Summer Brave

SUMMER BRAVE ACT ONE The action of the play takes place on the front porch
and lawn of a small frame house in a small Kansas town . The house itself is a
humble dwelling built with no other pretension than to provide shelter for its ...

Author: William Inge

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822210986

Category: Drama

Page: 79

View: 672

THE STORY: Again, as in Picnic , the setting is a small town in Kansas, and while the characters are essentially the same as in the earlier play, there are subtleties and differences which give SUMMER BRAVE a distinctive and unique quality of

Suddenly Last Summer

Poem of Summer , and the date of the summer , there are twenty - five of them ,
he wrote one poem a year which he printed himself on an eighteenth - century
hand - press at his - atelier in the - French - Quarter - so no one but he could see
it .

Author: Tennessee Williams

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822210948

Category: Drama

Page: 45

View: 526

THE STORY: Kerr, in the NY Herald-Tribune, describes: This, says Mr. Williams through the most sympathetic voice among his characters, 'is a true story about the time and the world we live in.' He has made it seem true--or at least curiously and su

Summer Mortality of Pacific Oyster Crassostrea Gigas

summer. mortality. risks. associated. with. pathogens. Authors: Nicolas J.-L.,
Renault T., Gagnaire B., Garcia C, Gamier M., Gay M., Labreuche Y., Le Roux E,
Miossec L., Pepin J.-E, Saulnier D. Contributors: Arzul I., Barbosa-Solomieu V, ...

Author: Jean-François Samain

Publisher: Editions Quae

ISBN: 275920054X

Category: Pacific oyster

Page: 379

View: 130

Summer and Smoke

Author: Tennessee Williams

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822210979

Category: Drama

Page: 82

View: 459

THE STORY: A play that is profoundly affecting, SUMMER AND SMOKE is a simple love story of a somewhat puritanical Southern girl and an unpuritanical young doctor. Each is basically attracted to the other but because of their divergent attitudes tow

Sizzling Summer Reading Programs for Young Adults

In 2004 Cruze surveyed TAB members for their input in planning the summer
reading program. They helped her decide on decorations for the department, and
they suggested linking the smiley faces for the LOL theme with the emoticons
they ...

Author: Katharine L. Kan

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838935637

Category: Education

Page: 110

View: 964

Offers over fifty ideas to promote young adult reading, including such theme programs as crime scene investigation, poetry workshops, readings combined with field trips, and cross-cultural events featuring henna tattooing and food.

Freedom Summer

THERE IS an ignorance about Freedom Summer in contemporary America that
bears no relationship to the impact the project had at the time. Nor can this
ignorance he traced to any lack of attention accorded the project in 1964. Other
than the ...

Author: Doug McAdam

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195064728

Category: History

Page: 333

View: 777

Chronicles the experiences of the volunteers who took part in the voter registration and education campaign in Mississippi in 1964, detailing the events of the fateful time, and how this later affected these young workers.

It Happens Every Summer

Do people really read articles called " Beautiful Beige for a Sophisticated
Summer " ? GRETCHEN . We have a very large circulation . M.K. Disgusting !
What's a toast accent ? LARAE . A contrasting color . It makes beautiful beige so
gor ...

Author: David Rogers

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing

ISBN: 9780871295392

Category: Amateur plays

Page: 89

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The Dangerous Summer

The Hemingway eBook Collection Across the River and Into the Trees By-Line:
Ernest Hemingway The Dangerous Summer Dateline: Toronto Death in the
Afternoon A Farewell to Arms The Fifth Column and Four Stories of the Spanish
Civil ...

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743237130

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 221

View: 731

The Dangerous Summer is Hemingway's firsthand chronicle of a brutal season of bullfights. In this vivid account, Hemingway captures the exhausting pace and pressure of the season, the camaraderie and pride of the matadors, and the mortal drama as in fight after fight the rival matadors try to outdo each other with ever more daring performances. At the same time Hemingway offers an often complex and deeply personal self-portrait that reveals much about one of the twentieth century's preeminent writers.

What I Did Last Summer

WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER ACT ONE Before Curtain : Music : an old Bing
Crosby recording such as “ Swinging on a Star . ” Charlie comes in in khakis , T -
shirt , and old sneakers , as a fourteen - year - old . summer 11 : New York on the

Author: Albert Ramsdell Gurney

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822212362

Category: Drama

Page: 70

View: 691

THE STORY: The setting is a well-to-do vacation colony on the shores of Lake Erie, the time 1945, during the final stages of World War II. Charlie, an incipiently rebellious fourteen-year-old, is summering with his mother and sister (his father is

Essential Fish Habitat Source Document

The geographical range of the summer flounder or fluke, Paralichthys dentatus (
Figure 1), encompasses the shallow estuarine waters and outer continental shelf
from Nova Scotia to Florida (Ginsburg 1952; Bigelow and Schroeder 1953; ...


Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1428996583

Category: Paralichthys

Page: 88

View: 535

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Opportunities for Teens

For example, one such program is the Break-Aways Partnerships for Year-Round
Learning that provides New York City Board of Education (NYCBOE) school
children with an opportunity to attend summer camp while simultaneously ...

Author: Sandra L. Berger


ISBN: 1593632355

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 309

View: 623

Presents advice on using summer opportunities to help gain entrance into selective universities and provides guidance on researching, choosing, and applying for summer programs.

Summer of 42

Sanders and Pete enter . ) ALL . IT WAS THE SUMMER YOU'LL ALWAYS

Author: David Kirshenbaum

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822218784

Category: Drama

Page: 70

View: 975

THE STORY: It's the summer of 1942...America is at war; men line up by the thousands to join the army; and on a tiny island off the coast of Maine, three fifteen-year-old boys begin a summer they will never forget. Hermie, Oscy and Benjie are accusto

The Last Summer of Reason

summer. when. time. stopped. Boualem Yekker calls this season the last summer
of reason . Sometimes , the last summer of history . Indeed , thereafter the country
went freewheeling , leaving history behind . Therefore , that summer was ...

Author: Tahar Djaout

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803215917

Category: Fiction

Page: 145

View: 574

This elegant, haunting novel takes us deep into the world of bookstore owner Boualem Yekker. He lives in a country being overtaken by the Vigilant Brothers, a radically conservative party that seeks to control every element of life according to the laws of their stringent moral theology: no work of beauty created by human hands should rival the wonders of their god. Once-treasured art and literature are now despised. ø Silently holding his ground, Boualem withstands the new regime, using the shop and his personal history as weapons against puritanical forces. Readers are taken into the lush depths of the bookseller's dreams, the memories of his now-empty family life, his passion for literature, then yanked back into the terror and drudgery of his daily routine by the vandalism, assaults, and death warrants that afflict him. ø From renowned Algerian author Tahar Djaout we inherit a brutal and startling story that reveals how far an ordinary human being will go to maintain hope.

Summer Camp Secrets

For each of the Summer Camp Secrets books, she has been with me every step
of the way, but for this one in particular, Liesa made me feel that this book would
become a story that would really speak to my readers. Thanks to Steve Williams,

Author: Katy Grant

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416991050

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 720

View: 679

Kelly, Judith, and Darcy attend Camp Pine Haven for summer camp, and experience adventures and learn important lessons about friendship, identity, and integrity.

Summer Theatre in London 1661 1820 and the Rise of the Haymarket Theatre

The Origins of Summer Theatre in London, 1661-1713 Today, the West End and
other theatres of London are active throughout the year, but from 1694 until 1843
a separate segment of the theatrical year, termed "summer theatre," existed in ...

Author: Richard Kozar

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 9780838638118

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 326

View: 391

A biography of the actor who starred in the popular television series, Family Ties, as well as in a number of motion pictures and who recently announced that he has Parkinson's disease.

Summer People

CHAPTER ONE Driving off the ferry , they looked like any other family coming to
spend the summer on Nantucket — or almost . The car was a 1998 Range Rover
in flat forest green , its rear section packed to within inches of the roof with Pierre

Author: Elin Hilderbrand

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781429905473

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 838

"Things get more twisted at every turn, with enough lies and betrayals to fuel a whole season of soap operas...readers will be hooked."—Publishers Weekly on Elin Hilderbrand's Summer People Every summer the Newton family retreats to their beloved home on Nantucket for three months of sunshine, cookouts, and bonfires on the beach. But this summer will not be like any other. When Arch Newton, a prominent New York attorney, dies in a plane crash on his way home from a business trip, his beautiful widow, Beth, can barely keep things together. Above all, though, she decides that she must continue the family tradition of going to Nantucket, and at the same time fulfill a promise that Arch made before he died. Beth invites Marcus, the son of Arch's final and most challenging client, to spend the summer with her and her teenage twins, Winnie and Garrett, who have mixed reactions to sharing their special summer place with this stranger. Always a place of peace before, Nantucket becomes the scene of roiling emotions and turbulent passions as Marcus, Winnie, and Garrett learn about loss, first love, and betrayal. And when they stumble upon a shocking secret from Beth's past, they must keep it from destroying the family they've been trying so hard to heal.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Toward the end of summer everything slowed down, and it started to feel ready to
be done. It was like with snow days. We once had this great big blizzard, and we
didn't go to school for two whole weeks. After a while you just wanted to get out ...

Author: Jenny Han

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416968237

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 276

View: 137

Belly spends the summer she turns sixteen at the beach just like every other summer of her life, but this time things are very different.

The Summer of Love


Publisher: John Libbey Eurotext

ISBN: 9780867194210

Category: Humor

Page: 176

View: 658

30th anniversary edition tells, through photos and words exactly what the psychedelic world of the Haight-Ashbury was like.

A Summer of Kings

$17.00 Higher in Canada Last summer a murderer came to live with us. Well,
that's what I had called him. Our neighbor Pip and my Auntie Pie called him the
coldblooded killer, but my mother and father said he was just a victim of prejudice

Author: Han Nolan

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780547351438

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 352

View: 569

It's 1963 and fourteen-year-old Esther Young is looking for excitement. Cursed with a lack of talent in a family filled with artistic types, Esther vows to get some attention by initiating a summer romance with a black teen accused of murdering a white man in Alabama. King-Roy Johnson shows up on Esther's doorstep that summer, an angry young man who feels betrayed by the nonviolent teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. Sent north by his mother to escape a lynch mob, he meets a follower of Malcolm X's who uses radical teachings about black revolution to fuel King-Roy's anger and frustration. But with each other's help, both Esther and King-Roy learn the true nature of integrity and find the power to stand up for what is right and true. National Book Award-winning author Han Nolan brings readers a bold new voice--by turns funny and poignant, innocent and worldly--in this powerful coming-of-age story set during the turbulent struggle for civil rights.

Grasshopper Summer

How Grasshopper Summer came to be written: One day I was reading about
pioneers going West, when I came upon a story that was so dramatic I had to use
it: A woman stood outside her Kansas farmhouse, looking at the sky. She wore a

Author: Ann Turner

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0689835221

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 176

View: 238

In 1874 eleven-year-old Sam and his family move from Kentucky to the southern Dakota Territory, where harsh conditions and a plague of hungry grasshoppers threaten their chances for survival.