Speaking Torah Vol 2

Powerful Hasidic teachings made accessible by some of the world's preeminent authorities on Jewish thought and spirituality, with fresh translations and commentary.

Author: Arthur Green

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

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Powerful Hasidic teachings made accessible by some of the world's preeminent authorities on Jewish thought and spirituality, with fresh translations and commentary. Volume 2 covers Numbers, Deuteronomy, the holiday cycle and the lives of Hasidic leaders.

Speaking Infinities

For a parable of this motif from the BeSHT, see Toledot Ya'akov Yosef, vol. 3,
vaethanan, 1165. 95. ST, 70; based on the translation in Green et al., Speaking
Torah, 2:172. 96. Perhaps this is the source for Shneur Zalman of Liady's parable
for ...

Author: Ariel Evan Mayse

Publisher: Jewish Culture and Contexts

ISBN: 0812252187

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In Speaking Infinities, Ariel Evan Mayse explores the life and work of the Hasidic figure Rabbi Dov Ber Friedman of Mezritsh (1704-1772) to elucidate his theory of language in which all human tongues, even in their mundane forms, have the potential to become sacred when returned to their divine source.

The Heart of Torah Volume 2

2:7). Onkelos (c. 35– 120) renders “living being” as “speaking spirit” (ruah
memalela), thus suggesting that speech is constitutive of what it means to be
human—a core part of our humanity is our ability to communicate with words.
Moreover ...

Author: Shai Held

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0827613369

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In The Heart of Torah, Rabbi Shai Held's Torah essays--two for each weekly portion--open new horizons in Jewish biblical commentary. Held probes the portions in bold, original, and provocative ways. He mines Talmud and midrashim, great writers of world literature, and astute commentators of other religious backgrounds to ponder fundamental questions about God, human nature, and what it means to be a religious person in the modern world. Along the way, he illuminates the centrality of empathy in Jewish ethics, the predominance of divine love in Jewish theology, the primacy of gratitude and generosity, and God's summoning of each of us--with all our limitations--into the dignity of a covenantal relationship.

As stated above , one must to give charity or to perform a mitzvah is , strictly
speaking , not a neder , study Torah day and night , to the full extent of his
capability , and since there is no object on which it takes effect ... For in setting
down the Sofer , Yoreh Deah 222 : 2 ; see also Ramban in Sefer HaMitzvos Asei
$ 94 ; parameters of the commandment , the explicit words that the Torah
Teshuvos Maharit vol .




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Jewish Outreach

I must tell you that all of my life I have been pained by the predicament of Torah
which no longer is able to force ( sinners to comply ) . ... See also his Derashot ,
vol . 2 , p . 230 , and Derashot Ketav Sofer , p . 44 . CHAPTER 5 1. Resp . Lev
Avraham , p . ... According to halakhah it is permitted to speak words of Torah in a
bathhouse or bathroom in order to prevent another Jew from violating a rabbinic
issur ...

Author: Moshe Weinberger

Publisher: Ktav Pub Incorporated


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Speaking in Tongues

Yet , although wise speech , prophecy , and interpreting the Torah are attributed
to “ divine inspiration , ” one may see a preparation for , but ... 1 , 62 : Adam
invented seventy languages ; vol . 2 , 68 - 69 : Gabriel taught Joseph seventy
languages so that he might be viceroy of Egypt ; 214 : Michael and the angels
taught the ...

Author: Watson E. Mills

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Words on Cassette 2002



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Seeking Good Speaking Peace

... halakhic tradition and who do not realize that they are violating halakhah ( see
Rabbi Avraham Sherman , Tehumin , vol . 2 , pp . 267-271 ) . ... It is our obligation
to do our best to bring back the transgressors to Torahwith an attitude of love .

Author: Marc Angel

Publisher: Ktav Pub Incorporated


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Hayyim J. Angel, son of Rabbi and Mrs. Marc D. Angel, has edited this volume in honor of his father's twenty-fifth anniversary of service to Congregation Shearith Israel. He has put together this collection of representative essays and addresses, in the areas of Jewish thought, Jewish law, Sephardica and general contemporary issues.

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Torah in the Observatory

Unfortunately for Gersonides ' theories , the Bible explicitly teaches that God
communicates with women ( Sarah , Miriam ) and that Miriam , Deborah , Huldah
and Noadiah were all prophets . The Talmudic ... Note that Nahmanides ,
speaking as an halakhic decisor ( posek ) , writes ( Kitvei Ramban , Vol . 2 , p . 52
) that “ therefore one tears one's clothing ( in mourning ) for any Jew , even a
woman .

Author: Menachem Marc Kellner



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Professor Kellner is one of the more productive and creative scholars in medieval. Jewish thought. Over the years he has published many important essays on various aspects of medieval Jewish philosophy, especially on Gersonides and Maimonides. These studies are fundamental readings for any student of medieval Jewish philosophy. This anthology of his writings is a most valuable contribution to our understanding of these two thinkers.-Seymour Feldman, Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, Rutgers University Gersonides (1288-1344) was, in my view, the most original philosopher in medieval Judaism. However, he has not been studied to the same extent as other Judaic luminaries, and only his Commentary on the Song of Songs has been (magnificently!) translated into English (1998), after an excellent Hebrew edition of the Introduction was published (1989), both the work of Menachem Kellner. This new volume by Menachem Kellner explores some of the most important questions raised by Gersonides: Providence, Mosaic Prophecy, Miracles, the Messiah and Resurrection, Astronomy and Metaphysics, Politics and Perfection. It is not by chance that Menachem Kellner has devoted so much to the study of Gersonides. Like Gersonides, Kellner has firmly in hand the knowledge of the Bible and of the traditional literature of Judaism, he is well trained in philosophy and science, and his broad interests make him the best and most penetrating champion of a great philosopher and an outstanding student of human thought. Colette Sirat, directeur d'etudes a l'Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Sorbonne et chercheur associe a l'Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes

In a Manner of Speaking

... who believed that Jewish history was revealed truthfully and completely in the
Torah , but he argued against routine , empty fulfillment of all of the
commandments . ... historische Berechtigung und 98 Simon Dubnow , Die neuste
Geschichte des jüdischen Volkes ( 1789-1914 ) , vol . 2 ( Berlin : Jüdischer
Verlag , 1920 ) 34 .

Author: Sarah Bailey Felsen




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Or Hachayim Exodus

We would have expected that the Torah would either write : “ After G ' d finished
speaking to Moses , He gave him the two ... According to our sages in the Zohar ,
volume 2 page 93 all the 613 commandments are somehow contained in the text

Author: Ḥayyim ben Moses Attar



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Coming Full Circle

... that one has been ousted from the family , just like a negative word once
uttered can never be recalled or retracted , as the Torah Sages ( Orchos
Tzaddikim , The Gate of Silence , Vol . 2 , p . 358 , ibid . ) intimate , “ When I speak
, my speech ...

Author: Ezra Jacobs



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A work of astounding depth, this book explores the ways a person can actualize his spiritual potential through introspection and Torah wisdom.

The Bible Manuscript Reliability Vol 2

Prophecy was extremely important to the people of Israel and was regarded as a
vital test of " someone speaking for God . " Hence , whenever a prophet spoke in
the name of God ( e . g . " Thus sayeth the Lord " ) it was deemed " of God " and ...

Author: Ralph O. Muncaster


ISBN: 9781888904048

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30. M. Waxman , A History of Jewish Literature , Vol . II , 1960 , pp . 641-642 ; S.
Hagai , “ Hadimah Hazakah shel haTehinah ... Magen Avraham to Orah Hayyim
107 : 2 . ... 27 ) that “ he who prays is speaking with God , he who reads the Torah




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A journal of Orthodox Jewish thought.

Torah Lives

As Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler byt described it , speaking of the Chofetz Chaim ,
Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik and Rabbi Chaim ... 28 . See Yevamos 62b . 29 . Alei
Shur , vol . 2 , p . 62 . thinks , speaks and acts for the good of Klal xxii / TORAH

Author: Nisson Wolpin

Publisher: Artscroll

ISBN: 9780899063195

Category: Hasidim

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Anthologies of biographical sketches from over a quarter-century of The Jewish Observer. Klausenberger Rebbe, R' Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, R' Shimon Schwab, R' Yehoshua Silbermintz, The Noda B'Yehuda, et al. Edited by Rabbi Nisson Wolpin.

The Torah U madda Journal

For a similar approach highlighting the syntactic equivocation in her speech to
her husband and how it differs from the ... Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis and James
Ackerman ( Nashville , 1982 ) , Vol . II , 123 , in which he demonstrates how the
story's ambiguity concerning the events leading up to Joseph's arrival in Egypt
and ...




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Torah and Science

... speaking as scientists rather than transmitters of the oral Torah . In the words of
Rambam ( Moreh Nevukhim , Pt.3 , end of Chap . 14 ) : 21 Cf. Tosafoth Yoma 776
, s.v. mishum shivta ; Mo'ed Katan 11a , s.v. kavra ) . Also Tashbatz ( vol.II ...

Author: Leo Levi



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The Torah in the Talmud

components of Torah - Scripture , the Mishnah and associated writings alike -
found their proper place and proportion . ... But speaking descriptively what is to
be said ? ... has made those statements in precisely those words , in exactly that
formulation . " Our sages of blessed memory " 182 The Torah in The Talmud .
Volume II.

Author: Jacob Neusner

Publisher: University of South Florida

ISBN: 9781555408299

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A Treasury of Chassidic Tales on the Festivals



ISBN: 9780899069142

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