Slow Train to Guantanamo

Starting in the ramshackle but romantic capital of Havana, Peter Millar travels with ordinary Cubans, sharing anecdotes, life stories and political opinions to the far end of the island, the Guantanamo naval base and detention camp.

Author: Peter Millar

Publisher: Arcadia Books

ISBN: 9781908129505

Category: Travel

Page: 262

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A rambling odyssey set in the later days of the Castro regime, on the Cuban rail system.

The Prisoner of Guantanamo

The train was agonizingly slow, but a glance at the street below explained the
rationale behind this leg of the journey. They were moving against the grain of
one-way traffic, and at every stoplight the lunch-hour crush was at a virtual

Author: Dan Fesperman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1848949480

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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Revere Falk is an FBI interrogator who believes it is possible to get more from a terrorist suspect by treating him decently than by using more 'robust' methods. He lives his life by a certain code of honour. This puts him in a minority at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. So when the body of a US soldier is found under mysterious circumstances on the beach, and a high-ranking investigative team is flown in, Falk should be above suspicion. But Falk has a secret, a secret he had hoped was dead and buried. Now, it is reaching out from his past, to the sodium-lit cell blocks and stifling humidity of this claustrophobic rumour-mill of a community, and its implications are greater than he could ever have imagined. Dan Fesperman is already the winner of the CWA John Creasey and the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger awards. This, his fourth book, will surely be hailed as his best yet.

Guantanamo Bay

As the train levelled out, it passed the outbuildings of the concentration camp. ...
as if I had left a weight of oppression on the other side of the Alps. The train and
time seemed to slow as we meandered through the medieval walls of Genoa.

Author: Graham Jackson


ISBN: 0359224040

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A retrenched bank manager from rural Australia resumes his personal war against Terror on a flight to London. His wife is beside him, aware of some of the disturbance in his mind, but not the full extent of his dark, occult vision. He is immediately suspicious of Harold Byron, the passenger sitting on his other side... He has never accepted the death of his elder daughter in the Twin Towers. In the fearful emanations of London - in its Underground and Tower - he is brought to the edge of his personal ground zero, which will finally absorb him in Disneyland Paris. He follows Harold Byron to Rome, pursues him through the Sistine Chapel, and on to a reckoning in the Colosseum... But fear has no satisfactory resolution. Is his wife all she appears to be? Might she be in bed with Terror? He travels on through northern Italy and into Germany to find out... 'Guantanamo Bay' follows 'Accounting for Terror' in the tragicomic 'Terror Trilogy', which concludes with 'A Captain of Souls'.


It was not easy to buy tickets for Santiago de Cuba or Guantánamo ; you always
had to reserve way ahead . But he managed to get them by talking to an
employee and slipping him a few pesos . Again I was in one of those slow ,
steamy trains ...

Author: Cristina Garcia

Publisher: Vintage Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 378

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An anthology of modern Cuban literature presents a rich array of essays, novel excerpts, short stories, and poetry by Jos Marti, Reinaldo Arenas, Antonio Benitez-Rojo, Nancy Morejn, Jos Lezama Lima, Lydia Cabrera, Gustavo Prez-Firmat, Rafael Campo, Ana Menendez, and other distinguished writers. Original. 20,000 first printing.

Guantanamo Remembered

... Guantanamo City in the interior. Like the Toonerville Trolly of comic book fame,
the rickety train tooted back and forth, about twice a day. ... and rolling stock,
same old rattle. It still carried passengers and sugar and molasses as slow as

Author: Jack K. Campbell

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452057651

Category: History

Page: 372

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What really happened to Lieutenant Lazerov and Plane Captain Mann? Their aircraft took off one night from the American naval air station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and never came back! That's all we remembered when a few of us squadron mates got together in Miami, half a century later, to plan our outfit's first reunion. Lazerov and Mann were the only casualties our naval air squadron ever took and ought to be remembered at our get-together, but we couldn't remember much about them, their appearance or disappearance.

From Gulag to Guantanamo

... reservations' about Mitchell and Jessen and writing to colleagues that 'this is a
train wreak (sic) waiting to happen and I intend to get the hell off the train before it
happens'.71 Although the threat of the CIA chief's resignation would fail to slow ...

Author: Wesley Kendall

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1783484713

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

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Examines the historical, economic and political forces that shape and influence penal policies and institutions across a number of different countries.

The American Review of Reviews

AT ANCHOR IN GUANTANAMO BAY ... The train they should have caught had
left before the message came informing them that the goods had arrived . ... and
spent an equal amount of time in each city , the best schedule time , because of
slow trains and poor connections , would have been forty - nine hours and a
fraction .

Author: Albert Shaw





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The Traveler s Companion Guide to Cuba

Author: Kirsten Ellis


ISBN: 9780762702503

Category: Cuba

Page: 240

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Whether you are armchair dreaming or booking a flight, the Traveler's Companion guides deliver the best a country has to offer.-- Advice from a native -- our authors have the inside scoop on the easiest ways to travel, the best restaurants, the perfect places to stay.-- Lavish color photos take you there while you are still planning -- make the best choices in advance so you spend your vacation time discovering the wonders of your destination, not being disappointed by lackluster sights.-- Easy to use format -- clearly structured entries on where to stay, where to eat, and how to get there, guide you directly to the things you want to see so you spend less time with your nose in your guidebook and more time enjoying your destination.

Murdock Rocks Sedona

... the crazies from Guantanamo. No one gets out of there, my fine feathered
friend.” Ackerman was not tracking. What the fuck happened in Kabul? Some bad
blood between Fish and Cypher, more secrets. Ackerman's brain was a slow train

Author: Robert J. Ray

Publisher: Epicenter Press

ISBN: 1603813373

Category: Fiction

Page: 366

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A surprising number of rich guys in Sedona, AZ, are falling to their deaths. With so many similar "accidents," the victims had to have been pushed. Fearing that he too will take a fatal plunge, billionaire Ackerman hires Matt and Helene to investigate. To keep their client safe, the PIs will have to be on their best game. Too bad their last case in Taos took such a heavy toll.

The Train Dispatcher

Slow down to 20 mi . ... 1759 to 1750 , the price is soaring and it is rumored that
the Atlantic Squadron , U. S. Navy , will hold their annual " target practice ” in
Florida waters instead of at Guantanamo this ... He came by train , so as to save
gas .




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Bulletin of Information

( APPLAUSE ) If Guantánamo province is to be granted special attention , special
attention should be granted to those two ... There are already many people from
Guantánamo there , but you must continue to train cadres , technicians and
manpower to help build and then run the plant . ... so that they won ' t become
dejected at Moa ' s development and slow down their efforts ; they ' re going to
have other ...




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A Cuban train that both leaves and arrives on time is a rare train indeed , and on
many lines short - notice ... Branches off the main line serve several of the
island's main towns and cities , principally Cienfuegos , Bayamo and
Guantánamo . From Havana there is an extension west to Pinar del Río , a
notoriously slow line .

Author: Simon Calder

Publisher: Vacation Work Publications

ISBN: 9781854582218

Category: Travel

Page: 364

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This is a guide for travellers visiting Cuba, giving information on beaches, bars, music, money, restaurants and railways. The book also includes details of the cheapest and best ways to reach Cuba, avoiding crooks and con-men, booking the best-value hotels, renting bicycles and finding free health-care. The book is aimed at both independent travellers and those on organized trips to Cuba.

Cormac McCarthy

... authorized torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo , outed a CIA agent to cover
a White House gaffe , and peppered a ... late at night and knows certain as death
“ there aint nothing short of the second comin of Christ that can slow this train .

Author: Kenneth Lincoln

Publisher: American Literature Readings i


Category: Fiction

Page: 193

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With a thirteen major works over a fifty-year career, one that includes a 2007 Pulitzer Prize, selection for Oprah’s Book Club, and Oscar-winning film adaptations of his novels, Cormac McCarthy is one of America’s best-selling novelists of the South and Southwest. Cormac McCarthy offers a shrewd chapter-by-chapter reading, exploring concepts such as the Southern Gothic novel, the Southwest border, faith and suicide, and father-son relationships. Respected scholar Kenneth Lincoln shows how McCarthy’s canticles of praise, grief, and warning mix classic, biblical, and ballad genres and cross the lyrical with the narrative. Lincoln makes a compelling case that McCarthy is our greatest millennial novelist in a time of heroic challenge and high global stakes.

The Oxford Guide to World War II

Map 23 Legend - Convoy route Convoy Codes SC - ONS Sydney - UK - Sydney
and New York - UK - New York ( slow convoys ) HX - ON ... Boston KN - NK Key
West - New York - Key West GN - NY Guantanamo - New York - Guantanamo KH
- HK Key - West - Galveston ... With this system ships were run almost like trains .

Author: Ian Dear

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195340969

Category: World War, 1939-1945

Page: 1039

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"First published in 1995 as The Oxford companion to the Second World War "--Verso.

Oxford Companion to World War II

Map 23 Legend Convoy route Convoy Codes SC - ONS Sydney - UK - Sydney
and New York - UK - New York ( slow convoys ) HX ... Boston KN - NK Key West -
New York - Key West GN - NY Guantanamo - New York - Guantanamo KH - HK
Key West - Galveston - Key ... With this system ships were run almost like trains ...

Author: Ian Dear

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: History

Page: 1039

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This text is an authoritative reference work covering a wide breadth of topics on all things associated with World War II. Entries cover topics such as strategy, politics, weapons, tactics, logistics, economics, and society.

The Leatherneck

ATHLETICS IN GUANTANAMO BAY The final game of the Train Trophy, played
between the Station and Antares, was ... Sgt. Haakenstad pitched the last three
innings and simply slow-balled the Sailors to death, but the weak hitting on the ...






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The Economist

“The impostor" is a slow, measured, beautifully crafted work. ... To understand
how the Bush administration went crashing off the rails, it helps to know where
the train was coming from. ... Doves think that America should close Guantanamo




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Saward s Journal

A call was accordingly sent to the members of the THE SLOW DOWN IN SOFT
COAL executive committee of the association and ... Havana 1.60-1.80 600
Sagua , Cardenas 2.15-2.35 300 Cienfuegos 2.20-2.35 500 Caibarien 2.15-2.35
300 Guantanamo 2.20-2.30 500 Manzanillo 2.75-2.85 500 ... The train crew does
not care , and in fact the other day I saw a brakeman helping roll off lumps from
the car .

Author: Frederick William Saward



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Caribbean Islands Handbook 1995

Bus to Guan train from Havana's Estación 19 de tánamo takes 4 hours .
Noviembre / del Occidente , rather than Guantánamo 80 km from Santiago on
bus , is recommended ( leaves Havana the ... leaves Pinar of the same name (
which cannot be easdel Río 1702 , 8 hrs ) ; slow but comfortable . ily visited from
Cuba ) .

Author: Ben Box


ISBN: 9780900751523

Category: Caribbean Area

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U S News World Report

22 , 2002 Complaints over the handling of suspects at Guantánamo are raising ...
Why the new Mideast peace plan is only one stop on a very long trail 19 Iraq ' s
tribal frontier Mystery trains , VIP cars ... s cellblock Powell and Rumsfeld square
off over Guantánamo 22 Joe , looking for mo ' Off to a slow start , the Lieberman ...




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