A History of Chinese Philosophy

edition, 1920-1922 : 19, 52, 79-80, 133-134, 150-152, 159, 171, 176-177, 179,
195, 202, 246, 312, 317-331, 335-337. ... K'img-tyi Chia-yii JL 7 <&. fe (Sayings of
the Confucian School), supposedly a record of sayings by Confucius and his ...

Author: Youlan Feng

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691020211

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Since its original publication in Chinese in the 1930s, this work has been accepted by Chinese scholars as the most important contribution to the study of their country's philosophy. In 1952 the book was published by Princeton University Press in an English translation by the distinguished scholar of Chinese history, Derk Bodde, "the dedicated translator of Fung Yu-lan's huge history of Chinese philosophy" (New York Times Book Review). Available for the first time in paperback, it remains the most complete work on the subject in any language. Volume I covers the period of the philosophers, from the beginnings to around 100 B.C., a philosophical period as remarkable as that of ancient Greece. Volume II discusses a period lesser known in the West--the period of classical learning, from the second century B.C. to the twentieth century.

Books on China

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The Social Thought of the Ancient Civilizations

Confucianism and Its Rivals , London , 1915 . : Gems of Chinese Literature ,
London , 1884 . : The Civilisation of China , London , 1911 . GILES , L . : The
Sayings of Confucius , London , 1920 . - : The Sayings of Lao Tzu , London ,
1911 .

Author: Joyce Oramel Hertzler



Category: Civilization, Ancient

Page: 409

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Universal World History

... HERBERT ALLEN , Confucianism and its Rivals , 1915 GILES , LIONEL , The
Sayings of Confucius , 1920 GLASENAPP , HELMUTH VON , Der Jainismus ,
AND ...

Author: Sir John Alexander Hammerton




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Civilization in East and West

Confucius insisted on the importance of this state of mind : ' True goodness ( he
said ) springs from a man ' s own heart ... Nor can a good man be a prig , proud of
his own goodness : ' Your 1 Lionel Giles , The Sayings of Confucius ( 1920 ) , p .

Author: H. N. Spalding



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The Dawn of Literature

Forke , Anton : Yang Chu ' s Garden of Pleasure , London , 1920 . Murray . Fowler
, H . T ... Giles , Lionel : Musings of a Chinese Mystic ( Chunag Tzu ) , London ,
1920 . Murray . Giles , Lionel : Sayings of Confucius , London , 1920 . Murray .

Author: Carl Holliday



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China Japan and Korea

The story of Confucius , his life and sayings . Philadelphia , 1927 . ... Leipzig ,
1920 . Ch 401.5.55 Confucius . Les pages immortelles de Confucius , choisies
Alfred Doeblin . Paris , 1947 . ch 401.5.60 * Confucius . Gesprache . Jena , 1914 .

Author: Harvard University. Library



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Confucianism Christianity China

Secular Sources Part I : Primary Confucian Sources Giles , Lionel , The Sayings
of Confucius . London : John Murry , 1920 . Ku , Hung Ming . The Universal Order
of Conduct of Life . Shanghai : Shanghai Mercury , Ltd . , 1906 . Legge , James ...

Author: Theodore T. Y. Yeh



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A Dictionary of Catch Phrases

1920—if not from twenty years earlier— and it is applied either to a person one
regards as beneath oneself or, less often, ... P.B.: in the Analects of Confucius,
the sage's sayings are usu. introduced by the classical Chinese Kong zi yue, lit.

Author: Eric Partridge

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134929994

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A catch phrase is a well-known, frequently-used phrase or saying that has `caught on' or become popular over along period of time. It is often witty or philosophical and this Dictionary gathers together over 7,000 such phrases.

Encyclopaedia of Books on China

The Conduct of Life , or the Universal Order of Confucius : a Translation of one of
the Four Confucian Books , hitherto known as the Doctrine of the Mean , by Ku
Hung - ming , 8vo , pp . 60 , cloth . 1920 2s 6d 3971 - - Lun - yü . — The Sayings
of ...

Author: Arthur Probsthain



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Widener Library Shelflist China Japan and Korea

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The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

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Confucius and Tagore

It was Confucius who first broke away from this limitation and set an example of
private teaching . ... According to the “ Family Sayings of Confucius , ” a work
which purports to contain the words of Confucius , but which was ... ( 1920 - 1922
) 2 .

Author: Sampson C. Shen



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Ezra Pound and Confucianism

In other words, Pound's interest in Confucianism developed side by side with his
interest in Chinese poetry, even ... translating Chinese poetry.4 Still, from the mid-
1910s to the late 1920s, Pound's admiration for the Confucian tradition was ...

Author: Feng Lan

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442613114

Category: Literary Criticism

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In "Ezra Pound and Confucianism," Feng Lan offers the first study of Ezra Pound's project of establishing a Confucian humanism as an alternative to Western modernism. While Pound scholars are familiar with the American poet's commitment to Confucianism, the question of how Confucianism systematically shaped Pound's thoughts has not been convincingly answered. Lan shows that when confronted with what appeared to him a dehumanising modern world, Pound discovered in Confucianism possible solutions to issues that he encountered in language, politics, and religion, which Western intellectual tradition as a whole had failed to provide. By integrating Confucian doctrines with received ideas from Western tradition, Pound developed a humanist discourse and brought it to bear on the historical conditions of his time. The result was a discourse characterized primarily by the following beliefs: the human mind as the source of creation, the individual's moral will as the basis of truth and social order, the human partnership with the world of nature, the self-perfectibility of human beings, and their innate capability for internal transcendence in spiritual life. Lan examines the strategies with which Pound reconstructed Confucianism into a systematic modern discourse, focusing on his controversial translation of Confucian scriptures, his rethinking of the nature of language and poetry, his political theory of the individual and the state, and his formulation of an unorthodox spirituality. Situating Pound's works in diverse cultural, historical, and intellectual contexts, "Ezra Pound and Confucianism" demonstrates that, despite its frequent divergence from the Confucian canon, Pound's Confucian humanism gives his poetry an ideological coherence, enriches the Western humanist tradition, and asserts its relevance to the historical and cross-cultural development of Confucianism in modern times.


Above all ,

Author: Russell Freedman

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780439139571

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Discusses the life and teachings of the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius.

Bibliotheca Orientalis

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Dictionary of Catch Phrases

1920; certainly it had, by 1960, become slightly ob. in Colin Dexter's Last Bus to
Woodstock, 1975: COP Tomsett drained his glass. ' l've always been a bit
dubious about this rape business.' 'Confucius, he say girl with skirt up, she run
faster ...

Author: Eric Partridge

Publisher: Scarborough House

ISBN: 1461660408

Category: Social Science

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A catch phrase is a well-known, frequently-used phrase or saying that has `caught on' or become popular over along period of time. It is often witty or philosophical and this Dictionary gathers together over 7,000 such phrases.

Mao s Road to Power The pre Marxist period 1912 1920

Confucius said , “ The gentleman agrees with others , without being an echo .
The small man echoes without being in agreement . ” ! This is also the same as
saying that there is struggle in unity . There are also both unification and struggle
in ...

Author: Zedong Mao

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9781563240492

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Bibliography for Oriental Philosophies

Author: Russell Franklin Moore



Category: Philosophy, Asian

Page: 13

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Mao s Road to Power The pre Marxist period 1912 1920

S4 Mencius once spoke of the will , saying , “ The will is first and chief , and the
passion - nature is subordinate to it . ... Pleased with the doctrines of the Duke of
Zhou and of Confucius , he came northwards to the Middle Kingdom and studied

Author: Tse-tung Mao

Publisher: East Gate Book


Category: History

Page: 640

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This is the first volume in a set covering the writings of Mao-Tse-tung and charting his progress from childhood to full political maturity. This work contains essays, letters, notes and articles in the period 1912 to 1920, which saw him move from liberali.