Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults

In this book Veteran disciplemakers Rick Dunn and Jana Sundene offer concrete guidance for those who shepherd and care for emerging adults, emphasizing relational rhythms of discernment, intentionality and reflection to meet emerging adults ...

Author: Richard R. Dunn

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830869751

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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In this book Veteran disciplemakers Rick Dunn and Jana Sundene offer concrete guidance for those who shepherd and care for emerging adults, emphasizing relational rhythms of discernment, intentionality and reflection to meet emerging adults where they are at and then to walk with them further into the Christlife.

Reflections from the Marriage Table

Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults: Life-Giving Rhythms for Spiritual
Transformation. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2012. Dykstra, Robert C., Allan
Hugh Cole Jr., and Donald Capps. The Faith and Friendships of Teenage Boys.

Author: Ron Clark

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498298125

Category: Religion

Page: 118

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In the midst of hectic and fast paced families, one stable element that can bring grace, love, and joy is the table. Biblically, the table was a place of mercy, unity, and hospitality. Marriage also is a uniting of male and female, to complement and partner, to create a new family, ministry, and community. When the marriage table becomes a central element, sacred and safe spaces are created for individuals, couples, and families to thrive and mature as God intended. Ron and Lori Clark share their experiences as a couple in ministry, working with family violence, and creating safe spaces for their marriage and children to mature and develop healthy self-esteem. This book, with discussion questions, is designed to help couples find partnership, peace, and grow together in relationship and love, whether in ministry or simply seeking to be who God called them to be.

Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood

A Practical Theology for College and Young Adult Ministry David P. Setran, Chris
A. Kiesling ... Richard DunnandJana Sundene, in Shaping the Journey of
Emerging Adults: LifeGiving Rhythms forSpiritual Transformation (Downers
Grove, ...

Author: David P. Setran

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 1441242880

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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The shift from adolescence to adulthood, a recently identified stage of life called "emerging adulthood," covers an increasing span of years in today's culture (roughly ages 18-30) due to later marriages and extended education. During this prolonged stage of exploration and self-definition, many young adults drift away from the church. Here two authors--both veteran teachers who are experienced in young adult and campus ministry--address this new and urgent field of study, offering a Christian perspective on what it means to be spiritually formed into adulthood. They provide a "practical theology" for emerging adult ministry and offer insight into the key developmental issues of this stage of life, including identity, intimacy and sexuality, morality, church involvement, spiritual formation, vocation, and mentoring. The book bridges the gap between academic and popular literature on emerging adulthood and offers concrete ways to facilitate spiritual formation among emerging adults.

Models and Methods for Youth and Young Adult Ministry

It means that emerging adults are still growing cognitively and are still trying to
find their place in the world. Emerging adults are moving toward greater ... Dunn
and Sundene, Shaping the Journey, 24. 18. Ibid., 31. 19. Ibid., 31–33. 20. Ibid.

Author: Arthur David Canales

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532630190

Category: Religion

Page: 210

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Models and Methods for Youth and Young Adult Ministry is a rare book on young adult and youth ministry in that it weaves sound theology and solid pastoral practice. It invites pastoral practitioners, scholars in the field, and university-ministry students to envision various models and methods for doing youth and young adult ministry in a collaborative and ecumenical way. Through rich, concrete examples and strategies, the reader will grasp the significance of each model and the various methods to integrate and implement these robust approaches. The result is this book will empower readers toward a more meaningful understanding of youth and young adult ministry, which will in turn engage the young church of Christ.

Making the Journey

I Is Not for Indian : The Portrayal of Native Americans in Books for Young People .
” Multicultural ... Biracial / Biethnic Characters in Young Adult and Children ' s
Books . ... Expanding the Canon : Shaping Inclusive Reading Lists . ” English ...

Author: Leila Christenbury

Publisher: Boynton/Cook Pub


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 322

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A look at the realities of classroom life offers encouragement and advice for new teachers, as well as information on school culture, models of teaching, media literacy, reader response, writing instruction, and ethics.

The Journey of Adulthood

Still , differences in intelligence among young adults may suggest a good deal
about the direction of their future lives . ... What is more , such personality
differences are potent forces in shaping adult experience , affecting options and
choices ...

Author: Helen L. Bee

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers


Category: Psychology

Page: 508

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Using a conversational style - and a blend of research, theory and practical applications - this text explores the ways in which adults change or develop in both shared and individual ways over the full range of adult years - from 18 to 100 or more. Comprehensive in scope, it explores aspects of the process of development - physical, cognitive, social, personality, and spiritual development - and the biological, psychological, or social forces or laws that may govern the changes we see among adults.

The Strategic Guide to Shaping Your Student Affairs Career

A central part of this process is coming to know yourself—what you believe and
value, how you make sense of your identity, and how you craft adult relationships
. Emerging adulthood is a time to reevaluate the external messages you have ...

Author: Sonja Ardoin

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 1579229603

Category: Education

Page: 196

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This is a book for any student affairs professional who wants to strategically shape his or her career path—and will be particularly helpful for people in early or mid-career, or contemplating a career, in student affairs. By engagingly offering us the fruits of the reflective and strategic approach she has used to shape her own career, and of the theoretical and practical approaches she has undertaken to map out the culture and dynamics of student affairs, and by gathering the voices of 25 professionals who offer the insights and advice derived from their own experiences, Sonja Ardoin has created a guide for everyone in student affairs who wants to be intentional in setting the course for their professional and personal development. She begins by describing the changing and varied student populations who are the heart of this field, and outlines the typical organizational structures of student affairs, the range of functional areas, and how practice varies by size and type of institution. She highlights major trends, discusses the typical paths of entry to the profession, the expectations and realities of starting in a new position, the process of socialization, and the required skills and competencies. She devotes the core of the book to the five key elements for developing a career strategy: Lifelong Learning, Extending Your Experiences, Planning for Professional Development, Networking/Connecting, and Self-Reflection, and provides advice on the job search, from application through interview. In doing so she ranges over choices to be made about formal qualifications, and describes activities – from volunteering and committee work to conference presentations, writing and teaching – that we can use to strategically develop the proficiencies to attain our goals.

Meeting the Transitional Needs of Young Adult Learners

New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, Number 143 C. Amelia Davis
, Joann S. Olson. Isaacs, W. ... The critical years: The young adult search for a
faith to live by. San Francisco ... The search for authentic, relevant community:
The journey of young adults. Perspectives: A ... After the baby boomers: How
twenty- and thirty-somethings are shaping the future of American religion.
Princeton, NJ: ...

Author: C. Amelia Davis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118944194

Category: Education

Page: 104

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This is the first New Directions volume related to young adult learners since 1984. Then, as now, young adults are an important segment of the adult population but have received scant attention in the adult education literature. Increasingly, youths and young adults are enrolling in adult education programs and in doing so are changing the meaning of adulthood. Given the significant demographic, technological, and cultural shifts during the past 30 years, there is an increasing need for practitioners and program planners to reconsider what constitutes “adult” and “adult education.” An understanding of the changing meaning of adulthood is fundamental to developing programs and policies that will address the needs of younger learners, and we believe it is time for an updated discussion among adult educators and scholars in other disciplines. This sourcebook is designed to reignite the discussion related to meeting the educational needs of young adults along with a timely and interdisciplinary discussion that highlights the transitional needs of young adult learners. This is the 143rd volume of the Jossey Bass series New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Noted for its depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interest to instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in a broad range of education settings, such as colleges and universities, extension programs, businesses, libraries, and museums.

Faith Shaping

Nurturing the Faith Journey of Youth Stephen D. Jones. Most young persons are
not so lucky . ... The best faith nurturing will occur when church youth sponsors ,
leaders , pastors , teachers , parents , adult friends , and peers provide together a

Author: Stephen D. Jones


ISBN: 9780817009151

Category: Church work with youth

Page: 135

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Mental Health Nursing

CONCLUSIONS Adulthood encompasses a long stretch of the developmental
journey . ... Sufficient raw data suggest that adult development in the 21st century
will be quite different and that today ' s adults will play a critical role in shaping a
new reality . The current generation of young adults will be called to solve
complex social , economic , and moral problems that simply did not exist even a
few ...

Author: Verna Benner Carson

Publisher: W.B. Saunders Company


Category: Psychiatric nursing

Page: 1313

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Combining psychiatric theory with a holistic approach, this text aims to enable students in psychiatric nursing to care for patients' physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. It covers areas such as spiritual and religious issues, care of AIDS patients, adult development issues, losses, homelessness, loneliness and violence. The authors consider the total person, bringing together the latest biological advances, proven psychodynamic approaches, and spiritual and cultural interventions to help readers understand the many aspects of psychiatric nursing today. There are case studies, a chapter on mind-body-spirit therapy, and an integration of DSM-IV categories throughout.

New Catholic World

FORMING TODAY ' S DISCIPLES : Five Emerging Trends in Adult Catechesis
Maureen Gallagher social sciences and the ... Therefore , after studying a journey
theme in the Bible , Brueggemann invites reflection and discussion on : “ What is
the ... the two or three or four basic events or perceptions which shape your life .






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Teaching and Learning Literature with Children and Young Adults

Dutton , 1992 . Baillie , A. Little Brother . Viking , 1992 . Naidoo , B. Journey to Jo'
burg . Lippincott , 1986 . ... Politics and Choice : The shaping of children's reading
experiences . " Teaching and Learning Literature . Mr. Putter and Tabby Easy ...




Category: Children


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Young American Muslims

Aim of the research The primary objective of this study is to examine the life
stories of Muslim youths and young adults with a special focus on their hopes
and ... In Chapter 4, I examine how the American media is shaping young
Muslims' identity. I examine some print Introduction: my journey and the 'Muslim
question' [7.

Author: Nahid Afrose Kabir

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748669965

Category: Religion

Page: 248

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This book presents a journey into the ideas, outlooks and identity of young Muslims in America today. Based on around 400 in-depth interviews with young Muslims from Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Virginia, all the richness and n

Kliatt Young Adult Paperback Book Guide

SCIENCE Nature & Ecology Find the Best Books Available for Children and
Young Adults Recommended in The Horn Book ... Vital signs 1999 ; the
environmental trends that are shaping our future . ... Street , Suite 200 , Boston
MA 02129 RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS The reservaat The TARICA Journey
Dornei History in.




Category: Best books


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Inventing a Life

The Journey Through College and Beyond Richard W. McBride. Preface Ask any
college ... It invites you into the stories that young adults tell about the changes
they experience in their late teens and twenties . This book takes the ... Within a
given family and culture , each of us makes life - shaping choices . Among the
most ...

Author: Richard W. McBride


ISBN: 9780974420004

Category: College student orientation

Page: 246

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An inspirational guide to life changes assoiciated with the college expeirence.

Books for Public Libraries

Author: PLA Starter List Committee

Publisher: Chicago : American Library Association


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 374

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Establishes a basic book list for public library collections in a wide range of subjects, arranged by broad Dewey classification, with indexes by subject and by author/title.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Infusing self - determination into the curriculum for young adults with significant
disabilities : One teacher's journey . Held , Mary F. ... Matiure , Sheasby , p.649A
Zoning Shaping urban form without zoning : A case study of Houston . Qian , Zhu




Category: Dissertations, Academic


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My Journey of Life Shaping Experiences

Tangible resource that provides young adults the opportunity to systematically chronicle their college experience.

Author: Ragar D. Royal


ISBN: 9780971934405


Page: 80

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Tangible resource that provides young adults the opportunity to systematically chronicle their college experience.

Journey in the Shaping

That is , " that out of the contradictions imposed on the tradition of a very strong
woman , a much weaker woman is emerging " . Conditions ... And so the adult
male - figure regresses to orality and oral need — satisfying behaviour . The male

Author: Margaret Hope



Category: Performing arts

Page: 59

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The Critic

INTEGRITY Sensitive and beautiful reflections ... J . GIESE An invaluable how - to
do - it handbook for anyone with a share in the shaping of young adults and
teenagers .




Category: American literature


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