Shield of Justice

First in the Justice Series.

Author: Radclyffe

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc

ISBN: 1602822638

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First in the Justice Series. Special Crimes Unit investigator Detective Sergeant Rebecca Frye is attempting to solve a series of sexual assaults and running into dead ends at every turn. Finally, she has a break in the case–a witness–one person who may help her bring a madman to justice. But, the witness is a victim herself and Rebecca must convince the injured woman's physician, Dr. Catherine Rawlings, to assist her–a task that will force both women to confront their own darkest fears. Amidst professional conflicts and a growing mutual attraction, the two women become reluctant allies in the battle to stop the perpetrator before he strikes again.

Investigation Into Allegations of Justice Department Misconduct in New England

the clarity and force of the Supreme Court's Teapot Dome opinions disabled any
effort to shield the Justice Department from proper oversight for the ensuing
decades , much as the Supreme Court's decision in Watergate did subscquently .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform



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Spenser s Allegory of Justice in Book Five of the Faerie Queene

The meeting of Grantorto's club with Artegall's shield is emblematic of their whole
struggle . The tyrant uses his club " to justifie his wrong " ( V.xii.14.9 ) , while the
shield of justice defends the right . Metaphorically and actually Grantorto has ...

Author: T. K. Dunseath

Publisher: Greenwood


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Shields of Justice

Shields Of Justice

Author: Kenson, Stephen

Publisher: Guelph, Ont. : Guardians of Order

ISBN: 9781894525558

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Shields Of Justice

Dramatic Justice

Indeed, the very elements of the inquisitorial model that had served under the
ancien régime to shield justice from theatricality (such as the lack of lawyers and
adversarial debates) appeared, once public, to have the opposite function: to ...

Author: Yann Robert

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812250753

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For most of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, classical dogma and royal censorship worked together to prevent French plays from commenting on, or even worse, reenacting current political and judicial affairs. Criminal trials, meanwhile, were designed to be as untheatrical as possible, excluding from the courtroom live debates, trained orators, and spectators. According to Yann Robert, circumstances changed between 1750 and 1800 as parallel evolutions in theater and justice brought them closer together, causing lasting transformations in both. Robert contends that the gradual merging of theatrical and legal modes in eighteenth-century France has been largely overlooked because it challenges two widely accepted narratives: first, that French theater drifted toward entertainment and illusionism during this period and, second, that the French justice system abandoned any performative foundation it previously had in favor of a textual one. In Dramatic Justice, he demonstrates that the inverse of each was true. Robert traces the rise of a "judicial theater" in which plays denounced criminals by name, even forcing them, in some cases, to perform their transgressions anew before a jeering public. Likewise, he shows how legal reformers intentionally modeled trial proceedings on dramatic representations and went so far as to recommend that judges mimic the sentimental judgment of spectators and that lawyers seek private lessons from actors. This conflation of theatrical and legal performances provoked debates and anxieties in the eighteenth century that, according to Robert, continue to resonate with present concerns over lawsuit culture and judicial entertainment. Dramatic Justice offers an alternate history of French theater and judicial practice, one that advances new explanations for several pivotal moments in the French Revolution, including the trial of Louis XVI and the Terror, by showing the extent to which they were shaped by the period's conflicted relationship to theatrical justice.

Juvenile Justice

incident involving youth Officer identifies youth as potential SHIELD participant
Officer completes a departmental or incident report Officer submits a report to
police records clerk Records clerk forwards report to SHIELD Resource Officer (
SRO ) ...

Author: Kären M. Hess

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


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This book offers a highly accessible, comprehensive look at the juvenile justice system. With pedagogy fully integrated throughout the text, readers will easily make the connections between theory and practice. The text explores the various programs and processes that exist in the juvenile justice system, including prevention efforts through school and community-based programs, and provides an understanding of the history, current state, and future of juvenile justice.

Searching for Justice

( killed in the " live shield " at Crni Vrh ) 2 . Hadžibegović ( Safet ) Fahrija - m ,
born on 25 . 11 . 1955 . , missing since 31 . 07 . 1993 . ( live shield Crni Vrh ) 3 .
Hadžić ( Đulaga ) Samir - m , born on 28 . 01 . 1965 . , missing since 31 . 07 .
1993 .




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Criminal Justice Information Policy

Research Access to Criminal Justice Data. The Researcher Shield : With respect
to researchers reliance on a statutory ' shield ' protecting against disclosure
requirements , previous studies ( Knerr , 1977 ; Nelson and Hedrick , 1981 ) have




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Justice of the Peace and Local Government Review

1 Ecch . 239 , was upon Tyne , the defendaut Robertson recovered County Court
of Northumberland , holden at cited before us as a strong authority in favour of
against G. Blackburn a debt of 441. 38. 4d . , for North Shields , attached to
answer ...




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Lord s Justice

In his opinion , Theis wrote : “ Plaintiffs have established a prima facie case for
the purpose of a crime or fraud exception to the attorney - client privilege and the
work product doctrine that Robins failed to adequately test the Dalkon Shield ...

Author: Sheldon D. Engelmayer

Publisher: Anchor Books


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Justice of the Peace

SOUTH SHIELDS defendant's wife for her relief ; that the union , is clear that this
was a wilful obstruction of the GUARDIANS , RESPONDENTS . having
considered 3s . per week sufficient for highway when , after notice , he did
nothing to Poor ...




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Section 1983 Sword and Shield

statute , it intended that any action to enforce section 1983 be covered by the
attorneys ' fee amendment.26 Justice Brennan wrote : “ Since we hold that this
statutory action is properly brought under section 1983 , and since section 1988 ...

Author: Robert H. Freilich



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"The articles of this book have been reproduced from the original volumes of the Urban lawyer"--P. v.

West s military justice reporter

Military Justice Cw1035 Evidence rule precluding admission of evidence of
sexual history of victims of sexual Gregory P. BANKER , Staff ... Military Justice
1035 shield " evidence rule ; and Under " rape shield ” evidence rule , not ( 3 )
military ...






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Sun and Shield

The one Divine work , the one ordered sacrifice - is to do justice ; and it is the last
we are ever inclined to do . Anything rather than that ! As much charity as you
choose , but no justice . “ Nay , " you will say , “ charity is greater than justice .

Author: Gustav Gottheil



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Piercing the Shields of Justice

Burgess, a retired special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), presents insights into criminal investigations with the ATF, revealing details on everything from undercover operations and serving search warrants to ...

Author: William J. Burgess

Publisher: Brunswick Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781556181566

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Freedom s Shield

Mt. Top PA 18707 Adm . of Justice DOUGHERTY , John J. 6419 Woodbine Ave.
Phila . , PA 19151 Accounting BACHMAN , Jeffrey L. 214 Washington St. Auburn
, PA 17922 Chemical Engineering ELLERBEE , Jerome 2162 Church Lane Phila

Author: Pennsylvania State University. U.S. Army ROTC Instructor Group





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The Shield

He next introduced Brother Frank N. Dodd , Rho Deuteron '91 , as the
Toastmaster of the evening , “ the dispenser of high justice , low justice , middle
justice , and every other kind of justice , -and injustice . ” Brother Dodd's
popularity was ...

Author: Theta Delta Chi



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Crime Justice International

Confino , who the following evening was the subject of a local TV news report ,
stated that he discontinued sales of the Interpol shield and that he similarly
stopped selling a “ CIA ” badge last year . Yet he maintained that he is breaking
no laws ...




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Justice Hugo Black and the First Amendment

1 , New Mexico Statutes Annotated . Although Rosato stressed the impact of the
separation of powers doctrine on the state shield law ( see especially 124 Cal .
RPTR . 427 at 446 - 47 ) , this case was not mentioned in the Ammerman
decision ...

Author: Everette E. Dennis

Publisher: Books on Demand


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Crisis Intervention in Criminal Justice social Service

Rape Shield Statutes Rape shield statutes protect the victim / survivor from
embarrassing questions about previous sexual behavior . Before the
establishment of rape shield statutes , victims / survivors could be subjected to
questioning about ...

Author: James Earnest Hendricks

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited


Category: Political Science

Page: 427

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This collection of works is intended for pre-service and in-service criminal justice and social service crisis interveners, this book provides theoretical, analytical, and practical knowledge for those who first respond to crisis in a professional capacity. Face-to-face interaction with the client/victim is part of the comprehensive approach advocated by this book, which requires interveners to assess the nature of a crisis and the condition of the victim in order to determine the appropriate course of action. Each chapter offers a theoretical overview of a particular facet of intervention, as well as models and methods for applying crisis theory to crisis situations faced by interveners. Although crisis situations are composed of similar elements, each crisis is unique within the personal domain due to individual diversity. Chapters are devoted to crisis intervention for each of the following crises: domestic violence/spouse abuse, child abuse and neglect, elder abuse and neglect, rape and sexual assault, the death of a loved one, and suicide.