Recovering the Role of Women

Money , Sex , and Power : An Examination of the Role of Women as Patrons of
the Ancient Synagogue by Matthew S. Collins The role of women in the
synagogues of antiquity has long been assumed by scholars to be similar if not
identical to ...

Author: Peter Jerome Haas

Publisher: University of South Florida


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An all inclusive resource on the role of women in Rabbinic Jewish society.

Economic Problems of Women June 17 1974

This not only discriminates against the men , it also results in discrimination
against the women ; women whose contributions ... discriminatory effect upon
men and women , the system reflects a traditional and often inadequate attitude
about the status of women ... Women , because they earn less than men , end up
being entitled to less social security benefits than they seek to recover under the
system .

Author: United States. Congress. Joint Economic Committee



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Economic Problems of Women

Women tend to recover under social security as dependents if they recover at all .
This dependent status of women has a number of negative effects . For one thing
, people recovering as dependents have no survivorship rights in their social ...

Author: United States. Congress. Joint Economic Committee



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Recovering Nineteenth Century Women Interpreters of the Bible

formed that enabled them to carry out their roles as moral guardians. Movements
such as the temperance movement in both the United States and England were
almost entirely women's movements. In these organizations, they learned the ...

Author: Christiana de Groot

Publisher: SBL Press

ISBN: 1589838343

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Women have been thoughtful readers and interpreters of scripture throughout the ages, yet the usual history of biblical interpretation includes few women’s voices. To introduce readers to this untapped source for the history of biblical interpretation, this volume presents forgotten works from the nineteenth century written by women—including Grace Aguilar, Florence Nightingale, and Harriet Beecher Stowe, among others—from various faith backgrounds, countries, and social classes engaging contemporary biblical scholarship. Due to their exclusion from the academy, women’s interpretive writings addressed primarily a nonscholarly audience and were written in a variety of genres: novels and poetry, catechisms, manuals for Bible study, and commentaries on the books of the Bible. To recover these nineteenth-century women interpreters of the Bible, each essay in this volume locates a female author in her historical, ecclesiastical, and interpretive context, focusing on particular biblical passages to clarify an author’s contributions as well as to explore how her reading of the text was shaped by her experience as a woman.

Into the Temple Courts

... Matthew S . Collins , “ Money , Sex and Power : An Examination of the Role of
Women as Patrons of the Ancient Synagogues ” in Recovering the Role of
Women : Power and Authority in Rabbinic Jewish Society , edited by P . Haas (
Atlanta ...

Author: Donald D. Binder



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Binder explores both the Jewish congregations and the buildings they met in throughout the Middle East from the late sixth century BCE, and the earliest known synagogue (at the time of his writing) to 70 CE, which marks the cessation of the Temple cult, the abrupt termination of the high priestly hegemony that had mostly administered affairs in Palestine since the end of the Babylonian exile, and a major change in Jewish worship and community life throughout the Roman Empire. A companion website provides new information such as Ehud Netzer's March 1998 discovery of what may the oldest synagogue yet. The dissertation was for Southern Methodist University in 1997.

Alcohol Health and Research World

... broadening of their clients ' sex role end of this article . perspectives . Although
this is perIn addition to the fact that each of ceived by staff to be important for the
the topic areas reflects a holistic vision women's recovery , it sometimes causes ...




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Role of Women in the History of Orissa

He was known to have appeared in the arena with her female attendants . But
she was ... after the Kurukshetra war . During his time , Kalinga , recovering from
the losses incurred in the Kurukshetra 34 Role of Women in the History of Orissa.

Author: Kumudini Barai



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On the role of women in Orissa from the earliest times to 1568 A.D. in the arena of political, social, cultural and religious history.

Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

No! And in it, we also learn from women. Women play an active role as witnesses to the faith, passing it on to the new generations. This book explores the feminine voice in Scripture as synergistic with the dominant male voice.

Author: Aimee Byrd

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310108721

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While evangelicalism dukes it out about who can be church leaders, the rest of the 98% of us need to be well equipped to see where we fit in God's household and why that matters. Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is a resource to help church leaders improve the culture of their church and disciple men and women in their flock to read, understand, and apply Scripture to our lives in the church. Until both men and women grow in their understanding of their relationship to Scripture, there will continue to be tension between the sexes in the church. Church leaders need to be engaged in thoughtful critique of the biblical manhood and womanhood movement and the effects it has on their congregation. Do men and women benefit equally from God's word? Are they equally responsible in sharpening one another in the faith and passing it down to the next generation? While radical feminists claim that the Bible is a hopelessly patriarchal construction by powerful men that oppresses women, evangelical churches simply reinforce this teaching when we constantly separate men and women, customizing women's resources and studies according to a culturally based understanding of roles. Do we need men's Bibles and women's Bibles, or can the one, holy Bible guide us all? Is the Bible, God's word, so male-centered and authored that women need to create their own resources to relate to it? No! And in it, we also learn from women. Women play an active role as witnesses to the faith, passing it on to the new generations. This book explores the feminine voice in Scripture as synergistic with the dominant male voice. Through the women, we often get the story behind the story--take Ruth for example, or the birth of Christ through the perspective of Mary and Elizabeth in Luke. Aimee fortifies churches in a biblical understanding of brotherhood and sisterhood in God's household and the necessity of learning from one another in studying God's word. The troubling teaching under the rubric of "biblical manhood and womanhood" has thrived with the help of popular Biblicist interpretive methods. And Biblicist interpretive methods ironically flourish in our individualistic culture that works against the "traditional values" of family and community that the biblical manhood and womanhood movement is trying to uphold. This book helps to correct Biblicist trends in the church today, affirming that we do not read God's word alone, we read it within our interpretive covenant communities--our churches. Our relationship with God's word affects our relationship with God's people, and vice versa. The church is the school of Christ, commissioned to discipleship. The responsibility of every believer, men and women together, is being active and equal participants in and witnesses to the faith--the tradents of faith.

The Role of Women in Central Europe After EU Enlargement

4 The results of the conference very much proved that recovering women's past
the archaeological work is still in the early phases after ten years of democracy in
Eastern Europe . But one question remains : should women's historians become

Author: Stella Avallone

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


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Records of a two-day conference about the role of women in Central Europe after the expansion of the EU, held on March 30-31 2006 at Milan University. The presentations deal with history, culture, economy and international relations.

The Process of Recovery for Women in Alcoholics Anonymous

Further , others have noted that investigation of women's beliefs OF CALIB and
attitudes related to sex - role may be more fruitfully explored through examining
the personal styles of women ( Knupfer , 1982 ) and their perception of how their
0 ...

Author: Christine Vourakis



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Scientific technological Change And The Role Of Women In Development

Most women who work for PEMEX are engaged in secretarial , administrative ,
and janitorial jobs ; few women work as chemists ... But the most important
adverse effects of the technology of recovering and processing oil and natural
gas are ...

Author: United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Publisher: Westview Press


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Recovering Biblical Manhood Womanhood

Author: John Piper

Publisher: Crossway

ISBN: 9781581348064

Category: Religion

Page: 575

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A controversy of major proportions has spread through the church. Recent generations bear witness to the rise of “evangelical feminism”—a movement that has had a profound impact on all of life, challenging some of our basic Christian beliefs. In this new edition of an influential and award-winning best-seller, more than twenty men and women have committed their talents to produce the most thorough response yet to this modern movement. Combining systematic argumentation with popular application, this volume deals with all of the main passages of Scripture brought forward in this controversy regarding gender-based role differences. Anyone concerned with the fundamental question of the proper relationship between men and women in home, church, and society will want to read this book. New preface included. “In Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, twenty-two men and women commit their talents to produce the most thorough response yet to evangelical feminism. All who are concerned with the fundamental question of the proper relationship between men and women in home, church, and society will want to read this important book.” —Association of Theological Booksellers “The best book in print today on this subject. A very important contribution in an age that needs to know.” —Christian Literature World “Piper and Grudem have achieved a commendable breadth of subject area supported by clear, specific, and precise treatment—all of which consistently make the case for ‘biblically balanced male leadership’ in home, church, and society.” —Michael G. Maudlin, Discipleship Journal “Without a doubt this is the most impressive and comprehensive statement of a conservative evangelical understanding of these issues to be published to date. No one seriously involved in seeking a responsible Christian engagement with such concerns can afford to ignore this magisterial undertaking.” —Timothy George “A trumpet-call to the church at large to wake up to the issue. Yet for a book that pulls no punches, it remains reasoned and courteous. It also sets an excellent model in the principles of biblical debate.” —Graham Keith, Banner of Truth Trust “This significant contribution to the ongoing debates over roles and liberties consciously seeks to be governed by Scripture rather than by contemporary culture. Headship by men is a responsibility from God, not a privilege for their own advantage. Much of the confusion of our day is laid at the feet of men who have failed in their role by being either domineering or domesticated. Here is strong medicine for healthy balance with full respect for women and men in their intended roles.” —William Smallman, The Baptist Bulletin

Dissertation Abstracts International

WOMEN ' S STUDIES Governance in a democratic transition : The case of the
Urban Poverty Project in Cirebon . ... The objective of this dissertation is to find
answers on how the government perceives and positions its role in development
. ... Mandell Order Number DANQ99178 This study explores the meaning of
addiction and recovery in the lives of 25 rural women who have been in recovery
from their ...




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Contemporary Religious Ideas

Given the importance of the home in Jewish religious practice , the influence of
women has been considerable . The current literature on women in Judaism can
thus be divided into two subcategories : the recovery of the role of women in ...

Author: G. Edward Lundin

Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated


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Twelve experts address contemporary religious issues and literature in this fascinating group of bibliographic essays that cut across faith and denominational boundaries. The result is an enlightening overview of organized religion and spirituality today. Topics include the African American Church, ecology and religious responsibility, spirituality and aging, fiction for the faithful, feminism and theology, Judaism, Islam, Latin American liberation theology, developing a church library, and world religions. Designed for collection development librarians, pastors, rabbis, and religious study group leaders, this collection offers an introduction to each subject covered and lists resources for further study.

The American Psychiatric Press Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment

problems in 11 % - 17 % of female ambulatory primary care and gynecological
patients and 12 . 5 % - 14 % of female ... Female staff members provide role
models for patients , as do recovering women encountered in self - help groups .

Author: Marc Galanter

Publisher: Amer Psychiatric Pub


Category: Medical

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In the United States, 18% of the population will experience a substance use disorder at some point in their lives, and addictive illness costs have reached $144 billion per year in health care and job loss -- making substance abuse a major health issue confronting us today. With a striking 35% of patients in general psychiatric units having substance use disorders, the need to report on the many advances in research and new pharmacological and psychosocial treatments has increased in recent years. "The American Psychiatric Press Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment, Second Edition," offers the field a well-organized review of our current understanding of the basic science and psychology underlying addiction, treatment modalities and programs, and the problems of specific populations. In this book, over 49 leading addiction experts cover The neurobiology of alcohol, stimulants, marijuana, opiates and hallucinogens, as well as the epidemiology, genetics, and cross-cultural aspects of substance abuse and the psychology of addiction Important treatment issues, including goals assessment, typologies of addiction, placement criteria, and outcome research of alcohol and drug abuse NEW chapters on club drugs, adolescent substance abuse, AIDS, dual diagnosis, addiction in women and perinatal addiction, and treatment of pain Treatments of specific types of drug dependence, including dependence on alcohol, cannabis, stimulants, hallucinogens, phencyclidine and ketamine, tobacco, sedative-hypnotics, and opioids NEW topics such as laboratory and psychometric diagnostics, medical education, prevention, and substance abuse treatment in the managed care era The most effective treatmentmodalities currently available for managing the substance-abusing patient as well as several specialized treatment options Written at a level helpful to both experienced and new clinicians, this comprehensive guide is a valuable treatment resource for all concerned with the issue of substance abuse.

The Emergence of Feminism Among Indian Muslim Women 1920 1947

As most of the issues directly related to women , their voices proved to be a
narrative terrain of bitter social realities as ... THE RECOVERING OF FEMALE

Author: Azra Asghar Ali

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: History

Page: 291

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"This book, therefore, seeks to fill the gap identified above as well as to offer some thoughts on the emergence of 'feminism' among Indian Muslim women. It does this by focusing on various kinds of 'spaces' in which Muslim women were increasingly able to participate in the public sphere, created in large part by changes emanating from the impact of the colonial state. Through the use of the term 'feminism' this study acknowledges its growing popularity in the Indian subcontinent during the period under discussion, albeit among growing Indian middle classes."--BOOK JACKET.

Women Power and Therapy

Hall , Group II women aged 21 to 65 when they participated in the same program
one to two years previously . Group II was also ... The abstinent recovering group
were functioning more successfully in their social roles . T - tests on the ...

Author: Marjorie Braude

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780918393364

Category: Medical

Page: 340

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The woman seriously interested in her personal growth and self-awareness will find this volume indispensable reading! She can learn how to assume power over her relationships, mind, body, and positions in society. Leading feminist therapists provide methods that can help women make their aspirations for power a reality--in the workplace, in social situations, in intimate relationships. Topics include black women and the politics of skin color and hair agoraphobic women and behavior change, unlearning victim behavior, decision-making about contraception, single mothers by choice, female alcoholism and affiliation needs, and much more. This volume is on the cutting edge of the rapidly expanding body of literature and knowledge in women's studies, and describes new and frequently controversial ideas and programs. It deals with issues of power over the intimacies of women's bodies and psyches, as well as power in the workplace, professional societies, and the courts. In order to help the reader understand these issues more fully, this fine book also describes some of the historical and social contexts in which women have not had power or have gained power.

From Woman pain to Woman vision

Author: Anne McGrew Bennett

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishing


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Met handtekening van Mary E. Hunt.

Women s Roles in Ancient Civilizations

Hence a critical examination of Hebrew Scripture can reveal much about the
roles and empowerment of women in both public and private spheres . In the
process of recovering the truth about women ' s lives in the ancient Levant , this ...

Author: Bella Vivante

Publisher: Greenwood


Category: Social Science

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Based on evidence of archeological finds, articles discuss how women actively participated in ancient societies in such diverse roles as priests, warriors, politicians, artists, and writers.

The Culture of Addiction Book 1 The Culture of Recovery Book 2

D . Exploring Sexual Roles Nearly everything written during the past two decades
on alcoholism in women suggests ... sexual role can be an initiating and
sustaining factor in addiction and constitute a major obstacle to recovery for
women .

Author: William L. White

Publisher: Lighthouse Training Inst

ISBN: 9780938475019

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Page: 543

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