Redhead with Fire in His Boots

Author: Peter Harvey


ISBN: 9781781551820

Category: Rugby League football players

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The Rotarian

But the announcement of a fire can turn that same chair into a catapult for 280
pounds of instant muscle and ... Sopping wet, bone bare, and leaving scarcely a
wet footprint in the 15 feet separating him from his gear, he landed in his boots
and hitched up his fire pants. ... At least it beats competing with a tall, willowy





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Established in 1911, The Rotarian is the official magazine of Rotary International and is circulated worldwide. Each issue contains feature articles, columns, and departments about, or of interest to, Rotarians. Seventeen Nobel Prize winners and 19 Pulitzer Prize winners – from Mahatma Ghandi to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – have written for the magazine.

The Rake and the Redhead

The gentle hum of conversation , not to menton the consumption of tea and
biscuits , came to a pause when the object of their mutual pity entered the room .
Only the crackling of the fire could be heard other than the click of boots crossing
the ...

Author: Emily Hendrickson

Publisher: Signet

ISBN: 9780451178558

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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After vowing to keep clear of Blase, Lord Norwood, whom she finds to be a most arrogant gentleman, Miss Hyacinthe Dancy nonetheless finds herself falling under his spell. Original.

Annals of the Nineteenth Ohio Battery

They made all the boots and shoes required by the quartermaster department ,
and done besides a vast amount of work for the soldiers and citizens . ... had
been stationed in August , whence we had sent a solid shot , into which had been
punched by REDHEAD , “ Compliments of the 19th Ohio Battery , ” but they could
not find it , and were greatly disappointed . The city showed signs of hard usage .
Fire ...

Author: Theodore C. Tracie



Category: United States

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The Redhead and the Preacher Loveswept

And Bran. Forcing her eyes open, she saw the fire cast a flickering light across
his bare chest. He'd shed his boots and trousers and now his drawers were
falling down his legs, revealing Macky gasped. He was like some wild animal,
one of ...

Author: Sandra Chastain

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448111471

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

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McKenzie Kathryn Calhoun doesn’t mean to rob the bank in Promise, Kansas. But when she accidentally does, she doesn’t think — she runs. Suddenly the raggedy tomboy has the money to make a life for herself . . . if she doesn’t get caught. But it’s just her luck to find herself sitting across the stagecoach from a dangerously handsome, gun-toting preacher who seems to see through her bravado to the desperate woman beneath. John Lee Brandon figures that the feisty redhead is running from something. A hired gun, he’s masquerading as a reverend on his way to a mining town called Heaven — and it will take a shrewder lady than Macky to pull the wool over his eyes. But when the town welcomes them as “Preacher Adams” and his wife, he’s caught in a charade of respectable wedded bliss. And the two of them are headed for a showdown between lies and love.

The Silent Partner

Gritting his teeth, the redhead twitched his head back and forth to get a look at
what he was facing. There were a few people ... open like a rotten egg. Caleb
may not have been able to see the wall break, but he could hear the splintering
wood and scuffling boots just fine. ... Rudabaugh lunged forward to fire a
pointblank shot at Doc when he caught the end of the cane on his forearm. The
impact made a ...

Author: Marcus Galloway

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Fiction


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When Caleb Wayfinder partnered with the infamous gambler Doc Holliday, he hoped to see his fortunes rise, not find himself tossing drunks and deadbeats out of a saloon in the bustling town of Deadwood. So when Creek Johnson offers him an equal share in a gold claim in exchange for watching his back, Caleb agrees—only to run afoul of Johnson's double-crossing partners. Now the bloodthirsty citizens are eager to string him up. But hey didn't reckon on Doc Holliday …

The Rancher and the Redhead

Well - worn cowboy boots added another inch to his already commanding height
. ... They accidentally brushed against each other as they walked , and each brief
contact sent that same hot trickle of fire through her body . Her gaze darted to ...

Author: Rebecca Winters

Publisher: Harlequin Books

ISBN: 9780373616862

Category: Nevada

Page: 183

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The Ranger and the Redhead

Within twenty minutes he'd built a fire and begun to strip off his wet clothes. Too
dazed with fatigue to ... He shucked his boots, unbuttoned his pants and drew
them off, taking his soaked underdrawers down with them. His skin was bronze
all ...

Author: Lynna Banning

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1426809034

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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19th Century American West. Rescued by a ranger... Kidnapped by Indians, Charlotte Greenfield thinks her life is over. Yet when a Texas Ranger comes to her rescue, she soon discovers it has only just begun! Rugged Will Bondurant sees her not as a buttoned-down schoolmarm, but as a vibrant woman with a passion for adventure--and for him! Meeting every challenge their westward trek throws at them, Charlotte's fire and determination warm Will's troubled heart. But Will is unaware of Charlotte's biggest secret, one that leads to danger, and could easily destroy the fierce bond they share...

The Disgraceful Lord Gray Mills Boon Historical The King s Elite Book 3

the dying embers of a warm winter fire. Evidently, he now had a penchant for
redheads as well as bottoms and legs. ... Miss Cranford was striding across the
parkland by the time he had grabbed his boots, her fists clenched tightly at her
sides ...

Author: Virginia Heath

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 1474088872

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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A spy on a mission... Until he meets this heiress!

Branded by Fire

Her breath came out in a shuddering sigh as she closed her hand around the
rigid length of him. “Oh, I have ... Riley stroked his hand through the silky red hair
spread across his chest. It was a ... “A naked redhead with her boots on. Nirvana.

Author: Nalini Singh

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101082062

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh allies two fierce changelings in this explosive Psy-Changeling novel. Though DarkRiver sentinel Mercy is feeling the pressure to mate, she resists savagely when Riley Kincaid, a lieutenant from the SnowDancer pack, seeks to possess her. The problem is not simply that he pushes her buttons; the problem is that he’s a wolf, she’s a cat, and they’re both used to being on top. But when a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped from DarkRiver territory in a seemingly senseless attack, Mercy and Riley must work together to track the young male—before his shadowy captors decide he’s no longer useful. Along the way, the two dominants may find that submitting to one another uncovers not just a deadly conspiracy, but a passion so raw, it’ll leave them both branded by fire…

The Saturday Evening Post

The expression Joe Dave Logan studied him with a ered Pete Bradshaw's boots
from where " That's it , ” Harris said , and ... What he saw was Joe had cached
them to save weight . and left him there . ened the redhead's face . a runty ,
compact ...






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Everybody s Magazine

On one part of its smooth white eggs of a Redhead that had shore a fire had
burned over a large tract of laid in the wrong ... I pulled up the tops of my T he
matter of identifying nests had its boots , and waded along the shore , some
difficulties .






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Captive Flame

He moved past her to stand before the fire , leaving the vivacious young redhead
to make a highly expressive face behind his back . That done ... He held his
hands out to the fire ' s warmth and frowned idly down at the mud caking his
boots .

Author: Catherine Creel

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 9780821724019

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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After rescuing Meghan Kearny from a cutthroat gang in the Bahamas, arrogant American Devlin Montague insinuates that Meghan should serve his baser needs and the freedom-loving beauty wonders if she traded one kind of imprisonment for another

Gazlay s Pacific Monthly

Only imagine, your highness," pursued the diplomatic innkeeper, twisting one of
the corners of his apron, " that no sooner had my wife ... so I've just come to ask
your grace if you'll allow him to share your fire and your supper till bedtime, when
I must find him a shake-down somewhere. ... He was plainly dressed in a doublet,
vest, and trunks of gray serge, bordered with black taffety, and terminated by long
boots of untanned leather ... that Robin Redhead," the traveler bethought himself.




Category: Pacific States


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Louisa socketed the sharp toe of her cowboy boot between two of my ribs,
checking her aim. Redhead breathed harder, raspier, as if the excitement of
holding me down gave her that much. "I got better gigs going with Roy. Money.
Big owners.

Author: Alyson Carol Hagy


ISBN: 9780684855035

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

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Twenty-seven-year-old Kerry Connolly, a devoted horsewoman, finds herself with a stable of problems when her estranged husband goes into debt with some loan sharks, threatening her beloved Sunny, a Mare of the Year candidate

A Man s Reach

past year - them burnt acorns and the mildewed beef and the wormy pork . It's a
sight ... Yessir , rips in his breeches and them tall boots of his hadn't been
blacked in so long they'd turned brown . Had on a ... Redhead spat lustily into the
fire .

Author: Charles Morrow Wilson




Page: 286

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Frost and Fire

Nights and nights he had left his pants tucked into his boots ready by the bed for
this. Judson was ... “Yes, yes,” he answered, tapping the bag that was buttoned
under his jacket. He and Jan ... said the redhead, and spat on Frost and Fire 5 I.

Author: Elliott Merrick

Publisher: New York : C. Scribner's Sons


Category: Labrador (N.L.)

Page: 334

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The Spirit of the Fair

Fire place heater , A. Hampton . India rubber bands , E. A. Bunner . ... 5 pkgs .
clothing and furnishing goods , Brooks & Bros. , Boots and shoes , J. Hunt .
Confectionery , W. H. ... 3 pkgs . groceries , T. M. Redhead . Shirts , Mrs. Rothan .
3 pkgs ...




Category: Metropolitan Fair


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Household Words

window were three barrels of beer , all in tap , He then took off his jacket and
boots and the keys of which were chained to a stout ... Fourteen were not rescued
until which a blazing fire was roaring : a volume life was extinct , and the last
body not recoof savoury ... turned arches ; that divil Redhead's , and this , ”
seizing the earth followed ; and the doomed men a third with ten nicks , “ is
Happy Jack's ...

Author: Charles Dickens



Category: English literature


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American Magazine

I pulled on my boots and was getting to my feet when I heard a woman ' s shriek ,
and then a man ' s voice , gruff and angry . I ran out ... She was small and trim and
a redhead . ... And , under the name , the Company slogan , “ Fire in the Hole !




Category: American literature


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