Paul and his Recent Interpreters

The Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, pp. 279–
90. Schmithals, W. 1971 [1956]. Gnosticism in Corinth. Nashville: Abingdon.
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Baker ...

Author: N.T Wright

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 0281067597

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Page: 384

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This engaging companion volume to N. T. Wright's Paul and the Faithfulness of God is essential reading for all with a serious interest in Paul, the interpretation of his letters, his appropriation by subsequent thinkers, and his continuing significance today. In the course of this masterly survey Wright asks searching questions of all of the major contributions to Pauline studies since the early twentieth century.

Paul and His Recent Interpreters

Author: E. Earle Ellis

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1725210088

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Paul and his recent interpreters Second printing

Author: Edward Earle Ellis




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Israel s Law and the Church s Faith

Paul and His Recent Interpreters Stephen Westerholm ... Fundamental to
Sanders's discussion is his distinction between "the reason for which [Paul] held
a view and the arguments which he adduces in favor of it."28 In reviewing Paul's

Author: Stephen Westerholm

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802802880

Category: Religion

Page: 238

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"Westerholm is admirably concerned to focus our attention on Paul's theology, specifically on the theological issues that arose for the Apostle in his valiant attempt to assess the role of the law after the advent of Christ. Beginning with an unusually mature account of the debate that is currently raging over Paul's understanding of the law, Westerholm has provided an analysis of his own that will certainly claim the attention of all student's of Paul the theologian." - J. Louis Martyn "This is the most clearly written and understandable treatment of the debate over the law in Pauline thought that I have seen." - Robert Jewett "Westerholm has produced an illuminating, engaging, and refreshing book. He sets forth the views of major interpreters of Paul with clarity and candor, engages them, and then makes proposals of his own, which are both well considered and instructive. The book is both interesting and informative, a reader's delight." - Arland J. Hultgren

Christian Faith and the Law of Israel

Author: Stephen Westerholm


ISBN: 9780802802880

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Pauline Perspectives

This companion volume to Paul and the Faithfulness of God and Paul and His Recent Interpreters brings together N. T. Wright's most important articles on Paul and his letters over the last three decades.

Author: N. T. Wright

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 0800699637

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This companion volume to Paul and the Faithfulness of God and Paul and His Recent Interpreters brings together N. T. Wright's most important articles on Paul and his letters over the last three decades. The book begins with Wright's auspicious essay of 1978, when as a young, aspiring scholar he gave the annual Tyndale lecture in Cambridge, and proposed, for the first time, "a new perspective" on Pauline theology. The book ends with an expanded version of a paper he gave in Leuven in 2012, when as a seasoned scholar at the height of his powers, he explored the foundational role of Abraham in Romans and Galatians.

A Theology of the New Testament

Paul : Introduction Surveys of interpretation : A . Schweitzer , Paul and His
Interpreters ( 1912 ) ; A . M . Hunter ... Ellis , Paul and His Recent Interpreters (
1961 ) ; V . P . Furnish , " Pauline Studies , " in The NT and Its Modern Interpreters
, ed .

Author: George Eldon Ladd

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802806802

Category: Religion

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Ladd's magisterial work on New Testament theology has well served scores of seminary students since 1974. Now this comprehensive, standard evangelical text has been carefully revised by Hagner to include an update of Ladd's survey of the history of the field of New Testament theology, an augmented bibliography, and an entirely new subject index.

Theology and Ethics in Paul and His Interpreters

This significant volume draws together an exceptional list of contributors to honor the life and work of Victor Paul Furnish.

Author: Eugene H. Lovering

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532632959

Category: Religion

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This significant volume draws together an exceptional list of contributors to honor the life and work of Victor Paul Furnish. Doing credit to the focus and character of Furnish’s career as a scholar, educator, and churchman, the individual essays, and the volume as a whole, have been written in a way that renders them accessible to seminary students in the classroom and that builds substantially on Furnish’s own work. The book is structured in three parts: (1) Theology and Ethics in Paul (focusing on individual Pauline texts and on the broader themes, foundations, and context of Paul’s theological and ethical thought); (2) Theology and Ethics in Paul’s Earliest Interpreters (both in the NT and in the church which came to accept Paul’s letters as canonical); and (3) Paul in Contemporary Theology and Ethics (engaging Furnish’s own work as well as that of his colleagues and students in the area of Pauline theology and ethics).

Perspectives Old and New on Paul

The "Lutheran" Paul and His Critics Stephen Westerholm. Preface. This book
began as a revision and updating of my Israel's Law and the Church's Faith: Paul
and His Recent Interpreters; in places it retains that character. Chapters 2
through ...

Author: Stephen Westerholm

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802848093

Category: Religion

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Here, finally, is a much-needed review and analysis of the divergent interpretations of Paul. With a clear head and winsome sense of humor, Stephen Westerholm compares the traditional understanding of Paul to more recent readings, drawing on the writings of key figures in the debate both past and present. Westerholm first offers a detailed portrait of the "Lutheran" Paul, including the way such theologians as Augustine, Luther, Calvin, and Wesley have traditionally interpreted "justification by faith" to mean that God declares sinners "righteous" by his grace apart from "works." Westerholm then explores how Paul has fared in the twentieth century, in which "New Perspective" readings of Paul see him teaching that Gentiles need not become Jews or observe Jewish law to be God's people. The final section of the book looks anew at disputed areas of Paul's theological language and offers compelling discussion on the place of both justification by faith and Mosaic law in divine redemption.

The Theology of Paul the Apostle

Barrett , Paul 74-87 ; Becker , Paul 392-98 ; Beker , Paul 235-54 ; P. Benoit , " The
Law and the Cross according to St Paul : Romans 7.7-8.4 , " Jesus and the ...
Israel's Law and the Church's Faith : Paul and His Recent Interpreters ( Grand ...

Author: James D. G. Dunn

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802844231

Category: Religion

Page: 808

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Using Paul's letter to the Romans as the foundation for his monumental study of Paul's theology, James D. G. Dunn describes Paul's teaching on God, sin, humankind, Christology, salvation, the church, and the nature of the Christian life.

New Testament Introduction NIV

... Paul the Apostle ; F . F . Bruce , Paul , Apostle of the Heart Set Free ; Idem , The
Acts of the Apostles ; W . J . Conybeare and J . S . Howson , The Life and Epistles
of St . Paul ; E . E . Ellis , Paul and His Recent Interpreters ; D . Georgi , The ...


Publisher: College Press

ISBN: 9780899009605



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Paul s Message and Ministry in Covenant Perspective

... Paul and Rabbinic Judaism; dunn, “new Perspective on Paul”; ellis, Paul and
His Recent Interpreters; ellis, “Paul and His opponents: trends in research”; epp
and Macrae, eds., New Testament and Its Modern Interpreters; Fuller, Gospel and

Author: Scott J. Hafemann

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630878332

Category: Religion

Page: 228

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The essays presented here represent over twenty-five years of thinking about the theology and life of the Apostle Paul who, as a "slave of Jesus Christ" (Rom 1:1), was a "servant of the new covenant" with a "ministry of the Spirit" (2 Cor 3:6, 8). Taking the questions raised by the history of scholarship since F. C. Baur as their starting point, Hafemann's exegetical studies focus on how Paul's self-understanding shaped his message, the motivations of his ministry, and his consequent call to suffer for the sake of his churches. Hafemann's work reveals that Paul's views of redemption, of his own redemptive mission, and of the life of the redeemed derived from his eschatological conviction that the purpose of the new covenant realities inaugurated by the Christ is to prepare for their promised consummation when Christ returns to judge the world.


That question has been answered very differently , particularly in the last hundred
years of the inquiry . And this ... See , e . g . , A . Schweitzer , Paul and His
Interpreters , ET 1912 ; P . Feine , Der A postel Paulus , 1927 , pp . 158ff . ; R ...

Author: Herman Ridderbos

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802844699

Category: Religion

Page: 587

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This is the English translation of the monumental study of the theology of the Apostle Paul by the Dutch theologian and Biblical scholar, Herman Ridderbos.

An Introduction to the Study of Paul

The Cambridge Companion to St Paul (Cambridge: CUP, 2003); S. Westerholm (
ed.) ... A thorough overview of recent Pauline studies is provided by N.T. Wright,
Paul and His Recent Interpreters (London/ Minneapolis: SPCK/Fortress, ...

Author: David G. Horrell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 0567656268

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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This tried and tested introduction to Paul needs little introduction of its own. After considering Paul's importance and influence, and the important sources for the study of Paul, the volume covers the following key topics: the earliest period of Christianity - from Jesus to Paul; Paul's life before and after his 'conversion'; his individual letters; the major elements of his theology; his attitude to Israel and the Jewish law; perspectives on the Pauline assemblies, including their socio-economic location, meeting places, and attitudes towards women; and Paul's legacy in the New Testament and beyond. The volume has been revised throughout and fully updated with respect to bibliography, and to presenting the latest debates surrounding Paul's thought in a manageable format - including those around 'old' and 'new' perspectives, with a new section on the 'radical' new Jewish perspective, and those related to the socio-economic status and character of the Pauline assemblies. The helpful study questions and reading lists have also been revised.

Peter and Paul in Acts A Comparison of Their Ministries

Detwiler, David F. “Paul's Approach to the Great Commission in Acts 14:21–23. ...
Dodd, C. H. The Apostolic Preaching and Its Developments. http://www. 1964 ... Paul and His Recent Interpreters.

Author: David Spell

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621895378

Category: Religion

Page: 218

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Acts is arguably the most exciting book in the New Testament. It covers the tumultuous early years of Christianity and narrates the growth of the church throughout the Roman Empire. Luke tells this story by focusing primarily on two men, Peter and Paul. This book examines their apostolic ministries as they are revealed within the pages of The Acts of the Apostles. Their apostolic ministries are examined in the context of several different components: Leadership, Evangelism and Church Planting, Miracle Working and Healing, and Mystical or Supernatural Experiences. These categories are shown to detail particular aspects of each man's apostleship work. These categories provide a convenient way to compare and contrast the type of ministry that each apostle performed, as described by Luke. Spell also devotes a chapter each to Luke's literary method and the relationship of Peter and Paul as seen in their letters. These two chapters lay important groundwork for examining the apostles. This book will provide the reader with valuable insights from Scripture that they can apply to their own lives and ministry. By looking at how Peter and Paul conducted their ministries in the first century, we can be more effective in the twenty-first.

The New Perspective on Paul

Paul. and. Justification. by. Faith. 1. Introduction. How does Paul's teaching on
justification by faith relate to his conversion? ... Paul and his Recent Interpreters (
Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1988) passim. demned Christ, God raised Christ, ...

Author: James D.G. Dunn

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802845622

Category: Religion

Page: 539

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This collection of essays highlights a dimension of Paul's theology of justification that has been neglected ? that his teaching emerged as an integral part of his understanding of his commission to preach the gospel to non-Jews and that his dismissal of justification by works of the law was directed not so much against Jewish legalism but rather against his fellow Jews' assumption that the law remained a dividing wall separating Christian Jews from Christian Gentiles. James Dunn seeks to carry forward the debate on Jewish soteriology, on the relation of justification by faith to judgment according to works, on Christian fulfillment of the law, and on the crucial role of Christ, his death and resurrection. Full of detail and intriguing thought, Dunn's collection will enlighten any scholar of the New Testament.

The Blackwell Companion to Paul

These essays could set the agenda for Pauline studies in some areas for many years to come and all will offer every student of Paul – expert and novice alike – much food for thought and further re???ection.

Author: Stephen Westerholm

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118724062

Category: Religion

Page: 634

View: 108

The Blackwell Companion to Paul presents a distinctive dual focus approach that encompasses both the historical Paul and the history of Paul's influence. In doing so, expert contributors successfully address the interests of students of early Christianity and those of Christian theology. Offers a complete overview of the life, writings and legacy of one of the key figures of Christianity The essays compass the major themes of Paul's life and work, as well as his impact through the centuries on theology, Church teaching, social beliefs, art, literature, and contemporary intellectual thought Edited by one of the leading figures in the field of Pauline Studies The contributors include a range of world-renowned academics

Justification and Variegated Nomism

The “ new perspective on Paul ” is hardly still in its childhood : a quarter century
has passed since it came to birth through the ... In a reworked and updated
version of my Israel's Law and the Church's Faith : Paul and His Recent
Interpreters ...

Author: D. A. Carson

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161484001

Category: Bible

Page: 545

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English summary: Dieses Buch ist der zweite Band einer eingehenden Bewertung der 'Neuen Perspektive', die seit einem Vierteljahrhundert die anglo-amerikanische biblische Theologie und Paulusforschung dominiert. Namhafte Wissenschaftler bewerten im zweiten Band, inwieweit sich die Kategorien der 'Neuen Perspektiv' auf die Schriften des Paulus anwenden lassen. Dabei gehen sie im Kontext der momentanen Diskussionen auch auf detaillierte Fragen der Rechtfertigung und anderer zentraler Begriffe ein. German description: This volume is the second part of a comprehensive evaluation of the new perspective that has dominated much Anglo-American thought, amongst biblical specialists, for a quarter of a century. The first volume grappled with and evaluated the new perspective's understanding of Palestinian Judaism; this volume evaluates the appropriateness of new perspective categories to the principal writings of Paul, including technical discussion of justification and other crucial words and expressions - all set within the context of the current debates.

History and Exegesis

Following no less a scholar than A. von Harnack ? he maintains that the release
of Paul from his first Roman ... Resumé and Assessment of Current Trends , ”
RevExp 56 ( 1959 ) : 343-54 ( reprinted in Paul and His Recent Interpreters (
Grand ...

Author: Edward Earle Ellis

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780567028013

Category: Religion

Page: 397

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A festschrift presented to New Testament E. Earle Ellis on his eightieth birthday. >

Paul A Critical Life

WESTERHOLM, S. (1988), Israel's Law and the Church's Faith: Paul and his
Recent Interpreters (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans). WHITE, J. L. (1986), Light
from Ancient Letters (Foundations & Facets: NT; Philadelphia: Fortress).

Author: Jerome Murphy-O'Connor

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 019150095X

Category: Religion

Page: 432

View: 869

Here Jerome Murphy-O'Connor presents a completely new, and much more vivid and dramatic account of the life of Paul than has ever previously been attempted. From his childhood in Tarsus and his years as a student in Jerusalem to the successes and failures of his ministry, this biography has no peer in terms of its detailed reconstructions of Paul's movements and motives. Traditionally, the Acts of the Apostles has provided the framework for the lives of Paul. In recent years, however, the historical value of the Acts has been called into question. Despite the accuracy of many details, they have been linked in ways which reflect the interests of Luke rather than objective reality. Critical assessment is called for if they are to be incorporated into a life of Paul. The prime source for a reconstruction of the Apostle's life must be his own writings. Recent advances in the study of the letters have brought to light new depths which enables them to be used for biographical purposes. The originality of this book lies in the combination of these two approaches, which are reinforced by close attention to the social and cultural aspects of Paul's ministry as revealed by archaeology and contemporary texts—and it transforms a fountain of theological ideas into a human being.