Splinter the Silence

The bestselling “Queen of Crime reigns again” when a profiler and an ex-cop investigate the suspicious deaths of women targeted by Internet trolls (Independent, UK).

Author: Val McDermid

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 0802190936

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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The bestselling “Queen of Crime reigns again” when a profiler and an ex-cop investigate the suspicious deaths of women targeted by Internet trolls (Independent, UK). From the international bestselling author of The Mermaids Singing and The Wire in the Blood comes the ninth installment of her beloved series featuring psychologist Tony Hill and former DCI Carol Jordan . . . Vicious online attacks seem to be driving outspoken women to silence themselves through suicide. Yet for profiler Tony Hill, who knows a thing or two about patterns in human behavior, something doesn’t add up. Carol Jordan, meanwhile, is too busy tackling her own demons to think about a potential serial killer. But when she gets an opportunity for a second chance, it’s game on. This time around, though, the stakes have never been higher. One of the Boston Globe’s Best Books of 2015

Insidious Intent

As the investigation unfolds, DCI Carol Jordan and psychological profiler Tony Hill quickly realise that this is more than just a tragic accident.

Author: Val McDermid

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1408709341

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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Don't miss the electrifying new Karen Pirie thriller - STILL LIFE is available to preorder now ___________________ 'One of the most surprising twists you'll read this year. Outstanding' Irish Independent 'Engrossing . . . a colossal reminder of just why McDermid has been the queen of crime for three decades' Heat 'Murdered people don't kill themselves . . .' A quiet night on a country road. The stillness shattered by a car engulfed in flames, and a burned body discovered in the driver's seat. As the investigation unfolds, DCI Carol Jordan and psychological profiler Tony Hill quickly realise that this is more than just a tragic accident. And so begins the hunt for a truly terrifying killer, someone who believes he is invisible, untraceable and untouchable. As other victims are found to have met the same terrible fate, and with more women at risk, Tony and Carol are drawn into a dark and twisted web of fear and revenge that will force them to question their own ideas of justice . . . Discover the pulse-pounding novel from the inimitable queen of crime and number one bestseller, Val McDermid, featuring two of the most iconic and unforgettable characters in crime fiction: Tony Hill and Carol Jordan ___________________ Praise for Queen of Crime Val McDermid: 'It grabs the reader by the throat and never lets go' Daily Mail 'So gripping it puts your life on hold' The Times 'As good a psychological thriller as it is possible to get' Sunday Express 'One of today's most accomplished crime writers' Literary Review 'McDermid remains unrivalled' Observer 'No one can tell a story like she can' Daily Express

Twisted Symmetry

Chess, Box and Splinter sat in silence in a corridor inside the detention unit. On
arrival they had been marched here, chained together and ordered to sit on iron
chairs that were lined against the hard white wall. Then they had been manacled

Author: Benjamin J. Myers

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444000349

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

View: 974

Children everywhere are disappearing. Orphan, Chess Tuesday, and her brothers, Box and Splinter, don't want to be next. But they are being tracked by two powerful enemy organizations, each intent on destroying the other . . . Who is good and who is evil? Why do both sides need the Tuesdays? And can anyone escape the hunters? Chess, Box and Splinter are about to embark on a terrifying mission to find out.

Friday on My Mind

"A bloated corpse turns up in the Thames, throat slashed, and the only clue is a hospital wristband reading 'Dr. F. Klein.

Author: Nicci French

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0143127225

Category: FICTION

Page: 336

View: 344

"A bloated corpse turns up in the Thames, throat slashed, and the only clue is a hospital wristband reading 'Dr. F. Klein.' Frieda is taken to see the body and realizes with horror that it is Sandy, her ex-boyfriend. She's certain that the killer is Dean Reeve--the man who has never stopped haunting her. But the police think he has been dead for years, and Frieda is their number one suspect"--


This happens to be the domain of courteous silence, you're standing in.” He
posed with his hands still propped on ... Charles took hold of Jerry's arm and led
him away from Denny's silent domain. Jerry wanted to laugh at Denny. He
wanted to ...

Author: Steven M. Buono

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 1783012781

Category: Fiction

Page: 359

View: 626

Set in small town New England it's the wild world of 1970s hockey, with haunting echoes from a deeper past. That's when 14-year-old Jerry at last makes his first top team.Only, Jerry swiftly finds that making it, doesn't mean you've got it made.

Saved from Silence

Sometimes a splinter would find its way out without help, but rarely. By
appearance such a splinter would affect very little of me, but yet my mind would
become etched with the unavoidable nuisance of the sting that had been created.
The bit of ...

Author: Amanda Richardson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1936236079

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

View: 196

Amanda and her family seemed to be the perfect family. But the secrets they hid beneath the surface were destroying Amandas life. Though friends and relatives knew that her fatheran upstanding citizen, a contributing member of society, and a religious family leaderwas strict, they had no knowledge of the physical, mental, and emotional torture he inflicted upon Amanda and her brother, David. After four years of sexual abuse, Amanda felt like an empty shell of a human being, incapable of any productive future. In Saved from Silence, author Amanda Richardson explores the doubts, fears, and perplexities of the abuse that took place in her childhood. She especially yearned for validation from her mother, who steadfastly refused to acknowledge that the abuse had even occurred. Each confrontation with her mother was met with rejection, blame, and failure. After years of therapy, love, support, and prayer, Amanda has broken her silence, confronted her abuser, and made herself whole. An honest and courageous memoir, Saved from Silence not only shares Amandas personal, heart-wrenching story of abuse, but serves to impart a greater awareness and understanding of child abuse and its depth, severity, and long-term effects, for which early intervention is a key element to healing and recovery.

Fair Exchange

The Kid touched Morgan on the shoulder and said " Joe , let me try it . That voice
sounds familiar . ” Morgan said “ Be my guest . ” The Kid yelled down the hole “
Hello , down there . Is that you , Splinter ? ” Silence , then " Who wants ta know ?

Author: D. V. Randall



Category: Coal mines and mining

Page: 285

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A Splinter in the Heart

Most of the store windows on Front and Dundas streets were broken at the first
explosion . And the streetlights – many of them shattered early , others freakishly
didn't . One near the bridge signalled another at the railway crossing . Silence .

Author: Al Purdy

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart Limited


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 259

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A Splinter in the Heart, Al Purdy's only novel, provides a vivid picture of Purdy's childhood home of Trenton, Ontario, in the final days of the First World War. On Thanksgiving Day in 1918, Trenton was devastated by a fire and explosion at a munitions factory owned by the British Chemical Company, the town's one big employer. All of the action in A Splinter in the Heart anticipates this cataclysm. As disaster looms, Purdy takes Patrick Cameron, his awkward and undistinguished teenage hero, through the usual elements of adolescence: he falls in love; he takes up long-distance running; his mother is courted by Trenton's firebrand preacher; his ancient grandfather, Marshall "Portugee" Cameron, dies.

Silent Surrender

A voice , that though silent , would splinter his emotions as well as his heart if he
let it . Was she undressing now , running her fingers over the pale soft skin that
he wanted to touch ? Combing her hands through those long dark tresses that he

Author: Rita Herron

Publisher: Harlequin Books

ISBN: 9780373226603

Category: Fiction

Page: 251

View: 293

Silent Surrender by Rita Herron released on Mar 25, 2002 is available now for purchase.

Good Housekeeping

Be his occupation what it may , he is equal to any of those who follow the same
pursuit in silent sullenness . He will do ... I have located the fracture , and in a few
minutes , with the help of my assistants , the splinter will be removed . You must ...




Category: Home economics


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Insurrections of the Mind the Buddhist Silence of Han Yong un

Another secret became a single splinter of a red heart and entered your dream .
115 And still there is one last secret . But that secret like a soundless echo116
115Han's use of " entered your sight , " " entered your hearing , " and " entered
your ...

Author: Gregory Nicholas Evon




Page: 264

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Thursday s Children

“Fierce, fascinating and full of insight, Frieda Klein is irresistible.”—Val McDermid, bestselling author of Splinter the Silence The electrifying fourth book in the internationally bestselling Frieda Klein Mystery series Frieda Klein ...

Author: Nicci French

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698184742

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 471

“Fierce, fascinating and full of insight, Frieda Klein is irresistible.”—Val McDermid, bestselling author of Splinter the Silence The electrifying fourth book in the internationally bestselling Frieda Klein Mystery series Frieda Klein is uninterested in catching up on old times when her former classmate, Maddie Capel, shows up at her door—until she hears about Maddie’s troubled daughter, Becky. The teenager claims she was raped in her own bed one night while her mother was downstairs. Her assailant left her with a warning: “Don’t think of telling anyone, sweetheart. Nobody will believe you.” And no one does—except Frieda. Becky’s story awakens dark memories of an eerily similar incident in Frieda’s own past that she’s been avoiding for decades. When Becky is found hanging from a beam in her bedroom, Frieda returns home, seeking out her old high school friends to ask what they remember about the night that prompted Frieda to leave town for good. But confronting the ghosts of the past turns out to be more dangerous than she ever expected.

Splinter Fleet

There was another moment of silence . Then he continued . “ Son , I have here
another statement , one from Commander of Escort Sweeper Group , which says
that on April 21 you correctly identified a floating object as an enemy human ...

Author: Theodore R. Treadwell

Publisher: Naval Inst Press


Category: History

Page: 274

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"This book, written by the commander of one of the subchasers, defines their place in naval history and gives readers a taste of life aboard the wooden warships. It describes the cramped quarters and unforgiving seas as well as the tenacious courage and close bonds formed by the men as they sought out the enemy and confronted nature. Long overshadowed by the larger, faster warships and more glamorous PT boats of World War II, sub chasers, until now, have been mostly forgotten. This work restores the plucky little ships to their hard-earned status as significant members of the fleet. Many of the photos included here were taken by the author during the war."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A tan and sandy silence and two other great mysteries

I could see the dark narrow shape of the splinter under the pink and transparent
skin . She had been working with a needle and a pair of tweezers . I sterilized the
needle in her lighter flame , pinched up the skin so that I could pick a little edge ...

Author: John Dann MacDonald



Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 630

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Forever Morning

Splinter sullenly turned back to his wash bowl , and Andy , having finished wiping
, stepped indoors . For the rest of that evening Splinter maintained a silence . The
noise of his shouting and laughter was noticeably missing in the humpy .

Author: Frank Dalby Davison



Category: Australia

Page: 306

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Splinter in the Blood

Utterly engrossing and filled with masterfully crafted surprises, Splinter in the Blood is a propulsive roller coaster ride filled with deception, perplexing mystery, and cold-blooded murder.

Author: Ashley Dyer

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062797719

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 992

A propulsive debut suspense novel, filled with secrets, nerve-jangling tension, perplexing mystery, and cold-blooded murder, in which a police officer on the hunt for a macabre serial killer is brutally attacked, and only his partner knows the truth about what happened—and who did it. After months of hunting a cold-blooded murderer that the press has dubbed the Thorn Killer, Detective Greg Carver is shot in his own home. His trusted partner, Ruth Lake, is alone with him. Yet instead of calling for help, she’s rearranged the crime scene and wiped the room clean of prints. But Carver isn’t dead. Awakening in the hospital, Carver has no memory of being shot, but is certain that his assailant is the Thorn Killer. Though there’s no evidence to support his claim, Carver insists the attack is retaliation, an attempt to scare the detective off the psychopath’s scent, because he’s getting too close. Trapped in a hospital bed and still very weak, Carver’s obsession grows. He’s desperate to get back to work and finally nail the bastard, before more innocent blood is spilled. One person knows the truth and she’s not telling. She’s also now leading the Thorn Killer investigation while Carver recuperates. It doesn’t matter that Carver and the rest of the force are counting on her, and that more victims’ lives at stake. Ruth is keeping a deadly secret, and she’ll cross every line—sacrificing her colleagues, her career, and maybe even her own life—to keep it from surfacing. Utterly engrossing and filled with masterfully crafted surprises, Splinter in the Blood is a propulsive roller-coaster ride, filled with deception, nerve-jangling tension, perplexing mystery, and cold-blooded murder.

Music and Silence

The little ice - thorn pinched , the splinter of death drove its meaning home where
you lived in the splinter and not it in you , foetal , ungrown , sucking and
unsatisfied - eternally unloved , unwanted you . Something shrivelled you so you
could ...

Author: Anne Redmon

Publisher: Holt McDougal


Category: American fiction

Page: 279

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This is the story of a young English lutenist named Peter Claire who, in 1629, arrives at the Danish Court to join King Christian IV's Royal Orchestra.

In the Land of Silence

In Villamontes , Jursafú had carried around a splinter from the urundel the sacred
tree of the ignorant people — as if it had been a relic or something secret . He
picked it up in the middle of the woods , and by carrying it next to his chest , he ...

Author: Jesús Urzagasti



Category: Fiction

Page: 366

View: 143

The story of Jursafu, a Bolivian journalist caught up in a revolutionary struggle. The novel traces his development from simple country boy to intellectual, but one who still retains the common touch.

The Tradition of Silence in Myth and Legend

Tristan's silence upon the subject of his affection for Iseult shows that in spite of
having passed through many hard trials , a seeker may still be ... Imbedded in the
skull , she sees a splinter of metal , and a strange idea enters her head .

Author: A. H. Gebhard-L'Estrange



Category: Legends

Page: 148

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Splinter of the Mind s Eye

Can you make another one ? " Silence from above . For a few moments the faces
moved out of sight . Luke found their absence worrying , but they finally returned .
" I wouldn ' t trust any of the vines 176 SPLINTER OF THE MIND ' S EYE.

Author: Alan Dean Foster

Publisher: Lucasbooks

ISBN: 9780345320230

Category: Fiction

Page: 297

View: 781

Engaged in a troublesome diplomatic mission with Princess Leia to obtain the support of a planet's Rebel Underground in the fight against the empire, Luke Skywalker crash lands in the swamplands of Mimban. Reissue.