations and mitigate terrorist effects on U.S. strategic interests. The disruption of terrorist financing is an effective way to enhance U.S. security, disrupt terrorist operations, and mitigate terrorist effects on U.S. strategic interests. Illustrations.

Hide and Seek

An agent follows terrorism's unusual money trail

Author: John A. Cassara

Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1574889982

Category: Political Science

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An agent follows terrorism's unusual money trail

Social Justice

Levitt , Matthew 2003 “ Iraq , U.S. and the War on Terror : Stemming the Flow of
Terrorist Financing : Practical and Conceptual Challenges . ” The Fletcher ...
Malkin , Lawrence and Yuval Elizur 2002 “ Terrorism's Money Trail . ” World
Policy ...




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Toward a Grand Strategy Against Terrorism

Law Enforcement Investigations to Track Down Terrorist Financiers Each country
should develop specialized financial ... financial crime units follow the money trail
of terrorist groups and greatly complement counterterrorism investigations.

Author: Christopher Harmon

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0073527793

Category: Law

Page: 448

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Toward A Grand Strategy Against Terrorism is a cohesive series of essays prepared by noted academics and counterterrorism practitioners within and associated with the counterterrorism program of the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. These chapters address both the use of military force and the employment of non-military tools, the role of international cooperation, and the importance of the ideological contest. Collectively, they push toward a grand strategy against terrorism. This volume makes the prudence and research and experience of the Program on Terrorism and Security Studies available to all who want to help in countering terrorism: students; those at military graduate schools; private experts on security in the business world; members of police forces and defense departments; conflict resolution experts; and many other sorts of practitioners seeking a sober and highly international approach.

Contemporary Southeast Asia

18 The war against terror has required Australia to focus on Southeast Asia
despite the Howard government ' s coming to power ... Indonesian authorities in
tracking down suspects and following the money trail used to finance terrorist
attacks .




Category: Asia, Southeastern


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Foreign Operations Export Financing and Related Programs Appropriations for 2006

Counterterrorism Financing assists foreign countries' efforts to identify, freeze,
and prevent the use of financial institutions ... to terrorist organizations, including
giving countries an investigative ability to follow the money trail and arrest
terrorists ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs



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Money and Finance After the Crisis

This collection demonstrates the progress made by bringing together prominent scholars to discuss the aftermath of the crisis of 2007–9. It is a powerful book, handled with confidence by the editors, all authorities in the field.

Author: Brett Christophers

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119051436

Category: Science

Page: 272

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Money and Finance After the Crisis provides a critical multi-disciplinary perspective on the post-crisis financial world in all its complexity, dynamism and unpredictability. Contributions illuminate the diversity of ways in which money and finance continue to shape global political economy and society. A multidisciplinary collection of essays that study the geographies of money and finance that have unfolded in the wake of the financial crisis Contributions discuss a wide range of contemporary social formations, including the complexities of modern debt-driven financial markets Chapters critically explore proliferating forms and spaces of financial power, from the realms of orthodox finance capital to biodiversity conservation Contributions demonstrate the centrality of money and finance to contemporary capitalism and its political and cultural economies

Global Terrorism

The hijackers were not experts in the international finance system and left a
paper trail linking them to each other . Money laundering controls in place before
9/11 largely focused on drug money and large - scale financial fraud . Al Qaeda
was ...




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The Economist

Efforts to combat the financing of terrorism are costly and ineffective ... trail.
HEbest test of a regulation is that its constraints work cost-effectively against the
problem it was introduced to solve. Alas, on that simple measure - the elaborate
efforts ...




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