Silent Killers

Examines potentially dangerous chemicals, gases, and metals that can unknowingly endanger people in their homes, schools, and workplaces and destroy the environment.

Author: Kathlyn Gay

Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 9780531105986

Category: Consumer education

Page: 128

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Examines potentially dangerous chemicals, gases, and metals that can unknowingly endanger people in their homes, schools, and workplaces and destroy the environment.

Hazardous Substances Resource Guide

A Citizen's Guide to Radon : The Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family
from Radon , 2nd ed . ... Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction : How to Reduce
Radon Levels in Your Home . ... Silent Killers : Radon and Other Hazards .

Author: Richard P. Pohanish

Publisher: Gale Group


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 800

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This US resource guide provides concerned citizens with a on approximately 1500 chemical hazardous materials, found in the home, workplace and community, including what they are; there effects on human health, the laws controlling their use, proper handling, and resources for more in-depth study, political action and networking.

EPA Journal

In defense of Silent Killers : Radon and Other is Evan and Janet Hadingham's
professional children's writers , Hazards , Ozone , Acid Rain , Water Garbage !
Where it Comes From , Where Pollution , and The Greenhouse Effect . it Goes .




Category: Environmental protection


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The Toxics Directory

References and Resources on the Health Effects of Toxic Substances ... Kane D.
Phoenix , AZ : Oryx Press , 1985 A concise but comprehensive review of
environmental hazards that threaten young ... Silent Killers : Radon & Other
Hazards .




Category: Poisons


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The Truth about Environmental Hazards

Using a fan to blow air into a basement might create enough pressure to prevent
radon from making its way into the rest of the house. □ Heat ... Water treatment
systems will move radon from water. ... Silent Killers: Radon and Other Hazards.

Author: John Perritano

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 0816076464

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 180

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Presents information on how environmental threats affect daily life and human health and explains the benefits of different types of energy and environmental conservation.

Children s Literature for Health Awareness

The author examines the ways the risks that are hazardous to human and
environmental life are detected , identified , and assessed , the effect of the media
in shaping public opinion , and the role of ... Silent Killers : Radon and Other
Hazards .

Author: Anthony L. Manna



Category: Education

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Provides direction for educators, health professionals, librarians, and parents in search of children's literature that addresses the health concerns, needs, and problems of children in kindergarten through 8th grade.

Kirkus Reviews

4 - 8 ) Gay , Kathlyn SILENT KILLERS : Radon and Other Hazards Watts ( 128 pp
. ) $ 12 . 90 10 / ? LC : 88 - 5549 SBN : 531 - 10598 - 9 An excellent introduction
to dangerous chemicals , gases , and metals in the home , workplace , and ...




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Adult books are categorized by genre (i.e., fiction, mystery, science fiction, nonfiction). Along with bibliographic information, the expected date of publication and the names of literary agents for individual titles are provided. Starred reviews serve several functions: In the adult section, they mark potential bestsellers, major promotions, book club selections, and just very good books; in the children's section, they denote books of very high quality. The unsigned reviews manage to be discerning and sometimes quite critical.

The Healthy Home Environment Guide

This article includes evaluations of radon detectors , and test kits for lead in paint
. Silent Killers : Radon and Other Hazards . Kathlyn Gray . Franklin Watts , 1988 .
ASBESTOS A Consumer Guide to Asbestos . Second edition . 158 SOME ...

Author: Raymond O'Connor

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN: 9780425151280

Category: Asbestos

Page: 168

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Provides the most up-to-date information on such in-home hazards as lead, asbestos, radon, formaldehyde, and electromagnetic fields, explaining how to measure their potential threats and make a home environmentally sound. Original.

Book Review Digest

Silent killers ; radon and other hazards . 128p il lib bdg $ 12 . 90 1988 Watts 363 .
1 1 . Environmental health - Juvenile literature 2 . Pollution - Juvenile literature
ISBN 0 - 531 - 10598 - 9 ( lib bdg ) LC 88 - 5549 " An Impact book . ” The author ...




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Excerpts from and citations to reviews of more than 8,000 books each year, drawn from coverage of 109 publications. Book Review Digest provides citations to and excerpts of reviews of current juvenile and adult fiction and nonfiction in the English language. Reviews of the following types of books are excluded: government publications, textbooks, and technical books in the sciences and law. Reviews of books on science for the general reader, however, are included. The reviews originate in a group of selected periodicals in the humanities, social sciences, and general science published in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. - Publisher.

Science Curriculum Resource Handbook

Silent Killers : Radon and Other Hazards , by Kathlyn Gay ( New York : Franklin
Watts , 1988 ) , 128p . Grades 6 - 8 . Illustrated with photographs . This book
explains the problems caused by hazardous materials , including dioxin ,
asbestos ...


Publisher: Krause Publications


Category: Mathematics

Page: 384

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Library Journal

Silent Killers : Radon and Other Hazards . Watts . 1989. ISBN 0-53110598-9 . $
12.90 . Biological , chemical , and radioactive wastes , as well as substances
such as asbestos and pesticides , threaten the environment and human health .




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Recent Publications on Governmental Problems




Category: Political science


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Profit Without Honor

... March 29 , 1974 : pp . 708 – 712 . 38 . Guest , op . cit . 39 . Prose , Francine . "
Woodstock : A Town Afraid to Drink Water . " New York Times Magazine , April 13
, 1986 : p . 42 . 40 . Gay , Kathlyn . Silent Killers : Radon and Other Hazards ...

Author: Stephen M. Rosoff



Category: Social Science

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Appropriate for courses in White-Collar Crime, Criminology, Business Ethics, Social Problems, and Social Deviance in Criminal Justice. The book elucidates a complex and too often remote subject in a way that engages the reader and highlights the relevance of white-collar crime to every citizen. It also illuminates not only the economic consequences, but the enormous cultural and social costs of white-collar crime.

For Younger Readers

Skiing , swimming , and bicycle racing exemplify the effects of friction . For grades
6-9 and older readers . 1988 . Silent Killers : Radon and Other Hazards RC
30534 by Kathlyn Gay narrated by Butch Hoover 1 cassette Examines potentially




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Jim Kobak s Kirkus Reviews




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Best Books for Junior High Readers

Silent Killers : Radon and Other Hazards ( 8–12 ) . Illus . 1988 , Watts $ 12.90 ( 0-
531-10598-9 ) . An examination of dangerous pollutants such as chemicals like
Agent Orange and carbon monoxide plus radon and water pollutants . ( Rev : BL

Author: John Thomas Gillespie

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 567

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Provides an annotated listing of recommended reading material for students in grades seven through nine.

Literature for Science and Mathematics

VENTURE series . Edited by Henry Rasot . Franklin Watts , 1988 . 1079 The
applications of physical principles are introduced and explained in a practical
form as they apply to athletes . Gay , Kathlyn . Silent Killers : Radon and Other
Hazards .

Author: California. Department of Education. Science and Environmental Education Unit

Publisher: California Department of Education


Category: Best books

Page: 136

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This publication was compiled by a committee composed of science and mathematics teachers, curriculum planners, and librarians. Its purpose is to: (1) encourage students to read literature related to science and mathematics and to view such reading as a worthwhile activity; (2) help curriculum planners and teachers select books for their science and mathematics courses; and (3) stimulate educators to evaluate and improve their science and mathematics programs. The book contains over 1,000 annotated entries on the physical science, earth sciences, life sciences, and mathematics. (PR)

Earth Works

Author: Jim Dwyer

Publisher: Neal Schuman Pub


Category: Reference

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Earth Works is the only comprehensive guide available to the best new and classic books about nature and the environment for adults and YAs. It provides descriptive entries for trade nonfiction and scholarly or technical books, and a significant number of fiction titles which are of interest to both the general public and specialists. Each chapter defines its scope, then identifies key books or authors, and refers to notable related works in other chapters.


Silent Killers: Radon and Other Hazards, Watts. Zipko, Stephen J. Toxic Threat:
How Hazardous Substances Poison Our Lives, Messner. Audiovisuals
Conserving Our Environment: The Pollution Crisis, video, Coronet Contemporary
Issues: ...

Author: Anthea Maton

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780134007717

Category: Science

Page: 137

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Energy resources -- Earth's nonliving resources -- Pollution -- Conserving earth's resources.

Talking Book Topics

Silent Killers : Radon and Other Hazards RC 30534 by Kathlyn Gay narrated by
Butch Hoover 1 cassette Examines potentially dangerous chemicals , gases , and
metals including dioxin , asbestos , carbon monoxide , radon , lead , pesticides ...




Category: Talking books


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Includes audio versions, and annual title-author index.