Reflections on Our Relationships with Anne of Green Gables

The varied responses to the series prompted a range of reflections on our individual and generational relationships with Anne of Green Gables as an enduring and iconic text in its various iterations, from the original book series to ...

Author: Jessica Carniel

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 152757203X

Category: Social Science

Page: 196

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This collection of essays brings together passionate readers and literary critics from Canada, the US, Japan, and Australia. The essays ruminate on readers’ individual and collective relationships to one of the most iconic characters of Western literature: Anne of Green Gables. This relationship is imagined and interrogated through a range of critical and creative lenses, including studies of fan culture, translation, adaptation and imagination. The collection is unique in inviting responses that draw deeply on personal connections to Anne, and the ways that readers’ relationships to her have shifted over time. The book will appeal most particularly to readers seeking essays and other works that bridge the divide between a critical and a more personal response to ‘our Anne girl’.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR A former journalist and news editor, Monique Mulligan juggles creative writing with a marketing job ... most recently Reflections on Our Relationships with Anne of Green Gables: Kindred Spirits, published by Cambridge ...

Author: Monique Mulligan

Publisher: Pilyara Press

ISBN: 1925827488

Category: Fiction

Page: 308

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“Wildflower is a brave and hugely necessary book. Written with such tenderness, grace and sensitivity, this book is a light in the darkness and a strong voice for the rights of all women to be safe and cherished. Monique Mulligan has written a powerful story reflecting the hope and resilience of the human spirit. A triumph of a novel.” ~ Tabitha Bird, The Emporium of Imagination 1979 After being bullied at school, Jane Kelly dreads spending the summer holidays alone, friendless. So, when Acacia Miller moves in next door, Jane imagines carefree days of trading secrets and pinky promises with a new best friend. But as their friendship grows, Acacia remains stubbornly guarded about her home life, and Jane becomes caught up in a sinister situation she doesn’t understand. When Acacia’s secret becomes one too many for Jane to carry, she must choose whether to challenge the status quo and risk losing her only friend. Or stay silent, knowing the danger it hides. 1999 An abused woman flees to a refuge and bumps into someone from her childhood. Haunted by her past but grappling with a desire to reconnect and rebuild her life, she realises there are wounds that time alone cannot heal. Can she find the courage to confront the darkest secrets of all: her own? “Wildflower is a skilfully constructed and captivating novel that weaves together a tender and poignant coming-of-age story with a powerful narrative tracing the aftermath of one woman’s escape from an abusive relationship. Brimming with scenes that masterfully juxtapose the blissful with the confronting, the simple with the complex, it has strong unforgettable characters that leap off the page and into your heart. Wildflower is not only a totally engaging and convincing read, it’s also an important read.” ~ Lyn Yeowart, The Silent Listener

Women Psychotherapists Reflections on Female Friendships

In this article, the author examines the role that her childhood friendship played in shaping her understanding of ... The bosom friend described by the orphaned Anne in the children's book Anne of Green Gables (Montgomery, 1908, p.

Author: Lillian Comas-Diaz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134929552

Category: Psychology

Page: 160

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Psychologists, as well as the general public, have recognized the importance of female friendships. Scientists call this bond the tending instinct- a kind of female relaxation response that has salutary effects. Such special attachment shields women from isolation and provides an enhanced sense of wellbeing. Intimate friends can therefore act as sisters of the heart to promote connection, solace, wholeness, and longevity. Moreover, women friends frequently provide emotional, social, physical, and spiritual benefits. Indeed, sisters of the heart constitute an unparalleled bond that encourages women to connect with themselves, with others, and with the world at large. In this book, twelve women therapists, who are diverse in age-- young, middle, and older women; as well as in ethnicity--White, African American, Latina, Asian American, Native American, and multiracial women---examine the psychological and physical aspects of this unique female bonding. Through their narratives we hear their distinctive voices as women and as healers. In this fashion, they reflect on both the functional and dysfunctional dynamics occurring between intimate female friends. Finally, these women therapists examine how their experience with a sister of the heart informed their development as healers, and discuss how they use this special bond in psychotherapy with women. This book was originally published as a special issue of Women & Therapy. 'This enlightening, iconic book is for anyone who wants to understand more about the powerful roles of friendships—including challenges--among women that facilitate their ability to survive and thrive. It is special in that the chapter authors are psychotherapists who describe the impact of female bonding, from scientific as well as personal bases. The descriptions are rooted in theory, research, extensive clinical experience and personal lives. Refreshing and much needed, this book will prove useful to professionals as well as any women or men who want to understand the value and salience of female relationships.' Melba Vasquez, PhD, ABPP Past President, American Psychological Association Independent Practice, Austin, Texas

Beyond Graves Disease Thoughts and Reflections

I am thankful to Pat for providing the much needed medical insurance, paying for the co-pays and prescriptions. ... this goes much deeper than our mutual appreciation of “It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” and “Anne of Green Gables.

Author: Celia Marie


ISBN: 0557409144


Page: 34

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The words that you are about to read are vignettes of possibility, hope, light, dreams, laughter and surrender. I offer you the words of someone who doesn’t dream that it’s over. Limitless possibilities are my focus now.Join Celia Marie in her offering of her last book in her Graves' Disease series. Anyone who is in the process of recovery will relate to her as she shares her perspective on recovery at this point in her journey of healing in Beyond Graves' Disease Thoughts and Reflections.

White Picket Fences

... Anne Shirley, the orphan girl in Anne of Green Gables with her big, bold, kind heart, and about Jo March from Little Women, with her headstrong passion and her protective love for her family. But in the midst of my reflections, ...

Author: Amy Julia Becker

Publisher: NavPress

ISBN: 1631469223

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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A Gentle Invitation into the Challenging Topic of Privilege The notion that some might have it better than others, for no good reason, offends our sensibilities. Yet, until we talk about privilege, we’ll never fully understand it or find our way forward. Amy Julia Becker welcomes us into her life, from the charm of her privileged southern childhood to her adult experience in the northeast, and the denials she has faced as the mother of a child with special needs. She shows how a life behind a white picket fence can restrict even as it protects, and how it can prevent us from loving our neighbors well. White Picket Fences invites us to respond to privilege with generosity, humility, and hope. It opens us to questions we are afraid to ask, so that we can walk further from fear and closer to love, in all its fragile and mysterious possibilities.

The Anne of Green Gables Devotional

series and Christy Miller series “The Anne of Green Gables Devotional is a delight from cover to cover! Rachel Dodge has filled its pages with beautifully crafted reflections and prayers inspired by the beloved novel.

Author: Rachel Dodge

Publisher: Two Words Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1955449015

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 224

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Devotional Inspiration Especially for Kindred Spirits The Anne of Green Gables Devotional offers lovely inspiration that explores the theme of God’s love and faithfulness through the pages of the classic L. M. Montgomery novel, cherished by generations of readers. Each reading corresponds with a chapter from the book and invites you to embrace God’s redemptive plans for your life as His very own adopted daughter in Christ. This beautiful 40-day devotional includes original artwork throughout, and each reading includes examples from the novel, scripture, life application, prayers, and discussion questions perfect for groups, book clubs, or personal reflection. It’s perfect as a personal read or gift for a bosom friend!

Modern Messages from Green Gables on Loving Living and Learning

Despite all the illness-related difficulties in her life, LMM began work on her sixth Anne novel (Rilla of ... reflections on the challenges and horrors of war, including Jem's injuries and the battle death of our dear poet Walter.

Author: Robert V. Smith

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1527576566

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 360

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Many people have read and been inspired by the Anne of Green Gables novels. However, few may know very much about the extraordinary intuition, brilliance, creativity, and productivity of the Anne-author, Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942). Fewer still may understand how Montgomery was much ahead of her time as a feminist and an advocate for women’s roles in society—as reflected in her writings and life story. This book encourages readers to imagine how Montgomery’s life experiences influenced “the life of Anne” and consider how these real and imaginary lives offer messages for 21st century men and women—their loving, living, and lifelong learning. It offers such understanding by revivifying Anne a little more than 100 years after she left her literary existence in 1919, to portray her life story—fundamentally tied to loving. The revivified Anne and her physician husband Gilbert Blythe, review the life, challenges, and triumphs of their creator, and how Montgomery’s example might offer messages for us on living and learning. Anne and Gilbert know that Montgomery was a keen observer of others—akin to many of the characters in her books. They describe how Montgomery imaginatively captured the essence of the people around her. The associations include not only the benevolent individuals on her beloved Prince Edward Island and in Ontario, Canada, but also the bigotry, sexual repression, and small mindedness common in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The revivified Ann and Gilbert in this book illuminate Anne’s and Montgomery’s lives that portray integrity, tolerance, compassion, generosity, perseverance, and graciousness—even in times of personal adversity. When these traits are combined with lifelong learning, creativity, and a dedication of service to humanity, we realize enduring messages for all members of the global community in our modern times.

Storybook Worlds Made Real

At Silver Bush, it is even possible for visitors, intent on experiencing Avonlea, become simulacra themselves, like Anne's Katie Maurice, while gazing at their own reflections encased in the “enchanted bookcase, one of the more ...

Author: Mark I. West

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476674183

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 292

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Memorable children's narratives immerse readers in imaginary worlds that bring them into the story. Some of these places have been constructed in the real world--like Pinocchio's Tuscany or Anne of Green Gables' Prince Edward Island--where visitors relive their favorite childhood tales. Theme parks like Walt Disney World and Harry Potter World use technology to engineer enchanting environments that reconnect visitors with beloved fictional settings and characters in new ways. This collection of new essays explores the imagined places we loved as kids, with a focus on the meaning of setting and its power to shape the way we view the world.

Too Much

I do wonder if she found fragmented reflections of herself in Anne Shirley, thereby inspiring the intermittent ... Anne of Green Gables (1908) gave me worthy cause for optimism. My peers ... And yet, I didn't really love Anne Shirley.

Author: Rachel Vorona Cote

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0751580511

Category: History

Page: 352

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Lacing cultural criticism, Victorian literature, and storytelling together, Too Much explores how culture corsets women's bodies, souls, and sexualities - and how we might finally undo the strings. Written in the tradition of Shrill, Dead Girls, Sex Object and other frank books about the female gaze, Too Much encourages women to reconsider the beauty of their excesses - emotional, physical, and spiritual. Rachel Vorona Cote braids cultural criticism, theory, and storytelling together in her exploration of how culture grinds away our bodies, souls, and sexualities, forcing us into smaller lives than we desire. An erstwhile Victorian scholar, she sees many parallels between that era's fixation on women's 'hysterical' behavior and our modern policing of the same; in the space of her writing, you're as likely to encounter Jane Eyre and Lizzie Bennet as you are Britney Spears and Lana Del Rey. This book will tell the story of how women, from then and now, have learned to draw power from their reservoirs of feeling, all that makes us 'too much'.

Reading Writers Reading

Canadian Authors' Reflections Danielle Schaub ... I have only recently realized that all my favourite characters in these early books - Anne of Green Gables , Emily ... But the deeper , truer relationship takes place on another level .

Author: Danielle Schaub

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 9780888644596

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 345

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"I am a writer because I was a reader first." Alison Gordon. "Nobody has ever written who never read." Mavis Gallant. ".reading is a connection, at once a way and a goal, a liberating destiny." Robert Kroetsch. Over 160 Canadian writers, in English and French, write about their experiences of reading. With striking photographs of each writer, Reading Writers Reading offers a sublime voyage into the heart of literary creation.