Provisional Avant Gardes

Arguing against the notion that the avant-garde is dead or confined to historically "failed" movements, this book offers a more dynamic and inclusive theory of avant-gardes that accounts for how they work in our present.

Author: Sophie Seita

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 1503609588

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

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What would it mean to be avant-garde today? Arguing against the notion that the avant-garde is dead or confined to historically "failed" movements, this book offers a more dynamic and inclusive theory of avant-gardes that accounts for how they work in our present. Innovative in approach, Provisional Avant-Gardes focuses on the medium of the little magazine—from early Dada experiments to feminist, queer, and digital publishing networks—to understand avant-gardes as provisional and heterogeneous communities. Paying particular attention to neglected women writers, artists, and editors alongside more canonical figures, it shows how the study of little magazines can change our views of literary and art history while shedding new light on individual careers. By focusing on the avant-garde's publishing history and group dynamics, Sophie Seita also demonstrates a new methodology for writing about avant-garde practice across time, one that is applicable to other artistic and non-artistic communities and that speaks to contemporary practitioners as much as scholars. In the process, she addresses fundamental questions about the intersections of aesthetic form and politics and about what we consider to be literature and art.

Theatre as Action

This original book studies the confrontation of the ideal with the reality of the Soviet 1920s, revealing the Wagnerian and Symbolist utopia beneath, and its crisis.

Author: Lars Kleberg

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1349228672

Category: Arts and revolutions

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The British Avant Garde

The normal operation as with entities , in the sense that one is committed to them
( ontologically ) , entails that this be a non - provisional or riveted commitment .
The point is that one is all right here with a provisional ontology , and one ' s ...

Author: New York Cultural Center



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Avant Garde Museology

the Provisional Government and the Union of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies;
the arrival of V. I. Lenin and the beginning of preparations for the proletariat
revolution, carried out under the slogan “All power to the Soviets”; the imperialist

Author: Arseny Zhilyaev

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 1452952280

Category: Art

Page: 576

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The museum of contemporary art might be the most advanced recording device ever invented. It is a place for the storage of historical grievances and the memory of forgotten artistic experiments, social projects, or errant futures. But in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century Russia, this recording device was undertaken by artists and thinkers as a site for experimentation. Arseny Zhilyaev’s Avant-Garde Museology presents essays documenting the wildly encompassing progressivism of this period by figures such as Nikolai Fedorov, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Bogdanov, and others—many which are translated from the Russian for the first time. Here the urgent question is: How might the contents of the museum be reanimated so as to transcend even the social and physical limits imposed on humankind? Contributors: David Arkin; Vladimir Bekhterev; Alexander Bogdanov; Osip Brik; Vasiliy Chekrygin; Leonid Chetyrkin; Nikolai Druzhinin; Nikolai Fedorov; Pavel Florensky; R. N. Frumkina; M. S. Ilkovskiy; V. I. Karmilov; V. Karpov; Valentin Kholtsov; P. N. Khrapov; Yuriy Kogan; Natalya Kovalenskaya; Nadezhda Krupskaya; S. P. Lebedyansky; A. F. Levitsky; Vera Leykina (Leykina-Svirskaya); Ivan Luppol; Kazimir Malevich; Andrey Platonov; Nikolay Punin; Aleksandr Rodchenko; Yuriy Samarin; I. F. Sheremet; Andrey Shestakov; Natan Shneerson; Ivan Skulenko; M. Vorobiev; N. Vorontsovsky; Boris Zavadovsky; I. M. Zykov.

Acrobatic Modernism from the Avant Garde to Prehistory

... the avant-garde by using quotation marks: “NEW SUBJECTS,” “NEW
ASPECTS.”70 By 1923 the international network of vanguard journals had
reached an ad-hoc consensus of values and sense of purpose, achieving
provisional unanimity ...

Author: Jed Rasula

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198833946

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 496

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This is a book about artistic modernism contending with the historical transfigurations of modernity. As a conscientious engagement with modernity's restructuring of the lifeworld, the modernist avant-garde raised the stakes of this engagement to programmatic explicitness. But even beyond the vanguard, the global phenomenon of jazz combined somatic assault with sensory tutelage. Jazz, like the new technologies of modernity, re-calibrated sensory ratios. The criterion of the new as self-making also extended to names: pseudonyms and heteronyms. The protocols of modernism solicited a pragmatic arousal of bodily sensation as artistic resource, validating an acrobatic sensibility ranging from slapstick and laughter to the pathos of bereavement. Expressivity trumped representation. The artwork was a diagram of perception, not a mimetic rendering. For artists, the historical pressures of altered perception provoked new models, and Ezra Pound's slogan 'Make It New' became the generic rallying cry of renovation. The paradigmatic stance of the avant-garde was established by Futurism, but the discovery of prehistoric art added another provocation to artists. Paleolithic caves validated the spirit of all-over composition, unframed and dynamic. Geometric abstraction, Constructivism and Purism, and Surrealism were all in quest of a new mythology. Making it new yielded a new pathos in the sensation of radical discrepancy between futurist striving and remotest antiquity. The Paleolithic cave and the USSR emitted comparable siren calls on behalf of the remote past and the desired future. As such, the present was suffused with the pathos of being neither, but subject to both.

109 Provisional Attempts to Address Six Simple and Hard Questions about what Architects Do Today and where Their Profession Might Go Tomorrow

Mainstreams and Avant - Gardes Zaha Hadid & Patrik Schumacher - Hadid &
Schumacher What is an architect in today's society ? The production of the built
environment within the dense urban conditions of the first - world metropolis has

Author: Jennifer Sigler

Publisher: episode publishers

ISBN: 9789080536265

Category: Architecture

Page: 539

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Short essays by respected architects and theorists around the question: What is an architect in today's society?

Central American Avant Garde Narrative Literary Innovation and Cultural Change 1926 1936

The following analysis of “La barba provisional” sheds light on the beginning of
Asturias's commitment to innovation by focusing on the presence of several
poetic devices that typify French surrealism. However, more than the glimpses of

Author: Adrian Taylor Kane

Publisher: Cambria Press

ISBN: 1604978856

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 174

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This book is in the Cambria Studies in Latin American Literatures and Cultures Series (General editor: Román de la Campa, University of Pennsylvania). "Central American Avant-Garde Narrative is an exemplary work of literary criticism that re-envisions the canon of Central American literature and is destined to set a new standard for ethical, comprehensive research. Specialists and students, after reading this work, will have a clear understanding as to why prose fiction by certain lesser-known writers (Max Jiménez, Flavio Herrera and Rogelio Sinán) from this region needs to be rescued from oblivion and, concomitantly, why stories and novels by one of Hispanic America's most accomplished authors (Miguel Ángel Asturias) should be reexamined with an innovative, interdisciplinary perspective. It also elucidates very effectively the aesthetic divergences of literary works of the Latin American and European avant-garde. Most importantly, readers will appreciate the author's carefully crafted definitions of the basic terminology (positivism, modernismo, Surrealism, etc.) necessary for analyzing Central American avant-garde narrative and for coming to a fuller understanding (the best I have ever read!) of how and why Vanguardists rejected positivism's racist, oligarchical values and incorporated surrealist techniques (in the case of Asturias) 'as a form of cultural exploration and continued resistance to the effects of colonialism' necessary 'to conjure complex realities of Guatemalan culture', especially with regard to this country's indigenous population." - Steven White, Lewis Professor of Modern Languages, St. Lawrence University; and editor of El consumo de lo que somos: muestra de poesía ecológica hispánica contemporánea "This is the first book study on Vanguardia narrative of Central America in the early twentieth century, and an important addition to Latin American scholarship. Literary production in the 1920s is greatly overlooked due to international fanfare around the "Boom" of the 1960s, but in fact, avant-garde novelists influenced writers throughout the twentieth century. The chapters are very readable, and the introduction is an excellent critical guide for those unacquainted with this era." - Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez, Professor and Director, Center for Latino Research, Depaul University; and author of Before the Boom: Latin American Revolutionary Novels of the 1920s

Avant garde Literature and the New City

2 ) Its provisional nature . It is a “ stage ” which is never static or complete , but is
always ready to adopt new characters or scenarios . 3 ) Its fluidity . People and
events in Asakusa are constantly shifting their roles and identities .

Author: William O. Gardner



Category: Japanese literature

Page: 486

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Werk Bauen Wohnen

The history of architecture , and especially of modern architecture , dealt with
nobler buildings , among them a good many villas built for the avant - garde
bourgeoisie . The categorisation of provisional architecture as second or third
class is no ...




Category: Architecture


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The Discourse of the Postmodern and the Discourse of the Avant garde

But avant - gardist activities are directed towards the recuperating of the world ,
which , of course , includes the body but reaches further . VII I now want to put
forward a very provisional sketch of some of the ' symptoms ' of the avant - garde
by ...

Author: Heinz Paetzold



Category: Avant-garde (Aesthetics)

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In his consideration of a wide range of 20th century political theatre and performance practices in the West, Stephen Chinna contends that it is the provisional and contingent strategies of performance that set the model for the postmodern.

Author: Stephen Chinna

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 220

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In his consideration of a wide range of 20th century political theatre and performance practices in the West, Stephen Chinna contends that it is the provisional and contingent strategies of performance that set the model for the postmodern.

Diasporic Avant Gardes

As the rich history of both terms demonstrates , tracing their genesis can only be
a first step , a way of suggesting a provisional model from which later avant -
gardes and later diasporas deviate . Arguably , a formally experimental artwork
can ...

Author: Carrie Noland

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 274

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Diasporic Avant-Gardes draws into dialogue two differing traditions of poetic practice: the diasporic and the avant-garde. This interdisciplinary collection examines the unacknowledged affinities (and crucial differences) between avant-garde and diasporic formal strategies and social formations. The essays foreground the creation of experimental forms and investigate the specific contexts of cultural displacement and language use that inform their poetics.

Art of the Twentieth Century 1969 1999 neo avant gardes postmodern and global art

In Cambodia , after four years of Khmer Rouge dictatorship , Pol Pot's regime is
toppled by the Vietnamese army , which sets up a pro - Soviet provisional
government in its place . Saddam Hussein becomes president of Iraq . • Carmine




Category: Art

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Russian Avant garde

... address the people by visual means , the first new contract was struck between
the artistic avant - garde and the Soviet ... had lead to Nicholas ' s dissolution of
the last such Duma , and its replacement by a coalition Provisional Government .

Author: Catherine Cooke

Publisher: St Martins Press


Category: Art

Page: 208

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The revolutionary avant-garde of Russia in the Twenties was among the most fertile episodes of all Modernism. But the theoretical ideas underlying their challenging imagery and language have hitherto been only glimpsed. Since Stalin stamped out such enquiry in the early Thirties, key personalities were driven into obscurity. Soviet researchers permitted to touch this material could publish only circumscribed vignettes which neither mediated the cultural divide nor placed the ideas in their larger intellectual and political contexts. Here for the first time is a study that exploits the freedoms of the new situation in Russia to explore the intellectual challenges of this extraordinary material and to present its ideas with the same objectivity as we apply to Western work. At one level the book is a readable and colourful introduction to the whole period and its major artistic and architectural personalities, many of whom emerge as individuals with coherent views and distinctive careers for the first time. At another level, it is a unique source book of original documentary texts which not only bring the period to life in entirely new detail, but offer a launchpad for teaching and further research. By cutting through the period in different ways, successive chapters build a multi-dimensional narrative that starts with foundations of avant-garde theoretical debate in the nineteenth century.

Avant garde Drama

... place to what is represented , men ' s life together in society ; and the pleasure
felt in their perfection must be converted into the higher pleasure felt when the
rules emerging from this life in society are treated as imperfect and provisional .

Author: Bernard F. Dukore



Category: Drama

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Avatars of the Avant garde

Jameson ' s model typifies and unifies diverse phenomena - - religious beliefs ,
the organization of labor , political ideas , artistic forms - - in a tentative coherence
which explains a cultural and social experience spanning three centuries .

Author: Philip E. Bishop




Page: 542

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Avant garde and After

8 m ) . the end of the decade , Albert Oehlen confronted a dilemma that was
central to any avant - garde : the dilemma of how to “ go on " with an art that had
been ... Provisional and mute , his works speak of irresolution on a grand scale .

Author: Brandon Taylor

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Art

Page: 176

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"Offering a critical perspective-rather than a traditional survey, this provocative text explores the art of the last twenty years-the latter 1970s, the 1980s, and the first half of the 1990s-in both a thematic and chronological fashion. Using an engaging and approachable style-and an abundance of color illustrations, it takes a long look at dominant tendencies in contemporary art in the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, and Russia-and provides a series of challenging view points on the most advanced art forms, themes, and issues."--Amazon.

The Catholic Avant garde

For Christians of our community , this spiritual discovery has another aspect .
Several have already asked to be publicly excluded from gatherings on a
provisional basis , and even from Mass . They have thus excommunicated
themselves from ...

Author: Jean Marie Domenach

Publisher: New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston


Category: Christian sociology

Page: 245

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The Sociology of the Avant garde

Korea ” is continually deferred , replaced by a series of provisional homes — in
memory , in language , in the family — such that to identify Korea as the ultimate
source , or destination , of this text becomes increasingly difficult . The space to ...

Author: Timothy Yu (Professor of literature)




Page: 586

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First Encounters with the Avant garde

This that tradition of literature which has repeatedly explored always obliquely
and alone those uncharted areas of provisional origin , curious event , and
peculiar imagination untouched and unreached by the conventions of logic and "
straight ...

Author: Nicholas B. Paley



Category: Children's literature, American

Page: 338

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