SAS 9 3 SQL Procedure User s Guide

The reference information includes statements, dictionary components, and system options. This title is also available online.SAS Products and Releases: Base SAS: 9.3 Operating Systems: All

Author: SAS Institute

Publisher: Sas Inst

ISBN: 9781607648925

Category: Computers

Page: 420

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Describes the basics of using the SQL procedure and provides comprehensive reference information. The usage information includes retrieving data from single and multiple tables; selecting specific data from tables; subsetting, ordering, and summarizing data; updating tables; combining tables to create new tables and useful reports; performing queries on database management system (DBMS) tables; using PROC SQL with the SAS macro facility; and debugging and optimizing PROC SQL code. The reference information includes statements, dictionary components, and system options. This title is also available online.SAS Products and Releases: Base SAS: 9.3 Operating Systems: All

SAS Programming for Enterprise Guide Users Second Edition

... 243 CREATE INDEX statement, SQL procedure 79–80 Create Map Feature Table task about 222 cross-references 239, ... PRINT procedure 28 Data Set Attributes task about 214 cross-references 239, 243 DATA step about 93 ...

Author: Neil Constable

Publisher: SAS Institute

ISBN: 9781607645276

Category: Computers

Page: 308

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New and updated for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2, this pragmatic, example-driven book demonstrates how programmers can use SAS code to enhance the capabilities of SAS Enterprise Guide.

Carpenter s Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques

GCHART procedure 272, 348 Gebhart, Eric 333 $GENDERU. format 365 GEOMEAN function 156 GET operator 47 ... SQL procedure 93 FTEXT= graphics option migrating text 273 setting fonts 274, 300–301, 319 UNIVARIATE procedure and 302 FTITLE= ...

Author: Art Carpenter

Publisher: SAS Institute

ISBN: 1612902022

Category: Computers

Page: 570

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Carpenter's Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques offers advanced SAS programmers an all-in-one programming reference that includes advanced topics not easily found outside the depths of SAS documentation or more advanced training classes. Art Carpenter has written fifteen chapters of advanced tips and techniques, including topics on data summary, data analysis, and data reporting. Special emphasis is placed on DATA step techniques that solve complex data problems. There are numerous examples that illustrate advanced techniques that take advantage of formats, interface with the macro language, and utilize the Output Delivery System. Additional topics include operating system interfaces, table lookup techniques, and the creation of customized reports.

PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS

When thetemplate storeisset up, youwill explore how to make simple changes to templates that are supplied by SAS. ... See the section on column and table attributesin the SAS 9.3 Output Delivery System User's Guide, Second Edition for a ...

Author: Michael Tuchman

Publisher: SAS Institute

ISBN: 162959251X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 312

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PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS demonstrates the practical uses of the DOCUMENT procedure, a part of the Output Delivery System, in SAS 9.3. Michael Tuchman explains how to work with PROC DOCUMENT, which is designed to store your SAS procedure output for replay at a later time without having to rerun your original SAS code. You’ll learn how to: save a collection of procedure output, descriptive text, and supporting graphs that can be replayed as a single unit save output once and distribute that same output in a variety of ODS formats such as HTML, CSV, and PDF create custom reports by comparing output from the same procedure run at different points in time create a table of contents for your output modify the appearance of both textual and graphical ODS output even if the original data is no longer available or easily accessible manage your tabular and graphical output by using descriptive labels, titles, and footnotes rearrange the original order of output in a procedure to suit your needs After using this book, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create libraries of professional-looking output that are accessible at any time. This book is part of the SAS Press program.

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Applying Data Science

Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc. [2] SAS/STAT® 14.2 User's Guide. The LIFETEST Procedure. (accessed 1 March 2017). ... Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel, Second Edition.

Author: Gerhard Svolba

Publisher: SAS Institute

ISBN: 1635260566

Category: Computers

Page: 490

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See how data science can answer the questions your business faces! Applying Data Science: Business Case Studies Using SAS, by Gerhard Svolba, shows you the benefits of analytics, how to gain more insight into your data, and how to make better decisions. In eight entertaining and real-world case studies, Svolba combines data science and advanced analytics with business questions, illustrating them with data and SAS code. The case studies range from a variety of fields, including performing headcount survival analysis for employee retention, forecasting the demand for new projects, using Monte Carlo simulation to understand outcome distribution, among other topics. The data science methods covered include Kaplan-Meier estimates, Cox Proportional Hazard Regression, ARIMA models, Poisson regression, imputation of missing values, variable clustering, and much more! Written for business analysts, statisticians, data miners, data scientists, and SAS programmers, Applying Data Science bridges the gap between high-level, business-focused books that skimp on the details and technical books that only show SAS code with no business context.

SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry Second Edition

... Susan The Little SAS Book: A Primer 17 Smith, Kevin PROC TEMPLATE Made Easy: A Guide for SAS Users 171 Society for ... Spearman correlation coefficient 226 SPSS database 243 SQL (structured query language) 40 SQL procedure 76, 93–95 ...

Author: Jack Shostak

Publisher: SAS Institute

ISBN: 1629591491

Category: Computers

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This comprehensive resource provides on-the-job training for statistical programmers who use SAS in the pharmaceutical industry This one-stop resource offers a complete review of what entry- to intermediate-level statistical programmers need to know in order to help with the analysis and reporting of clinical trial data in the pharmaceutical industry. SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Second Edition begins with an introduction to the pharmaceutical industry and the work environment of a statistical programmer. Then it gives a chronological explanation of what you need to know to do the job. It includes information on importing and massaging data into analysis data sets, producing clinical trial output, and exporting data. This edition has been updated for SAS 9.4, and it features new graphics as well as all new examples using CDISC SDTM or ADaM model data structures. Whether you're a novice seeking an introduction to SAS programming in the pharmaceutical industry or a junior-level programmer exploring new approaches to problem solving, this real-world reference guide offers a wealth of practical suggestions to help you sharpen your skills. This book is part of the SAS Press program.

A Research Guide to Cartographic Resources

S-Plus for ArcView GIS: User's Guide; Version 1.1. Seattle WA: Insightful, 1998. SAS/GIS 9.2: Spatial Data and Procedure Guide. Cary, NC: SAS, 2008. Secrets of Network Cartography: A Comprehensive Guide to Nmap, by J. Messer.

Author: Eva H. Dodsworth

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1538100843

Category: Reference

Page: 450

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This book navigates the numerous American and Canadian cartographic resources available in print, and online, offering information on how to locate and access the large variety of resources. Cartographic materials are highlighted and summarized, along with lists of map libraries and geospatial centers, and related professional associations.

SAS and R

As discussed in 9.3, procedure output and graphics can be saved to named Output files by using commands of the following ... Unlike SAS macros, macro variables are values that exist during SAS runs and are not stored within datasets.

Author: Ken Kleinman

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466584505

Category: Mathematics

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An Up-to-Date, All-in-One Resource for Using SAS and R to Perform Frequent TasksThe first edition of this popular guide provided a path between SAS and R using an easy-to-understand, dictionary-like approach. Retaining the same accessible format, SAS and R: Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics, Second Edition explains how to easily p

SAS Companion for UNIX Environments

SAS / CONNECT Software : Usage and Reference , Version 6 , First Edition ( order # A56017 ) describes how to use SAS / CONNECT software under several operating systems . O SAS Guide to the SQL Procedure : Usage and Reference , Version 6 ...

Author: SAS Institute

Publisher: Sas Inst

ISBN: 9781555445607

Category: Computers

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User interface and the SAS system. User interfaces for character-based terminals. Using the OSF/Motif interface to the SAS system. Customizing the OSF/Motif interface to the SAS system. Key labels and key definitions. The SAS resource helper. Defining character-based terminals for the SAS system. Sample terminqpgm program.