Startling Stereograms

There's something really magical about a stereogram; in fact, these stunning designs practically come alive with movement.

Author: Gene Levine

Publisher: Imagine Publishing

ISBN: 9781936140664

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There's something really magical about a stereogram; in fact, these stunning designs practically come alive with movement. As they tease and surprise our brains, they teach us to look at things differently and make us aware of how our eyes play tricks on us. And, of course, they are simply beautiful to see. Through the power of illusion and the illustrator's skill, meaningless patterns and hidden objects on a 2-D page take shape and pop out in full, glorious, clearly defined 3-D. Images that were flat gain amazing dimension. These incredible, colorful, artistic creations offer unbelievable motion and depth.

Exceptional Eye Tricks

... the Eye and the Mind and creative advisor for Startling Stereograms [both
Imagine/Charlesbridge, 2012), and has worked extensively with two of the
world's leading stereogram creators to help publish books containing their 3-D

Author: Brad Honeycutt

Publisher: Charlesbridge

ISBN: 1607346605

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Whether they're drawn from nature or art, optical illusions can amaze, amuse, confuse, and fool the viewer. They remind us that we do not see the world as it is, but only filtered through our own perceptions. This stunning collection captures the full breadth of the form, from composite images and trompe l'oeil to tricks of perspective and the absolutely impossible. There are ambiguous illusions with multiple meanings, depending on how you look, such as "Dance with Me": Can you see the ominous face gazing at a happy couple dancing among the trees? If you want to glimpse the magic in a topsy-turvy illusion, just rotate the page to reveal some hidden imagery. Viewed one way, "The Mysterious Island," painted by Hungarian artist István Orosz, shows a small ship sailing through an opening in some rocks. But turn it upside down and instead there's a portrait of the great author Jules Verne! And of course, there are illusions where things seem to be the same size when they're really not and others that seem to be in motion when, of course, they're completely still. From a twice-as-beautiful-as-one double rainbow to a fully intact wall that appears to have crumbled, these mysterious illusions will fascinate and enchant anyone who loves art, science, and magic. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Color Aerial Stereograms of Selected Coastal Areas of the United States

During the early 1960's , film manufacturers made startling improvements in the
speed and fidelity of color films and completed the missing link in the color
photogrammetric system by developing color glass plates for direct viewing in ...

Author: Harland R. Cravat



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Hidden Treasures

Many of us saw our first stereograms in the mid-iggos, when the Magic Eye books
and posters were all the rage. ... in which a card with two images could be viewed
in what was at that time startling 3-D! You might not think about it this way, but ...

Author: Gene Levine

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1402751451

Category: Games

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A stereogram is a two-dimensional image that, when viewed properly, creates a stunning, almost magical impression of depth. Objects seem to float or to pop out of patterns. And these complex and sophisticated designs, produced by two of the most famous stereogram creators in the world, are state of the art. They’re simply among the most beautiful and amazing available today, combining different types of effects in a single picture. Sometimes, the trick to seeing the stereographic vision won’t be instantly obvious; you might need to stare at the picture for a while, adjust your gaze, or look slightly beyond the page before everything falls in line. The results are worth it--and once you’ve learned the technique, a whole world of art and spectacle will be yours.


Just as virtual reality uses two computer displays, one for each eye, ft} imitate
human binocular vision, stereograms use one ... The most amazing thing about
random- dot stereograms is that they make it possible to see startling 3-D
illusions ...

Author: Howard Rheingold

Publisher: Cadence Books

ISBN: 9780929279855

Category: Art

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A collection of three-dimensional stereogram images encompasses the work of leading contemporary stereo artists, including Christopher Tyler, facts about the development of the technology, and a look at it as an artistic medium. Original. 35,000 first printing.

American Photography

The stereogram should exhibit throughand is still going strong . Only a few out a
definition equal to average ... Likewise , some very startling stereograms were
made of a diving contest . Conditions made necessary follow shots which were ...




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Random Dot Stereograms

Chapter 6 Elevation Maps One of the easiest ways to produce elevation maps for
stereograms is from an equation . Dust off that old math book , and the ...
designed with a little study . Some very simple programs can produce startling
results .

Author: Andrew A. Kinsman


ISBN: 9780963014214

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Create Stereograms on Your PC

Icon-Based Stereograms Icon-based stereograms usually consist of rows of small
pictures, such as Windows icons. These stereograms don't contain hidden
pictures. Instead, the elements take on new relationships and a startling 3D
reality ...

Author: Dan Richardson


ISBN: 9781878739759

Category: Computers

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This book/disk product provides the user with everything needed to create 3D illusions on a computer. It includes tips on how to view RDS images, with gallery pages that display a collection of these images. It covers the tools and information necessary to create professional quality stereograms.

The Oxford Compendium of Visual Illusions

A stereogram by Davi Geiger and Hiroshi Ishikawa (reproduced with permission).
The two images are ... Three stereograms from Gillam and Nakayama (2002).
Cross-fusion is ... Nakayama and Shimojo (1990) made a startling discovery.

Author: Arthur G. Shapiro

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019979460X

Category: Medical

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Visual illusions are compelling phenomena that draw attention to the brain's capacity to construct our perceptual world. The Compendium is a collection of over 100 chapters on visual illusions, written by the illusion creators or by vision scientists who have investigated mechanisms underlying the phenomena. --

Binocular Vision and Ocular Motility

This most startling phenomenon of a shift in visual direction of the fused image is
the very es - sence of stereopsis , and without it there is no ... The answer to this
question was provided by Julesz ' s invention 8 of random dot stereograms .

Author: Gunter K. Von Noorden

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated


Category: Binocular vision.

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Three dimensional Photography

Only those who have enjoyed looking at some well - made stereograms can
appreciate the startling realism of these easily made photographs . Any camera
may be used for making stereographic negatives ; and a simple viewer may be
made ...

Author: Herbert Couchman McKay



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Ask Dr Mike

The 3 - D effect is quite startling . But how does it work ? Both stereograms and
the magic eye pictures capitalize on a binocular depth cue called retinal or
binocular disparity . Normally when we view a scene , objects at various
distances ...

Author: Michael Atkinson

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Psychology

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A brief book containing high-interest questions and answers about a wide variety of topics in introductory psychology. Mike Atkinson is the author of the popular "Ask Dr. Mike" column on The Psychology Place Website, where he answers questions on a regular basis. This book features many of the most interesting questions and answers that have appeared on The Psychology Place Website, submitted by students from across the United States and Canada. For psychology educators, students learning the fundamentals of psychology, or other readers interested in psychology.

Startling Stories

You see , Dusty , this where the greenish - yellow course - line was made by
going deep into space and ended . making stereograms from all angles . The
Above the control panel was a faintly transparencies are used in projectors all
glowing ...




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Photogrammetric Engineering

Figure 8 shows a stereogram designed for use with the Abrams 2 - 4 stereoscope
using the single lens with a focal length of 4 . 39 inches . Any lens ... The
experiment just discussed has some rather startling implications . It indicates that
if ...




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Includes lists of members of the Society.

The New Yorker

But often, as one continues to gaze, a strange sort of turbulence appears among
the dots, and then a startling illusion ... Though a theoretical understanding of
random-dot stereograms came only in the nineteen-sixties, they are akin to the ...




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Travel and Camera

... that skill can be developed to the end of producing stereograms of exceptional
realism . Startling innovation in the design of the ALPA MAKRO - KILAR lenses
lets you focus from infinity all the way down to 2 "WITHOUT ANY ACCESSORIES




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TRICKS OF THE NEW ART Three - dimensional photography offers rare
opportunities for special stunts and startling effects . The possibilities are almost
... OF TERMS Anaglyphs . Stereograms in which one image of a stereoscopic
pair ...

Author: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers



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Technology Review

Better than words is the experience of seeing stereoscopically , of finding out
from visual experiments the startling ... When both eyes are open the two
sensations are blended , and when the two pic - tures of the stereogram are
viewed through ...




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Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology

... overlapped to form a stereogram , or stereo pair , to be viewed with a
stereoscope ( Figures 9.23,9.24 ) . When the photos are viewed through the
stereoscope , the image appears three - dimensional ( stereo ) . This view is
startling , dramatic ...

Author: Richard M. Busch

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780131497450

Category: Science

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Revised throughout for enhanced clarity and accuracy - and with a greater emphasis on the process of science - this user-friendly, best-selling laboratory manual examines the basic principles of geology and their applications to everyday life. Students are encouraged to view these principles in terms of natural resources, natural hazards, and human risks. This trusted resource features contributions from highly regarded geologists and geoscience educators, with an exceptional illustration program by Dennis Tasa.

Scientific American

As astonishing as this speed has used almost every variety of American paper ,
in the feed - motion of a sewing machine . ... Lerow & Blodgett machine , which
was exhibited in cation of stereograms , which , by its use , may be made and the




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Monthly magazine devoted to topics of general scientific interest.