Outlaw Culture

Targeting cultural icons as diverse as Madonna and Spike Lee, Outlaw Culture presents a collection of essays that pulls no punches. As hooks herself notes, interrogations of popular culture can b

Author: bell hooks

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136767908

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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According to the Washington Post, no one who cares about contemporary African-American cultures can ignore bell hooks' electrifying feminist explorations. Targeting cultural icons as diverse as Madonna and Spike Lee, Outlaw Culture presents a collection of essays that pulls no punches. As hooks herself notes, interrogations of popular culture can be a ‘powerful site for intervention, challenge and change’. And intervene, challenge and change is what hooks does best.

This Is Cuba

With personal stories that depict a people torn between following the directives of their government & finding a way to better their lot, journalist Ben Corbett gives us the daily life of many considered outlaws by Castro's regime.

Author: Ben Corbett


ISBN: 9780756792077


Page: 292

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A colorful first-person account of living on the fringes of Castro's Cuba, & a splendid evocation of the modern Cuban character. With personal stories that depict a people torn between following the directives of their government & finding a way to better their lot, journalist Ben Corbett gives us the daily life of many considered outlaws by Castro's regime. But are they outlaws or rather ingenious survivors of what many Cubans consider to be a 40-year mistake, a tangle of contradictions that has resulted in a strange hybrid of American-style capitalism & a homegrown black market economy. Corbett brings readers into the living rooms, rooftops, parks, & city streets to listen to stories of frustration, hope & survival. B&W photos.


Resisting difference: Cultural studies and the discourse of critical pedagogy. InL.
Grossberg ... In H . Giroux & P. McClaren (Eds.) Between Borders: Pedagogy and
the Politics of Cultural Studies. ... Outlaw Culture: Resisting Representations.





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Journal of American Culture

In the case of the motorcycle outlaws , tolerance is decreasing , and they are
being defined as greater threats . ... The age of the average biker indicates that
most have come into the outlaw culture rather late , after having tried other things




Category: Comparative civilization


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The Rebirth of American Literary Theory and Criticism

Fredric Jameson , Postmodernism , or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (
1991 ) , contemporary Western culture memorably diagnosed in its third - stage
capitalist mode of production . bell hooks , Outlaw Culture ( 1994 ) , collected
essays ...

Author: H. Aram Veeser

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1785274384

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 258

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The interviewees of this volume fall into three groups: the main players who brought about the rise of theory (Fish, Gallop, Spivak, Bhabha); a younger group of post-theorists (Bérubé, Dimock, Nealon, Warren); the anti-critique theorists (Felski); and new order theorists (Puchner, Wolfe). They discuss elemental questions, such as trying to grasp what was logic and what was rhetoric; trying to see down the road while fog and turmoil held visibility to arm’s length; and trying to pick legible meanings out of the cultural blanket of deafening noise. Theorists were not only good thinkers but also pioneers who were seeking profound transformations.

Driving Me Wild

Author Leah Kerr begins at the race track and takes you on a full tour, from the first black superstar of racing to the annual blessing the cars' ritual, from old JD movies to death-defying rides.'

Author: Leah Kerr


ISBN: 9780965104296

Category: Social Science

Page: 176

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Here is a lavishly illustrated pop culture exploration into the subversive world of drag racing. A unique look at the on-the-edge subculture of all forms of hot rodding, this book begins at the race track and takes readers on a full tour--from the first black superstar of racing to the annual "blessing the cars" ritual. Photos.


His " Outlaw Culture and Black Neighborhoods ” has received considerable
attention . It has been reprinted in The Utne Reader , The Chronicle of Higher
Education , and The Responsive Community . to talk about outlaw culture — and
any ...




Category: African Americans


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Feminist Rhetorical Theories

140. hooks , Outlaw Culture 5 . 141. hooks , Yearning 8 . 142. hooks , Killing
Rage 193 . 143. hooks , Yearning 218 . 144. hooks , Yearning 63 . 145. hooks ,
Teaching 70 . 146. bell hooks , “ Future Feminist Movements , ” Off Our Backs 20

Author: Karen A. Foss

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761903475

Category: Social Science

Page: 390

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Providing fully developed rhetorical theories from feminist perspectives, this book offers coherent, systematic overviews of complex, large bodies of work and ideas relevant to rhetoric and communication. The book presents theories developed from the work of nine feminist theorists, each from diverse standpoints demonstrating the diversity of both feminism and feminist rhetorical theories - Chris Kramarae, Bell Hooks, Gloria Anzaldua, Mary Daly, Starhawk, Paula Gunn Allen, Trinh T Minh-ha, Sally Miller Gearhart and Sonia Johnson. The resulting theories differ substantially from traditional rhetorical theories, and will encourage scholars to rethink many traditional rhetorical constructs.

Wascana Review of Contemporary Poetry and Short Fiction

I am interested in most aspects of the outlaw figure , but in particular , the outlaw
in popular culture . I can see some overlap here with Michael ' s mention of road
movies and photography . But of course the writing , too , around figures like Billy




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Prophets of the Hood

A scholar and a fan, Perry considers the art, politics, and culture of hip hop through an analysis of song lyrics, the words of the prophets of the hood.

Author: Imani Perry

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822386151

Category: Music

Page: 248

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At once the most lucrative, popular, and culturally oppositional musical force in the United States, hip hop demands the kind of interpretation Imani Perry provides here: criticism engaged with this vibrant musical form on its own terms. A scholar and a fan, Perry considers the art, politics, and culture of hip hop through an analysis of song lyrics, the words of the prophets of the hood. Recognizing prevailing characterizations of hip hop as a transnational musical form, Perry advances a powerful argument that hip hop is first and foremost black American music. At the same time, she contends that many studies have shortchanged the aesthetic value of rap by attributing its form and content primarily to socioeconomic factors. Her innovative analysis revels in the artistry of hip hop, revealing it as an art of innovation, not deprivation. Perry offers detailed readings of the lyrics of many hip hop artists, including Ice Cube, Public Enemy, De La Soul, krs-One, OutKast, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Tupac Shakur, Lil’ Kim, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Method Man, and Lauryn Hill. She focuses on the cultural foundations of the music and on the form and narrative features of the songs—the call and response, the reliance on the break, the use of metaphor, and the recurring figures of the trickster and the outlaw. Perry also provides complex considerations of hip hop’s association with crime, violence, and misogyny. She shows that while its message may be disconcerting, rap often expresses brilliant insights about existence in a society mired in difficult racial and gender politics. Hip hop, she suggests, airs a much wider, more troubling range of black experience than was projected during the civil rights era. It provides a unique public space where the sacred and the profane impulses within African American culture unite.

Twentieth century American Cultural Theorists

In Outlaw Culture , hooks continues her investigation of Madonna ' s personal
politics , challenging Madonna ' s iconoclastic status as a radical feminist as she
questions her use of sexuality as a plausible means of revolutionary liberation .

Author: Paul Hansom

Publisher: Dictionary of Literary Biograp


Category: Literary Criticism

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"Domestic politics matters" has become a rallying cry for international relations scholars over the past decade, yet the question still remains: Just how does it matter? In this book, George Downs and David Rocke argue that an important part of the international impact of domestic politics springs from the institutional responses to its many uncertainties. This impact is due not so much to the errors in judgment these uncertainties can cause as to the strategic and institutional consequences of knowing that such errors are possible. The heart of the book is its formal analysis of how three kinds of domestic uncertainty have shaped international relations through their influence on three very different institutions. One chapter deals with the decision rules that citizens create to cope with uncertainty about the quality of their representation, and how these can lead to the paradoxical "gambling for resurrection" effect. Another chapter describes the extent to which the weak enforcement provisions of GATT can be understood as a mechanism to cope with uncertain but intermittent interest group demands for protection. The third chapter looks at the impact of uncertainty on the creation, survival, and membership of multilateral regulatory institutions, such as the Montreal Protocol and EU, when some states question the capacity of other states to meet their treaty obligations.

Religion and American Culture

It becomes taboo only to the extent that such lust leads to the development of a
committed relationship . " bell hooks , " Seduction and Betrayal : The Crying
Game Meets The Bodyguard , " in Outlaw Culture : Resisting Representations (
New ...




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Hells Angels at War

Swedish police learned much about the burgeoning outlaw biker culture in 1994.
The link between bikers and white supremacists worried them because both
groups were prone to violence . A confidential 1994 report by the Swedish
National ...

Author: Yves Lavigne

Publisher: Harpercollins Canada


Category: Political Science

Page: 466

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In his bestselling Hells Angels: Taking Care of Business, Yves Lavigne blew the lid off an organization that few knew anything about beyond the romanticized image of tough guys, their Harleys and their women. His equally successful sequel, Hells Angels: Into the Abyss, got up close and personal with the Angels, on an exclusive ride with an FBI informant inside the gang. Now, in this third book in his trilogy, Lavigne exposes the slick, technology-savvy new breed of Hells Angels and how they're becoming a very real threat to society in Canada, the US and throughout the world. Even more importantly, he reveals just how powerless law enforcement agencies are to stop what is equivalent to a multi-million dollar corporation that just happens to have the number-one market share in the illegal drugs industry. In 1998, Hells Angels turned 50, doubling in size in the last decade. Yet, most politicians, police officers and the public still haven't responded to the fact that the gang has evolved into a major organized crime force, capable of manipulating both the legal system and the media with deadly professional ease. With his usual meticulous research and insider's knowledge, Lavigne reports on the latest from the Angels' front lines: the purchase of hotels, real estate and businesses for the express use of laundering money; the growing global network of chapters; and the ineffectual response of law enforcement agencies to the escalating violence, gang rivalry and crime. Featuring new and dramatic photographs, maps of club locations and Hells Angels documents, "Hells Angels at War" is both a revealing expose and a not-to-be ignored wake-up call to eliminate this evolving and even deadlier evil, now.

Vichy France and the Resistance

Culture & Ideology Harry Roderick Kedward, Roger Austin ... There is therefore
an outlaw history of the Maquis in which no positive outlaw culture existed in the
surrounding countryside to bind communities and maquisards together , and that

Author: Harry Roderick Kedward

Publisher: Barnes & Noble Imports


Category: History

Page: 293

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Reel Relations

... of social processes — systems of exploitation and regimes of state and cultural
power — through which sexualities are ... queer movements risk becoming the
kind of false outlaw that bell hooks warns against in her book Outlaw Culture , the

Author: Kathryn Lynn Kane




Page: 734

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The Western Journal of Black Studies

Law professor Monica J. Evans ( 2000 ) coins the term “ outlaw culture ” to
describe a “ process by which African ... legal systems and dominant culture , "
adopting instead , “ a series of cultural practices constituting life at the margins ” (
p .




Category: African Americans


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Student s Book of College English

These young “ urban outlaws " have virtually imprisoned whole neighborhoods .
A retired ... An " outlaw culture ” has emerged among low - income black youth
that has rejected African - American communal traditions in favor of the predatory

Author: David Skwire


ISBN: 9780205180257

Category: Academic writing

Page: 659

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Women and Culture

06 HOO Hooks , Bell Outlaw culture : resisting representatives New York :
Routledge , 1994 . 260 p . ISBN 0 - 415 - 90811 - 6 . Keywords : culture :
feminism ; social conditions . The work is a mixture of essays and personal
dialogues and it ...




Category: Africa

Page: 13

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Women in Popular Culture

Pictures of innocence : The history and crisis of ideal childhood . London :
Thames & Hudson . hooks , b . ( 1994 ) . Outlaw culture : Resisting
representations . New York : Routledge . hooks , b . ( 1992 ) . Black looks : Race
and representation .

Author: Marian Meyers

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)


Category: Social Science

Page: 306

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Following upon the success of her book, ""Mediated Women: Representations in Popular Culture"", the author's latest anthology takes a new look at a wide range of contemporary images of women within the media to examine the meanings behind the representations of women in popular culture. This book explores what representation of women says about their positions in society, the factors that shape representation, and the roles that gender, race, class, ethnicity and sexual orientation play within the mediated portrayal of women.Drawing primarily on qualitative textual analysis of film, reality TV, advertising, the news, children's programming, soap operas, TV drama, and more, the book situates the representation of woemn in popular culture along a continuum ranging from stereotypical portrayals that underscore women's bodies as pornographic spectacle to more positive and hopeful depictions. And it argues that the contemporary portrayals of women within popular culture are shaped by two major trends: the mainstreaming of pornography and its resultant hypersexualization of women and girls, and the commodification of those images for a global market.

Sort of a Place Like Home

peting cultures. Each of these worlds — the outlaw culture of their Aboriginal
elders, the improvised culture of their peers and the official culture of their
overseers — offered the compound kids a singular version of the 'good life'. This
chapter ...

Author: Susan Maushart

Publisher: South Fremantle, Western Australia : Fremantle Arts Centre Press


Category: Aboriginal Australians

Page: 351

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Interviews with; Hazel Anderson, Jim and Myrtle Brennan, Robert Bropho, Eric Conway, Ken Colbung, Doreen Dalgety, Elizabeth Dalgety, Ralph Dalgety, Jack Davis, Olive Hart , Vincent Lambadgee, Ned Mippy, Phyllis Mippy, Edie Moore , Alice Nannup, Angus Wallam and Bella Yappo - are the basis for this history of the Moore River Native Settlement; includes an annotated selection of articles from Western Australian newspapers; biography of Gladys Gilligan compiled from archival documents and a fictional account of A.O. Neville addressing a class of Aboriginal children.