Tarot of an Old Gypsy

Tarot of an Old Gypsy is a state of the art book for reading tarot cards. It is organized by category to answer different types of questions: • General • Money • Business • Work • Love • Friendship

Author: Elsa M. Sariol

Publisher: Writers Club Press

ISBN: 9780595130528

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 196

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Tarot of an Old Gypsy is a state of the art book for reading tarot cards. It is organized by category to answer different types of questions: • General • Money • Business • Work • Love • Friendship

Buckland s Book of Gypsy Magic

Today, Gypsies can easily buy a deck of tarot cards or use a regular card deck,
but years ago, tarot decks were not as easy to come by. Gypsies often did
readings using a mixture of old tarot cards and playing cards. Sometimes, they ...

Author: Raymond Buckland

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781609251659

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Weaving together lore, legend, and belief Buckland’s Book of Gypsy Magic revives the beliefs, spell-craft, and healing wisdom of the Romany people. From hexes and healings to tea leaves and tarot, the circle of the family and the rituals of death, this enchanted volume will delight witches, folklorists, and history lovers alike. Learn the shuvani’s secrets for love, craft a talisman for vitality, and cast the Gypsy Start tarot spread. Join Buckland around the campfire, to hear stories of werewolves and vampires, mistaken identity, persecution, and perseverance. Learn how the gypsy people have for centuries used wisdom and enchantments to ensure good health, happy families, and heart’s desire. Includes a glossary of Romany words.

The Complete New Tarot

Some old decks show two children . ... They were also linked with pagan
knowledge of the Old World . ... Gypsy Tarot versions In countries and ethnic
groups where the Church could not influence cultural heritage , such as in Asia
Minor , and ...

Author: Onno Docters van Leeuwen

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402700873

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 464

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Four-hundred-eighty beautifully illustrated pages, filled with fresh information and eye-opening explanations, will bring Tarot enthusiasts more knowledge and understanding than ever before. This illuminating guide begins by restoring the cards’ authentic order, which opens up new philosophical possibilities in interpretation. The meanings of the two blank cards traditionally added to every deck are revealed, and two of the Major Arcana— Truth and Intuition—appear once again after centuries. These restorations make the Tarot complete, and more clearly reveal its structure. Learn exactly what the Tarot is; how it can serve as a path through life; the meaning of all the cards in the Major and Minor Arcana; how to use the Tarot as a tool of divination, and more.

Witches Tarot

How I first became interested in the tarot is a little unusual—some would even
say unorthodox. So, did an old gypsy woman hand me a battered, faded tarot
deck under the light of a full moon? Was I fascinated with the tradition and
mystique of ...

Author: Ellen Dugan

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738728004

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 312

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Here, the Hierophant becomes the High Priest, Wheel of Fortune becomes Wheel of the Year, and Judgement becomes Karma. Based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck and filled with images that speak to today's magickal practitioner, witchcraft takes center stage in this stunning deck designed by highly respected Witch and Tarot reader Ellen Dugan. Featuring the vibrant artwork of award-winning artist Mark Evans, Witches Tarot is the perfect combination of Tarot and the Craft. In addition to card descriptions and meanings, Dugan's companion guide features spell-enhancing spreads—such as the Triple Goddess Spread, the Four Elements Spread, and the Wheel of the Year Spread—that you can use in both Tarot readings and magickal practice.

The Tarot of the Bohemians

I Follow me in thought, dear reader, over one of the highroads of Spain or Italy,
and let us ask some old Gypsy to leave her camp for a moment and tell our
fortunes. Look at the strange cards she draws from her greasy bag: the Universe,
the ...

Author: Papus

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0557356687


Page: 355

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New thoughts on tarot

Behind the gypsy tent stood rows of brightly painted wagons, where dark long-
haired children ran around in bare feet, laughing. On the steps of one of these
wagons I saw an old, old gypsy. I can still see her face now: it was like leather,
tanned ...

Author: Mary Katherine Greer

Publisher: Newcastle Pub Co Inc

ISBN: 9780878771394

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 174

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The Complete Idiot s Guide to Communicating with Spirits

Rita asked to see the spirit guide who works with her when she reads Tarot cards
. An old Gypsy woman revealed herself as Rita's inspiration. Archetypes in Spirit
Communication As symbolic representations, archetypes appear in.

Author: Deborah S. Romaine

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440695768

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 368

View: 706

You're no idiot, of course. You know life is a journey and that physical birth and death are it spoints of transition. Many people, across cultures and faiths, believe the spirit lives on and have experienced contact with the spirits of loved ones who have passed to the higher side. This contact is joyous, comforting and healing, but you wonder if it's really real and whether you can share in it, too. Don't give up the spirit! 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Communicating With Spirits' will show you exactly how to uncover your own mediumistic capabilities and connect with those no longer on the earth plane. In this 'Complete Idiot's Guide', you get: -Tips on how to connect with your personal divine energy through prayer, meditation and dreams. -Information on the birth of the human soul, as perceived through theological, metaphysical and spiritual viewpoints. -Exercises to help you develop your mediumistic abilities. -Tangible evidence of the continuity of life.

Gypsy Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

As with tarot there are many different ways to interpret the cards and this book contains a range of easy to understand methods for reading ordinary playing cards with detailed meanings for each card.

Author: Carole Somerville

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781500316730

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 86

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Just like the tarot, ordinary playing cards can be used to give insight into a person's life and personality and a glimpse into the future. There are many theories about the history of cartomancy but it is thought that the Gypsies who left their native lands to roam introduced fortune-telling cards to Europe in the fifteenth century. The 52-card deck originally came from the 78-card tarot deck and although today many gypsies read the Tarot, some Romani families still keep up the old tradition of reading ordinary playing cards. As with tarot there are many different ways to interpret the cards and this book contains a range of easy to understand methods for reading ordinary playing cards with detailed meanings for each card. Here you will find all you need to know about cartomancy and before you know it you will be amazing your family friends with your accurate readings.

Doctor of Silence

The old Gypsy woman spread out a piece of saran wrap on the table , and began
to pull cards one by one from the box , and laid them face down in a circle right in
front of Doreen . " Hey , are those Tarot cards ? " “ Gypsy cards , ver ' old Gypsy ...

Author: Robert Kelly

Publisher: McPherson & Company


Category: Fiction

Page: 180

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How to Be an Entrepreneur Without Going to Jail

I even went to a psychic, a tarot reading, and an old gypsy looked at my palm and
told me I would have a long life plagued with troubles. Do not expend your time
on any of these endeavors even for harmless fun. Every time I was told of ...

Author: Jack Knox

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1430302887

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 338

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The "How To" guide for the modern Entrepreneur, including guerrilla tactics for small business survival, anticipatory actions, preventive measures, pre-emptive defense, dealing with antagonists & predators, street law, and underground information, with a touch of philosophy and dark humor. This book can save the reader thousands of dollars and years of time, at incalculable value, as he or she pursues the American Dream so it does not become a Nightmare.

Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

An intricately designed book and card set draws on the traditions of traveling gypsies and invites readers to learn about their prospects in the realms of love, career, and happiness by posing questions to fortune-telling cards and ...

Author: Julia Parker

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312327408

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 128

View: 820

An intricately designed book and card set draws on the traditions of traveling gypsies and invites readers to learn about their prospects in the realms of love, career, and happiness by posing questions to fortune-telling cards and referring to the accompanying text for answers. 20,000 first printing.

Tarot Dictionary and Compendium

No one knows exactly how old the tarot is, nor do we know for sure who created it
. It is possible that it originated in Egypt or China. It has been associated with the
gypsies— descendants of the Egyptians who eons ago migrated to Europe, thus

Author: Jana Riley

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1609254007

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

View: 884

Students of the tarot will call this the reference book of the century! Includes basic definitions of the cards, correspondences (with esoterica, gemstones, runes, astrology, Huna, color, essences, mythology, and language), and a short section describing basic layouts. Jana Riley (a superlative researcher in the world of esoteric study) has quoted card definitions from major authors to provide succinct definitions of each card in the deck. Readers will gain new insights into card interpretation and how different teachers approach the tarot. Riley has collected material from major authors (both modern and traditional) in order to provide definitions of each card in the deck. Many of these authors also offer great number of decks, ranging from the wellknown Waite, Crowely Thoth, and Wirth decks, to the more modern, such as The William Blake Tarot of Creative Imagination, Tarot of the Spirit, Motherpeace Round Tarot, Shining Woman Tarot, The Mythic Tarot, The Merlin Tarot, The Dreampower Deck, The Barbara Walker Tarot, The Voyager Tarot. This the first time that students of tarot symbolism can combine card meanings from such an eclectic group of experts. This book is destined to become an invaluable resource for all interested in the tarot!

Tarot Your Everyday Guide

Appendix I : About the Tarot The following information is extracted from my book ,
Tarot Spells , with some additions and ... China , Korea , Persia , and the Gypsies
, as well as Hermetic , Cabalistic , and Albigensian philosophical teachings .

Author: Janina Renee

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9781567185652

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 270

View: 781

Every day you make choices. Some are big, some are small-but all will affect the course of your future. The good news is that you don't have to do it alone-the tarot can give you advice when you need it most! Reading the tarot for advice requires a different approach than reading for prediction. Tarot: Your Everyday Guide presents a new method of tarot interpretation. You'll learn how to use the tarot to help you make an informed decision and determine a course of action for just about any life situation. For example, in an advice reading the Two of Wands could mean you should set up your own challenges to work out goals, define issues, and work out compromises. If the King of Cups comes up in an advice reading, it means you must give encouragement, acknowledge the accomplishments of others, give rewards, and let others enjoy the limelight. Alternatively, it could mean you need to seek a mentor who has these qualities. The position of a given card within a spread, and the cards before and after it, will clarify the cards' advice for you. You can even use advice readings to augment traditional divination. If a divinatory spread shows trouble ahead, consult the cards for advice on how to avoid the situation or lessen its impact. Whether you're an experienced tarot reader or have never even shuffled the cards before, this unique and practical book will open new doors of understanding and help you integrate the rich symbolism of the tarot into your daily life. Winner of the 2001 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for best Self-help Book

The Amazing Book of Tarot and Card Prediction

This ritual occurs three times giving three piles . in 32 GS SEE Vaid to have
originated in the Balkans , the Gypsy Fortune ... the Gypsy Fortune spread reflects
the “ magic ” of the old Romany ways and through the cards , enables Enquirers
to ...

Author: Joan Moore


ISBN: 9781855017696

Category: Fortune-telling by cards

Page: 125

View: 131

Amazing Book of the Tarot

THE GYPSY FORTUNE Said to have originated in the Balkans , the Gypsy left
hand ( 1 ) . ... the Gypsy Fortune spread reflects the “ magic ” of the old Romany
ways and through the cards , enables Enquirers to heed the secrets hidden in
their ...

Author: John Moore

Publisher: Book Sales

ISBN: 9780785805670

Category: Tarot

Page: 124

View: 885

Cardomancy -- The divination of the future by means of cards is an art that has been practiced since ancient times. This lavishly illustrated book shows the reader how to prepare and interpret various spreads of Tarot and ordinary playing cards. Full color.

The Bohemian Animal Tarot

The Bohemian Animal Tarot offers a totally unique Tarot experience.

Author: Scott Alexander King

Publisher: Rockpool Pub

ISBN: 9781921878602

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

View: 206

With beautiful illustrations by a renowned artist, this book and card boxed set, presented shrinkwrapped in a magnetic box, offers a totally unique Tarot experienceRepresenting our archetypal aspects as part human and part animal, this Tarot explores the fundamental types of people and life situations entrenched in the collective psyche of all people. The humanistic qualities of the Major Arcana may also symbolically represent our emotional and spiritual development from the newborn infant to adult, while the animalistic side could be said to mirror our inherent primordial strengths and weaknesses. The card artwork blends 15th Century Tudor and Elizabethan-inspired costume styles with a classical late Baroque, Victorian, and French theme with a touch of the Romany Gypsy. A beautifully packaged unique Tarot set, each card is gilded with gold and a rich deep burgundy box interior makes this a great gift for any Tarot reader or fan. Features 80 cards and a guidebook.

Tarot Fantastic

She ' d hoped for magic , the mysterious old gypsy lady in a tent or a wagon , her
face painted , ears ringed , face wreathed in smoke that was dear as breath .
What she ' d got instead was a girl little older than she , standing behind a tall ...

Author: Martin Harry Greenberg

Publisher: Daw Books

ISBN: 9780886777296

Category: Fiction

Page: 314

View: 509

A collection of tales encompasses the signs of the tarot deck and includes the story of a woman who gets more than she had bargained for when she turns to a street tarot reader for help in finding her missing brother. Original.

The Renaissance Tarot

One old gypsy legend says The closed book that rests on her that the souls of
their female ances lap suggests the wealth of knowltors are transformed into
doves , edge she protects ; knowledge that is while the men become serpents .

Author: Jane Lyle

Publisher: Fireside

ISBN: 9780684854908

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

View: 119

Featuring a beautiful, richly symbolic Tarot deck inspired by medieval and Renaissance Europe, and a clear, easy-to-use instructional handbook, this unusual package will appeal to novice and experienced readers, as well as collectors of Tarot cards. 78 color cards.

A Cultural History of Tarot

143 For example see Anne Hendren Coulter , " Pictures That Heal : Messages
from the Tarot Current Research as a Guide to ... 162 Sergius Golowin , The
World of Tarot : The Gypsy Method of Reading the Tarot ( York Beach : Samuel
Weiser , Inc. , 1988 ) , 7-10 . 163 Ranking , " Tarot , " 34 . 164 For example , see
Morley , Old and Curious Playing Cards , 17 , 68 ; Boiteau d'Ambly , Les Cartes à
Jouer , 3.

Author: Helen Farley

Publisher: Tauris Academic Studies


Category: History

Page: 270

View: 786

The enigmatic and richly illustrative tarot deck reveals a host of strange and iconic mages, such as The Tower, The Wheel of Fortune, The Hanged Man and The Fool: over which loom the terrifying figures of Death and The Devil. The 21 numbered playing cards of tarot have always exerted strong fascination, way beyond their original purpose, and the multiple resonances of the deck are ubiquitous. From T S Eliot and his 'wicked pack of cards' in "The Waste Land" to the psychic divination of Solitaire in Ian Fleming's "Live and Let Die"; and from the satanic novels of Dennis Wheatley to the deck's adoption by New Age practitioners, the cards have in modern times become inseparably connected to the occult. They are now viewed as arguably the foremost medium of prophesying and foretelling. Yet, as the author shows, originally the tarot were used as recreational playing cards by the Italian nobility in the Renaissance. It was only much later, in the 18th and 19th centuries, that the deck became associated with esotericism before evolving finally into a diagnostic tool for mind, body and spirit. This is the first book to explore the remarkably varied ways in which tarot has influenced culture. Tracing the changing patterns of the deck's use, from game to mysterious oracular device, Helen Farley examines tarot's emergence in 15th century Milan and discusses its later associations with astrology, kabbalah and the Age of Aquarius.

Psychic Tarot

Letting go of old ideas and restrictions I walked into a verdant wood beneath a
full moon at night. Between the trees I could see afire dance amidst a merry
caravan of dark-haired gypsy men. Their clothes were strange and their hair was
long, ...

Author: Nancy Antenucci

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738719757

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 226

View: 688

Learn to read tarot cards using your own psychic skills, and gain new levels of inspiration, guidance, and insight. This lively, friendly book features a wealth of creative exercises, spreads, and sample readings, along with compelling first-hand accounts from the authors' own experiences, to start you on the path to trusting your intuition in reading the cards. Rather than presenting cookbook interpretations or complex symbols, Psychic Tarot invites readers on a fascinating journey. Along the way, readers will learn a variety of original intuitive exercises designed to awaken their psychic abilities such as Light and Shadow, Turning Point, and Hidden Question. Also included in this helpful guide are simple techniques for doing energy readings and seeing the unseen, instructions on keeping a synchronicity journal, and even a tarot spread for communicating with spirit guides or loved ones on the other side.