Swing Time

Praise for Swing Time A Finalist for the 2016 National Book Critic's Circle Award,
a Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and a Nominee for the 2017
Hurston/Wright Legacy Award in Fiction Chosen as one of the Best Books of the ...

Author: Zadie Smith

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0399564314

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

View: 622

A New York Times bestseller * Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction * Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize An ambitious, exuberant new novel moving from North West London to West Africa, from the multi-award-winning author of White Teeth and On Beauty. Two brown girls dream of being dancers—but only one, Tracey, has talent. The other has ideas: about rhythm and time, about black bodies and black music, what constitutes a tribe, or makes a person truly free. It's a close but complicated childhood friendship that ends abruptly in their early twenties, never to be revisited, but never quite forgotten, either. Tracey makes it to the chorus line but struggles with adult life, while her friend leaves the old neighborhood behind, traveling the world as an assistant to a famous singer, Aimee, observing close up how the one percent live. But when Aimee develops grand philanthropic ambitions, the story moves from London to West Africa, where diaspora tourists travel back in time to find their roots, young men risk their lives to escape into a different future, the women dance just like Tracey—the same twists, the same shakes—and the origins of a profound inequality are not a matter of distant history, but a present dance to the music of time. Zadie Smith's new book, Grand Union, is on sale 10/8/2019.

Swing Time

ml . 1 -- '-=. V, . 'T V' \ ' *1 I 4 ¢ ~ “st Fl _ ii ~' \%1' - ¢ ' "'>n=;~ ' A n . " ~.-.~=.' m J". > "
~.'.¢.;.*' ' ' A"!-»4L j' in \ ' ~ PL. Swing Time Written and illustrated By Renee
Schneider © 2012 Renee Schneider All Rights Reserved. No part of. Front Cover

Author: Renee Schneider

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 1457510553

Category: Music

Page: 24

View: 944

Follow an explosion of Jazz paintings as you hum your way through this toe tapping poem that captures the feeling of the music and the movement of Swing Time.

A Study Guide for Zadie Smith s Swing Time

Swing. Time. Zadie. Smith. 2016. Introduction. Zadie Smith is one of the most
admired and accomplished British writers of the early twenty-first century. Anative
of London, Smith was born to a Jamaican mother and English father and raised
in ...

Author: Gale, Cengage Learning

Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning

ISBN: 141039297X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 21

View: 174

A Study Guide for Zadie Smith's "Swing Time", excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Novels for Students.This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Novels for Students for all of your research needs.

Cornstars Rube Music in Swing Time

The first time the band appeared in the pages of California newspapers was that
same week, in the “Cine-O-Matters” ... But their rube-music in swing time, has had
such a vogue that during the last six months the organization made itself a ...

Author: Jack Norton

Publisher: Norton Family Publishing


Category: Music


View: 335

New Orleans has jazz. Nashville has country. The Delta has the blues. Garnavillo, Iowa - population 745 - has corn…and we ain’t talking veggies! That’s right - thanks to the homegrown and farm-shucked comedic jazz of a few heartland boys, a new musical genre called Corn plowed its way up the charts and across the globe in the late 1930s. From the obscure tractor-dotted landscape of the Midwest to Hollywood, Manhattan, Europe, and all points in between, this is the comedic tale of stolen creative genius, betrayal, quirky passions, rags-to-riches luck - and perhaps even murder - which will knock your socks off. You may have never heard of Freddie Fisher’s Schnickelfritz Band and Stan Fritts and the Korn Kobblers, but the cornball jazz and novelty swing of these two groups would go on to have a profound influence on the landscape of American pop culture. Artists as diverse as Frank Zappa, Harry Nilsson, The Beatles, Tiny Tim, Captain Beefheart, OutKast and Weird Al Yankovic all claim themselves as fans of Fisher and Fritts…now you can find out why. “Cornstars - Rube Music in Swing Time: The Rise and Fall of Freddie Fisher and his Schnickelfritz Band…Stan Fritts and his Korn Kobblers…and the Hillbilly, Cornball, Novelty Jazz Music of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s” is a sweeping overview of American musical entertainment set in the later days of minstrelsy through the early days of television. Emmy Award winning author Jack Norton crafts a painstakingly detailed account told on vaudeville stages, over the airwaves of early radio stations, in the grooves of brittle old 78 rpm records and on the silver screens of Hollywood’s golden era. A treasure trove of Americana. They were bands with names like: Schnickelfritz, The Korn Kobblers, Spike Jones and his City Slickers, The Hoosier Hot Shots, Ezra Buzzington’s Rube Band, The Five Harmaniacs, Captain Stubby and the Buccaneers, The Kidoodlers, The Sweet Violet Boys, Pappy Trester and his Screwballs, The Cackle Sisters, Fiddle Bow Bill and his Dew Valley Acorns, The Crazy Tooters, Darrell Fischer and the Minnesota Log Jammers, The Zobo Band, The Nebraska Sandhill Billies and Mrs. O’Leary’s Famous Musical Cow. Their sound was usually centered around the “whiz-bang”, an intricate musical washboard, along with traditional Dixieland jazz band instrumentation augmented by highly visual, Rube Goldberg-like comedic creations such as: the tootaboot, the horse collar, the squeezarina, the horncycle, the oralhorn, the piperubhorn, the skoocherphone, the greasybell, the tuberina and the blow-chicken. Yes, the blow-chicken was the name of a real instrument used by these jazzmen in the 1930s and 1940s. And today these bands, instruments and the music they made are largely forgotten. Refreshingly, Norton’s spotlight focuses on two musicians: Freddie Fisher, an eccentric jazz clarinetist and impresario from Garnavillio, Iowa and his bandmate Stan Fritts, a gifted trombonist that gave up a career of farming corn in rural Lyons, Nebraska - so he could make musical corn on stages coast to coast, first in territorial jazz bands and eventually with his own band at the Metropolitan Opera House. Without realizing it, the author uncovered a true story of the American dream. From their humble beginnings playing rural barn dances in Winona, Minnesota to recording over 200 sides for Decca Records and earning a film contract with Warner Brothers Studios, readers will recognize a real-life Horatio Alger tale if there ever was one. Iconic legends of entertainment appear throughout this work including: Rudy Vallee, Jack Dempsey, The Warner Brothers, Max Fleischer, Jack Benny, Laurel and Hardy, Bing Crosby, Guy Lombardo, Captain Kangaroo, Busby Berkeley, Lawrence Welk and many other past stars and celebrities. Amidst the comedic cornball chaos of Fisher and Fritts emerged two spectacular musical groups: The Schnickelfritz Band and the Korn Kobblers. Norton details their meteoric rise and unprecedented fall, thanks to knowledge gleamed from the musicians’ personal scrapbooks, rare first-hand accounts from band members, friends and fans, and nearly two and half decades worth of personal research in dusty libraries and historic archives around the world. In the end, Norton’s book is over 180,000 words and includes more than 950 rare, never-before-scene photos which illuminate this illustrated edition. Chapters: 1. Freddie Fisher’s Idea of Jazz 2. Photo Gallery 3. Highway 61, Revisited 4. Stan the Man 5. Freddie the Little Rascal 6. Some Zobo Punks 7. The Birth of the Whiz Bang 8. Ezra Buzzington, Rube Superstar 9. The Five Harmaniacs 10. Laughing Songs and Kidoodlers 11. Schnickelfritz at the Sugar Loaf 12. Fisher and Fritts 13. Midway Gardens and Decca Records 14. Gold Diggers in Minnesota and Iowa 15. A Talking Picture for Warner Brothers 16. The Fall of 1939 17. Schnickel Splits, Korn Kobblers are Born 18. Corn Invades Tin Pan Alley 19. Sweet Violets…and Boys 20. Fisher’s Happy Hours 21. Corn on the Road 22. Marketing Madness 23. Korn Kobblers in the Big Apple 24. Fisher Flounders Out West 25. Darrell the Minnesota Log Jammer, Part 1 26. The Famous Musical Cow 27. Darrell the Minnesota Log Jammer, Part 2 28. Willie the Weeper, or Darrell the Minnesota Log Jammer, Part 3 29. Those Crazy Tooters 30. Cloned Cornstars 31. Kobb’s Korner: TV and Talking Pictures 32. A Captain Named Stubby 33. More Cloned Cornstars 34. The Nebraska Sandhill Billies 35. Stan’s Simple New Life 36. Fisher the Fixer in Aspen 37. Doowackadoodlers, Corn Redux 38. The Last Goodbye 39. Pappy’s Screwball Symphony 40. The End Times 41. Cornstars - Film, Soundtrack Album and Podcast 42. Recommended Books 43. Recommended Films 44. A Note on the Discographies 45. Discography - Freddie Fisher (The Schnickelfritz Band) 46. Discography - Stanley Fritts (The Korn Kobblers) 47. Discography - The Doowackadoodlers 48. Discography - Darrell Fischer 49. Discography - The Crazy Tooters 50. Discography - Roy King and the Komi Kings 51. Discography - The Kidoodlers 52. Discography - Sweet Violet Boys 53. Discography - Captain Stubby and the Buccaneers 54. Discography - Ezra Buzzington 55. Discography - The Five Harmaniacs 56. Discography - Maple City Four 57. Appendix 1 - References 58. Appendix 2 - Magazine Interview with Jack Norton 59. Appendix 3 - Schnickelfritz Lives Again 60. Appendix 4 - Schnickelfest Program Notes 61. Appendix 5 - Corn Comedy 62. Afterword: Can You Do Me a Favor? 63. About the Author 64. Disclaimer 65. Dedication 66. Copyright

A New Kind of Public

Swing Time is a simple song and dance picture with Fred Astaire and Ginger
Rogers that offers a fiery indictment of the values of the leisure class, while, at the
same time, portraying an oppositional working class community in the language
of ...

Author: Graham Cassano

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004276963

Category: Social Science

Page: 228

View: 987

In A New Kind of Public: Community, Solidarity, and Political Economy in New Deal Cinema, 1935-1948, Graham Cassano examines the contending ways in which New Deal cinema attempted to explain the causes and consequences of the Great Depression to audiences shaped by economic struggle and new forms of collective solidarity.

Cutting Edge Series Blues Guitar

swing time This chapter deals with the influence of swing on today's blues . There
has always been a healthy relationship between jazz and blues , and that magic
relationship continues today . Present in this music are such jazz concepts as ...

Author: Mark Dziuba

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

ISBN: 9780882848488

Category: Music

Page: 48

View: 886

Find out what is happening out on the edge of blues guitar that will challenge and excite your imagination. Learn licks in the most unusual styles on the scene. You'll find background information on unique recording artists as well as lots of rarely seen photos. All licks are shown in standard music notation and TAB. Great scales for blues improvisation are included. The CD has all the examples played by a live band.

Swing Time

This book will make a difference in how you see everyday situations. It proves that every heartbreak heals with time and every cloud really does have a silver lining, although sometimes it takes some searching.

Author: Dixie Qualls


ISBN: 9781546262923

Category: Religion

Page: 90

View: 946

This book will make a difference in how you see everyday situations. It proves that every heartbreak heals with time and every cloud really does have a silver lining, although sometimes it takes some searching.

Hollywood Musicals Year by Year

SWING. TIME. Music: Jerome Kern Lyrics: Dorothy Fields Screenplay: Howard
Lindsay & Allan Scott Produced by: Pandro S. Berman for RKO Radio Directed by
: George Stevens Choreography: Hermes Pan (Fred Astaire uncredited) ...

Author: Stanley Green

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9780634007651

Category: Music

Page: 392

View: 215

A chronologically arranged reference book on the Hollywood musical, with each entry including pertinent facts about a film and a brief essay about the plot and production. Includes hundreds of black & white stills.

Spotlight Science

You can make a pendulum from a piece of string with a weight or ' bob ' at the
end of it : Use a stop - clock to time the swings . One swing is one complete '
round trip ' – from one side , through the middle to the other side and back again .

Author: Keith Johnson

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780748755356

Category: Science

Page: 632

View: 523

Topic Outlines show parts of the PoS to be covered, the relationship of the topic to aspects of KS2 and KS4 and warn of equipment that may need special preparation time in advance. Topic Maps are provided for students. Lesson Notes relating to each double page spread in the students' book offer objectives, ideas for each lesson, detailed references to the PoS, level descriptions, safety points with references to CLEAPPS HAZCARDS, ICT support, cross-curricular links and equipment lists. Answers to all questions in the students' book are also provided. Additional support material provide: Homework Sheets, Help and Extension Sheets to optimise differentiation (Sc1), Sc1 Skill Sheets, 'Thinking about....' activities to improve integration of CASE activities with Spotlight Science, Revision Quizzes and Checklists, etc. Extra Help Sheets for each topic extend the range of support for Sc1 and Sc2-4. Challenge Sheets for each topic provide a variety of enrichment activities for more able students. They consist of a variety of challenging activities which will present students with opportunities to develop problem-solving, thinking, presentational and interpersonal skills. Technician's Cards include help to prepare lessons, equipment requirements and CLEAPPS HAZCARD references. For more information visit the website at www.spotlightscience.co.uk

Physical Rehabilitation E Book

The time taken to complete a single stride should correspond to the time required
to complete two steps. Swing time is ... With increased gait velocity, step, swing,
and stride times decrease; with decreased gait velocity, swing time increases.

Author: Michelle H. Cameron

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1416065318

Category: Medical

Page: 1120

View: 179

The only physical rehabilitation text modeled after the concepts of the APTA’s Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, 2nd Edition, this detailed resource provides the most complete coverage of rehabilitation across the preferred practice patterns of physical therapy all in one place! Each chapter is consistently organized to make it easy to find the information you need, with clear guidelines, examples, and summaries based on the latest clinical evidence to help you improve quality of care and ensure positive patient outcomes. In-depth, evidence-based coverage of more key content areas than any other rehabilitation resource of its kind, including orthopedics, neurology, and wound management, ensures a comprehensive understanding of rehabilitation supported by the latest clinical research. More than 65 case studies present a problem-based approach to rehabilitation and detail practical, real-world applications. Over 600 full-color illustrations clarify concepts and techniques. A FREE companion CD prepares you for practice with printable examination forms and reference lists from the text linked to Medline abstracts and reinforces understanding through interactive boards-style review questions, and vocabulary-building exercises.

Spotlight Science 7

How can you find the mass of 100 cm of water ? top - pan balance Finding the
mass of 1 pin mass of 100 pins = 10.0 g average 10.0 mass of 1 pin 100 = 0.19
Finding the time for 1 swing time for 10 swings = 12 s Investigating a pendulum
You ...

Author: Keith Johnson

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780748774722

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 799

This Spotlight Science Framework Edition student book is open and accessible to students of all abilities with a clear, imaginative and colourful presentation to enhance learning and motivation.

Principles and Practice of Movement Disorders E Book

Swing time: The time that the foot is in the air, measured as the time between toe
off and heel strike. ... Stride length: The sum of two consecutive step lengths or
the distance advanced by one foot compared to its prior position. Step time: ...

Author: Stanley Fahn

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1437737706

Category: Medical

Page: 556

View: 812

Principles and Practice of Movement Disorders provides the complete, expert guidance you need to diagnose and manage these challenging conditions. Drs. Stanley Fahn, Joseph Jankovic and Mark Hallett explore all facets of these disorders, including the latest rating scales for clinical research, neurochemistry, clinical pharmacology, genetics, clinical trials, and experimental therapeutics. This edition features many new full-color images, additional coverage of pediatric disorders, updated Parkinson information, and many other valuable updates. An accompanying Expert Consult website makes the content fully searchable and contains several hundred video clips that illustrate the manifestations of all the movement disorders in the book along with their differential diagnoses. Get just the information you need for a clinical approach to diagnosis and management, with minimal emphasis on basic science. Find the answers you need quickly and easily thanks to a reader-friendly full-color format, with plentiful diagrams, photographs, and tables. Apply the latest advances to diagnosis and treatment of pediatric movement disorders, Parkinson disease, and much more. View the characteristic presentation of each disorder with a complete collection of professional-quality, narrated videos online. Better visualize every concept with new full-color illustrations throughout. Search the complete text online, follow links to PubMed abstracts, and download all of the illustrations, at www.expertconsult.com.

Investigating Forces and Motion

Figure out the time in seconds for one swing by dividing the time for 10 swings by
10. This is called the period of the pendulum. Record your results in a table like
the one shown here. With the period you calculated (the time for one swing of the

Author: Jane Weir

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 0743905733

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 343

Force and motion are all around us and help us move and do great things! Through a variety of vivid images and stunning facts, readers will explore how forces and motions work. The easy-to-read text and accessible glossary and index ensure that readers have the tools they need to understand such concepts as gravity, equilibrium, acceleration, deceleration, electromagnetic fields, pressure, kinetic energy, and inertia. To gain further insight into how gravity, forces, and motion works, a stimulating lab activity is featured!

Learning to Live One Golf Swing at a Time

Due to so many years of wrecking his body playing football, his swing is—let's
just say unorthodox. I have given my dad many lessons with drills that have
worked for countless students, but his body just doesn't move the usual way.
Broken ...

Author: J. Lang

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452554082

Category: Self-Help

Page: 80

View: 720

Follow Joey as he learns more about living through the game of golf than he ever could on a therapist’s couch. Learning to Live One Golf Swing at a Time is a look at the way golf grabs a hold of the player and becomes more than just a game. You can enjoy your own life more when you understand what the game you love to hate can truly teach you.

American Cinema of the 1930s

In contrast to the deliberate evocation of past musical traditions in Show Boat, the
Astaire-Rogers hit Swing Time represents the essence of Art Deco modernity.
Jerome Kern wrote the score for this film as well, and it includes such hits as “The

Author: Ina Rae Hark

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813543037

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 296

View: 182

Probably no decade saw as many changes in the Hollywood film industry and its product as the 1930s did. At the beginning of the decade, the industry was still struggling with the transition to talking pictures. Gangster films and naughty comedies starring Mae West were popular in urban areas, but aroused threats of censorship in the heartland. Whether the film business could survive the economic effects of the Crash was up in the air. By 1939, popularly called "Hollywood's Greatest Year," films like Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz used both color and sound to spectacular effect, and remain American icons today. The "mature oligopoly" that was the studio system had not only weathered the Depression and become part of mainstream culture through the establishment and enforcement of the Production Code, it was a well-oiled, vertically integrated industrial powerhouse. The ten original essays in American Cinema of the 1930s focus on sixty diverse films of the decade, including Dracula, The Public Enemy, Trouble in Paradise, 42nd Street, King Kong, Imitation of Life, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Swing Time, Angels with Dirty Faces, Nothing Sacred, Jezebel, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Stagecoach .

THE VAGARIES OF SWING Footprints on the Margate Sands of Time

Most of them seemed to be always there but they must have slipped her
something from time to time. She never seemed too keen to discuss the financial
arrangements. Would rent out the rooms when they were needed. He had rented
one the ...

Author: Mac Carty

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 129138135X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 200

View: 406

The BBC TV series "True Love" was the catalyst for this tale, portraying various romantic encounters, all set by the Margate seaside. True love has many forms. A passion for cricket can also be a manifestation of love. Yet it is impossible to discuss cricket, with its broad themes, without reflecting on life itself. I have set my story broadly in 1965, when a girl lost her life. At the time, her death meant little to us but such are the vagaries of writing, that the more I researched the subject, the greater I became drawn in. Any discussion on the circumstances surrounding her murder led inevitably to the inclusion of another theme, which I have encountered in life, violence towards women. I still return to Margate regularly and regard it with deep affection. It was in danger of becoming a wasteland. There are those now, some famous, some often unsung, trying to fashion a resurgence. Another form of true love. May their guardian angels help them succeed.

The Swing Book

“A lot of bands, mostly within the same age group, started around the same time,
and none of them had any idea that anybody else besides themselves was trying
this kind of music,” says Michael Moss, the publisher of San Francisco's Swing ...

Author: Degen Pener

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0316076678

Category: Music

Page: 256

View: 339

Ten years ago a revival of swing took place, originating in San Francisco, snowballing into today's international resurgence. This book presents the complete history of swing music and dancing, then and now.

Forces and Motion

7 8 9 10 11 Record the time the pendulum took to make 10 swings. Shorten the
pendulum to 0.5 meter and repeat steps 4–7. For each experiment, figure out the
time (in seconds) that it took for one swing of the pendulum. You can do this by ...

Author: Jane Weir

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 0756542286

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

View: 155

Explains different types of forces, how forces and simple machines work, the laws of motion, and how the laws act in different substances.

Music Theory Through Improvisation

Work with practical exercises to develop swing articulation. ' Explore the blues
form. - Begin transcription work. AS mentioned in Chapter 3, amoug the most
predominant aspects in today's musical world are the rhythmic time feels whose ...

Author: Ed Sarath

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135215278

Category: Music

Page: 392

View: 476

Designed for Music Theory courses, Music Theory Through Improvisation presents a unique approach to basic theory and musicianship training that examines the study of traditional theory through the art of improvisation. The book follows the same general progression of diatonic to non-diatonic harmony in conventional approaches, but integrates improvisation, composition, keyboard harmony, analysis, and rhythm. Conventional approaches to basic musicianship have largely been oriented toward study of common practice harmony from the Euroclassical tradition, with a heavy emphasis in four-part chorale writing. The author’s entirely new pathway places the study of harmony within improvisation and composition in stylistically diverse format, with jazz and popular music serving as important stylistic sources. Supplemental materials include a play-along Audio CD for improvisation and a companion website with resources for students and instructors.

Hermes Pan

The Los Angeles Times (7 May 1937) added, “It is a pip of a picture, at once
erasing the frown left by the stars' indifferent Swing Time and challenging
anything in the songanddance line that has preceded it.” And in case Hermes still
had ...

Author: John Franceschina

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199913064

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 320

View: 328

Armed with an eighth-grade education, an inexhaustible imagination, and an innate talent for dancing, Hermes Pan (1909-1990) was a boy from Tennessee who became the most prolific, popular, and memorable choreographer of the glory days of the Hollywood musical. While he may be most well-known for the Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers musicals which he choreographed at RKO film studios, he also created dances at Twentieth Century-Fox, M-G-M, Paramount, and later for television, winning both the Oscar and the Emmy for best choreography. In Hermes Pan: The Man Who Danced with Fred Astaire, Pan emerges as a man in full, an artist inseparable from his works. He was a choreographer deeply interested in his dancers' personalities, and his dances became his way of embracing and understanding the outside world. Though his time in a Trappist monastery proved to him that he was more suited to choreography than to life as a monk, Pan remained a deeply devout Roman Catholic throughout his creative life, a person firmly convinced of the powers of prayer. While he was rarely to be seen without several beautiful women at his side, it was no secret that Pan was homosexual and even had a life partner. As Pan worked at the nexus of the cinema industry's creative circles during the golden age of the film musical, this book traces not only Pan's personal life but also the history of the Hollywood musical itself. It is a study of Pan, who emerges here as a benevolent perfectionist, and equally of the stars, composers, and directors with whom he worked, from Astaire and Rogers to Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Bob Fosse, George Gershwin, Samuel Goldwyn, and countless other luminaries of American popular entertainment. Author John Franceschina bases his telling of Pan's life on extensive first-hand research into Pan's unpublished correspondence and his own interviews. Pan enjoyed one of the most illustrious careers of any Hollywood dance director, and because his work also spanned across Broadway and television, this book will appeal to readers interested in musical theater history, dance history, and film.